Reviews for Defiance


Decent Game

AmusedAgder | May 16, 2014 | See all AmusedAgder's reviews »

So, not so good graphics. Big-ish world. Not a ton of content to be done. I got board of this game within a month of playing. Everything just got very repetitive.


Defiance defies the laws of PC shooter game development

Slaughtz | April 20, 2014 | See all Slaughtz's reviews »

Do not buy before you try. There is a free trial on steam. The game is fun and Borderlands-esque. A quote from a friend of mine was "brainless shooter." Indeed, that's what it is. I am being particularly harsh on this review because of the lack of care put into the game by developers. Features oft requested and with little reason not to be implemented do not make it into the game. They'll take any excuse to be lazy, it seems. Fixes upon fixes are half-assed, as only half of what is promised in the patch notes gets fixed. The nail in the coffin for this game was the lack of essential PC game shooter options (namely the ability to set your FOV.) If you are going to start in this game, make sure to maximize your inventory slots in the beginning because if you're anything like me, you'll get frustrated being forced to throw items away that you have no idea as to their long-term value due to being new. My suggestion: keep what you're going to use and anything with purple rarity or above, then toss the rest. The good? Well it's a mindless shooter and it does that pretty good. You go around shooting bugs and people and as a result you get loot. There's a variety of weapons you can use, though some are just repeats (such as: sawed-off shotgun, pump shotgun, combat shotgun). You get your "mount" (vehicle) very early in the game so you don't have to run everywhere. The game is fun - the game designer did a good job; but the developers don't care. Just the lack of an FOV option in a shooter genre game on PC is enough to demonstrate this.


Fun Open World MMO to play with friends

Highlander9782 | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

Haven't watched the TV show but the game is pretty fun when playing with friends. The map is very large and you can customize your character to look human or an alien which have special abilities such as cloaking or creating a decoy of themselves. You can travel to your friends location pretty quickly and can ride around using vehicles such as dune buggies. Tons of weapons to choose from and lots of skills to unlock to keep you playing for a long time. Haven't seen a large variety of enemies, usually the same 4 types of enemies with some nice boss battles thrown in and missions can be repetitive. Graphics are good, voice narration ain't too great. If you like Borderlands, you will like this game.


Has it's ups and downs,

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

When I first saw gameplay of this MMO, I was amazed. It's visually stunning, and looked fantastic. The combat is really great and parts from other MMO's greatly. There is a large community and a large array of weapons, armor, and other gear scattered throughout the world. However, there are many downfalls to this game. The voice acting and face animations are HORRIBLE. The faces seem so stiff when they speak, and the hand gestures and body movement does not go with whatever they're talking about. The voice acting doesn't always fit the character, and the dialogue is boring, confusing, and has many loopholes. This game also has quite a bit of bugs that can sometimes make this game unbearable to play. If you can play this game without caring for acting or animations, play for the combat as Trion Worlds hit it spot on.


Fun game, good story, several minor bugs keep from being great

nekogunner | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all nekogunner's reviews »

Over the few months since I've purchased Defiance, and I'm happy with it. The story is solid with some funny lines that make for a few good laughs: 'who is this really hot girl and why is she yelling at me"? Once you've beaten the story though, like many other MMO's you can remain for either the PvP or the gear treadmill. However, as there are no "raids" just a handful of 4 player co-op maps (closest thing to dungeons when comparing to say WoW), the motivation is different. Your want better weapons to kill things master and because they do cool stuff. The way weapons function has been overhauled since launch as has the chat system, but it still needs work. Most major bugs have been squashed, but a few annoying ones,keep the game from being a truly immersive experience all the time. However, as a game that you only need to purchase once to get most of current experience, there is little to complain about. The season pass may be worth it in the future, but currently if the future DLC is similar to what has been released, is is worth waiting on. The game itself being only $10 now however, makes for a great deal IMO. If you like sci-fi shooters and want a good story with a bit of team play dropped in with a pinch of dynamic events, then get this game. If not,move on, you aren't missing anything special.


