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Wonderful game, wonderful pack

Demilisz | July 2, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews ยป

Anno 2070 is a great installment of the series. While going from late medieval - early renaissance periods may be controversial at first, the game doesn't lost any of its depth. On the contrary - a futuristic setting gives developers chance to add a new options like underwater exploration, expanded further with Deep Ocean add on. Player can choose between two main factions: industrial Tycoons and environmental friendly Ecos. Both factions has their campaigns avaiable. The third faction, Techs, are more like support, they aren't playable as separate faction, their help can be acquire during the game by both Tychoos and Ecos.

Like in previous game in the series, the main goal is to colonize islands. But there are two new and important factors - pollution and energy. The energy is required by all factions and are gathered from different sources. The pollution differs between factions - Tycoons usually makes it worse, but are more tolerate about it while Ecos become quickly unhappy with pollution but have ways to clear the island from it. Both factions requires different goods to grow up and there is no way to get everything from single island.

What is great with this game are multiplayer. There are regular voting to global congress and the winner gives a good bonuses for everyone. Even if you don't vote for a candidate you still get a bonus so it is more of matter what help you need right now. There are also regular events when new missions are avaiable for a set period of time. That missions are usually challenging at later stages so require a good amount of time to complete. But that's what great about Anno anyway - anyone can play it, no matter how much time per day he can sacrifice for it. People with more time to spare will get more, but nothing giving unfair advantage.

50$ may look a bit expensive, but this pack is well worth it. You get a great game for weeks to play with all expansions. A game you should play.