Reviews for Borderlands 2 RoW


Funny and addictive at the same time

Infiltrator | May 14, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

This is a great iteration on the same formula that made Borderlands fun. Every single system is improved, including the anemic opening fights in the first game; this time you jump into a plot fight without having to wade through a mile of filler first. Claptrap is often actually amusing - Gearbox clearly realized how annoying he became in the first and made him the butt of some honestly funny jokes here. Gun handling is tight and I'd say the PC version is truly a "PC version", not a "PC port" - much unlike the first game, they put in the time to do it right. The difficulty is turned up a few notches, though - my Siren character regularly gets curb stomped which didn't happen much in the first game. The game is clearly balanced for multiplayer, but it's still a lot of fun single player - just don't expect to dominate everything on your first try like in BL 1. In short, this is a truly excellent followup. If you liked Borderlands you absolutely need to get this; if you didn't, skip the first and try this out. Especially for PC, it is literally better in every way.


Addictive hilarious and original

ugojad | May 8, 2013 | See all ugojad's reviews »

This is a game that can be as long as you are willing to play it, great replayability and an excellent game that can be played in both shorter sessions (1hour or so) or as long as you are awake :) Really fun NPC's whith great dialogue and the humor is great at times. A big plus is also that the steam-integrations enables play on both a windows machine and a mac machine (I have tried the game on my macbook air and it worked with nice framerates) All in all a pleasent game that gives you a lot of joy for your money.


As good as the first one

StrikerGER | May 1, 2013 | See all StrikerGER's reviews »

Length: The game is as long as you play it. Can be from atleast 10/12 hours up to 30-40 hours (1st walkthrough) Classes: Pretty similar to the classes in the first one, but not that specialized on specific weapons, which makes them more like you want to play them. I like them more than the classes in the first one Mission: Pretty much the same like in the first one. Kill that, get this, go there etc. normal RPG stuff Gameplay: Typical Borderlands. Many enemies, much ammo and many explosions. I like it very much, even though it feels a bit "slow" (I prefer slow games like ArmA 2 etc but this feels sluggish or how you say it in english). Multiple Playthroughs higher the chance of legendary weapons and other stuff and the Coop is a must! DLCs/Addons: For the Season Pass you get 4 Campaign DLCs, a new Playthrough mode, and (as far) 2 new classes which are totally different from the other ones. So over all, a decent second game of a great first game. Would buy again


Good Gunplay, Suffers From Some Bad Descisions

Coonskin_Cap | April 28, 2013 | See all Coonskin_Cap's reviews »

A very competently put together game; the gun-play is very interesting with a wide range of characters and weapons that usually feel different enough to significantly change up the game play. I played as Zer0 for most of my playtime, which is very easily 60+ hours. He plays well with sniper rifles, but that didn't stop me using shotguns and assault rifles as a back up. You get three different trees with each character, which all focus on different aspects; I speced for deadly, successive headshots, but I could just as easily have speced for aggressive, run and gun melee; the system offers a lot of choice and you can re spec whenever you want. Weapons run the gamut from homing mirv grenades that spit acid, to a semi sniper shotgun that melts people, to a talking sniper rifle that complains about you killing people. Most are interesting; however, the weapon system often generates a lot of junk, whose only purpose is for you to flip at a vending machine for cash. It is a mostly fun romp for the first thirty levels, however after this point the game becomes much less interesting. It is hard to gain levels past this unless you go into the game's NG+ mode, True Vault Hunter Mode. This mode seems to scale enemies at an exponential rate, and you often get situations where even poking your head out of an alcove will result in you getting instantly hit for 500k+ damage and going down, resulting in very twitchy, "pop and shoot" gameplay. This is very much the nadir of the game and a real problem; by the time you reach level fifty, you'll feel drained and probably not want to see another second of it. The story is mostly good, giving significant development to Roland and Co. from the first game, though with some predictable twists and some obnoxious meme based writing that while not really taking away from the whole will definitely make you cringe at some of the more groan inducing lines. The story does its best with large set pieces to make you feel like a bad-ass vault hunter, but it is often undermined by gameplay concessions. Te most obnoxious one is that the quest giver will often comment on every part of an objective you complete; for example when gathering parts to construct a machine, the quest giver comment every time you pick up a piece. This ends up going against the feeling of "bad-assery" that they are trying to convey; instead you end up feeling like you're being led by the nose through every remotely challenging task. They do not leave anything implied; everything is laid out explicitly. The art style is very impressive; I found myself taking screen shots at least several times every session. Some areas fare better with the comic art style than others; Eridium blight is very visually interesting; ash falling on the camera, large crystal formations springing up from the ground. Casutic Caverns on the other hand blends into a boring sea of green and dull brown. Side quest are mostly uninteresting MMO style shoot and loot "Gather x of y" or "Kill x with X gun"; save a few unique interesting ones which I won't spoil. Overall the game is interesting and fun to play with friends, but suffers moving towards the end game. Looking back on the 60 hours many moments, weapons and experiences stand out in my mind, but less so towards the end. Definitely a purchase worth making anywhere below £25.


Hilarious, and very original

gonellasusana | April 26, 2013 | See all gonellasusana's reviews »

I've played Borderlands and loved the comic style of the game and the funny dialogs. This game, keeps the escence of the first, and have a lot of new guns, which are very original in my opinion. Blasting foes with an explosive shotgun is something anyone should be able to enjoy, and this game provide this oportunity. However, the history is not that complex or deep (neither was the first one), but this is a funny game, that will entertain you for a long while.