Reviews for Battlefield 4 (NA)


1000+ Hours In...

T3RR0RH4WK | Dec. 4, 2015 | See all T3RR0RH4WK's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is everything Battlefield 3 failed to be - better controls, tighter gunplay, better map selection. This game has huge maps, large varieties of environment types, tons of extra content and expansion packs, and new upcoming expansions as well despite being released back in 2013. It's only on Origin which is a bit of an upset, but if you join up with friends and jump onto a Conquest 64 or Rush server, you'll be sure to have some fun. The gun variety is insane as well, with a multitude of rifles and SMGs and pistols and gadgets to choose from. Multiple squads working together in this game mean your team will gain a win, and nothing feels better than capping that last flag for a win or arming that last MCOM and defending the charge to the death. Battlefield 4 isn't perfect, but runs really well when on an adequate PC. Expect to see framerates in the 80s to 120s with a good PC, and about 45 to 70 with an average one. Frostbite runs well on almost any PC with the right tweaks.


Best multiplayer experience you can find!

KillerKoala | Sept. 15, 2015 | See all KillerKoala's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is quite simply the best multiplayer gaming experience you will ever experience and it lives up to its hype. The highlights are quite astounding: - Beautiful graphics made with the Frostbite engine that will test even the highest end PC (perfect for users with multiple graphic cards or monitors) - 64 players max - an assortment of vehicles that will traverse air, land, and sea - destructible environments - game-changing map reconstruction as skyscrapers collapse or a damn breaks and water fills the level and many more - upgradeable weapons that grow as you use them or get upgrades through Battlepacks - Battlelog app/website - check your stats and modify your load out from any PC or mobile device - Even a commander mode so you can be the "eyes in the sky" and help your team from the map to resupply them, locate enemy troops, or launch cruise missiles to the pesky campers Plus if you pick up the Premium membership, you are adding in over new 20 weapons, play modes, weapons and much more. There's just so much content you can easily spend hundreds of hours playing or more. And let's not forget there's a solid single player campaign as well. Absolutely a must-play game.


Battlefield has come a long way

WES054 | Sept. 6, 2015 | See all WES054's reviews »

Another great Battlefield game. This game adds to the gaming experience in new ways. Battlelog really enhances the experience and EA is still adding things to the game. Lots of updates, community missions, and a new map still to come. Only drawback is that there are still some bugs and they could have capitalized on the unique options that they added in different maps.


Best support ever

marinem16 | July 6, 2015 | See all marinem16's reviews »

BF3 by all means revolutionized the way we played and looked at FPS games in general. BF3 was one of the most played games when it came out and DICE accomplished that with this game as well. When the game came out it was pretty glitchy and had a lot of issues that made the game unplayable for a lot of people and in turn made people quit. However the support that they have been providing this game is amazing even in getting close to almost two years DICE is still fully supporting the game and coming out with constant patches and new content like guns and a map decided on by the community! They also have a program called Battlefield CTE in which they deploy quick updates and test them before issuing them to the general public. Battlefield CTE combined with the continued support from DICE has made it possible to still get into many of the original game modes on DLC maps almost 2 years after launch. Tell me of another company that has done this.


Great Scale

Soapmac72 | June 10, 2015 | See all Soapmac72's reviews »

The sheer scale of the warfare in BF4 is outstanding, but unfortunately it doesn't add enough to really change up the tried Battlefield formula. The Levelution feature is fun, but comes across as gimmicky. Vehicle combat is fun, but their armor seems to be made of paper. The weapons feel nice and punchy. Overall I would recommend if you liked BF3.


It got better, but it's still not good

sycomantis1991 | May 29, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Battlefield was an absolute wreck of a game when it came out. It was horribly glitchy, you could never connect, and many people gave up immediately. Once all of this was ironed out, it became an ok game. It's still not very good or fun, but it's at least playable now and at least they went out of their way to fix its issues. They could've kept the millions from its initial release and done nothing.


How did they out-bore COD?

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

It's a nice looking game, I'll give it that. Everything else seems like a downgraded Modern Warfare game. The controls are wobbly, the movements are clunky, and the environments, while graphically impressive, are bland and not at all fun to run around and merc fools in. Like any shooter, it can be fun with friends, but as a solo experience, it's horribly lacking. Even if you have friends that play it, there are man more games, even many other FPS games that you'd have a better time with.



Cheese4395 | May 7, 2015 | See all Cheese4395's reviews »

This is my second Battlefield game that I've ever played and I'll be honest the game seems almost the same with only some slight changes in guns and maps. Single-player The single player was nice and fun but the main issue is the game has a huge glitch on the first mission I believe where you are unable to destroy a helicopter. This caused me to put down the game for months before finally loading it back up to finish the campaign. Somehow I was finally able to destroy the helicopter and move on with the campaign. The rest of the campaign was just like your typical fps campaign, short sweet and gets you used to the guns and gameplay. Multiplayer BF4's multiplayer is exactly the same as BF3. The only difference is maybe some different guns and maps but it plays the same. Don't let them fool you with a different skin. Didn't wow me.


Good but BF3 Still my Favorite

Gazilla25 | April 15, 2015 | See all Gazilla25's reviews »

I got this game the day it came out and Honestly it was fun for maybe 3 days. its confusing, annoying, and is becoming a typical shooter. I want a unique game and unfortunately bf4 is becoming a more common game like all the other. It feels the same as anything else.


Perfect followup to BF3

greenmandan2013 | Feb. 24, 2015 | See all greenmandan2013's reviews »

Improved graphics and game play, this edition of battlefield is a refreshing improvement from the already great BF3. Game play feels much smoother and the vehicles actually take time to reload so you cant be bombarded by tank rounds or helicopter missiles. The ability to join with friends has also improved with the auto balance when you join on your friends. Overall its a great game and well worth the expansions. The game still has a few bugs like dying after you are in cover as if the bullets didn't register correctly.


Awesome FPS

rampagge | Nov. 13, 2014 | See all rampagge's reviews »

It's a really great multiplayer, I dont find any bug in this game. Super fun but if want to play all the maps, you have to buy the expansions :( Campaign is also great, details really given in there.


A solid upgrade with a rough start.

heerox328 | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all heerox328's reviews »

Battlefield is a franchise like no other. Enjoy a first person shooter? Enjoy massive warfare with unrivaled graphic fidelity and incredible destruction? Look no further. Running on Frostbite 3, DICE brings us its latest and most ambitious Battlefield experience yet. With the additions of levolution and the return of commander mode, DICE ups the standards once again from the award-winning Battlefield 3. While admittedly Battlefield 4 had a slow start due to lack of polish and netcode issues, DICE has worked hard to revamp the game and give it the overhaul and attention it needed. This isn't a significant upgrade from Battlefield 3, but it does have better visuals, more customization, levolution, and a single player experience that is somewhat better. Solid game. Definitely worth picking up if it's on sale. If you already own Battlefield 3, I might wait until Hardline or Star Wars Battlefront before picking up another Battlefield title.


no thanks

Lilpwnzer | Aug. 17, 2014 | See all Lilpwnzer's reviews »

As always, the campaign was terrible, but i didn't care much about that. but somehow, dice: one of the best Video Game companies in the world when it comes to multiplayer, screwed it up. when it came it there were glitches EVERYWHERE. even after they updated it, it never really held. stick to battlefield 3


Clouded by bugs

yngdr | Aug. 14, 2014 | See all yngdr's reviews »

The game tries too hard to improve on the last battlefield game. The graphics look the same but the cut scenes interrupt the game-play. It seems that the weapons are great and spot on in how they work but have characters popping out of unknown holes. frustrating at times with a bug and the save restarting to beginning of checkpoints. Multiplayer is same as usual with these modern war games.


A Fantastic Multiplayer Experience.