Great combat, but very little content

Vidiz | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all Vidiz's reviews »

Defiance is an interesting game. It's an MMO with many of the traditional MMO perks, but it also has a combat system that holds up against most third person shooters. The shooting feels solid, and the skills you have available add a fun element to the combat. The Ark Falls are one of the highlights of the game. They're events that spawn randomly in the world and provide a chaotic experience as you and dozens of other players take down waves of enemies and in major Ark Falls, a boss at the end. However, the rest of the game is lacking. The PvP is nothing special and you'd find better elsewhere. The loot system has problems too, it is confusing to new players and you can go a long time without finding the type of weapon that suits you. While they are fun the first few times, the co-op missions available are grindy and not very difficult and they suffer from poor AI. The AI is a traditional MMO AI which works well in MMO's like Rift and Guild Wars, it does not work well in a third person shooter. They're unintelligent and just not fun. Lastly, the UI is just all round poor and not very pleasant to use on a keyboard and mouse. Overall there is some fun to be had from the game and if you have some friends you will have more fun than you would alone but there is simply not enough content to keep you playing past the twenty or thirty hour mark.


Great Story

teamcanuck | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all teamcanuck's reviews »

Defiance does do some things well. Although the Graphics are horribly optimized for the console versions, the PC version looks and plays stunningly. The controls aren't that bad, though the lack of a head-shot mechanic has been noticed by nearly everyone I know who plays. It uses a liberal dashing of character customization, which although deep for a Shooter, fails miserably for a MMO and as for gear quite simply: everyone has the same 4 sets of gear. Unacceptable. Trion is trying, hard, to shore up the problems with this game, though my main issue is it feels like they took what was fun about Rift and threw it half-ready into a shooter. They've been pretty much putting out daily updates on how they're doing and we've known since the day of launch that today's update was coming. The story and Arkfalls are easily the best features here, but the Arkfalls are just total clones of the rifts in Rift. They even have the stages, bonus modes and bosses that the rifts in Rift have, although they've been re-skinned to a boring meteor fragment instead of an imposing looking rift. Then you have the fact that currently, the Arkfalls give no loot other than ammo, yeah, what's the point in doing them if there's barely any reward?! The User Interface is clunky and confusing, and will take you time to get fully used to. Everything with this game seems to go out of it's way to force you to try too hard to get it to work or get to the feature, as all the important menus seem buried in a web of other, less important menus. It's sad that a story as good as Defiance's will be dragged though the mud by being paired with a game that's horribly unfinished, and plays poorly. The game forces you to EGO 5000 for "endgame" but lacks any real reason to be there; there's no raiding content and you find yourself going though the motions in the same few dungeons. Outside story, graphics and vehicles, this is a poorly designed game, which saddens me because I still love Rift. It's sadly amusing that while in Rift, Defiance players have had to log in and start chatting about what they're doing in that game, because Defiance's chat works horribly. There's almost no MMO features to this game: no guild leveling system, no guild banks, no personal banks, no mail system. If you want a pure story shooter, I can barely recommend Defiance, but for anyone looking at a MMO, I'd close the Defiance website quickly.


It's good, but..

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

I got this on launch and battled to get to play the game for the first week. 3 Patches later and it works well. Great fun but once you have completed it twice like me and you've tired out the will to chase Ark falls it gets boring real quick. The guns all look the same and have the same stats with the various colours having a few extras added on. Just not enough to keep the interest up. I really like how other players can help you on mission (10,000+ other players) Don't have to follow the campaign Really worth £20 But it took me a while to put the game on my Xbox (probs cos I have the worlds lostest Internet lol) And when there too many players at a arkfall the game can become laggie but its only happened to me once


My first MMO, need to look no further.

AlbusDlx | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all AlbusDlx's reviews »

This is an actionpacked game, the weapons remind me of borderlands with an ingame modifier. The series and game co-exist so if you like the tv series and are a gamer, well. This is for you. Some half baked voice acting, some minor bugs, not the fastest rides in town but still a good game. All character presets are ugly as h*ll so be prepared to make ur own guy. But I guess everyone does that anyways. =)


Get it if you think TPS > FPS

PeppaJ6 | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all PeppaJ6's reviews »

This game has been tons of fun. I first got my hands on it back in January during its beta phases, and I was blown away at how polished it came off as being. My girlfriend and I can both attest to this being one of the best games we've been able to experience this year - we're from the GunZ: The Duel crowd, so naturally, we're suckers for third-person shooters. This was one of our favorites, and still is today! Just driving the game's vehicles has been one of our favorite in-game pastimes. Studying the game's lore for character development has been something we've both enjoyed as well. The gameplay itself can be a bit repetitive at times, but the upcoming DLC, which will release this month, will hopefully remedy this side effect. My main gripe with the game is its almost forceful competitive gameplay during arkfalls. It doesn't truly feel like I'm working alongside other players towards a common goal. All in all, with the recent price drop, MMO players really can't go wrong adding this one to their collections. As great as it has been, it has a lot of potential to become something even better.


