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A puzzle platformer that is more about stories than puzzles

MadDemon64 | June 6, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Papo & Yo is a lovely game, from the music to the locales, to the story. Just don’t expect a challenge, not that this game needs it. Papo & Yo is a story about a boy and his monster. At least, that’s what his imagination perceives it as. It’s all symbolic, and it’s good symbolism too, fitting of what a child would come up with, given that’s what you play the game as: a young boy. All of the game takes place in his mind, but that doesn’t mean that what’s happening isn’t real; the symbolism, which is fairly obvious to adults, is what drives the story. Despite technically being a puzzle platformer, the puzzles are fairly simplistic in terms of mechanics, but the visuals more than make up for it. You might be moving platforms to cross a gap for one (clichéd) puzzle, but the manner in which you move said platforms and what the platforms are made of is the selling point of this puzzle. Papo & Yo is a fun little platformer for people who love a fairly dark and mature story that manages to be portrayed through symbolism even children could understand, and regrettably relate to.


Good put not great!

Dark_Side_Moon | May 16, 2015 | See all Dark_Side_Moon's reviews »

Papo & Yo is a Puzzle Adventure game in which you play as a boys imagination. As you play the game you will slowly start to understand the boys imagination infill the end in which everything is explained in the end you you will then learn and understand the game you had just played. + The game runs great on PC, there is no lag and is always smooth with max settings. There was not one point in the hole game in which I was getting lower than 100 FPS which means almost all computer will be able to run Papo & Yo without a problem. + The games looks are good, the textures are okay but the lighting is amazing! I wish more games had lighting like this because the game looks a lot better and you become more immersed in the game. The character models looks good as well. + The story is very vivid at first but as you start to play though you will slowly get a understanding of the game. It adds a mystery to the story and you will want to find out what's happening. You will quickly realise that you are in a child's imagination so the world changes and is not normal (almost like a dream) and uses puzzles to improve that. + Controls for Papo & Yo are very simple, they are like every other game which is a good thing since you dont even have to learn them. You can just play straght away without thinking about it. + The creativity in this game is huge! There are lots of diffrent and weird things happening in Papo & Yo which is great since its something diffrent from most games today. Its unique game which feels alot diffrent from anything else. + The soundtrack works well and adds depth the the game which is needed, its not used to much but its used in the right places that make it sound and feel alot better. Now I do like Papo & Yo but there are a lot of things which I just didn't like and disagree on which is a shame. This is what I find annoying about Papo & Yo. - The puzzles are good at first but after a bit of time they become the same thing over and over, this makes them a bit pointless and since there are so easy most of the time I some times which they just went there. At first they are good and you want to play but once you know what your doing its pointless. - The length of Papo & Yo is tiny! Its about 3 to 4 hours long, 5 hours to get all the Achievements thats it... A short and inst necessary bad but since the game is priced at £10.99 it makes it was too expensive. You should wait for a sale if you wanted to buy the game. - There is next to no replayability once you have finished. The only thing that you can do is get the Achievements or just play again. Nothing else and since its only a 3 to 4 hour game this means that you feel like you want more. I would recommend getting the Achievements if you want to get your moneys worth out of it. - The story... I know people arnt going to like me becasur of this but I didnt like it personally since I have no experience or relation to the games ending. For me its was a bit bland but I did understand it and for the people who have experienced and know what its like, then I bet you will love this game. But it seems that for me it was an okay ending. Overall I think that Papo & Yo is a good game for a few hours and a nice easy play though with is some ways relaxes you when you play. Because its so unique in its own ways and how diffrent it is to any other game I will rate Papo & Yo 6 out of 10. I would recommend this game to some people who would be able to understand the ending but to someone who wont when I would not recommend it to them. But Papo & Yo is still a good/fun game.