Darkrai64 | May 28, 2014 | See all Darkrai64's reviews »

The multiplayer is where the game shines. The singleplayer is actually decent. It was fun to play through, but it was mostly linear and there is not much of a reason to go through it a second time. The multiplayer, however, is what keeps players playing for days, weeks, months, and maybe even years! The multiplayer has a lot of action happening. With ground, sea, and aerial combat, the enemy can attack from any direction. The maps are mostly well done and feature multiple routes to flank your enemy. There are many unlockables, including weapons, medals, attachments, and more. The graphics are excellent, quite possibly one of the best looking FPS games on the market. The game had a very rough launch, but after many patches, it is much better. If you are looking for a fun multiplayer experience, check out Battlefield 4.



bangincrazy | May 2, 2014 | See all bangincrazy's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is definately better than Battlefield 3 in terms of vehicles and maps. However it still has the fundamental issues that Battlefield 3 had. The netcode is awful. You still die behind cover. The game is glitchy and lags. Dice has had over 6 months to fix the game but has failed to do so. When released this game was unplayable. It is a bit better but not by much. Save your money.


Great multiplayer, buggy single.

Nubsmcgee | April 8, 2014 | See all Nubsmcgee's reviews »

Battlefield four is a great game, now after a few months after release so that is what this review will be based on. The bullet drop is a lot fairer and they made it so pistols can actually have a place on the battleground, a bullet is a bullet on this game unlike Call of Duty. You get hit, you are going to hurt for a while. The vehicles in this game are much more improved, the airplanes are fun and the tanks drive like tanks. The only thing I have a problem with is that the jeep’s glass is more resilient than tank armor (can’t shoot out the drivers of helicopters either like Bad Company 2) And a certain chopper is quite overpowered and can out tank multiple rockets with a few engineers. However, it is still Battlefield, harsh to new players and rewarding for those that worked up to learning the game and its playstyle. Oh, and the campaign is meh; but who plays battlefield for that? 85/100


Great Gameplay Marred by Bugs

Jamfrost | April 1, 2014 | See all Jamfrost's reviews »

Hitting tanks with rpgs, launching homing rockets onto laser designated enemy choppers, parachuting from tall skyscrapers onto enemy territory, and so much more. BF4 has a lot going for it, but it has so much wrong with it at the same time. I'll start with some pros before going heavily into the cons. The gameplay and shooting aspects of BF4 are incredibly fun and sometimes nutty whether we're talking about vehicular or infantry warfare. Jets really feel out of place though. The maps really need to be much bigger for adequate dogfighting. War Thunder has BF4 beaten in that regard. Assuming you're on a good server and have a stable connection, you'll be blasting your way through walls or sniping people and having a good time. I personally love driving around in a tank and obliterating buildings. They brought back a good level of destruction for this entry in the series. Having a group of friends or associates really amplifies the gaming experience though and I'd strongly recommend having at least enough people to have fill one squad (5 slots). You can still do quite a lot of damage pairs though. If you decide to lone wolf it though, you'll pull in less experience and probably not have as much fun. Coordination leads into really great moments, or hilarious ones when plans go wrong. This game uses Origin, but that doesn't bother me as much as the game using battlelog. This game does not have an in-game browser. For whatever reason, they continued to push battlelog which will mean shutting down and relaunching the .exe anytime you want to change servers which is incredibly annoying. Especially during the launch period of this game where it was incredibly unstable. This game is not very stable yet. Dice will repeatedly break things with their patches and content updates. It makes for an inconsistent and frustrating experience at times. It gives off the strong impression that the game was released in an unfinished state. The unlock system is a gigantic tread mill meant to waste your time. Weapon unlocks are tied to using that class of weapon. Then attachment unlocks are tied to each weapon.If you like vehicles a lot, then you can expect a painfully slow soldier or weapon unlock rate. Oh, soldier unlocks are separate from both weapons and vehicles. Everything needs to be leveled, but only vehicle operators run the risk of stagnation. If you find yourself driving around a lot, nothing else will level up, resulting in a grinding mindset where people will either need to grind it out in infantry maps or just be satisfied with never, ever being able to use anything else. With 43 hours or more of play, I've only unlocked 7 infantry weapons besides the default ones with some attachments for a select few. Even the pistols and grenades need to be leveled up. With all these requirements, you're not free to experiment or just have the sight you want. The battlepacks will do a great job of unlocking attachments for guns you don't have yet too. It's a bunch of very terrible design decisions that should have been handled with more consideration for the player's time. I recommend not bothering with the single player campaign. I did have an incident where the game wiped out several hours of progress for me, but ignoring that, the game just terrible. They give you a silent protagonist with your squad mates or other characters all telling you how you feel for you. Play this game for the good multi-player. Although, I do have to tell you that three guns for multi-player are tied to single-player.


A Fun, If Buggy and Occasionally Unfair Shooter

maverick164 | March 17, 2014 | See all maverick164's reviews »

Battlefield is often the more "realistic" of the coin that is the modern war shooter coin. And in this comparison to Call Of Duty, there is some things you could say. This game is beautiful, and the positively stunning graphics are always breathtaking. This is most of the time. There is the occasional odd wall texture or explosion that looks just a little weird but other than that, this game almost always looks great. It's shooting is quite tight, though not as smooth as Call Of Duty or Halo, feeling a tad clunky at points. This may be more "realistic", but it can hinder enjoyment for some. Campaign is quite lackluster, having some decent spectacles I suppose, but not much of a story to speak of. Multiplayer is fun and challenging, but bugs and server issues have crippled the game frequently. Also, the game has an only okay progression system, it's a tad slow. Overall, a good, not great realistic-ish shooter.


Love It

M3NT4L5 | Feb. 16, 2014 | See all M3NT4L5's reviews »

The game definitely had a rough start. There were many bugs including 0 health, no sound, etc etc. It really seemed like it should still be in beta, and the release was rushed. It is now mostly all cleared up. The gameplay in multiplayer is very fun and action-packed. The graphics are beautiful.Some parts of the campaign seem truly unrealistic, however. For instance when you are in a building that collapses and come out mostly unscathed. Who buys a Battlefield game for the campaign anyways? I would recommend this game to anybody who wants to dump CoD or just wants to have fun.


BF4 plays pretty well

majorm | Feb. 15, 2014 | See all majorm's reviews »

I seem to be one of the few but I feel that BF4 plays pretty well. After you get used to the change it isn't bad. I just think BF3 felt better as far as movement and really does feel like a different game. I have not had many crash issues and my main complaint is hit detection. By hit detection I mean hitting rocks and walls where you have a clear line of sight as well as hits on players. Im looking forward to the games progression and the new maps. In conclusion I would still buy the game since I have had minimal issues.


True Next Gen

Batman100 | Feb. 14, 2014 | See all Batman100's reviews »

If you enjoy Battlefield you won't be disappointed with Battlefield 4. You'll find everything you've come to expect and more. Battlefield 4 is an excellent multiplayer game that makes the most of its ambitions, proving once again that destruction is a valuable strategic addition to competitive combat, which reaches its full potential with two killer Commanders are bringing out the best in their squads. On the other hand, its single-player campaign is a disappointing.


Has its bugs, but still fun

bv44073 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all bv44073's reviews »

Putting aside its bugs, the game has great graphics. The single player has a great story with its open areas and its small close quarters area. You can do many things in multiplayer. Every map has something destructible. One of them are Siege of Shanghai and its destructible building. It has improved a lot from BF3.Its fun to do things like jump out of helicopters when they blow up. Though there are many bugs because EA had rushed DICE to get the game released before COD Ghost. They are made up with things like Double XP. Overall the game is fun to play


Different than previous installments

Gestafar | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all Gestafar's reviews »

Battlefield 4 in short is an OK game and does not even come close to what was in previous games in the series. Its campaign is not great at all where you are constantly moving to location not knowing what is going on for half the game, BF4's was really not needed at all and seems to only be there for a time filler and multiplayer unlocks. BF4's Multiplayer as well seems like it was a rushed unfinished product. All games have bugs but BF4/DICE never seem to fix and when stated that these bugs are fixed, new and worse ones seem to pop up after every update. BF4 is alright (not great) but it does not even compare to previous installments. The game could have easily been made better given more time, but it stands as a semi broken unfinished product.


