Reviews for Sleeping Dogs Pack


Good driving, story, side missions & progress of fighting moves.

melonbeton | June 8, 2014 | See all melonbeton's reviews »

Big flaw of the game is that you're not able to enter buildings (only your appartment and some cutscene related ones). In my opinion this as well as not being able to use all possible objects the way you want not only makes this game as well as all the others (including watchdogs) outdated. Oh - nice soundtrack and voice-acting. Problem with fighting (at least for me) is that my avatar seems to freeze from time to time as if he only waits for an attack move of the enemies. DLCs afe mainly cheating or cosmetic. Nightmare at Northpoint, Year of the snake and Zodiac Tournament are story DLCs you should grab if you see them on sale.


One of the Better GTA Clones

minoru09 | June 8, 2014 | See all minoru09's reviews »

There are just too many GTA clones in the market right now, ranging from the mediocres to something that can surpass GTA itself. I consider Sleeping Dogs to be the latter. The game is quite an amazing feat. A fantastic open world environment sets in Hong Kong. I really like the atmosphere of the city especially during rain, it's really immersive. The story itself isn't too shabby and can pass anytime as a good Hong Kong cinema movie. The gameplay also great and fun. In short, this is one of the better GTA clone out there.


One big open world story mission in Hong Kong

gwynplaine | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs was a positive experience for me because it takes inspiration from Hong Kong films and tackled a setting that’s fairly new and different for videogames. I think the atmosphere and maybe the story would be the most astounding part of the game for people who have not been exposed to Hong Kong films and culture, and less impressive for people who already know the source material. There’s a fair amount of content and things to do– it’s not gargantuan and you’ll be done in 20 hours or so. The story DLC is well worth it and are inspired by different genres of Hong Kong film (martial arts and horror). The combat is brutal and bone crunching and it’s neat to progress and unlock more and better skills as you play. It’s a one and done sort of game and I didn’t find anything else remarkable in the game. I think it would be most easily compared to the Assassin’s Creed series rather than GTA as most other reviewers have put it. It’s easy to play through and progress in the game and it’s played for the story. The GTA series is slightly (not much more difficult) and the emphasis is both on messing around between missions as well as the story. I personally found the world of Sleeping Dogs less fun as a sandbox environment. It's basically one huge level going from mission to mission.


A Great Story Line and a Great Playing Experience

masoomraza | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all masoomraza's reviews »

The game is a distinctive experience that is delivered and executed well. You end up spending countless hours and never get bored. The fact that you can unlock and learn new skills and then use them in main or side missions actually makes it enjoyable As far as the DLCs are concerned Nightmare in North Point, Wheels of Fury, Year of the Snake and Zodiac Tournament were most enjoyable. One can argue that come of the other DLCs may ruin the overall experience by unlocking certain advantages that Wei gets during the game start but that's a separate debate. Personally I really enjoyed the game and DLC's.


Absolutely Amazing

dilthedocker | Oct. 20, 2013 | See all dilthedocker's reviews »

Sleeping dogs is one of the most enthralling and exciting games I have ever played. You are thrown into the heart of Hong Kong, and every corner holds a new challenge. The visuals are outstanding, especially if you download the extra free texture pack off steam. The karate based fighting system is so different to regular open worlds, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. Small things like being able to put cuffs on a cop when he tries to arrest you and kicking someone off a motorbike when you’re trying to steal it just add details to the game which make it one of the best I have ever played.


Awesome game, but the amount of DLCs is ridiculous?

numeron | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all numeron's reviews »

Don't get me wrong, I really love the main game and the vibrant Hong Kong. Game has nice potential with nice fighting mechanics and good game engine. The story is better and the action deeper and richer than in the most games. But there is one thing... or several actually: To get everything the is to offer you have to get this costume pack and that car / race pack to the point where it really gets quite ridiculous. Square Enix could just have release this all in one game, not in several different packs which you have to pay for couple of dollars more. But all in all this is a great game with really immersive story to play.