Fun FPS, High learning curve, Great Idea

tygersthunder | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all tygersthunder's reviews »

The best thing about the game is how it can immerse you further into a universe that is already captivating. The worst thing about the game is that you feel kinda "tossed in". Watching the series one gets to see amazing weapons being brandished, brilliant rifles, and intimidating pistols. Playing the game allows the player to use all these things the player watches. Playing the game it doesnt really do a great job of explaining all the inner working of the upgrade manager very well. I found myself alt tabbing back and forth multiple times to look things up. Overall I recommend the game.



danielesq | July 27, 2013 | See all danielesq's reviews »

But all mmorpg have the same problem in my book they get boring after a while although i like how they fallow the show with special missions its not enough to keep me playing after 50h. there is no real class system and no real character build as far as i am concerned so after a few lvl´s you dont even need to lvl up any more. If you like grinding and repetitive gameplay in other words if you like mmo games and like syfy then play it as far as MMoRpg´s goes this one is good


Great third person shooter MMO

Oblaque | July 24, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

REALLY good third person shooter MMO. The graphics are great and the action is packed! I wonder if they will cut the price on the season pass. Definitely worth a buy! Play this game with friends as it is much more fun to do so.


First and And Not Last MMO FPS i Try

aleurbeast | July 23, 2013 | See all aleurbeast's reviews »

this game is really enjoyable especially with friends blowing monsters to chunks is ur type of game this go ahead and try this game i got to about ego level 500 and im still enjoying it is also really good to stick to the series so u can keep up with the story. thanks have a great day! =)


Fast pace action but lacking everywhere else

Jonot86 | July 23, 2013 | See all Jonot86's reviews »

I picked this game up with the girlfriend as she was starting to get into MMOs and thought this would be a great place where we can play together as we both like fast FPS games. The storyline is somewhat interesting also as it ties in the TV Show it made it more appealing. The gameplay is fairly basic when you get through and look at it thoroughly but it has your basic style missions that boils down to either "Go A to B" or "Go A to B while killing everything". Pick up the game for some fun but don't expect a detailed walk through explaining all the features, I definitely felt lost in some areas.



meezo | July 20, 2013 | See all meezo's reviews »

Defiance is often compared to Borderlands due to the nature of the loot drops, and amount of weapons. There is little actual variety, however. Yes there are a handful of weapon types, but there isn't a huge difference between one machine gun and another. The environment is a post-apocalyptic California area, and it works for the story. The experience of the story is pretty lackluster, which is a bad thing considering this is a mmo. It has ties in with the SyFy television show of the same name, so this may be of interest to you if you're a fan of the show.


Fun gunplay, but a bit repetitive

johjo605 | July 10, 2013 | See all johjo605's reviews »

I really dig the environment and artstyle of the game, and the gunplay is a lot of fun, but after the first few hours the game starts to feel a bit repetitive. It's definitely worth a try and has a very reasonable price tag. A good mid tier game.


Worthwhile title to own!

ChippySound | July 8, 2013 | See all ChippySound's reviews »

A wonderful world filled with quests and stuff to do. I'm not going in too much into the story but basically what you'll get in the game is an fast paced adventure with a decent story line. The mechanics of the game is alright, not the best but far from bad. Customization is a big part of the game when it comes to your character and you can unlock a lot of outfits from doing achievements and dungeons. The vehicles could be better but it does what it is supposed to do. This game on sale is a must buy, but If you like what you see then full price is worth it as well!


love the t.v. show

cammybear111 | July 8, 2013 | See all cammybear111's reviews »

i love the t.v. show so i am expecting a lot out of this game i have looked up many reviews and i have made my decision i am buying the game


Really not a bad game

wayne7749 | July 7, 2013 | See all wayne7749's reviews »

