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could be better

andreacdc98 | Feb. 10, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

Fuel is a racing game with different kinds of vehicles from cars to motorcycles. The tracks are very cool for a while, but then you get bored of them really fast. The graphics of the game are good, but they really disappointed me, since they are too laggy and there are not so many details in the game. The soundtrack is very good, making the game more intense, but the gameplay is not so good, the vehicles are a bit hard to control. The difficulties of the opponents are very well made, they are not extremely easy but not extremely hard. Overall, the game has potential but the developers couldn't make it as it should be. For that reason I recommend this just to racing games fans, but I still think they won't enjoy this so much, since it's bad compared to other racing games out there.


Here, have some high octane cookies.

Obsessor | July 30, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

FUEL is big. When I first started the game I didn't realise that there are nineteen zones. I thought the zone you start in is the extent of it. Why? Because it's so big! You get nineteen zones, some really big, some small, with variety of terrain - asphalt roads, gravel, dirt. You can go offroad. You can go anywhere you like, given you can find an approach and have enough horse power you can climb mountains. But that's not the only thing you can do in this game. Career mode presents you with many races on different terrain utilizing various vehicles - from bikes through muscle cars to trucks. Each race has three difficulty settings. What else? Challenges. Every zone has exactly ten challenges which are best described as certain missions - sometimes it's like a race with opponents in Career mode, while other challenges pit you against time. Or a helicopter. Vehicles. There are 75 playable vehicles divided into seven types: bikes, buggies, ATV's, Muscle Cars, Trucks, SUV's and Specials. As you progress through the game you unlock new vehicles in the shop, where you can purchase them with fuel. There are also vehicles obtainable only by finding and chasing down Mavericks in Free Ride mode. Races themselves are pure action. You have to stay alert all the time. Be prepared for everything and look for shortcuts. Graphic in FUEL is still nice. Music is intense. Only thing I didn't enjoy too much were the sounds of engines. Oh, and some icing on the cake - in FUEL you can unlock many paints for your vehicles, as well as clothes for the driver. Those plus many cars, free open world is sure to get you playing for a long time. To sum up - if you like open world, lots of unlocks and offroad driving in your racing games - grab FUEL, you won't regret it.


A flawed but ultimately fun game

Locke | June 17, 2014 | See all Locke's reviews »

As a racing game, FUEL is unpolished, the races repetitive, AI bad, etc. etc., you've heard it all before, I'm sure. As a sandbox, however, FUEL excels, and the racing portions manage to not be terrible enough to drive me off. I do the career races and challenges when I get bored or want some fuel to buy new vehicles, or unlock those new vehicles, all the progression stuff, but the bulk of my time in this game is spent driving around the world from point to point and seeing what I can find. Finding the trucks to unlock the positions of collectibles, and then grabbing those, provides some structure, but the pleasure comes from not always listening to the directions of the GPS. The game is at its best when you fly down a mountain or sail across an open plain. Dense forests are less fun though, and I wish they made more of them less dense, or had less of them in general, or at least let me plow through some of the trees instead of making so many closely-gathered death poles in large swathes of the map. Asset re-use is also going to be a problem when your game can fit in a DVD but has one of the largest maps in a game of all time, but paying attention to your driving rather than the textures helps alleviate that somewhat. The vehicles are deliciously different with plenty of unique challenges, though for exploration you'll pretty much only be able to use ones with a high off-road rating, which limits your options. However, for races and challenges you should be fed a steady variety of different vehicles. One of my favorite vehicles in this game for sheer ridiculosity (I swear that's a word) is an insane drag racer with a tendency to careen out of control at a moment's notice that's faster than anything else I've seen so far. It should be noted that in light of the impending GFWL shutdown this game will become difficult to play. From what I've heard even singleplayer progress requires an internet connection to function correctly (probably due to the online free-roam architecture). Codemasters have stated they don't want to support the game because it is too old (ha) and it has been pulled from the Steam store, probably because of that. As far as GFWL goes, there is a third-party solution that uses some DLL's to do everything it would do and make sure the game works. Something to keep in mind for when the service goes down. On the positive side, the mod REFUELED is awesome and you should try it if you buy this. In short, it's a decent, if imperfect, game, worth picking up cheap if you can grab it, don't expect any support from Codemasters in the future though.