Awsome Experience

dubai1991 | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all dubai1991's reviews »

This game is fantastic. An open world game with high resolution graphics. Missions are simply outstanding and the story gets more and more interesting as you play on. Side missions and racing made this game a gem of its own class. A strong contender to GTA series. I loved the game a lot. Car chases are beautifully crafted. Jumping from one car to another gives a thrilling feel to the player.


A Great Game with a phenomenal story

Pro_Fish | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all Pro_Fish's reviews »

As a spiritual successor to the True Crime series, this game follows up strong with tight fighting mechanics as well as an awesome story. Also, the DLC can provide many extra hours of fun. I would recommend this game to anyone.


Make Hong Kong your playground

virulent0o | July 29, 2013 | See all virulent0o's reviews »

Sleeping dogs is an amazing game. The features listed is put together seamlessly, creating a fun and enjoyable sandbox adventure. The fighting is crazy fun, often involving moves that you would see Jackie Chan pull off during his prime. The pack, featuring the base game and all its DLCs, is probably the best bang for buck you will find in an action adventure pack.


Worth it at such an amazing price

spycid | July 28, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

Loved the main story so much that you want to return to HK with Wei Shen one more time? These dlcs give you absolutely the correct right amount with story expanding dlcs to keep you hooked to the immersive beautiful world.


Great sandbox game with a great pack

Hunork | July 28, 2013 | See all Hunork's reviews »

The Sleeping Dogs was the best suprise for me in the summer, I did not expect any extras and a really really enjoyable game I got in return. It is true that just a GTA clone, it is true that you can not really show anything original, but as I have often told you, stealing ideas is not a crime if it is done well. The players Loveables, the actors are really high-quality synchronization job, the story is captivating, the only problem with it might just lie in length. At the stílusnál are a little more meaningful story used to. With all faults, however, the end result is a really good game, which should you get?


Wow! Wasn't Expecting This!

OmittingCoder | July 27, 2013 | See all OmittingCoder's reviews »

I was blown away by this game! I did have low expectations for it but I thought it was amazing. The graphics aren't super amazing but they a good enough for a sandbox game like this. Combat is awesome. Story is actually pretty good (Undercover cop in a triad) And you learn how hard it is to be an undercover cop. Very very enjoyable game and is worth whatever you pay for it!


Awesome game.

Halt | July 27, 2013 | See all Halt's reviews »

The combat is fantistic and the story pulls you in right away. The only let down is the DLC. It's just not that good. Overall though it's a must have.


Essentially all your need package for Sleeping Dogs

lok0812 | July 26, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

There are many DLCs for Sleeping Dogs and most of them are cosmetic DLC that gives various stats, none of those are better than one another and therefore not recommend on getting any of those unless you want to collect a complete collection. This package however provides all the gameplay DLCs that includes story contents DLCs and side missions DLCs that allows the player extend the gameplay of a great game. The game itself plays a lot like any sort of open world game except with more actions. The game have a lot of things similar to other types of game, including the combat aspect similar to Batman AC where you fight and counter anytime you want as well as different type of move set. Moderate sized world that is similar to all the open world action game. Just Cause 2 like vehicles hijack. Racing games like street racing throughout the game. Storyline from popular Asian movies like Infernal Affairs and it is not outrageously drawn out like GTA4 plus many other activities that the players can do. This is one of those must get open world action games and will not disappoint.


A very good sandbox game

ShrubChicken | July 13, 2013 | See all ShrubChicken's reviews »