I enjoyed it thoroughly. The TV shows' a return of a genre much missed. And the game has its glorious moments such as ark raids when 10s or players get together to take down an enemy. While some missions may be slow, the episode missions are enjoyable


Decent Game,

Tobliz | July 6, 2013 | See all Tobliz's reviews »

The first and last requirement for enjoying this game is having friends into the game. I played solo and with a group of friends; the difference is night and day. It's a fun 3rd person shooter with a neat vehicle system, but it's a bit shallow. It's also somewhat restricted in its potential being tied in with the TV show. Every week there's some cheesy mission you have to do and I have a feeling that just designing the game's overarching story separate from the tv show would be a favor. The in-game challenges are pretty interesting and I think more MMOs could do with that concept. Good diversion. I recommend getting it on a sale... full price is asking a bit much of this game.


So fun!

cyoung747 | July 2, 2013 | See all cyoung747's reviews »

This is not the best game ever, but the gameplay is amazingly fun. If you are gaming with a friend, this is a great summer game. It is a nice mix of Borderlands and WoW. Graphics are nice, sound is great. The continuous content updates are wonderful. Have fun playing!


Great Game

Lorenna | June 19, 2013 | See all Lorenna's reviews »

Its an interesting concept, a game and a TV show that are interlinked. And it works, both are enjoyable. Granted, you don't need to experience both to enjoy the world of Defiance however. Generally I'm not a fan of MMO's but this is enjoyable as its different from others. There's an actual story to follow as well as side quests and challenges. There's also random encounters and events called Arkfalls which you tackle with other players around you. You can play alone or with friends, but the majority of the time there will be other players around doing similar stuff anyway. On top of this there is PvP and Co-Op maps. The game is quite similar to Borderlands 2 but Open World with more players. It plays quite similar to ME2/3 (similar powers, a lot of the controls are the same) so if you liked either Mass Effect or Borderlands or both, you should enjoy this.



Eat_Pushy | June 15, 2013 | See all Eat_Pushy's reviews »

Played ever since beta so it's come along way with regular updates for the glitches and tweaks to make this game run smooth as it does with a ton of people on the map. Best thing for me is 4 main trees to choose from with enough builds to keep you coming back to experiment, refine and dominate with your arsenal of weapons! Had to make a few macros such as to change from one build to the next, for easy of mind. Another thing to point out would be takes awhile to figure how the weapon upgrades work (NO TUTORIALS) so it was trial and error the whole way. Although I do enjoy upgrading weapons and you will be able to also take them back out for you new gun. Now for the worst news yet (grab hold of your seats) I kick myself for not buying the season pass when it was half off and the worst thing yet is I have not played in over a month. That's All Folks


Defiance - PC

Highwayman72 | June 10, 2013 | See all Highwayman72's reviews »

Pretty good game if you go in eyes open, don't expect a typical MMO because it's nothing like one really... more like a single player shooter game that just happens to have hundreds of people on the map with you. The combat mechanics are pretty well done, feels like you are playing something along the lines of a "Lost Planet" and "Borderlands" hybrid, which is decent.


Fairly Original, Worth a Go.

Valliance | June 9, 2013 | See all Valliance's reviews »

A landscape full of beauty and terror, where shards of a lost alien races futuristic spacecrafts rain upon a terraformed Earth. Like the sound of that? Then this game is for you. I played this game in Beta and enjoyed it immensely but be aware that it is EXTREMELY important to play with a group of friends. Lone-wolfing is very possible but it does NOT provide a full experience. The basis of this game is to hunt Arc-falls for ancient tech with your friends, whereas secretively hunting them down yourself may prove to become grindy and boring. Gameplay mechanics are solid, with a strong emphasis on power abilities and perks however a weak spot would be some instances of combat and the region in which you play. All in all a very good game with an awesome feeling of a sparse universe. The multi-platform basis on which this game stands is also awe-inspiring. Run around and see people from Xbox to Playstation and of course PC, it is an amazing feeling. Yet again, give it a go - on sale it is a must-buy. Grab some friends and become Archunters!