A personal and somber story in a mystical world

Zaggeta | May 13, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

The magical realism of Papo & Yo (PY) creates a beautiful and misleading setting as a young boy traverses a surreal clone of Rio de Janeiro. I am not normally a fan of platformers or puzzle games (except for the obvious exceptions - read: Portal) but PY has made me reconsider my tastes dramatically. Puzzle wise, the challenges range from very easy to too hard for a small brain such as mine. Where this game really stands out, however, is its ability to create a serious narrative in the guise of a kid's fairytale. PY is a tale of abuse, escapism, redemption, depression and overcoming hatred. For the story alone, it is a must play.


What can be Said.....

Johanthon | Oct. 26, 2014 | See all Johanthon's reviews »

This game is pure art. It is also an excellent example of story telling. It also covers the topic of child abuse. A topic not covered much in video games. That said the story is about a young boy trying to help a "friendly" monster through various platforming elements. I could go into detail about the gaming, but for me the gaming in this game is set just right. A nice level of difficulty, but not too much for the younger player. I find that most come for the story in this game, not the gaming element. So find a demo or just buy it, it is not expensive. Clear about 4 hours of your day to finish it, have a box of tissues handy, and enjoy the story of Papo and Yo.


A Short, Emotional Story

Jamfrost | April 5, 2014 | See all Jamfrost's reviews »

Still, the game seems to be as long as it needs to be. Papo y Yo is a game that really takes you to another place. A place of fantasy where you play as Quico. You then take on the world's puzzles and platforming challenges put before you. The fantastical setting allows the game to present the player with strange, abstract scenery. It is also has a distinctly South American flavor that a lot of people will not have experienced. It's somewhat of a similar feeling to playing Sleeping Dogs for the first time and seeing Hong Kong. You'll be in a very different place. The graffiti art in particular made me stop to take a gander as I encountered them on the sides of walls and tall buildings. The game's story might be its strong point to some. It's riddled with metaphors and symbolism and turns into something with emotional impact as you put the pieces together. It's told well enough and there's little to misunderstand. The platforming was okay and seemed manageable for the most part, but a few puzzles presented some problems. I ran into exactly two puzzles, I remember them well, that completely stumped me due to how counter-intuitive they were. I'm not sure how they expected the player to figure those out and they resulted in a bit of time being wasted experimenting ( I needed to use a guide). I'd not rather not spoil them by being specific. In any case, don't be afraid to use a guide or walkthrough to get past those frustrating parts and continue enjoying the game. I'd be hesitant to recommend this game at full price. It doesn't have a lot of replay value; although, its new game plus features collectible hats. If you can grab it for $10 or less, have a go at it.


Short but beautiful

rachuros | March 23, 2014 | See all rachuros's reviews »

On the face of it a puzzle game, but not many puzzle games can boast such an emotive storyline that make you truly care about the main character. The art style is also attractive and the way you can interact with the world is something that takes a bit of getting used to but really adds to the game. One down side is the length of it. I played this game through in roughly 3 hours, and although you can replay it again for achievements, I'm not sure you can count on this game for replay value. Then again, the puzzles probably would have gotten repetitive if it was any longer, and the storyline would have dragged out longer than necessary. This had me smiling and crying and I would recommend it to anyone.


A very fun and surprisingly rich experience.

afonsobsousa | Feb. 1, 2014 | See all afonsobsousa's reviews »

Papo & Yo is a bit too easy for puzzle fanatics out there, but what it lacks in difficulty it makes up for it in story. Without trying to spoil anything, you are Quico, living in a beautiful, dream-like world with a monster, Papo, who you love very much and keep trying to save. The ending is emotionally touching, but it felt a little bit too obvious, though. The sound and graphics are lively and dreamy, so despite being simple they fit perfectly in the game world. There are a couple of annoying glitches though - I got stuck twice between a bridge and a wall and couldn't move and so had to play the whole level 3 times as a result. Average playtime: about 3 and a half hours.