Great extension, repetitive gameplay

johansdr | June 13, 2014 | See all johansdr's reviews »

The extension of this game is incredible, I can't even finish the map because is really big. But the problem is the gameplay, it becomes repetitive after a few plays and you get used of it. I recommend you to buy it if you like racing in great extensions instead of racing - (shooter (as I like to call them like Blur) The graphics are cool and the sound is memorable, but as I say it becomes repetitive.


It can be fun, but not always

AkiMatti | April 15, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

The point is to race in different open environments with different vehicles against other racers. The fun part is pretty much the same as in Insane; you can choose your own way to the next waypoint. Big jumps are possible and the feeling of freedom is imminent. The game is pretty hard, though, or I am just not good at it. Or it could be because of the rubber banding, too. Anyway, it takes away some of the freedom. Once you've seen what Fuel has to offer, it is likely you won't often return to this game. There are other games that are much better than this. so...


Fuel - review

balbo79 | Nov. 3, 2013 | See all balbo79's reviews »

The game has attracted a lot of attention to an interesting mixture between a plant sand box, similar in many ways to that seen in Test Drive Unlimited, with mechanical classical games of this genre. The driving model is simply basic, means differ from each other only the basic features such as speed, grip, acceleration, and for their greater or lesser aptitude to drive on dirt and paved road. The huge map is structured in different fields, from which you can start to wander around in search of the races, challenges and a number of bonus items scattered in dozens around. There's really not much to do in addition to the races, the extension of the map is really badly exploited, long races several minutes then do not invite too much to even look for shortcuts and ways different from that shown by the GPS, because try some deviation means almost always lose the position.


Fantastic game

Kevduit | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

This game has the largest video game map known to video game kind so far. The map seems almost endless, and is fully detailed in high Definition Goodness. The races in this game were pretty action packed, and would make you want to continue racing over and over again. I found myself more in the free roam aspect of the game more than anything, and loved exploring the massive open world. If you love free roaming an open world, or intense races with multiple off road vehicles, this is your kind of game.


Cheap but Cheerful

Narsuaq | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all Narsuaq's reviews »

Fuel takes place in an immense open world which has an area of 14,000KM². That's pretty impressive. In the world you can ride on your motorbike across the vast deserts of RedRock Bluffs, joy-ride in a muscle car on the highway to Dustbowl City, or keep warm in your trusty yet very powerful school bus in the harsh cold of Pinwheels Ridge. Fuel does offer a really good experience despite its very cheap feel and sub-par racing. That being said, it certainly is addictive enough to play through to the very end. And if racing wasn't enough there's plenty of collectables to find in the form of Vista Points and Vehicle Liveries which you can unlock. Give it a try!



PLAYS | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all PLAYS's reviews »

the game world is huge. i think it is a very good racing game but i like to go into free ride and just drive around when i am listening to my podcasts or audio books. the does use GFWL which is never fun but seeing as Microsoft is killing that DRM next year i think this will be all the better for it. the "gameplay" is ok to good tbh but enjoyable.. enjoyably difficult and frustrating. those games where you really need to stay focused, yes this is one of them. runs great, and looks great playing on PC but like i said the size of the world map is MASSIVE! if you live in the US 14,000 sq km is the size of Connecticut.


A vast but shallow experience

Vidiz | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all Vidiz's reviews »

The main selling point of FUEL is it's game world, a truly huge place that is two or three hours from corner to corner. However while it has several distinct regions such as salt flats, desert, a huge canyon and more, within the regions there is a significant lack of variety with lots of repeated textures and models, and generally only one memorable landmark per region. Traversing these zones is not much fun either. The arcade physics aren't the worst you will ever come across but vehicles lack weight and for the most part they all feel and handle very similar. Also whether you're free roaming or racing you'll spend virtually your entire time in FUEL holding down the accelerator, you rarely need to brake and cause the game world is so vast your hands and fingers will likely ache from holding down the buttons or triggers for so long. So what about the racing? Well, FUEL has a severe case of rubber banding. What this means is that the AI will always catch up to you during the race, even if that means the AI accelerating to impossible speeds. This makes racing frustrating, and your skill means very little. The races which involve the extreme weather conditions are fun, but there are only a handful of them in the game and you do not see tornadoes or sandstorms in free roam. FUEL was a game with potential but in the end it fell short in almost all areas, there are community made patches will improve the game but overall it's a fairly shallow experience with it's only memorable feature being it's vast world, which can be fun to blast around in now and then.