I initially bought this game on the xbox 360 -- when it first came out. It started off pretty awesome, and it never let it's foot off the pedal. This game offers a lot of gameplay -- quite a bit of bang for the buck. I think I put in 20 hours into the xbox 360 edition, while getting every achievement. I then saw it on sale here and I find myself playing through it again, with DLC I didn't purchase and some that I did. Still, this game holds up just as well as it did the first time I played. Aside from wonky controls -- there's a lot of fun to be had here. The progression and change in characters as the story progresses is one of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the story, itself, I think. Though it's hardly a bad story. There aren't really any plot twists to be found -- and you won't question everything you thought you knew. If you're looking for some really riveting game that'll make you change how you live. You won't find it here. But you'll find a really enjoyable game if you can put that aside, enjoy the story for what it is -- and want a solid, fun sandbox game with a lot to offer. I'm rating this a 95, but that's only because I don't want to give a game 100. The only place I think it could improve is that movement is a little imprecise. I think this is partially on purpose, but some of the jumping/climbing can be a bit tough. So can chasing enemies. But it's not really enough to ruin the experience. Just something I'd like to see improved in Sleeping Dogs 2, should it ever come. But that aside, I had more fun here than I did with GTA IV. The story is a little more lighthearted, the characters a bit more entertaining and doing the mini-games don't feel like such a chore.


A Bloody Good Time

Razorskin | July 13, 2013 | See all Razorskin's reviews »

Very glad to have purchased it. Solid melee combat and excellent sidequests make this a must own.


Excellent story and beautiful open world, but not without flaws

awestover89 | July 8, 2013 | See all awestover89's reviews »

First, the good, and there is a lot of it. The story is fantastic and the characters deep and memorable. In many ways Sleeping Dogs feels like a movie, but one where you are in control. The open world is great to explore and there are a variety of side quests to keep you entertained, and the story keeps you enthralled throughout, waiting to see what will happen next. The main game gave me just over 18 hours of play time, plus there are two story DLCs and plenty of side missions left to go. I was reminded in many ways of Saints Row the Third, although with less emphasis on weapons. There are a variety of weapons, but more often than not melee is your best bet. The combat was very similar to the Arkham games. As for the bad, there were a few bugs I noticed that broke immersion. They weren't game breaking, but when the story is so crucial having an NPC walk into a wall and get stuck sort of snapped me back to reality. Controls for driving and shooting a gun at the same time were obnoxious. Trying to accelerate, steer the car, aim a gun, and fire the gun is required for a number of missions and is every bit as difficult in the game as you would expect it to be in real life. Markers on the minimap were also often ill placed. If a quest was inside a building, for example, the marker on the minimap would be the approximate location, rather than the door for the building as I have come to expect from other games. Overall, the game is excellent with a wonderful story, beautiful graphics, and a grandiose open world.


Fun and great alternative to GTA

Tuilalcaron | July 5, 2013 | See all Tuilalcaron's reviews »

Was intrigued when I seen this and really really glad I got it. The martial arts aspect to the game makes it a lot of fun to play, and while there are guns they definitely take a backsight to hand to hand fighting. A lot of variety in the missions and the DLC packs aren't half bad either. Definitely worth picking up!


Very enjoyable game!

Klinhk | July 5, 2013 | See all Klinhk's reviews »

Although at first glance this game may appear to be GTA in China, it is actually so much more. The story-line is very engaging, driving is a blast, the extra challenges are entertaining, and the combat keeps you coming back for more. Although a $60 dollar price-tag is steep, if you ever see this game on sale it is an absolute must. One of the other neat features is that you can see silly "feats of strength" that you steam friends have done and try and beat their score! All in all, this game is solid and although the DLC isn't really that important, it does at some fun features worth the money when on-sale!


Sleeping Dogs

malagchonga | July 5, 2013 | See all malagchonga's reviews »

Playing Sleeping Dogs kept me on the edge of my seat, but not for the reasons you might expect. Sure, Sleeping Dogs’ melee combat and gunplay provide plenty of thrills, the driving is extraordinarily fun in all of its arcadey glory and there is alot to do in this game. At first Sleeping Dogs isn’t your typical Grand Theft Auto clone. Unlike recent titans of the genre -- Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption and Saints Row this dude in sleeping dogs. Wei Shen, doesn’t has roguish, violent tendencies just because he’s a criminal looking to make a few bucks. Rather, Shen is a calculated and complicated figure, an undercover cop with plenty of experience in both the United States and Hong Kong who returns to his native land in order to help get the city’s thriving criminal enterprises under control. But as Shen gets sucked further and further into the Triad underworld he initially wants to unravel, his motives – and which side he’ll end up falling in line with – become increasingly blurred. And this is the big Point in this game, the fun and ofc the reason you cannot wait until finished this game.