Good but still missing some things

kalil | June 7, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The game puts you in the shoes of a mercenary generic, we do the first missions with characters from the TV series (the old man and his daughter) then leave and start our journey throughout the game. The world is very big and we have vehicles to mobilize. In our journey from time to time Flexible on other players and maybe we agree on some mission and do together but generally will be you alone unless you find someone you know to play with. The "special events" are entertaining and looks is where one of the highlights of the game are the battles, several players fight against waves of enemies to get their share of the loot and experience, there is camaraderie as there is no chat in which thank you, ask for help, advice or joking. Pvp game modes are also very attractive, there are battles for teams of 48 vs 48 or more in a large field or Planetside2 Battlefield style where you can go in and fight, but do not fear, you should get in PVP mode to kill and get killed, this means that if there is a Shadow War in your way you can spend without fear, if you're not in PVP can harm you. There teamdeathmatch of 8vs8 battles and others, you can use cars to run over people or to shoot (if you have a machine gun). The overall game really needs leaders like Dark Souls, the "bosses" are as in Tomb Raider, very easy to kill, so it is an offense! PC: The game is not very good at pc, like Dark Souls need a control console to play it decently, it's a shame. Gameplay: The battles are comfortable, if you've played Mass Effect you'll be familiar with some powers (decoy, cloak, etc.), the cars are handled well, there are also vehicles with machine guns and no bugs very striking. Teconologia: Faces generally do not move, maybe the current games bad acostrumbraron to me happily moving mouths and eyes always "watching" but it is impossible not to notice the motionless eyes and mouths that only chew like a cow. Also help a lot some weather like rain, sand storms, electrical storms or nights that fight under the moonlight and flashlights. Graphics: Very normalones, graphics are not everything and blablabla but higher quality effects and worked at least characters more would not hurt. Sound: The sounds of the weapons are also, expect a lot more but they are a disaster. The voices of the characters need more excitement, joy and personality, remember Fallout 3 which uses the same voices for all the characters but they all have charisma and they like to hear. Innovation: I'm not a fan of MMOs, but it is you who plays and you stare and choosing potions like in WoW. The game is not all bad, but you may want to wait to take out corrijen patches and see if anything is missing or wait for the price drops. I really hope it will improve and perfect.


Very enjoyable

Grauhl | June 7, 2013 | See all Grauhl's reviews »

This game is by far one of the better online games out there. It doesn't lag and there seems to be a good flow playing the game. Instances works alot better than in most games, makes it feels like a part of the story.


Another MMO.

Kaminda | June 7, 2013 | See all Kaminda's reviews »

The voice acting is poor, the story isn't very interesting and the gameplay is generic and I DEFIANtly think this game should be free to play, and it probably will be soon, so if you are on the fence about it don't do it.


Surprisingly fun

darko87 | June 6, 2013 | See all darko87's reviews »

Bought it on a whim when it was on sale, wasn't really expecting much but it was a pleasant surprise. Let's be honest, it doesn't feature the greatest story, but you can login for an hour here and there to do arkfalls or a quick instance and actually have fun. I think the main reason to get it is that it doesn't play like a typical mmorpg in which you just click a skill and have it automatically lock on enemies. Here you actually aim and shoot weapons, dodge enemies, and use cover much like in an fps (like borderlands as I'm sure has been already mentioned). It might not sound like much but it is a big deal for people who are burnt out on playing the standard format MMOs.


big world full of adventures recommend

cristiano171 | June 5, 2013 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Something very cool in Defiance is out for its open world driving any vehicle without a goal. Yes, take your ATV, for example, and simply driving, paying attention to the world, the landscape, the events occurring in the other players are involved (and suddenly, maybe help). You have, at this time, freedom to choose between stopping to help and / or interfere or simply follow their path. Roadblocks started by Raiders, attacks on camps of soldiers from E-Rep, cries for help farmers, many types of emergencies and of course, the constant presence of AI implant his EGO, citing events and directions, warning about new events and occasionally massaging his ego. All this is great fun, and, of course, render XP and loot. Hellbugs can also be found quite easily, and face them is always hilarious (in fact, they have played a role in pretty interesting MMO). Defiance is an MMO with horizontal progression, and that might not appeal to many people. However, we can shape our characters with enormous freedom. They can turn into something truly unique and special. Weapons can be improved with the use of mods and the diverse skills, use all kinds of weapons makes us more experienced with them, and we can also unlock, use and configure the way we want different passive skills. The Trion Worlds has been doing a fantastic job, since the game's release, and despite the problems at launch (incidentally, what electronic game, especially MMO, does not have problems?), Has been very transparent and, best of all, has stuffed the title of dynamic content, events and improvements. Not to mention the graphical improvements that the game is suffering: who's playing from the beginning clearly perceives developments, improvements in lighting, textures, etc.. The transition between day and night is even better, and the night, and the night is pretty much in the game. "Estrelinhas" scratching the sky, for example, represent quite a spectacle, and the closer we got a Arkfall stronger we feel the change in atmosphere. Defiance is a great game and better (or worse) is highly addictive. It's an MMO, too, that can fit in style and time availability of many, many people.