Not For PC

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

I don't think this game was really meant to be played on PC. It's really buggy at times when you're playing online. Minus the bugs and all that stuff, this game is a good multiplayer game. It's way better than any of the recent CODs. It's a much improved Battlefield from Battlefield 3. The graphics are excellent in this one. The maps are really good maps, and the best is getting to jump out of helicopters before your copter gets shot down. You can also shoot down the copter while you're free falling from the sky. Fun is the word for this one. Just buy it on a console I would say.


better than bf3 but buggy beyond belief

madxskillzxgame | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all madxskillzxgame's reviews »

the gameplay has been improved and the destruction has gone to small building to skyscrapers which is great and the graphics are amazing no first person shooter looks as good as this does but the game can be unenjoyable because the bugs have gotten out of control there are many bugs like falling through floors,one shot kill,connection issues,etc. but in all the game is great if the bugs where gone the rating would be much higher


It's not Battlefield

tommy255 | Jan. 5, 2014 | See all tommy255's reviews »

To paraphrase Dice/EA - I've been playing Battlefield since 1942. I played the expansions, Mods ( Desert combat X )Vietnam, Heroes, BF2, 2142, BF3, BC1 & BC2, Battlefield play for free. Whilst I don't think of myself as a game reviewer, I am a veteran of the series. I don't usually write reviews at all, but I felt strongly enough to add my views in the hope that it helps. I eagerly pre-ordered BF4 as soon as it was announced. Simple as that - I love the series. You can call me a fanboy and you would be correct. I've played Call of Duty up until it got too stupid/carried away, so I have a good basis for comparison. Simply put, this latest Battlefield has lost it's way, and may as well be labelled 'Battlefield: Call of Duty'. The maps are confused and messy, it focuses too much on 'run and gun' mentality rather than the pedigree of previous games of tactical play. Other maps are too open and boring. A lot of the features from BF3 are gone. Detailed stats for example at the end of the round being one. My mates and I would have a 'Top Trumps' style game of who got the longest headshot after each round - can't do that anymore. Other features have been removed, and the notifications of awards/upgrades/promotions in the game is very cheap and 'consoley'. In short, it feels like it's been dumbed down. Another current massive problem is that it really needs patching badly. The Alpha and Beta versions which I played felt more stable than the current 'Gold' ( release ) version. Random disconnects crashes are very common, and Lag is on a lot of servers, especially 64 player. Hit detection is currently way-off. I would wait at least 2 weeks for Dice to start fixing it. I don't blame them, I think EA has rushed them. It's been the same story with BF2 and BF3 - they had the same issues at the start. That aside, I can't see a patch curing the awful maps and gameplay. If you haven't got BF3, get that - it's a far better battlefield experience and is far better. I'm very, very disappointed with BF4.


Very Good Game. Better than BF3

thedave1022 | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all thedave1022's reviews »

I've played every BF game that has come out for PC and BF4 is much better than BC2 and BF3. BF4 to me is what BF3 should have been. There are some bugs, especially if you run Windows 8.1 and ATI graphics cards (Look up BF4 memory leak). I basically have to ALT+TAB out between map changes, but aside from that the game is very fun. China Rising maps are very well done and some of my favorite maps to play.


Lots of online fun!

SonicusZ | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all SonicusZ's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is a very fun game. The single player is quite exciting. The areas switch up quite a bit from more open areas and into small close quarters areas as well. The game looks fantastic! Some areas in the single player just blew me away! The multiplayer is where this game really shines though. It's basically the same as BF3 but with improved destruction and I found all the maps to be very well made! Also I found that if you want to play something other than conquest the other gametypes are actually set up well unlike in BF3. Even TDM which I hated in the 3rd one is actually decent this time around! This game did have some major issues for the first few weeks but as of right now the game seems to be very stable!


Incredible looking game with fun addicting gameplay!

TurboMotionZ | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all TurboMotionZ's reviews »

Battlefield in the past has had a great multiplayer expericne. Battlefield 4 is no exception it takes alot of elements from past battlefields and improves on them. There is a new feature named levelution where the maps are much more interactive than ever before. For example you can use elevators and make large skyscrapers fall to the ground changing the field of battle. Overall great game I would recomend it.


Great multiplayer, still needs a better campaign

deltatux | Dec. 15, 2013 | See all deltatux's reviews »

The campaign was fun, but the story is not as riveting as say Call of Duty. However, really, most people play Battlefield 4 for its multiplayer and that is where the meat of the game is and Battlefield 4 delivers. It is simply the best multiplayer shooter game out there right now and improves upon Battlefield 3. I just wished that DICE would make the story better for the campaign though...


Battlefield 4 a decent game

xman241 | Dec. 12, 2013 | See all xman241's reviews »

While having more of a shared inventory system like EA’s Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is sadly not the case in Battlefield 4, the game does embrace one key feature from its sci-fi brethren in its new Battlepacks system. Battlefield 4 awards player with unlocks along a predefined path, not letting players select what they want to unlock, but the Battlepacks reward players with a random set of items, from weapons, knives and mods, to weapon paints, experience boosts and gadgets. Battlepacks are rewarded for hitting certain experience milestones with their player and and weapon levels and add a fun dynamic to the progression system. The progression is further enhanced by Field Upgrades which begin with players leveling up a specific class enough to unlock a set of Field Upgrades which ideally encourage and reward teamwork with stat boosts during a match. It’s a little complicated but once players reach high enough levels and when there are commanders and squad leaders issuing orders, the ability to dig deeper into a specific role will make them that much better at doing their job, whether it be being a super medic or that ninja sniper. On its surface, Battlefield 4 is essentially more of Battlefield 3 but without its DLC maps and modes. It brings back Commander Mode from the Battlefield 2 & 2142 and more destruction elements from Bad Company 2, but it’s missing co-op and bots from previous entries. The commanders being useful, much like playing a large round of Conquest mode, is heavily dependent on teamwork and communication. At this early stage of the game, it’s not very common, partly due to the lower level players at launch, partly due to the profanity-laden in-game chat which takes some of enjoyment out of playing online. But when everyone’s on their game, seeing ammo and weapon drops land in front of you after securing an outpost, coupled with well-timed scans of enemy locations, help make BF4 the most immersive game in the series to date.


Battlefield 4 decent

xman241 | Dec. 12, 2013 | See all xman241's reviews »

While having more of a shared inventory system like EA’s Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is sadly not the case in Battlefield 4, the game does embrace one key feature from its sci-fi brethren in its new Battlepacks system. Battlefield 4 awards player with unlocks along a predefined path, not letting players select what they want to unlock, but the Battlepacks reward players with a random set of items, from weapons, knives and mods, to weapon paints, experience boosts and gadgets. Battlepacks are rewarded for hitting certain experience milestones with their player and and weapon levels and add a fun dynamic to the progression system. The progression is further enhanced by Field Upgrades which begin with players leveling up a specific class enough to unlock a set of Field Upgrades which ideally encourage and reward teamwork with stat boosts during a match. It’s a little complicated but once players reach high enough levels and when there are commanders and squad leaders issuing orders, the ability to dig deeper into a specific role will make them that much better at doing their job, whether it be being a super medic or that ninja sniper. On its surface, Battlefield 4 is essentially more of Battlefield 3 but without its DLC maps and modes. It brings back Commander Mode from the Battlefield 2 & 2142 and more destruction elements from Bad Company 2, but it’s missing co-op and bots from previous entries. The commanders being useful, much like playing a large round of Conquest mode, is heavily dependent on teamwork and communication. At this early stage of the game, it’s not very common, partly due to the lower level players at launch, partly due to the profanity-laden in-game chat which takes some of enjoyment out of playing online. But when everyone’s on their game, seeing ammo and weapon drops land in front of you after securing an outpost, coupled with well-timed scans of enemy locations, help make BF4 the most immersive game in the series to date.