Better than GTA? Probably.

TGAlan | July 5, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

Great game with a great story line, graphics, game play. The story line is realy great if you will play just a story line then you will see that story is like in action movie. I played sleeping dogs for 30 h and i still want to play it again and again because it is better than GTA for me.


Constantly playing!

Tsurion | June 10, 2013 | See all Tsurion's reviews »

Another great sandbox open world game, including hours and hours of gameplay, would recommend to all. DLC addon for the full pack is well worth it, additional dlc can help the gameplay very easily, although it's not terribly hard to begin. I love the transition between combat and open world free-roam. its a unique style, instead of "who has the biggest gun".


Nice amount of content,

Coonskin_Cap | May 22, 2013 | See all Coonskin_Cap's reviews »

Brought this on sale, but I think that my analysis still applies here, despite the higher price. The pack includes all manner of DLC, from substantial content, such as Year of the Snake and Nightmare in North Point, to the fairly useless, such as the GSP pack, which added some fairly useless costumes. As it stands, the pack enriches what was an incredibly fun, if anaemic game. The base game often felt like a souped-up GTA IV, with substantially more character but not enough content to last more that say 10 hours. Parts in this pack, particularly the SWAT pack, help flesh out the world by adding miscellaneous police missions, which helps sell the police side of Wei's persona more. Others, like the police protection and triad enforcer packs, basically just add ways to grind cop or triad XP respectively, and are intensely boring. The combat is intense and vicious, especially with some of the later moves, which let you break limbs whenever you want. There is a small amount of psuedo-logic you have to assume in the way that breaking limbs doesn't put enemies out of the fight like you'd expect; this further extends to the slightly sticky environmental finishing moves and canned grapple moves, which feel robotic at the best of times. The shooting is decently competent, but guns are very transient in Hong Kong, and you will rarely be able to have them at your leisure until after the game is finished, slightly earlier if you get to a certain tier on the Cop class tree. The main story could be aphoristically summed up as Deep Cover: Hong Kong. If you've seen anything of the genre, you won't find anything new here; it is steeped in cliché. The setting is much more interesting than the bland story, and the city feels very vibrant and alive; especially with the amount of random chatter from citizens and being able to do small things, such as by shady stereos from even shadier alley vendors for your safe-house, or ordering pork buns from street vendors. The DLC that shines best in terms of adding character definitely are the sillier ones. Nightmare in North Point and Year Of The Snake are arguably the most memorable because they revel in absurdity, eschewing the po-faced "grittiness" of the rest of the game, which tends to fall flat. There are a ton of things to do in this game thanks to this pack; and this isn't even all of it, it seems to be missing the "Drunken Master" pack and the "Movie Masters" pack. But, as it stands, this bulked up, plumped up package offers a lot of fun. If you're looking to buy Sleeping Dogs, definitely consider this pack as without it, the game offers too little content to justify the price.


Probably my Favourite Game

dilthedocker | May 5, 2013 | See all dilthedocker's reviews »

Sleeping Dogs is probably one of the most action packed open world games I have ever played. From the moment you step into the under-cover cops body, The beautiful lights and surroundings of Honk Kong entice you into playing more, even when you have a project due the next day ;) This pack lets you start off with bikes and cars you wouldn't have as well as many other features that are too big to list. If you ever get bored of the Martial Arts packed missions, you can speed through the mainland of Honk Kong dodging past chicken vans and police cars. I have only played for about 4 hours, but already I can see this is going to be a game that I will play for a long time. The graphics are superb and the way you can upgrade many different things, such as your cop skills, Gang skills and Martial Arts skilled is great. There are tons of mini missions and things you can find throughout the game which will surely keep me playing even after I've finished the campaign. I loved GTA IV, although it lacked a quite a few features which Sleeping Dogs seemed to have delivered on. It has great graphics even on medium (even though I play on the highest) and will keep you playing for hours on end.