Kratzer | June 3, 2013 | See all Kratzer's reviews »

This game is a great novelty to the gaming community. I can't help but feel really that it draws a lot of parallels from Borderlands and in that way feels a little generic. It does have an obvious MMO feel that Borderlands doesn't have entirely, but the weapons and their rarity system, the sort of power tree and even a lot of the mobs look similar to that which you would expect to see in the Borderlands franchise. While everything in this game to me feels a little borrowed or if nothing less, somewhat generic-y, it's still a pretty good game. I have put at least 8 hours into it which is more than I can say of most games. Meh.



DefoneESP | June 2, 2013 | See all DefoneESP's reviews »

I had been watching this game months prior to release, everything looked great, and all the features really sparked my interest in this game, and the screen shots were amazing. But upon release day I was seriously let down. This game is downright generic, there is nothing really all that "new" about the game, the graphics are decent but leave you with something to be desired. The game play is fairly smooth and really basic, so basic it feels like a console game. (probably a direct port) The AI is downright awful. They get stuck behind boxes, or they can hit you when you are clearly behind cover. Not to mention they take tons of hits to kill (unless you can land some headshots). The "random events" are pretty regularly scheduled, theres no real benefit to participating in them with the exception of some XP, and it usually consists of a bunch of people shooting the wrong things and not paying attention to the main aspects/focuses of the event The vehicles are terrible, I preordered and received the Digicam pickup truck and dodge challenger, both of which struggle to climb hills, and have very awkward and buggy physics and steering abilities. This is just another cash cow game, theres no subcription you have to pay monthly, but theres an ingame store that will take your cash if you are interested in that sort of thing. I cant say anything about PvP because i never tried that aspect of the game out. i spent 60$ on this game, played for about 2hrs, and never played it again, i was suckered into yet another halfassed game, if this game STILL looks appealing to you i would wait for the inevitable price drops that should be happening very soon.. oh and the game is based on a SyFy TV series and takes place at the exact same time frame as the show and supposedly the two cant have changes to one another (game can change the TV and vice versa) if you are interested in that at all it may change your perspective slightly...



taqwadune | May 31, 2013 | See all taqwadune's reviews »

A generic MMO that is entertaining enough to kill some time but not innovative enough to keep you entertained for any real period of time. Mission structure is repetitive and dialogue (where it appears) is forced



LiamAnarchy | May 8, 2013 | See all LiamAnarchy's reviews »

I have never been a huge fan of MMO's, but this game is amazing. It's like a 3rd person borderlands, but with the random events that keep it fresh. This is not a lazily finished game, it looks good, it's fun, and rather cheap at the moment too. One bad thing I will say is you're limited with the social interaction. I've been in an area with 50+ people and no one is talking, which is disappointing for an MMO. Overall I'm having a great time with it, and even if it were a solo campaign game I'd highly recommend it.


This game is stupidly fun!

Cooberstooge | May 6, 2013 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Fallen Earth and the Mad Max movies made a baby, then it got mutated by something from the Aliens movies? No? Well, neither have I, but I think that's what the developers of Defiance were going for here. This game somehow looks like the Borderlands titles, even though it makes no use whatsoever of the same graphical style. The crazy insanity of most battles can have you laughing and screaming at the same time, not to mention marveling at how well the whole thing runs while the proverbial junk hits the fan. Characters and vehicles look great, but it is the alien monstrosities that really shine - they have some of what I'd easily say is the nicest texture work of any MMO thus far on them. Control-wise, Defiance isn't all that different from any other similar title, yet it all seems to work better here. Perhaps that's due to the almost-zero lag I've encountered while playing, but the urge to rage-quit thanks to garbage controls when you're getting hammered in a PvP match due to a highly-skilled opponent is just not there. Sounds are great, with larger gun battles being especially loud, which is a nice switch to the fairly quiet arms of most similar games. Definitely can recommend Defiance. Not a game to miss, especially if you want to see an online title that shows how it's done properly. None of that half-baked sissy stuff here, and a worthy investment to boot.