Not an improvement over BF3 but definitely worth every penny

rafa507 | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all rafa507's reviews »

First of all, I'm not a BF fan nor a COD fan, but believe when I say that BF4 is definitely 2013 shooter of the year. It's not an improvement over BF3, especially considering that right now this game is full of performance issues, client and server side, glitches and bugs too. But even after taking all of those cons into consideration, BF4 is a must buy. You'll love watching the buildings fall, a whole map getting flooded, a railway blowing up and way other LEVOLUTION stuff, it's just crazy!!!. To summarize and end this review, if you like playing shooters, with awesome graphics and sound effects and you are a team player, Battlefield 4 is the game for you. See you on the battlefield.


A great looking game.

daforgo10few | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all daforgo10few's reviews »

Well Battlefield 4 is out. and once again i paid 50 bucks for it. and once again it is unfinished in the backend. to this day i still rubberband, lag and stutter. If you can get past that, its an awesome game. plenty of hours in the singleplayer that, like many reviewers on here, is lackluster compared to COD. The multiplayer though really starts going back to BF2 days with the commander mode and built in VOIP, 2 things that should have never been taken away from the franchise in the first place. Graphics are again great and DICE has once again raised the bar for what we expect from an FPS game graphics wise. Levelution has also altered the battlefield by letting player use the surroundings to level the playing field. your range of options for gun attachments have doubled, allowing more flexibility for your favorite weapon during battle. But, like its predecessor, Battlefield 4 fails again in terms of a smooth launch. Server lag, rubberbanding, shots not registering, and sometimes not being able to play the game have once again given games another reason to be furious at EA, who by this point should know how to properly release a multiplayer game. but they don't and that is why COD sadly shines. Activision realizes that investing heavily in backend infrastructure and making sure everything runs smoothly is really important to your image. EA on the other hand sees a beta go rough(some players in BF4 beta could not play it due to the same issues we have at launch) and says "Eh good enough". I Personally would have waited till next year to buy this if it meant not having to deal with all these issues. DICE/EA need to learn this lesson quick or start to lose their core player base who are getting increasingly frustrated that all they got for their money was a game that looked pretty. If EA/DICE did not have these problems, your score would be perfect 100.


Fast Action

wtm091 | Dec. 4, 2013 | See all wtm091's reviews »

For the absolute scale of the maps DICE has figured out how to truly make sure you are always in the action. You can't go anywhere in the map without being vigilant, often in past games large scale maps have lead to there being a couple of zones where there is all the action and the rest just a dead area with no one in sight. Very Impressed with the multiplayer. At first wasn't a big fan of the browser menu but it defiantly grew on me. The campaign wasn't all that long but was well developed with a somewhat interesting storyline. Defiantly one of my favorites FPS.


Games awesome when it works.

undeadriku | Dec. 2, 2013 | See all undeadriku's reviews »

Yep this game is no exception like every EA release the past forever its covered in game crippling bugs and has major optimization issues. Needless to say there is a LOT of people upset and its a situation where its a mileage may vary sort of thing but it seems like with me and my group of friends we were in the screwed area lucky they have been SLOWLY fixing it but its still in a state that i wouldn't really recommend right now until its fixed overall. BUT the games a blast when it works and imo one of the best BF games to date and also the game simply looks beautiful. i would highly suggest you get a group of friends and head in there with team work just don't be surprised if you buy it now if its not working as intended.


Still needs a bit of work, otherwise quite fun.

koztah | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all koztah's reviews »

Extremely similar to Battlefield 3, this is more of an incremental release with added features than a game worthy of its own number - at least by Battlefield standards. The return of Commander mode (previously absent since its original appearances in Battlefield 2/2142) is welcome, although more control would be appreciated. Even when you play it on your PC, it's obvious Commander mode was an addition made specifically to play casually, on tablets whereas in BF2/2142 it was significantly more fast-paced and critical. The addition of more weapon mods is extremely welcome, but I still miss the anti-vehicle rocket effectivness of Bad Company 2. Hit direction scarcely seems to matter - whereas in BFBC2, a couple of strikes to the underside, rear or top of an armoured vehicle would wreck it. It's a severe annoyance to say the least and removes a fair bit of strategy to individual tank battles. The game is fairly buggy and crash prone - there was even a recently corrected bug that was prone to crashing entire servers due to players entering vehicles. Ouch. It's been patched a fair bit and runs a lot better now but nonetheless. The Battlepack mechanic is both fun and a bit annoying - some items are available exclusively through battlepacks so while it makes it exciting to get them, when you're waiting for a particular mod you really need it kind of grates to not be able to unlock it by your own volition. I would like to see the ability to obtain/stockpile 'duplicate' mods and trade them with other players.


Very rocky start, getting better

nightassassin1 | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

This game was released before it was finished. It had problems that prevented game play for days some times.These issues are being fixed slowly and by January 2014 I expect the game to be a complete game at last. EA is notorious for releasing games in unacceptable condition and not compensating players so if you are looking to get this game wait until next year. The overall game play is very nice when it works and handles much differently than BF3 did. The campaign of the game is pretty amazing and the graphics are stunning. The campaign give unlockable weapons and dog tags so I suggest playing that first and getting a feel for the game. There are still currently some audio glitches, but when it works right, the audio is pretty great as well. The game DOES NOT have coop. I was a bit sad to hear this, but I guess not too many people played it. It would be nice to see a coop game mode of some kind like maybe a wolf spin-off of CoD zombies. Overall I love the game, but the instability had forced me to not play for a month even after preordering the game and spending 3 hours attempting to get EA to compensate me for their terrible game. Ofcourse they did nothing to help, but so long as you never have to contact EA, the game will be amazing when it is finished in 2014. Assume you are buying a $60 beta test.


Could Be Better, But Still a Great Game

abkrivo | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all abkrivo's reviews »

The Campaign mode of this game is intense and brings hours of gameplay alone. The Multiplayer mode immerses gamers into fast-paced action. If I were to compare this game with its predecessor, I would say Battlefield 3 had the slighter edge. Reason: the Campaign mode seems unfinished. Don't get me wrong, the campaign was exciting all the way through, but I just don't feel Dice and EA did their best. Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4? Battlefield 4 is definitely the better game, yet Call of Duty's good reputation makes more people buy the game. If you were to get either game, it should not be for $60. Use a GMG coupon instead and get it here :)


Adrenaline Packed

Balmong7 | Nov. 21, 2013 | See all Balmong7's reviews »

This game is amazing. The controls are tight (although the sensitivity options are not as exact as I would like) and the game realistic. I just wish that the single player was better, it makes for wonderful training for the main attraction, but feels like an afterthought. I also wish that the loading screens had been worked on. 10 minutes to get into a multiplayer game means I miss half the battle.


Unfinished, but signs of brilliance

Lykos84 | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all Lykos84's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is difficult to review honestly because of the multitude of bugs. Everything from crashes to an eerie silence glitch that lets helicopters sneak up right behind you. It simultaneously begs you to play its well-balanced multiplayer, and smacks you right in the face with the poor state of the netcode. As a software programmer, I understand the pressures to release something on time, especially when I'm sure the publisher was pushing really hard for it with COD releasing around the same time, but it doesn't help the image of the game to have so many bugs. Aside from the bugs, the game is far more balanced than BF3. It's easier to get into games with friends, and even to join the same squad. Vehicles are not quite as overpowering as they once were, and the new modes are engaging. At the end of the day, this game will be absolutely amazing... eventually. Until then it's a frustratingly awesome experience.


