Reviews for Eve Online 30 Day Starter Pack - Amarr Bounty Hunter


EVE is real!

ellerch | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all ellerch's reviews »

I have been playing eve for quite some time now (>1 year) and i still think, that it is one of the most interesting and vast universes out there.... You can be whatever you want to be, be it a miner or explorer, an industrial magnate who owns planets and moons, a strong warrior who kills npc criminals and pirates, a real pirate who ransoms other players or just kills them for the fun of it. Since the latest expansion, the start and tutorials are much better now, which in turns to a better experience for new players. You should really try it out for at least 2 weeks!


A game where you can create your own story!

Silverance | July 2, 2013 | See all Silverance's reviews »

Eve Online is a game where you can truly create your own "content", if you like the idea of piracy well you can try to infiltrate a corporation, kill innocent pilots, roam around in space and try to find a prey to kill. You might find people that are like minded. You want to fly a small and fast ship for your roam? Why not choose a frigate or a cruiser. You might like to fly the biggest and meanest ship out there, with a support fleet of hundreds of pilot well then choose a capital ship. Combat might not be your style, well you can devote your time to create items, mine resources from asteroids or setup a base on a planet to create or mine resources from it. You might like the idea of being a lone wolf, roaming space alone or you might like the idea of of helping out a bigger cause. Join a existing corporation or create your own, ally with corporations that are fighting for the same cause and create an alliance. Expand and become a empire. Your story waits for you in Eve Online


Can't get enough of it

VERTIGO2K12 | June 13, 2013 | See all VERTIGO2K12's reviews »

I've been playing for about 6 days and I can truly say it's one of the best MMO experiences I've ever had. I simply can't stop playing it. It's fairly hard for starters but if you get a nice Corp it's really easy to learn things about the game and learn it's mechanics. I recommend this game to anyone that wants to try out a great MMO and maybe stick to it.


Social Sanbox

S3miku | May 17, 2013 | See all S3miku's reviews »

I don't think any other MMO or even its developers had the same kind of vision that CCP does in making EVE and the recently launched Dust 514. The amount of freedom and ability to do everything and impact everything is what really makes this game amazing. You can literally be your own person, whether a trader, industrialist, pirate, scammer, anything is possible, Grab this deal whether to start an alt or if you're new. The expanse of New Eden awaits!


The Universe is yours!

joeythearm | April 23, 2013 | See all joeythearm's reviews »

This is the most expansive and impressive game I have ever played. Though at first its a bit of a screen saver, once you get out of the high security space and you start engaging other players, eve truly shines. Make your money by grinding missions in highsec, and then blow up ships in low sec for the ultimate thrill. This game rewards you for your risk, and doesn't forgive mistakes. You can and will lose ships in this game. So be smart, and always watch your back.