Reviews for Defiance Digital Deluxe Edition


Multiplayer fun assured

KellinCore | June 8, 2013 | See all KellinCore's reviews »

fast shots, accompanying friends, group contact and HIGHLIGHTED much action at all times, consistent with a online accompanied


Honestly cannot recommend this game

rstokes | May 3, 2013 | See all rstokes's reviews »

The idea of it is great but trion is doing a piss poor job at maintaining this game. The combat is a ton of fun and the first few hours are a blast, but once you have completed two or three quests and a single arcfall, you have literally seen and done EVERYTHING there is to do in this game. Its supposed to be an mmo but within my first ten hours I had finished every single main quest (laughably short) done every type of random event (and also pass the level restriction where they STOP giving you a reward worth getting [lockbox keys] ) Done all of the games "co-op maps" (also known as rewardless instances, got the fastest car in the game, and seen every type of arcfall they have made. The claim on this game was "impact the tv show"... TOTAL BS! The first week of release they introduced something call "episode missions", which were nothing more than scripted events with no choice or obvious impact on the TV story, then after that they scrapped the entire idea. There has yet to be a second set of episode missions so that is a flat out lie and false advertising! Now to explain loot! First of all (not a bug but an explanation) the way you acquire weapons in this game (aside from farming shops for something decent) is collecting a currency "lock box keys" then using them to buy boxes with a set number of random items inside them (grenades, shields, guns). They come in three flavors Tier-2[8 keys] Tier 3 [24] and tier 4 [64], now you'd think the higher tier would give better loot, right? Wrong! They all pull from the same item pool, the only difference is amount of loot, Tier 2 =2, Tier 3=3, Tier 4=4... No you did not just stroke out, trion has tricked people into dropping all their keys (or real money since they are in the item store as well) on 4 items when it would equal 16 if bought through tier 2 boxes. This is total lunacy and since you stop getting keys from events rather quickly and are forced to farm arcsfalls or (designed to be MUCH MUCH easier) spend real money to get [now this is the important part] a chance at gear. Very poorly made game, nothing but broken promises, and money grabbing mechanics. At F2P I would say "give it a shot", but at maximum retail price 69.99, I would have to say stay away from this and wait till it goes F2P because if mine (and others) experience and the "in game" numbers are any indication. It will be soon At its current state 43 If it went F2P 58