Just awesome

DarkTanner2 | May 6, 2013 | See all DarkTanner2's reviews »

Borderlands meets Fallout 3 meets Rift. Pros: -fantastic gameplay -some of the best combat I've ever experienced in an MMO -no subscription fees -looks great on high settings -PvP is very fun, especially Shadow Wars -4 man instances are superb -some fun vehicles to cruise around the map in -Arkfalls (world events) -tons of tons of weapons to customize and use . I really enjoyed the openness of this game, jumping from one quest to another while other people helping me take on some grotesque alien boss! It may take a little while to actually get into, but once you get in the action it becomes a great deal of fun.


MMO meets story!

skyforger | May 3, 2013 | See all skyforger's reviews »

I went into this blind, a few days before it was out I decided to pre order it and I am so glad I did. Most mmo's you grind to the end paying no attention to surroundings or story only to xp and your abilities. Well that has changed with this title, I loved the story from start to finish. I did every main mission and side mission before I tried anything else, and that took me about 50 hours alone. It is so engaging if you like sci fi, very well done and can be humorous at times aswell. There is also a tv show tie in on syfy atm, which is very well done so far. You will be watching it and quotes from the game will pop up and put a big smile on your face. One of the only mmo's where I was hooked on the story. Now onto the mmo features, you have about 5 dungeons, that play with 3 other people, you kill stuff get xp loot. They can be very challenging and the boss fights are amazing, and very rewarding to beat, you have to hit certain points make it vulnerable and work as a team to take it down. You can res each other as well, so team work is important. You then have two different pvp maps, that play out very differently, and will reward xp and loot badges to buy chests to obtain guns and shields from. You will go through alot of guns, and that is one of my favorite parts of the game. Its like borderlands, but there are so many different "classes" of guns, that will keep changing the game up. You can choose from 4 main abilities, stealth/speed/distraction(illusion)/increased damage, all last for a certain amount of time. You then expand on those by putting "ego" points into other choices to build your character. This is the equivalent of a skill tree in other mmo's. You also have shadow wars which is a large scale 60 person pvp match that is hectic and alot of fun. You have challenges scattered all about the maps of this game aswell, to compete and earn more ego rank. Even driving about in this game is a complete blast, taking in the scenery and trying to jump gaps. I put 200 hours in the first 2-3 weeks easily, this game is very addictive, the only downside and why I think its not perfect is atm there is not alot of end game content. I really do hope this will change, though atm I would say 200 hours is a great amount of content for a one off payment. I whole heartedly recommend this game, if you like sci fi/mmo's/loot fests/3rd person shooters.


This game pulled me back in!

Deathraiser898 | April 26, 2013 | See all Deathraiser898's reviews »

