Reviews for Tower Bloxx Deluxe


It's pretty fun

sycomantis1991 | June 4, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Honestly, this loos and sounds kind of dumb. It's pretty much a stacking game in the vain of Jenga, always having to worry about tempering progress with the annihilation of your structures. it's a fun little distraction, especially if you have friends around. I wouldn't say it's anything amazing, but it's more than fun enough to be worthwhile.


Really Great

DanielZo0 | June 10, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

If you haven’t played Tower Bloxx before, you’ll have a chance to do so this week when a version of the game (called Tower Bloxx Deluxe) launches on Xbox Live Arcade. The XBLA take still features the simple/addictive gameplay, but adds more elaborate graphics for the console and also includes XBL avatars as the characters. The premise is about as basic as it gets: You’re in charge of construction and tasked with building a bunch of towers. All you need to do is use your crane to drop the floors of the building on each other. No sweat, right? Well, you’ll be sweating soon enough, because there’s apparently enough wind to cause the floor hanging from the crane cable to sway back and forth. You have to pick the best time to drop the floor on the growing tower of blocks (or “bloxx,” I guess) in hopes that it’ll line up perfectly with the floor below. You go until you hit the building’s maximum number of floors or until you drop two floors without landing them on the stack.


Have: Frantic fun! Wanted: Maybe slightly less frantic?

rocketsurgeon | March 11, 2013 | See all rocketsurgeon's reviews »

First of all - lets be clear about what this game isn't: It is not a game about building houses. The house you are building is just a visual gag, a place holder or perhaps a metaphor. Window dressing, perhaps. No, this is a game in the best tradition of more abstracted games like Tetris. You are "building a house" under extreme time pressure, dropping house segments on top of existing ones at a frantic rate, trying to build your house as tall as possible, without having it topple over, and with bonuses for fitting them snugly. While there are a number of things you could complain about, in the end, this is a fairly simple games, and hence the question should just be - is it fun? And up to a point, the answer is yes, provided you are prepared to deal with a slightly wonky control scheme, imperfect camera management and, of course, that this games is going to be very much about split-second hand-eye coordination. I, personally, think they could have eased up on the time pressure and allowed more thinking, and perhaps relied less on dropping things at precisely the right time, but I suppose that it would then have been a different game. At the price (currently $2), it's pretty much a no-brainer purchase. Even if you're not quite into the genre or this particular instantiation of it, you'll still get your money's worth.


Simple games are always fun

panz3r88 | Nov. 28, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Tower Bloxx is really a simple game. There are various game modes, but the only objective of the game is to drop the various floor at the top of each other. There is only one button to press when we want to drop a floor. The game is addictive because every time you lose and your building falls down, you want to retry to create an higher building or to increase your score. Tower Bloxx shows that it's not necessary to have realistic graphic or complex commands to realize a good game.


Good simple fun

das_regal | Oct. 10, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

The fundamental game play aspect of Tower Bloxx Deluxe is from a very simple flash game where you press a button to release hold of an item and try to stack it as evenly as possible on top of other items. Among my circle of friends, this little flash game became a point of competition. It's surprising how rivalry can imbue fun into a simplistic concept. I view Tower Bloxx Deluxe as a version of my experience, except you're competing against yourself to build better and better towers for the sake of the meta game (which is like a really simple version of Sim City kinda). This game may not be super in depth, dark, or dramatic, but it will keep you entertained and happy.


Casual Enjoyment

Frostshocker | July 15, 2012 | See all Frostshocker's reviews »

Tower Bloxx looks and sounds the part with its bright, colorful backgrounds and cheap and cheerful music along with it's extremely simple controls this game is very much suited to be played in an office break.


Pretty entertaining game

Malderiere | March 31, 2012 | See all Malderiere's reviews »

Tower Bloxx is a nice puzzle game. The visuals are simple but suit the game well. It has an entertaining story mode, quick mode is nice for a, well, quick game, time challenge is a nice challenge, and party mode is great fun, playing with friends. I would mainly recommend this game to casual and puzzle game lovers.