Awesome game

bluekite98 | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all bluekite98's reviews »

I didn't know about this game until I saw it here. And when I saw the developers were talking about 14,000 square kilometer map to roam with many different vehicles, I bought it as fast as I could. Now that I tried it, it wasn't as good as I thought. But it was still awesome since I have always been a fan of racing games, and this one is one of the best I have ever played. Add a couple of cities, guns and people, and this game would be as popular as GTA IV. If you are looking for a giant free roam racing game, then this is for you :)


Not really a good game

Spind426 | July 8, 2013 | See all Spind426's reviews »

I really was not expecting much from this game because it was on sale and i had only spent two dollars on it. All i wanted to do was blow off some steam by cruising around the incredibly large map and enjoying the scenery.. After hearing the developers say "hundreds of thousands of miles of open landscape" it made me kind of skeptical because i figured it must pretty plain and empty if its that big.. Boy was i right! The maps are so bland, empty, undetailed, and lackluster that it completely destroys any desire to explore. Usually with PC games you can turn the screen resolution up high and enjoy much crisper detail than you can with console games, so being able to set screen resolution to a high 1920x1080 i figured it would look crisp no matter what.. But i was wrong, the graphics are not correctly ported to PC, they appear to run at the console resolution just upscaled to be able to run at any resolution you choose. Everything just looks blurry and awful even at the highest of settings. So basically within 1 minute of cruising around i realized enjoying the scenery was out of the question.. Another thing that really took me by surprise was how absolutely awful the vehicles handled, the vehicles have almost no traction against the ground. Your vehicles literally slide around like you are on an ice rink, you can just feel it when you cruise around, it is the worst driving mechanic i have ever felt in any game. Even regular games that are NOT centered around vehicles have better driving mechanics than this.. Either the map is as slippery as ice, or this is the worlds worst attempt at trying to add some type of "drifting" mechanic to a video game. The levels are extremely boring and do not offer anything memorable in any way, there is nothing to allow you to recognize one part of the map from the next as it is one vast continuation of nothingness. I drove around for about half an hour looking for a moving train, or railroad tracks, or a city, or anything.. and there is nothing. Although the developers claim that the map is unique and generated via satelite technology, trust me, it is not.. If you drive straight for an entire hour you will see the same exact area twice and wonder if you have been driving in circles. And the graphics are just bland, untextured, and blurry...They said they worked on this engine for four years? Wow that must have been a pretty depressing four years. The only minor thing i give it credit for is image and execution, they do a pretty good job at making you believe it is not a piece of crap.. but after a few minutes its quite apparent that it is. So yeah the only two things (i thought) this game had going for it was, vast beautiful open world, and driving.. Which they failed miserably at both.


Great Deal

3Way_Hunter | July 7, 2013 | See all 3Way_Hunter's reviews »

I bought this on the 666 sales for under $3. Awesome vehicles and can spend ours exploring the 14,000 map. Still is a deal at full price, especially for the Steam key. Multiplayer is great for shredding wasteland terrain with friends.


Fun arcade off-road racing game

spycid | July 4, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

If you want to play a racing game like dirt having a lot of fun and no rally or serious business, then this is the game for you. From jaw-dropping moments to cliff jumps, this game will take you through a roller coaster ride. If you wish for a out of the world racing experience, get this game.


From heaven to earth

kalil | May 30, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

It's a huge game map, but as expected and the view is repeated all you see is trees and more trees, and the races are not as well worked and the graphics and sound is anything but otherworldly. This game boasts only for his great map endless and as icing on the cake are the storms, is completely predictable and every time we play a career path is repeated hurricanes and destruction of the few buildings that exist. Vehicles if they are original and of being able to leave by helicopter from one point to another makes it more bearable.


Lacking some polish, but not bad at all!

Shav | May 29, 2013 | See all Shav's reviews »

While FUEL isn't anywhere as good as Dirt series, it is certainly a fun to play title. A big open world, a lot of things to do, vehicles to unlock and races to finish is enough to keep you busy for a while. The graphics and sounds are quite good, especially if we take the game age into consideration. Only played it for few hours so far, but it seems like a really decent game, especially with such a low price. If you have some extra money lying on your bank account or paypal, then I certainly recommend you to get this game.