Pleasantly surprised

ashleymurray | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all ashleymurray's reviews »

Definitely one of the best indie games I have played this year. I found it utterly unique. You can't say that this is a Limbo ripoff! The story is heartfelt and beautiful. I also loved the world Quico was in, his imaginary escape form reality. The puzzles can swing between very easy and then suddenly very confusing but they are still fun to solve. I adored the characters. I didn't enjoy the strange stuttering issues that my PC experienced, and it had nothing to do with a PC being unable to handle Papo and Yo. It seems to be something to do with the game which is unfortunate. If I have any other criticism it would be that sometimes I was left wanting "more" out of the characters and gameplay. I really applaud this game because it leaves a lasting impression. It gets across dark, meaningful themes in a light-hearted way. Play this game if you want a different indie game experience.


Blurring the line between video game and art

BLUEKOOLAIDMAN7 | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all BLUEKOOLAIDMAN7's reviews »

Papo & Yo is a game which joins the likes of 'Journey' and 'Shadow of the Colossus' in a push to have video games recognized as a form of art. The puzzle gameplay can sometimes be buggy, and it is not all that challenging, but is different and original enough to keep your attention. The key point of the game comes in its story of a boy abused by his father, and finding his way to cope with his problems. Papo & Yo finds creative and impacting ways of showing the Boy's relationship with his father and struggles he must deal with. This is worth the play through (Only around 3-4 hours long) and will leave you with a feeling that resonates. Papo & Yo is truly a great step in proving video games can be an valid outlet for art.


Like an Essay that needs revising

MDuh | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all MDuh's reviews »

Introduction Papo & yo is a story straight out from an English literary book, it is a game full of symbolism where a South American kid is experiencing abuse from his father. Thus, the kids try to escape reality by going on his own fantasy world. This is the 1st game that is developed and marketed by minority studios, a Canadian game studio. Gameplay The game is mainly a puzzle platformer in a third person perspective. You solve puzzles and interact with the world by moving switches from levers, gears, ropes to robot plugs. You can also alter the world by moving houses in your own liking and even stack and bend buildings so you can reach high places. The puzzles are ridiculously easy but the game doesn't recycle a puzzle mechanic from it's previous one so you won't get bored or appalled from the game in the middle which is the main problem of puzzle games. Unfortunately, even though the puzzles are somewhat original, there are parts where I, In my opinion, think that other puzzle levels is just used as padding to lengthen the game since it doesn't contribute at all in the storyline, or at least that's how I interpret it. This is seen strongly at the end where you need to revive your robot named "lula" by squeezing the anger inside the monster .... 4 times. This is then followed by a platforming exercise in which you can't do much when you have fallen at the top of the houses, even the relocating door located in the ends of the place is useless since the "monster" catches up to you really fast when the distance is great and suddenly slows down it speed artifically when he's near you. Despite the padding and frustration in the puzzles in the middle, the game ends the story in a relaxing "trance-like" in which it tries to calm the player from that exhausting and rage inducing puzzles. Gameplay score of: 6.4/10 Graphics and Performance Papo & yo was a port from PS3 and was released 1 year before in PC. The port itself was excellent. Textures, graphics and options in the settings were plenty enough; AA, vsync, light shafts, motion blur, ambient oclusion. bloom and fps counter. The controls in papo & yo despite being a platformer was not good, it's probably one of the reason where my annoyances stemmed from the game in the later levels of the game where you need at least some precision in the jumping puzzles. I did consult my friend who is a PS3 player and he did confirmed that controls in PS3 is much better and there is no surprise that using a controller vs a mouse and keyboard in papo & and yo feels better. Other than the minor clipping issues from the "monster", the fps counter settings being reset in cutscenes and level change, and Anti-aliasing ala-assassins creed jaggedness but much more extreme and some lag spikes when it is auto saving or going to a checkpoint. The devs ported the art design and feel perfectly, the graffiti's and art in the game are amazing and the meticulous attention to the urban area look is refreshing. In addition, the game also features rebindable keys, invert options and mouse sensitivity, which are very rare to see in ports. For more details, you can check pcgaming wiki for papo & yo porting differences here in this link Graphics and performance score: 7.6/10 Sound and Dialogues It's nothing special for me but it is indeed quite fitting in thie setting. Maybe it's just that I don't like tribe music in the first place. Although there a few quirks and problems where some sound effects seemed to be muted at times and what you can only hear is the background music and some other things. Maybe it's their design choice but I wonder If this game would be better if it had a narration that is similar to "The cave" Sound and Dialogues score: 6.1/10 Final verdict and is it worth it? Despite the game being visually appealing and its symbolic story telling being unique, the game itself is unstable. All throughout my first playthrough of the game, I suffered from 8 crash to desktop and 1 blue screen of death scenario. The crashes are mostly seen from checkpoints and scripted events, the game will just stop and a message pop-up will appear like this and the blue screen one is from unknown reason, it’s probably that the game doesn’t fancy to be recorded. The story from the get go is very obvious, so I didn’t feel anything special from the story of the game apart from “it” being very personal to the developer. Maybe the story will hit hard on some people who did experience the same thing and they’ll probably rate it higher than mine. But for me who didn’t experience that family problem, I’m probably rating it with a bit more bias. Especially that from a technical point of view, there are some out of place parts of the story that the game is implying which I will not discuss here to avoid spoilers. But I can assure you that in the end, after playing the game, there will be 2-3 things that you will feel and realize that is kinda out of place. My official game time from playing this game disregarding some puzzles which I redid due to crashes and BSOD was 3 hours 19 minutes and 36 seconds (including credits) For 15$, I think the game is not that worth it. I’d fully buy it full price for 10$, but since I got it for 75% off in a steam sale, I can’t complain enough for that price. Score ratio for this kind of Puzzle platformer game is (65:25:10) which brings the final score to: Final score: 6.7/10