Not bad dice

d91rider | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all d91rider's reviews »

The gameplay itself is alot of fun and the weapons and bullets act very realistically. It is very satisfying to shoot an enemy as well as blow up tanks/lavs. I haven't had as many crashing problems as many other players but I have had some issues with the sound cutting out that I can confirm with other players. Overall it was worth the buy (probably should wait for black friday)


Pure fun

forgot2shave | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all forgot2shave's reviews »

First of all, I have to say that I haven't even touched the campaign but I feel that most of you probably don't care about that anyways. The truth is that BF4 is one of the best multiplayer experiences one could possibly have. You can do it all; fly, ride, boat, destroy and of course shoot all across the massive maps. Commander mode is a welcomed comeback and the UI is also a better experience thatn BF3. The netcode of course is still a problem but that will be ironed out. As buggy as it can be, I have a hell of a time playing this one. A must-buy for any FPS fans.


The Real Battlefield

CappinCanuck | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all CappinCanuck's reviews »

If you thought Bad Company 2 was just a console revision of a classic Battle field game, or if you thought BF3 was just a step short of a true Battlefield 2 remake, prepare to finally have a game worthy of the title. Battlefield 4 fits the mark. The new iteration in the series reintroduced the commander mode many people were clammering for. You can dispense orders and targets while scouting with UAV's and even assisting your squads with EMP UAVs. Overall, the graphics have received tweaking from BF3. A bit of an improvement but the fact that DICE has been working Frostbyte longer shows. The improvement in frames shows through with increased efficiency. The new demolition improvements allow a much more interactive environment than before. Almost anything can be taken down now with enough power rather than just some walls. You can also now interact with doors, elevators, objects. Multiplayer is a hit. You'll find lots of persons to play with. The squad mechanics and UI are greatly streamlined since the lessons of BF3. The autojoin feature also seems to actually work this time around when requesting to join friends. The Bad: The singleplayer is still a throw away with bots who are hardly capable or worthy of playing against. Co-op mode has also been removed. Some bugs, less than you would expect at release after BF3 though, do still cause the odd crash. Response has been good though and likely will be patched out soon.


Battlefield 4 - Can't... Stop... Playing...

JonnyDel | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all JonnyDel's reviews »

I want to be upfront.... The only reason I am writing this is because I am not at home on my computer where I could be playing this game. This game is a decided improvement over BF3 and BF3 was incredible. The campaign is a good way to show off the engine and it does just that. There are some MP unlocks along the way so its worth at least one play-through. But who am I kidding? You'd buy this game for the multiplayer! The game has a role for everyone and heavily rewards team play. Its a fantastic feeling to get into a groove with your squad and advance on the objectives. There are some truly jaw dropping moments in this game. I still gawk every time a helicopter or jet does a fly by over my head; using explosives to breach dug in opponents is extremely satisfying; setting bombs on objectives and watching them blow after you successfully defend them with your squad is really invigorating. As a heads up, there are still some bugs being worked out by DICE but I believe they are working as quick as they can to get it in proper working order. Personally I have had little interruption. Do yourself a favour and buy this game.


A level up from Battlefield 3

Userhand9365 | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all Userhand9365's reviews »

Here are the pros and cons that I complied for this game: Pros: Dynamic Environment - Battlefield 3 already allows players to feel the changing environment of the war zone when covers can be blown to pieces or building collapsing which affects the players' reflexes and decisions. Battlefield 4 take this aspect to a whole new level when incorporating more destructible buildings, covers and objects, along with the changing environment or weather conditions in maps like Flood Zone and Parcel Storm. The game also introduce interactions with objects like power generators and elevators to change certain environment in the battlefield. Commander Mode Return - Since Battlefield 2 and 2142, the commander mode returns in Battlefield 4 and there is a huge difference that makes the mode much more fun than before. First, artillery strikes available in Battlefield 2 is replaced with gunships or cruise missiles (depend on the map). Second, there are no bonus x2 for the winning team commander which balances the scoring system. Third, commanders are able to call UAV or EMP-UAV to areas to assist squads. Lastly, new features of commander include pointing out high value targets for the team to eliminate and promote squads. Field Score System - Instead of personal boost or squad boost in Battlefield 3, the field score system allows the squad to work for the boost through teamwork instead of leveling. This allows squad members to have an edge against the enemies. Field scores resets when everyone in the squad died which makes teamwork more crucial. Guns and Gadgets - There are changes in the guns and gadgets available in different class. I am not going to list the new guns and gadgets here but you can certainly find out it the battlefield related websites like The main thing about guns and equipment in Battlefield 4 is that there are varieties of attachments available and well organized within the game. The attachments are usually acquired through kills but also can be unlocked through Battlepacks (new feature in Battlefield 4 where players can get these packs and unlock new items like dogtags, attachments, exp boost, etc.). Graphics - Just like Battlefield 3, this game delivers stunning graphics. Cons: Single Player Campaign- Although the bots in Battlefield 4 is more responsive to player's action in the campaign, their actions are still too dumb (the bots will take cover but always stick their head out for you). Also the story line of campaign is not really attractive enough for me to really pay attention to it. The single player is not as dull as the previous title but has lots of room to improve. Co-op Mode - It is really disappointing that DICE decided to remove Co-op feature from Battlefield 4. Personally, I like to play with friends in the Co-op mode in Battlefield 3 and was hoping that they would expand this part of the game. It is kind of sad they replace the Co-op feature with Missions, which is where you can challenge your friends by competing in multiplayer (cool concept but I still like Co-op better). Server Lags, Bugs and Crashes - Similar to Battlefield 3, this game also experience some degree of crashes and lag in the first week of its launch. Although DICE rolled out patches to try fixing the issues, I still experience crashes from time to time. However, I do think that these crashes will be fixed later on. Overall, I think Battlefield 4 is a fun, intense and interesting FPS game. It is also a great installment to an already awesome franchise. To me, I think the game does worth 90 points and $59.99 (but with GMG, it should be cheaper). Therefore, GEAR UP AND GET YOUR SQUAD TOGETHER!! I will see you on the Battlefield :)


Spectacular - - Except the BUGS!

sithlordmoore | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all sithlordmoore's reviews »

This game is one of the most anticipated multi-platform games that has been released in quite some time -other than all of the Call of Duty's- and mechanically, and graphically this game is firing on all cylinders, they just knocked it out of the ballpark (that is if you are running a system that can handle high or ultra graphics). But, as stated in the title, the flaws of this game all come through in the client and server side in which it nearly makes the game unbearable to play with the constant lost saves of the single player and in-game crashes on the multiplayer. With the current state of the game I give it a 85/100.... When the game fixes its issues I would give it a 95/100.


Fantastic, but multiplayer needs ironing out

JellyGrapes | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all JellyGrapes's reviews »

Battlefield 4 has to be one of my favorite FPS games to date. Since I bought it, I have been playing non-stop. The campaign is sub-par, but the multiplayer is really something else. Fantastic visuals, sound effects, and weapon balancing really make this stand out as one of me favorite multiplayer games to date. That being said, as of now it is very buggy. The netcode is messed up, and crashes are very common. Hopefully some fixed will be released by DICE soon. Other than these rocky launch bugs, I am really enjoying this game. If you are new to the series, I really feel that this is a good place to start.