[FR] Equilibre Stable

SomeRandomBaron | March 4, 2012 | See all SomeRandomBaron's reviews »

Tower bloxx, pour vulgariser, c'est du Jenga. Vous devez composer des immeubles en placant des étages au bon moment pour que la tour soit stable. Il y a plusieurs types d'immeubles, la majorité ayant des conditions de constructions. Une très petite pincée de stratégie en somme. Le concept est accrocheur, mais est victime de sa suffisance, avec 4 modes de jeu seulement( comme Histoire, Jeu Libre ou Contre la Montre), et le jeu a quelques ralentissements même sur des machines puissantes. D'ailleurs, le jeu n'est ni moche, ni beau. Bref, on a ici un concept très addictif, avec du challenge, mais un peu plus de variété (mini-jeu, plus de stratégie) aurait été bienvenue. Mais comme jeu casual, il est dans le haut du panier


An entertaining casual game

FreeMan85 | Sept. 18, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Tower Bloxx is a LEGO and Jenga like builder game. With comic/cartoon type animation and characters. Very fun and addictive. Most of the parents surly happy with it. A game where the point is not killing, demolish or annihilate. You've to build a city! And need to build precisely or the building is fall. There's achievements for almost any accomplishment and even a fieworks if you reach a 'outstanding' in build or make a new personal record. If you build more and better you got more 'points' and unlock new type of building or buildings with trophy. The first building class is a simple 10 fllor blue building, but there's 20-30-40 building with different colors and shapes. Of course you can unlock higher buildings in the process and 10 floor building become a 12 floor building, then you can unlock some trophies like a satelitte dish or a swimming pool. The game graphics is simple, but get the job done and you don't need a high-end P to run. The music nice and relaxing, some tunes reminds me to No One Lives Forever 2 comical music. :) I recommend eveyone this game. Fun easy, but challenging. If you love Lego or building it's your type of game.


Decent Fun Indie Game

faraany3k | Aug. 15, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

So premise is as simple as it gets. You are to place blocks of buildings over one another to construct a huge building. And that's about it. You press left mouse button to timely drop a piece of building on to the other, make sure that you do it accurately so the building remains constant. Whole gameplay revolves around this basic idea. The game then expands to more complex mechanics by adding different building types and like how many time you placed a block perfectly and give you bonuses. In this way you are to creat a huge city with a mix of different type of buildings. Art style is really fun and neat. Although I don't find the game to be worth the price it is actually selling at. But you can get it for sale for 3$ and it seems a fair price for this shallow yet fun indie game.


Nice casual game

peldik | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all peldik's reviews »

Nice little casual game suitable for players of all ages. Children might find it especially fun because of its cartoon like graphics and simple controls. Includes several addicting components like unlockable bonuses and achievements. Still might be a little too simple for a desktop game, because there are many free flash games with comparable graphics and gameplay.


Nice puzzle game

chetancs | Aug. 3, 2011 | See all chetancs's reviews »

Tower Boxx is nice puzzle game. It allows us to build tower. With click of one button. Floor of the tower is brought in by the crane. The crane swings the floor from left to right .Goal of the game is to drop the floor as perfect as possible over other floor. If we fail to drop correctly. The tower will also starts swinging from left to right. When I am playing it first time its slightly difficult to drop floor perfectly but after playing few times I can able to drop floor perfectly. There are total four modes which we can play. One of the best mode which i like the most is story mode. In which you are working as an architecture who is hired by city to improve its image and increase its population. We have to build buildings which will need to be perfect so more people will come in city. At a certain limit of the population the new city will be available to build . Its really enjoyable. If we drop floors perfectly over one another we will get the combine bonus and population. Other playable modes also get unlocked in story mode itself.There are three more modes Quick play, Time Challenge and Party which we can play . In Quick game mode we can build the tower as high as possible but only within three lives. In the time challenge mode the certain time limit is provided to reach certain floors with perfection if we reach it within the time more time will be added to reach other floor limit. And the last one is party mode where we can play with upto four players at a time And compete with each other. I really enjoyed by playing this game. So i will recommend it to all who want to play slightly diffrent puzzle game.