I had just about given up on MMOs for good. I am a former WoW player (from original until Cataclysm) and simply got burned out. I got tired of the grinding/farming and also the $15 subscription fee. I tried Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, and they are okay but too much like WoW and unless you have lots of friends to raid or do dungeon runs with it just isn't much fun and feels like a grind. I play occasionally. I even tried The Secret World and although the puzzles are fun, the click for action skill for your character just makes it look like a gimped version of WoW. I was hoping TSW would be more like Defiance as far as combat (I hope Defiance copies some puzzle ideas and story elements from TSW) and that's where Defiance delivers, with it's fast paced third-person shooter action. Defiance is a Buy to play Shooter MMO, which you can play with friends, but also which you can play solo with just random players joining in to complete quests. I have been playing the game since launch and have had lots of fun in all the different gameplay options (from driving challenges to blitz kill stuff challenges). You don't really need to group to help each other out on quests (so far) and grouping will only happen automatically on co-op maps. I have enjoyed the co-op instances which are very much like dungeons only there is no tank or healer!(awesome) I have noticed that for the PC version there is no problems with lag even when 30-40 payers get together to kill huge enemies. The servers were down minimally on launch day and the servers have been on each time I have played during peak hours since then without a hitch. I haven't tried PvP yet, but look forward to that. Defiance is the only game I have played since launch day and so far I am very much looking forward to see which direction the game goes. The shooter aspect can get a bit repetitive, but the enemy types have varied so much and tactics chosen to defeat them that so far, at least for me, that hasn't been a negative. It's a shooter, you shoot things. And I love to shoot things after a stressful day at work. I would compare the game play to a mix of Mass Effect and Borderlands (especially the loot system). You can crouch and get behind cover (not sticky cover). Sometimes you have to rush the enemy and sometimes stay back and some weapons types will work better against others just depending on the enemy. I find that getting a good high ground with cover usually works well, except when an enemy has a RPG or similar explosives that can knock you from a specific area. There are also different kinds of snares involved. The graphics are pretty good for an MMO (better than the major ones out there right now). But of course, it will not be as good as Bioshock Infinite which is a great game in it's own right. The cutscenes are not the best I have seen (especially compared to TSW) but they aren't as bad as GW2 or WoW and they are usually short. You can skip them, but I am trying to enjoy the story and I hope it gets better as I go along. There is a lot of customization just like many other MMOs. Some review claims there are only 4 faces and 4 classes. I think that is a gross mischaracterization. There are many face options, true there are only 2 races and you can be either male or female, but you can then modify the look of your character from the nose, to the lips, to the hair, to the skin tone, etc. And as far as I can tell, there aren't really classes. You can have one of either 4 skill trees. However, there are many weapon types and each can do elemental damage and can be modified. There are also tons of different clothing options, vehicle options, and title options. I highly recommend this game. I think if you love Borderlands or Mass Effect you will like this game which adds an MMO twist which makes it more exciting. And if you hate grinding and the whole bland tank /healer / dps (same old tired MMO archetype) then you should give this game a try. I love it and I am definitely going to get the season pass. Just when I thought I was out, Defiance pulled me back in.


Great new MMO!

klonak | April 23, 2013 | See all klonak's reviews »

I was a little skeptical about this game and show before the release. I laughed at the trailers and the mention of the series. I knew there was no possible way this game or show would be worth a second of my time. Then I got a beta invite. I was immediately hooked and have been playing every day since launch with a bunch of guys in a clan that I joined. There are some issues with the game currently, but I'm sure they are being worked out as quickly as possible. This game has a LOT of content for the money you spend, and the lack of a subscription makes it extremely worth it. You can quit playing whenever you're bored, and after new content is released hop right back on without spending any more money. I've put in about 90 hours so far, and I've done most of the content available right now. But there is also really fun team deathmatch, capture and hold, and giant "shadow wars" (think battlefield) for you to partake in while you wait for new content to release. (and plenty of gear to unlock) If you love games like borderlands, the powers from mass effect, and MMO type games, this game is 100% for you. It also helps that the show is great too. Play the game, watch the show, Join the hunt!


Some good features hidden amongst a sea of bad

Dagexon | April 12, 2013 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

Defiance certainly does do some things right, for instance the gunplay is great (for an MMO) as usually in mmos you wait to swing your blade or fire a shot but this game is similar to a third person shooter-which is a good thing as few other mmos do this however when you compare it to a AAA shooter then you will realise that it's not as good but seeing it's an mmo it can be forgiven. However it's harder to forgive because it doesn't feel like a proper mmo either as the social interactions with other players aren't that great and it's difficult to talk to players in the game world as the menu to do so is rather hidden so people tend not to use it, also when you do see other players you don't usually stick around with those people but instead you wiz off and do your own thing and so do they which makes it less enjoyable compared to other mmo's. The PVP is rather good though as you can have 64vs64 player battles-with rather good gunplay. There are also PVE instances yet most of the creatures you fight just look so incredibly stupid and as though they were designed by a five year old which is a shame as throughout the game, you see a lot of them. The character customization is also rather limited so you won't have much fun using that. There are vehicles in this game like quad bikes and cars however although they are useful they drive rather stupidly as the physics aren't that great. This mmo, although it does do some things right, the negatives just outway the positives yet somehow I still enjoyed most of my time in it so that's why I've given it a fairly high score still. However not everyone will enjoy their time they spend in it.