A Compelling Experience mired by technical issues

endtropy | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all endtropy's reviews »

As a gamer now into my 30's I find my tastes have changed and the games I talk about and become nearly zealots for has shifted dramatically. Mechanics are important, new ideas and tight controls, graphics, etc. These things are all important but the games I end up talking about with people that don't play games are more like Papo and Yo. I would never sell you on this game because of the amazing platforming, mind blowing puzzles, or amazing graphics (for those see Rayman, Anti-Chamber, and Crysis 3). Instead, Papo and Yo is much more about the journey and how you respond to it. If you do respond to it, the technical glitches, repetitive puzzles, and lackluster graphics fade away into being nothing but background noise to the real story. Some people simply won't connect and everyone has a different life growing up. For me, Papo and Yo is a game that stayed with me long after it was over. It's certainly not for everyone, but then again not everyone likes Teenage Vampire Romance stories (nor should they). For me, point being, familiarize yourself a little bit with the premise of the game and it's setting and if that piques your interest, it's worth the investment. If not, taken simply on it's mechanics as a game, you are better going elsewhere. Love Papo and Yo for all the risks that it takes that have nothing to do with it's gameplay, do not scorn it for it's mis-steps, they are truly trivial in the context of it's bigger picture.


Short and sweet

zipnox | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all zipnox's reviews »

Papa & Yo is a puzzle-adventure set in a fictional world that tells a story about a boy and his troubles. I found the story to be quite predictable but it still managed to be a touching one as it was presented in a proper manner. My only problem with it is its length, the game is fairly short and can be breezed through in a couple of hours. The art style and sound direction is well done, the setting as a whole feels right. The gameplay is smooth and has few elements to it, the puzzles, in my opinion, are too easy. The simplistic nature of the puzzle elements makes the game feel even shorter, I think the price is a bit too high considering the length of the game. Nonetheless this is a good game, it is well made, but I'd recommend you to buy it when it's on sale.


Real Emotions in this Game!

Trollfaceyomama | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

Papo & Yo is an extremely personal work like only few others in the industry. It is a clear message to the industry: games can be more than space marines. Games can be more, games can be autobiographical using game mechanics as a tool for addressing a message. A beautiful game.


A boy's healing journey

geargreen | July 26, 2013 | See all geargreen's reviews »

This is Minority!! This game has a unique view of the world and the story is good.