Huge and enjoyable

Ganerumo | May 29, 2013 | See all Ganerumo's reviews »

Fuel is not the best racing game ever. Fuel is not the prettiest title ever. Fuel isn't even the most complex, indepth game you will ever play. But it's got two big things going for it : it's huge and it's really fun to mess around with. Following other racing games such as NFS Most Wanted and Burnout Paradise, Fuel dishes the typical closed racing cut off by menus and lengthy loading times and replaces it with a fluent, free roaming model with what remains one of the largest worldmaps in video game history. You start off with two vehicles (two others are very easy to get with a couple missions done), and the world is yours from the get go. If you feel like picking challenges without having to go find them, you can, but it's perfectly possible and recommended to just drive off into the sunset and have fun. The core of the gameplay, the driving, isn't the best there is and it does lack a bit of punch sometimes, especially with vehicles such as motorbikes which feel a bit dull in comparison to the buggy or ATV. Apart from the perfectible sound effects and the lack of impression of speed at first (you will rarely ever get past 70 mph with the starter vehicles). It's still way above average. Challenges and missions alike tend to be fun, with events covering your typical point A to point B race, time attacks, enduro races and other classic racing stuff, but sometimes the game surprises with a bit of originality, such as missions involving a race with an helicopter. But the main interest of the challenges in Fuel is that while other free roaming racing games such as burnout and NFS put you in a very specific road (sometimes allowing for branching paths, but rarely ever more than one option is actually good), this one just gives you total freedom over how you are getting to your destination. The "smart GPS" system as it's called in the game shows you the way, but it will stick to actually defined roads, which are safer and take more time. You can take those, or just cut right through the wilderness, though the slightly reduced speed and constant obstacles will make it a much more dangerous route, with higher reward. It's really up to the player to choose what path to favor and when to choose which, and it makes for some very intense and fun races. As for the free roaming part, it's good but it could use some more activity. Though it fits the apocalyptic feel if the game, the gigantic world you evolve sometimes feels pretty empty if you play Offline (which is very likely to happen considering the game is now 4 years old, and rather deserted online wise). The pretty and diverse landscapes does make up a little for this lack of life, but I still wish more things would happen in there. That, and the day/night cycle is incredibly short, and doesn't transition very well at all. Overall, Fuel is a fun game, and it's certainly worth its current price (even more so when it's on sale). Only consider taking it if you are a fan of free roaming though, because this is really what you'll end up doing most of the time, probably even more than actual challenges.


Nice graphics

pkmz30 | May 20, 2013 | See all pkmz30's reviews »

FUEL is a fun open world racing game that includes buggies quad bikes and motorcycles. The game itself is resource demanding and i would not recommend using a built in graphics chip (intel hd 2500). Overall FUEL is a fun game but you wouldnt want to be playing more than 10-15 hrs.


Simply Fun...

furious_gamer | April 30, 2013 | See all furious_gamer's reviews »

FUEL is not only about adrenaline racing but also loads of fun. Sometimes you can feel like AI is stupid and lack of races, but to be honest. it is just different from racing. It is all about fun and to me it gives joy while playing. The big open world and ability to roam around such big world is just good. If you are looking for pure racing, this is not for you. It is for off-track racing and fun, crashing.



Bolo | March 29, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

Pretty good off-road racing game. Great open-world free-roam with collectibles, etc. While the game is called Fuel, and you collect fuel, and has something that looks remarkably like a fuel guage, you cannot run out of fuel. This is a good thing. Fuel is essentially the game's currency, and can be earned and spent on new vehicles. The only real complaint I have is that the weather, environment, and screen effects sometimes combine to make for very poor visibility. This isn't really much of an issue once you get used to it, and doesn't really detract from gameplay. The map is massive, which is great, though sometimes collectibles are so spread out that they can feel few and far between.


Lots of content yet lacks polish

backslashio | March 29, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

FUEL can be a very fun game in the right environment yet other times it can be frustrating due to the AI and a lack of things to do/see in such a vast racetrack. The graphics look quite outdated when viewed up close, lacking the polish that the Dirt franchise received and after a couple of hours the game can seem a bit stale if you're still in singleplayer mode If you're interested in 'outback vehicles' then its definitely worth trying as its probably the only semi-decent racing game for that particular genre. Otherwise, it might be best to try something else for your racing needs