Tower Bloxx Deluxe, An unexpected nice game

klaros | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

At first time I saw this game's screeshots I didn't cosidered it much. After playing it I reconsidered it ^^ Just with simplicity Tower Bloxx can open a smile on your mouth when you try to impile your blocks, with that "Ooooops" sensation :D The same smile will also appear when you'll see your buildings reaching insane heightness and the city damn small there. It could be a bit addicting or repetetive, depends on how much you consider challenging a balance game where are tested your reaction time and coordination ability. There are a campaign mode where you'll have to manage various cities spaces and improve them; a multiplay challenge section, and a crazy heightness section, where you have to reach the space and meawhile you'll see the strangest things XD (with some citations from well known sci-fi films). After you played too much some AAA games you're like you eat too much sugar and don't feel more the taste this is why Tower Bloxx fits well between some matches on a AAA title and another, just to don't get yourself too much seriously :D



Rengav2099 | July 29, 2011 | See all Rengav2099's reviews »

Very interesting a lot of fun especially in multiplayer mode. Very cool for friends or family to join in competitions and tournaments. Is a casual game that provides hours of fun for sure and in my opinion one of the coolest puzzle game I've ever played.


Great game, although can get repetitive

Antagonist121 | July 10, 2011 | See all Antagonist121's reviews »

This game is fantastic. The art style is good, and the bugs are non-existant. There is a lot of content in the game, with several modes, and the party mode can get competitive. The Quick play mode is good if you have a few minutes to spare, and the time challenge mode is addictive and fun. The only complaint is that the game can get slightly repetitve, as really you are only doing one thing over and over again. The different towers and modes help though. Altogether great game!


Good game

etnies | July 10, 2011 | See all etnies's reviews »

This game is pretty good, when you are bored it gives you something to pass the time. The graphics are decent and you will be able to run the game on pretty much any machine because the requirements are very easily met. The game can be a little addicting (always wanting to beat you record. Overall decent game for a good price that could be played anywhere.


The higher you go the more fun the game is

liquidsnake78 | July 8, 2011 | See all liquidsnake78's reviews »

tower bloxx, is a tower building game, as the blocks fall you have place them right to build mega towers,the game graphics are simple and smooth and the game is very easy to catch on once you get a hang of it, the best part is the split screen feature, which allows more players hence more fun, the game has got solid achievements and goals. rare to find such simple game with so much fun


Beats its mobile copy

bFasoX | July 7, 2011 | See all bFasoX's reviews »

When I heard about a PC port of Tower Bloxx I did not expect THIS much fun. The concept is easy: stack up an endless amount of floors to create a huge highrise (which even reaches space!). So this is rather a 1-button game, but the level of detail and the colourful sounds just make the game a lot more fun than it actually seems. This is one of the few mobile games which made their way up to a PC port, and it deserves it. In my opinion the price is still rather high, but when on sale this game is worth a try (and more).


Nice and fun game!!

ravenholt | July 6, 2011 | See all ravenholt's reviews »

This game is very cool. Building a tower is maybe not what everyone wants to play. But this game offer you a true fun. There's no doubt this game will take your time. The graphic is smooth and beautiful. The gameplay is simple, just drop the block and make your tower the highest one. Play it with your friend, and have dun together.



hotmando1 | July 5, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

This game is like Jenga except as a pc game! What's great is that it's on an entirely new level with a twist. Graphics are okay since it's a casual game. Glitches and bugs appear to be missing as far as I can tell in the game. The demo for this really shows the quality put into the game. I played for ours on just the demo alone. Level design is also worth mentioning. From the surface of Earth to space is really just fantastic and funny. Split-screen fun is also a winner for the family. Got three family members? No problem, compete with all three! Try out the demo before you buy it though. It may not appeal to certain gamers and people alike.