TomaHawkEye | July 20, 2013 | See all TomaHawkEye's reviews »

Great little platformer with a touching story. Definitely one for the younger gamers.


Great story but nothing else

lok0812 | July 7, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This is another one of those game with a rich and heartwarming storyline but that is pretty much it for this game and it is a shame because this game had so much potential. First of all, the graphic of the game look very washed out and even though it is an indie title, graphic really shouldn't look so bad like games from 2 generations ago. Next, the puzzle element, there isn't much puzzle about these puzzles, they can be easily solved by looking at them first time. Lastly, which is also very game breaking, it is the glitch that plagued the game from NPC clipping the wall and unable to progress further, character falling under the game world causing it to restart the entire chapter, and the many invisible walls that block the players from progressing the game. Other than that, the game is great with the story itself and hopefully those glitches will be fixed eventually.


Not bad at all

MarkDeejay | June 19, 2013 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Papo & Yo is a puzzle platformer that's light on the puzzles but heavy on the virtual button/lever pushing/pulling. The story is impressive for a puzzle game, though. No shallow stories here, this one actually has depth, giving the player indications on what might have happened in the past, leading to the events in this game. The graphics are acceptable. They're nothing special but not terrible either. At least they're colorful, and fit the environments you'll come across. The music and voice acting (gibberish ?) are done very well, by the way. Papo & Yo is a short game which you'll complete it in 3 hours. After that you can play the game again collecting hats, but to be honest that's not really incentive enough to play it again. Unless you're a fanatic of course. An ok game that's currently too pricey for what you get. The perfect price point for this game would be €7-8 or less. Your choice.


Papo & Yo - great story and what else?

feelingz | May 7, 2013 | See all feelingz's reviews »

Alone and trembling with fear, the small Quico cowering in the corner of a dark room. Outside recognize the outline of the monster his father. In the hope of not being discovered, suddenly a portal in the wall, which enters Quico appears. This is the fantasy world, take refuge in the children happy. Here Quico can face the monster and together they can achieve the goal, the frog addiction, which of course stands for the alcohol problem, to escape. You control the world by Quico and tears in the truest sense of the word walls. Everywhere there are mechanisms that allow the new stairs appear or move boxes. While you pursue a mysterious girl, who at the meeting with Vander Caballero at Gamescom, his first girlfriend to pose on demand. I suspect that this was him in his difficult childhood very much to the side and was always there for him when he needed it. In addition, a toy figure plays an important role because it enables you from distant positions, hit switches and thanks jetpack to overcome smaller distances. Then met her monsters, you soothed him with coconuts and let him follow you. But you should take you to beware of the poisonous frogs. Once a monster has devoured it, he gets angry and goes after you. There's only a rotten coconut to bring him to his senses. The tasks in Papo & Yo are very varied design, even if they are all connected somehow. The way the game is clearly defined, even if you should not get stuck, you can draw you a help box over his head. This will tell you some information about riddle. From time to Swivel be made into reality in which you learn more about the history of father and son in short sequences. The graphics are pretty to look at, the areas are similar to South American neighborhoods. Unfortunately, there are minor errors in the game, so it may be that once you get stuck in front of an invisible wall, but you can avoid all this, fortunately. So you have to not be afraid that the game flow is interrupted. The tunes in the game fit perfect in my opinion the game, each unique in their own way. Even if one is not technically now at the cutting edge, thus creating Papo & Yo is a very special way to captivate you, you want to know how it goes.


Interactive storytelling at its finest

SpartanTwo | April 23, 2013 | See all SpartanTwo's reviews »

Papo & Yo is an example of a game that transcends its medium-specific roots to become a truly special work. While its simple platforming gameplay mechanics aren’t necessarily revolutionary, its narrative and its personal roots bring color and meaning to the game. Minority has done an incredible job of realizing a world rarely seen in today’s mainstream video games; Papo & Yo is a unique experience that tells a very important story, one that many people will have experienced first-hand. These are the types of games that we as consumers need more of: games that are honest and unafraid. This is interactive storytelling at its finest.