Great game

llothos | May 4, 2013 | See all llothos's reviews »

I have kept my eye on this game since it was released and it always looked "interesting" you know just another GTA clone.Well in a sense it kinda is or atleast in the same "genre" but the game has a much different feel to it. I think it's the hong Kong setting, the city is very much alive when your walking around and the landscape is quite beautiful, I had the sense that I was in a "real" city (well as real as a computer generated world can be). Heck there are even little "side" missions that you can get just by listening to your surroundings and paying attention, wittness someone getting mugged, purse stolen, vender roughed up. If you want to stop it feel free or just keep walking, there are of course the typical go from point a to point b, do something and come back. There is also a leveling system in the game where you can gain levels with the triad, police and face (your public image). During the course of your missions you will gain experience in each depending on what you do. Destroy a lot of public property and you will lose police but gain triad, fight really well and brutally you gain triad and face. Help those people getting mugged and you get police. There are various tiers where you get new abilities in each but I will let you figure those out by playing the game. The voice actinghas been great but they often switch between english and Chinese (or Cantonese or something i'm not exactly sure), specifically some of the swear words which isn't a bad thing but I have sub titles on which helps. The music and sound sounds great even if I can't understand the words for some of the songs or the general chatter going on around you. I did run into a couple of sound gliches so far where when I run I don't hear foot steps but if I walk I would and another is I was outside a night club and heard the muffled boom, boom, boom of the music outside and as soon as I opened the door and entered their lobby area the music went dead and then finally once I got in the club itself it started up again. The combat is great, a lot more focus on more hand to hand then gun play (at least so far anyway), if your a fan of the new batman games and it's combat style you'll likely like this ones.Some of the kills you can do are quite brutal as you can use the environment around you as well and do "finishing moves". See an air conditioning unit, slam there face into it's fan, use a hot stove and slam their face into it, drown someone in the toilet, the list goes on. I don't think they really go over the top with the kills, they seem what you would consider "realistic". Overall I am quite happy and would recommend this game to anyone who atleast likes this style of game anyway.


The Cantonese foul words are superb! Very good fighting!

wongheungwing | May 3, 2013 | See all wongheungwing's reviews »

First of all, I'm from Hong Kong and speak Cantonese as my first language. I can tell you those Cantonese foul words in the game are really spoken by gangsters in Hong Kong and even Sun On Yee is a real triad organization. Well, the real one is called Sun Yee On. Firearms are not allowed in Hong Kong so that gangsters here need to rely on muscles and knives, which is truthfully depicted in the game. The developer has done a good job doing their research. The fighting is Arkham City style and maybe even better. Environment kills are very brutal. Imagine putting someone's face on the gas stove and turn on the fire. But this game is a little bit short of perfection. The girls are not beautiful. And the control of vehicles is weird. The map is too small. And there are just too many DLCs.


Polished and Awesome

ravestar | April 29, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

The pack itself is pretty much the game and all the DLC released, so get this if you want the complete edition. The main game is very nicely done, here's what impress me about Sleeping Dogs... I like the graphics, presentation and soundtrack, it's obvious effort was made to capture the atmosphere of HongKong. Everything looks bright and easy on the eyes. You can hear the conversations of the NPC walking around and Cantonese songs in the car. There's also various reference to the HongKong culture, such as red envelope, cock fighting and pork buns. The game has a nice mixture of seriousness and humor. The key story is that of an undercover cop, which is a refreshing concept in this genre of open world adventure. The missions are fun, mainly involving hand to hand combat, driving, shooting and chasing people all over the place. The DLC are pretty good as well, with three main expansion standing out for story driven fans. Zodiac Tournament is a nice little fighting survival scenario but abit short.. Nightmare in North Point is kind of corny but the visual of the zombies is cool. Year of the Snake is probably the best DLC, it's certainly the longest in term of length. The other expansions such as Swat and Street Racer add additional content, but are rather short. The Dragon Master Pack is full of cosmetic upgrades, nice if you want new costumes and appearances. Overall, this is a great purchase for one of the best game of the previous year. Highly recommended.