Awesome improvement!

blckrockshtr | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all blckrockshtr's reviews »

Overall, BF4 exceeded all my expectations of what a battlefield game traditionally offers. I remember playing the campaign for BF3 and felt that it could have had more potential. BF4 has done just that, it held on to it's potential and realized it! The overall campaign just feels more tightly packed and explosive than ever. Well, especially with the frostbite engine, and the level of destructibility, I'd say that the engine is fully utilized. This is more so true for multiplayer. Maps environments could change several times during a match and makes things exiciting. I have both COD and BF4, and I personally prefer BF4 more just because of the innovation they've put in this time around. COD is still solid, but just felt like a rehash. So yeah, get BF4, you won't regret it!


Review of Battlefield 4

PrecisionUnknow | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all PrecisionUnknow's reviews »

I've only played the multiplayer portion. However, from what I've seen it is a solid game. While quite similar to its predecessor in terms of HUD and the overall GUI. But it strikes out differently with what I feel are far more superior controls, and more interaction with the surroundings. Going on top of a skyscraper. Seeing it blow up and become a different environment. To name a few added differences to the surroundings. Next there has been some minor changes to the game which makes its a bit more fun. The only real negatives I can think of, off the bat is that the game is a near twin to its predecessor. That and the game still has to start up through an internet browser. Something I don't like entirely, as the game can go a bit buggy when trying to launch. Still it has more pros than cons in my opinion, which makes it a good game. In the end, while it may look similar, and be like most FPS games out there, this one will stick to you and in the long run it has a huge re-playability that is both worth time and money. Just don't expect a major differences between BF3 and BF4.



Braeden162 | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all Braeden162's reviews »

The NEWEST installment in the Battlefield series, and a great one at that. The graphics are through the roof, and the gameplay is stellar. The campaign, unlike other Battlefield games, was actually very intriuging, and the plot was relatively gripping. The final choice at the end was very well done. But the multiplayer is where it's at! The way that you don't unlock guns just by upping your overall rank is a great change since there were always people in Battlefield 3 that had amazing guns all around just because they had been playing for a long time even if they suck at the game. Also the XP-Boosts unlocked via Battlepacks give XP-grinding a much easier twist, but you have to be careful about when you are going to use them. There are a few bugs in the multiplayer with your lient or the server crashing from time to time, but those will be ironed out very soon because DICE has addressed these issues and are working on a patch as we speak. This game is great buy, I also recommend purchasing Premium with the game to get in on the weekly small DLCs for Premium members.


Great Multiplayer Military Shooter

lizardspenguin | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all lizardspenguin's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is a great online multiplayer shooter. Nothing like making a squad with a bunch of your buddies and watching each others back in a chaotic battlefield. I was also blown away by the graphics in this game. I play with an HD Radeon 7970 3GB of Video RAM, 16GB RAM, and a 3.4GHz i7 Quad Core processor with the games video settings on Ultra and it feels like they covered every detail on the multiplayer maps. Weather changing, buildings falling, fully destructible environments all in the middle of matches. The tons of unlockable weapons and accessories keep you hooked as well. While the main reason for me purchasing any Battlefield game is the online multiplayer, I was pleasantly surprised by the single player campaign. The single player campaign was short, but sweet with what I thought I was a very good ending. I don't want to go into specifics because I don't want to give spoilers, but if you are a fan of FPS you'll more than likely enjoy it.


Great game, some launch bugs though.

chasewd | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all chasewd's reviews »

Let me say this is a huge improvement over Battlefield 3. A lot of people complain when games come out every year (or in this case every two years) and they are exactly the same as the last. I do not find this to be a bad thing. While this game does come with more than a handful of new features, it does that true to what Battlefield is supposed to be. I started out with the Campaign upon launching it 13 hours early using a Korean VPN. As usual the story mode was somewhat decent but not amazing. Battlefield is known for its epic multiplayer and huge maps. If you what a good single player experience you might as well find another game. the entire campaign took me just over 4 hours on EASY. The ending was sub-par. I would say the only reason DICE still includes single player is that they need a way to show off their fancy new tech to players who aren't harcore multiplayer enthusiasts. I don't think anyone wants to read for hours on end what I think about the multiplayer. We had a sneak peek at what was in store during the Beta. The full game does not disappoint. The new unlock system is the best I have seen in any game (ever) and it is a lot more challenging compared to the previous Battlefield titles. Some of the maps are hard to get used to with all of their secret spots to hide in and all of the "levolution" triggers. Some of the things they showed off in early trailers such as car alarms and metal detectors actually do come in to play during multiplayer. I find myself taking maps queues for often than I care to admit. I prefer to play infantry only so I can't say much about the vehicles. There seems to be more of a variety than the previous generation in terms of vehicle choice. My favorite so far is the attack boat. This game is worth the money especially with the current promotion.


Bugs Aside, it's Worth the Buy

achinberg | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all achinberg's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is the latest military shooter from Dice and publisher EA. Even after putting a good number of hours into the campaign and online modes of Battlefield 4 it is a hard game to review. Fans of the series, especially Battlefield 3, will recognize a lot of the same core battlefield experiences that make the franchise. Destruction, vehicles, huge maps, and team play are still the foundation of both online and campaign. Graphics are definitely an improvement from battlefield 3 even on my outdated 1gb graphics card. Sound has always impressed me in Battlefield games and this is no exception. With full surround sound system or headset this game shines. Satisfying bass resounds from nearby explosions and most weapons have a distinct roar when emptying a mag. Combine this with the new commander mode issuing verbal commands and your squad mates responding to snipers in the distance or a grenade at your feet and have an incredible immersive experience from the audio alone. This experience can be destroyed abruptly by crashes and server disconnects that are currently plaguing PC at the moment. I expect there to be bugs, but some days when I can hardly play 15 minutes without losing my experience, my connection, and my squad the game simply isn't worth the effort. Overall I love the Battlefield experience once again in Battlefield 4 as it truly is unique to the franchise. I'm frustrated with the bugs but my confidence in Dice to fix them and provide worthwhile expansions makes Battlefield 4 a very promising, if not totally polished, purchase.


Another great addition to an already amazing franchise.

BlackZero123 | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all BlackZero123's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is a perfect addition to the series. The graphics really are as good as they'd have you believe, and the levolution scenes are simply breathtaking (almost to a fault). When you first start playing you might find yourself captivated by everything that's happening around you to the extent that you got killed while looking around. In terms of gameplay, you'll have a slight learning curve. Mind you, this isn't a bad thing. Movement will seem, at first, to be slightly slower, but you'll quickly realize that you couldn't be further from the truth. The weapons also handle a bit differently (more accurate), but just like with BF3 you'll get the hang of it fairly quick. The vehicles are back in full force, and incredibly fun to use. The new aquatic vehicles are particularly fun as is the new air support. The reinvention of Commander mode is also a really nice touch. They play a much more integral part than initially mentioned in all of the trailers, and can be a huge asset to any team. If you are a fan of the series you probably don't need a lot of prodding, but for anyone that might normally pick up a game from the COD series you should really consider getting in on the BF4 bandwagon. Yeah it's a different DRM, but that doesn't spell the end of the world.


