Reviews for Hunter's Trophy 2 - Australia


Diversity in a new locale

michalmichal | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Recently I reviewed the American hunting grounds expansion for Hunter's Trophy 2, now it's time for Australia! If you are familiar with the base game and its American incarnation, you can easily imagine what to expect here. If you didn't enjoy the other Hunter's Trophy games, better skip this one too. But if you enjoy hunting games and like pretty landscapes, the game is a pretty good choice for you. Moving your hunting to Australia makes hunting in completely new enviroments possible, and just like it is with Hunter's Trophy - the difference in locales is easily visible. You will also hunt some new species of prey, specific to Australia. Then there are some hunting dogs to accompany you, new hunting modes and types of hunting, new weapons and ennjoyable hunting weekends, during which you can experience several types of hunting activity. With so much diversity it's definitely a good addition to your collection of hunting games.