Great pack!

Bradaz85 | April 29, 2013 | See all Bradaz85's reviews »

This game is pretty decent, Its entertaining and very story driven. It has quite a good quality open world to it (open city) with high detail and superb visuals. If your looking for a decent compelling story with good actors and characters then look no further!


A True to Roots Hong Kong Action Game.

eaze2013 | April 27, 2013 | See all eaze2013's reviews »

First of all, I am from Hong Kong, and I first played this game while I was still living there, and I have to say, the game developers did great research in Hong Kong, everything from the Cantonese language to the design scheme of the private and public vehicles is accurate. The action is relentless as you don the role of "Wei Shen", an undercover police operative who has to make difficult choices while amongst the ranks of dangerous underground triads, due to his sense of loyalty. The game plays great, there were no bugs in my playthrough and it was damn fun. The action moves are a plus, the things you can do are amazing. So give this a go, and you will have one heck of a good time!


An excellent game, especially with this package

trdbkd11 | April 27, 2013 | See all trdbkd11's reviews »

One of the surprise hits of 2012, in fact it was Destructoid/IGN's 2012 action/adventure game of the year, as well as my own. SD brings its own individual and unique open world game play, with a sort of cross realism/fantasy style. I went into it with an open mind and found mature, feature and nuance deep fun in its lovely and gritty setting o Hong Kong. You are an undercover cop tasked to infiltrate and take down a major gang organization - but undercover, the rules are different, and you as Wei Shen, will be courageous, slightly crazed, yet capable man for the job. But its a little more complicated between a mission/job to do, and a chip on your shoulder/revenge on the mind, but also the allure of the gang life. There's great fun to be had, in and/or out of roleplay, canon and non-canon within the SD sandbox.


An excellent game, especially with this package

trdbkd11 | April 27, 2013 | See all trdbkd11's reviews »

One of the surprise hits of 2012, in fact it was Destructoid/IGN's 2012 action/adventure game of the year, as well as my own. SD brings its own individual and unique open world game play, with a sort of cross realism/fantasy style. I went into it with an open mind and found mature, feature and nuance deep fun in its lovely and gritty setting o Hong Kong. You are an undercover cop tasked to infiltrate and take down a major gang organization - but undercover, the rules are different, and you as Wei Shen, will be courageous, slightly crazed, yet capable man for the job. But its a little more complicated between a mission/job to do, and a chip on your shoulder/revenge on the mind, but also the allure of the gang life. There's great fun to be had, in and/or out of roleplay, canon and non-canon within the SD sandbox.


A Sublime experience

Warcaster | April 26, 2013 | See all Warcaster's reviews »

At first glance this seems like a typical GTA Clone but in Asia.... And while there is some truth to it, its far from a subpar game. The quality and amount of content in this game is excellent. Take a walk around Hong Kong as Wei Shen, an undercover cop. By mixing a realistic and gritty story with some of GTA's wackiness and you have sleeping dogs. The combat is a mix between hand to hand combat and shooting sequences. While the shooting feels generic, the melee combat is where the game feels best. Think of combat similar to the Witcher 2 and Arkham Aslyum. You'll be stringing combos, dodging and countering attacks with the occasional bone breaking. The other portion of the gameplay involves interacting with the city at large, and there is quite plenty to do. from racing, to romantic side missions, to drug busts, and collecting new clothes, cars and equipment. Graphically the game looks absolutely beautiful and runs quite well for my relatively antiquated laptop. There is also a higher definition texture pack out there somewhere that will certainly get more out of your machine. While the story is interesting, its kinda sloppily done. Expect a couple of blaring plot holes and some things just haphazrdly explained. Overall its a good game. Try it if you have the cash.