Evolutionary more than Revolutionary

MikeyMiG | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all MikeyMiG's reviews »

At first glance, Battlefield 4 might seem to some as just Battlefield 3.5. On the surface it seems to deliver pretty much the same amount of content that its predecessor did, but under the hood it has plenty of differences. I'll start off with the singleplayer campaign. BF is of course renown for its multiplayer, so many don't even bother with the campaign. The campaign in BF3 was quite lackluster because it didn't have the same kind of freedom and spontaneous action that the multiplayer did. BF4's campaign is definitely better, but not by much. I noticed that a lot of levels offer more routes to take in order to flank the enemy. Also, there are more missions that let you control vehicles, and unlike in BF3, you have full control over them instead of just being on-rails. The characters are generally more memorable, the writing and acting is a little better, and the set-pieces are pretty damn cool. Overall, if you absolutely hated BF3's singleplayer, you won't like BF4's much. But if you thought the campaign in BF3 was alright, then you may enjoy the new one. Now onto the multiplayer. As it always has been, BF's multiplayer is unmatched in the field of online FPS's in terms of its balance of scale and action. Whether you like having epic multi-tank battles in open fields, or you enjoy fast-paced infantry action, BF really does both well. Lots of small balance changes have been made to make combat more satisfying. There are plenty new guns, vehicles, and attachments to try out, along with a whole new faction. One of the new features of BF4 is what the marketers call "Levolution". This can include large or small scale events that change how the map is laid out and how you play on it. I think it helps make the maps more dynamic, but others might argue that it's just a gimmick. Pros: -Multiplayer is as good as it's always been -Better graphics, sounds, and animations -Broader range of equipment to use -Levolution is pretty impressive Cons: -Campaign is still on the dull side.


Good, but currently pretty buggy.

Fantum1337 | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all Fantum1337's reviews »

As of right now, I believe that this has the potential to be a fantastic shooter. However, it is currently having issues with the servers, especially for PC. However, I do believe that in time the server issues will be fixed, so my review will be based on the gameplay when the server isn't crashing. Obviously, the biggest draw for these sorts of games is the multiplayer aspect. In my opinion, the multiplayer is one of the best I've ever played. Classes feel generally well balanced, and the ability to use DMRs, Shotguns, and carbines across all classes is a pretty welcome change. Not good at sniping but want to level up the sniper class or use it's gadgets? Just use one of the carbines for a good close/mid range option. This allows for a decent amount of customization, as you aren't as bound to one class depending on the weapons you want to use. Another aspect added this time around are the battlepacks. These are little reward packs that you gain just about every 2 levels, and give you things ranging from weapon attachments and camo to XP bonuses. Most of the times, these attachments are simply reskinned versions of items that you can unlock regularly. As such, if you don't happen to ever find a certain attacment in a battlepack, you aren't necessarily missing out on a huge feature of a gun. However, as balanced as I feel the gunplay is, vehicles seem to be extremely unbalanced, ESPECIALLY the new attack boat. Playing on Paracel Storm (a map very similar to Wake Island from BF2) the attack boats can run around the maps almost completely unopposed. Add to this the fact that they can unlock and equip TV missiles, and you have the recipe for one person sitting in the back of the map taking potshots at enemies that can't even see them. This would be fine if it simply took one rocket to take them out, but as far as I can tell they have the same armor rating as tanks, which take 3-4 rockets to bring down. Overall, you have the recipe for one person who is a decent enough vehicle operator to drive around the entire time and rip apart the entire other team without ever being taken out. As for the campaign mode, I unfortunately cannot comment very much on that, as the launcher consistently crashes whenever I try to play it. So, based on various problems (especially with the servers) I have to say that battlefield is a fun, if not deeply flawed multiplayer FPS that will absorb almost all of my time until Forza 5 comes out. However, because of serious problems with the campaign launcher, I am forced to shave quite a few points off, giving it a 75.


Great MP and SP

geogga | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all geogga's reviews »

BF4's SP compared to BF3's SP I felt was much less scripted. I personally hated the random button taps when in a small cut scene. As for the MP, everyone knows that this should have been BF3 instead. MP had bugs etc but since Dice is a great developer who listen and give updates to their players, it will all smooth out within a month, better than any other game developer! Maps are beautiful, sound from guns and environment is so much more distinguished than BF3 with their repetitive monotone gun sounds. Not to mention the Levelution in maps, makes remembering the map even harder than before. This truly is the best Battlefield game produced.


All in all a very fun game

kingoftrolls88 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all kingoftrolls88's reviews »

While there are still some server issues and "rubber banding" lag every now and then on the Shanghai map, I would have to say this is still a very fun and robust title and I have had many memerable battlefield moments already. Graphics are great indeed, better than crysis 3 at times, but I feel they should make sure the game is totally solid and functional before they ship it. I'm really getting sick of buying unfinished games. Anyway , they are releasing constant patches and server updates so who knows, maybe one day this game will run smooth(er). All in all its not too bad and the game is gargantuan to say the least. Buy it on sale and its totally worth it.


Fun but maybe too Familiar

Kusobera | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all Kusobera's reviews »

This game carries all the fun and insanity that the Battlefield series has come to be known for. This game does everything very proficiently, except for the campaign. The campaign seems to be an after thought. Filled with 1980's cliche's and dialogue that Steven Segal would turn up a nose to. The multiplayer is a machine though. All the balancing, etc. will be solved, I have no doubt. The only downside to multiplayer is that the "gimmicks" with the giant crumbling building seem to be a disadvantage. Once the building is down, the vertical element to the combat becomes very restricted. Just flat rubble. It is a strange side effect to DICE trying to bring something fresh to the well oiled machine that is Battlefield. I would recommend this game for die hards and newbies. The die hards will love to just have new maps to play and newbies will appreciate the choices to play. Those with a moderate amount of time in game for BF3 might just feel it is more of the same.


Could always be worse...

valley33 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all valley33's reviews »

Good guys, bad guys and explosions. That seems to be Swedish developer DICE’s specialty. They’re like the Michael Bay of video game studios. Sometimes there’s some really awesome things, and occasionally, one finished product pops out, and it’s somewhat deformed. It’s okay though, because you can fix it in post. Right? Well, maybe. DICE sorta dropped the ball with the launch of Battlefield 4. While this iteration of the series breathes new life into the franchise, it seems like it is plagued with many of the same problems as its predecessor. BUT LETS BEGIN WITH THE GOOD NEWS. This game looks AMAZING. Running on a mid tier gaming PC, we ran it on high settings getting about 50-60 frames per second. For reference, this very same PC ran Battlefield 3 on ultra settings smooth as butter. However, kicking Battlefield 4 up to ultra made it much more laggy, though we’ve heard that PC’s running windows 7 perform worse than those running windows 8. Battlefield is like if Saving Private Ryan were a video game. It’s got that dark grey color pallette through the whole thing, but it certainly doesn’t suffer for it. There’s generous use of bloom lighting effects and lens flares and oh so many explosions. On graphics alone, battlefield four would get a 5, but of course, there’s more to it. Troubles began for battlefield four the instant it came to it’s final release, and even before. The beta was plagued with all sorts of bugs, from hit detection issues to crashes of all shapes and sizes. Let me say outright, you NEED to have the most up to date drivers if you’re going to play this on PC. Otherwise, have fun with, not kidding here, zero to 3 frames per second. Drivers matter. Once you get past the inability to see what’s going on and astonishingly long load times, you can throw yourself head first into the breach. But we really wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re a Battlefield veteran, chances are you’ll pick this right up. If you’re not, you should probably find a few tutorials or at the very least just watch some gameplay videos. This is nothing like call of duty. The maps are GIGANTIC. There are places to get LOST. And if you’re brand new to the series, chances are you won’t live very long for your first few tries. its inaccessibility to new players is where battlefield struggles most, is in. You’ll be running along and, of course you’ll get killed, but for reasons you don’t understand and from a location you had no idea was even accessible. Repeat this a tens and maybe a hundred times, and players are likely to give up. There’s no hand holding or aim assist to be found here. THIS AINT COD! Assuming you have a handle on things, Battlefield is an experience to behold like no other. Incredible scripted set pieces, called LEVOLUTIONS, are available to be triggered in each map. Classic game types like Rush, Conquest, Domination, and Team and Squad Deathmatch all make a return, along with some new gems that really shine. Obliteration mode pits two teams against each other with a randomly spawning bomb and three enemy points to blow up. As expected, this close fighting is where Battlefield moments really happens. Defuse mode is like a classic Counterstrike match, with two teams, one life, and one bomb. The tension is exhilarating as you fight to live just ONE SECOND LONGER to plant or disarm a bomb. I give battlefield 4 a FOUR out of five. It’s a phenomenal shooter that’s just off to a rocky start, no different from the way Battlefield 3 was back in 2011. Give it a few months for EA to sort out server issues and fix the game breaking bugs, and Battlefield 4 will certainly become a modern classic and a standard of First Person Shooter gameplay for years to come.


Intense Tactical Gameplay, Amazing Graphics

sociableturtle | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all sociableturtle's reviews »

I thought BF3 was the best game out there, but then DICE released this. I've been playing it non-stop for the past 4 days enjoying every bit of it. The maps are dynamic and Levolution always brings a new twist on the objective. Shooting from across the hall, through the buildings, from the roof, whatever you want it's in the game. Commander mode is also perfect because you can play from a tablet and lead your team to victory!



Simao20 | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

Battlefield 4 takes what the third game does and enhances it so much more. I won't really get into the story mode, lets face it not many people will bother with it. Its all about the multiplayer. There are some newly added features like Commander Mode which allows users with their browser or tablets to send in air strikes or weaponry if needed. Its a cool feature even if I will barely use it. The leveling system has changed, gone are the days where you leveled up assault and constantly unlocked all teh weapons. Now there is a feature called "battlepacks" where you'll unlock random weapons or skins based on your leveling up your main character. Thats not to say you wont unlock assault or support weapons you'll just have to unlock other weapons through that means only. Now you can crouch and pop up over cover while aiming then go back down to hide which adds a bit more strategy to fire fights. The game also looks fantastic, the graphics are stunning and not to mention the whole Levolution feature to the game works amazing. Basically any building can collapse on you if you take out the support beams. There are a couple more new modes like Domination, which is basically conquest without the vehicles on smaller maps and obliteration which is where you have to destroy something to win. Get it, its certainly worth it for the endless hours of MP you'll have


Shoot to kill

tigerpoptart | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all tigerpoptart's reviews »

this game really got a bulls eye Great game in multiplayer with this one, does have a few bugs but which game does not in the beginning, nothing that could not be fixed this game does ask a lot in Recommended Requirements but it looks beautiful best of the best would highly recommend this game to anybody even looking into getting premium soon. hope to see you guys out in the Battlefield!.


Excellent addition to the series!

samuelcrotwell | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all samuelcrotwell's reviews »

If you liked BF3 then you will love BF4. They took everything from BF3 and made it 10x better. I really have no complaints on the multiplayer as it is top of its class and head over heals better than COD. However, the campaign is lacking to say the least. It doesn't have very good character development and is quite boring at times. COD is far better in the Campaign mode than BF4 is, but if you want great replay value with a new and refreshing multiplayer, then BF4 is the game for you.


BF4- Fun as all hell, buts that's no surprise is it?

Genericllama | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all Genericllama's reviews »

Having played bf3 a lot, i knew i would instantly enjoy BF4. It has all the same awesome features but more refined and better set up. The Maps - 8/10 Still not completely balanced for 64 player servers, with that being said 32/48 servers play fantastic especially on rush. The Vehicles - 8-10 All of them are awesome. At game launch, it was a little unbalanced but that's because no engineers had rocket unlocks. As of now, its balancing out and they all play well except the RCB boat which is extremely overpowered and the little bird being very underpowered. The Soldiers - 10/10 Although I'm not fond of the battlepack system, they implement gun customization extremely well and i always find myself surprised at what set ups people have when i pick up their class. Graphics 9/10 I have a lower end machine so i play on medium/low graphics, i have however played on ultra on the rigs of my good friends and i can honestly say it looks gorgeous. The destruction phys x really give depth to what's an "accessible" path and what isn't (thank you c4 recon gods). Even on the lower settings it still looks great and plays well. Stability- 6.5/10 As of currently, many players are experiencing crashing issues. Whether it's caused my memory leaks/weak server hosting, it's a hassle. The upside is that this will eventually solve itself with updates (atleast in theory). If your game crashes mid match, you lose the progress and ribbons unlike BF3 where you only lost your ribbons. Final Thoughts I play this game with a full squad of close friends, it makes the experience 100X more enjoyable by far. That's not to say that it isn't fun alone because it is. The game is a bit expensive but considering it's a new title its understandable. Having per-purchased this with the 20% coupon, i felt it was a good deal especially since (the pre-purchase only) included the "China Rising" dlc (and that i don't especially want to purchase premium until it gets in the 20/25$ range) Side note: Game uses Origin, I'm not especially fond of the client but its a small price to pay to enjoy a fun game with my good mates. Overall - 85/100


Excellent Storyline!

AutoMativeX | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all AutoMativeX's reviews »

I really enjoyed this game's campaign. It's gripping and suspenseful. But one thing I still cannot get past is how beautiful the game's graphics are. It's very optimized and since their last patch resolving FPS issues, I've never had a frame drop. The game still needs some polishing, though. There are a few bugs throughout the gameplay that will throw you for a loop, but once they're patched out, I really wont see anything wrong with this game.


A big step up, but not yet perfect.

mofoinc | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all mofoinc's reviews »

After putting in hundreds of hrs into BF3 I knew that BF4 was gonna be a must for me. I ended up missing the beta but after watching all the youtube videos, I was sold. This week I was not let down. This game has multiplayer the way online gaming should be. The gameplay mechanics are the same of BF3 in that it encourages and promotes people to play together. The COD lone-wolf gameplay is okay but if you want to excel in BF, it is best to play your role, stay together and work towards the objective. The new engine is amazing. Almost everything in the map is destructive. And with that aspect of gameplay, the maps are a constantly changing battleground. Eyecandy everywhere, and running nice on my aging system as well. The bad so far has been random freezes and lockups, some kicking from servers and trouble joining others. Being a fresh release I am expecting this to resolved sooner than later. Final verdict, stop reading this and go play!


The most fun you'll have with friends

sethgc | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all sethgc's reviews »

If you're looking for an expansive, engrossing single player experience, this is not the game you're looking for (go have a look at Bioshock Infinite instead). The single player in this game is the equivalent of a comic book packed into the game boxes of old -- dumb, loud, short, and providing the flimsiest of excuses for the plot of the game. It's entertaining and very very pretty, but not going to hold your attention for long. If you're looking for a multiplayer experience, though, this is where you want to be. It's particularly good if you have a group of friends to play with. Squad play is dramatically improved over Battlefield 3, and their size has been increased to 5. Many new gadgets (like the handheld laser designator) make the interaction between classes more fun and easier to pull off. Don't have friends to play with? Don't worry -- just don't be a jerk and you'll make friends out there.


If you like Battlefield, you'll like this

Subverter | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all Subverter's reviews »

This game is definitely a worthy addition to the series. Returning some of the key features from older games, it also adds a lot of new things(assault boats!) that should make for many an explosive moment. The campaign is okay, but the MP is really where this game shines, and the release maps do a good job of showing off the engine, full building destruction is back. Took 10 points off for net instability, but hopefully that will get patched up soon.


A sense of belongingness

Razaille | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all Razaille's reviews »

This game like many other frag fest gives you a sense of instant gratification, but in a different way. Remember Rainbow Six? Now combine that with the world destructibility of Red Hammer, and the FPS action of Counter Strike with a little tactical commandeering of Civilizations plus under the new graphical overhaul of Frostbite 3 then you got Battlefield 4. The multiplayer gameplay is top notch, although there are times you just deploy (spawn) at a place and someone is camping already that will kill you instantaneously before you could even load into that zone (which I hope they patch with a 3 second immunity of some sort). The campaign is a cliche snoozefest but still an eye candy graphically.


so f***ing awsome

SuperJ0k3r | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all SuperJ0k3r's reviews »

this game is very good so you should buy it and this is a good deal.