Reviews for Victoria II


Difficult but rewarding

palmtreebearer | Sept. 2, 2015 | See all palmtreebearer's reviews »

This is probably one of the most difficult grand strategy games that I have played, and I'll admit that it is not one that you can just sit around and play for many hours at a time, or at least I can't. It takes a lot of dedication and thinking and planning. You are micromanaging many aspects of your nation. Also, I've found that it is very easy to get left behind in tech if you are not careful and then you will be in real trouble when the wars start up. It takes dedication, but if you want a strategy game that isn't too run of the mill, this could be a good option for you.


Victoria 2 review

m0rogfar | June 11, 2014 | See all m0rogfar's reviews »

Victoria 2 is a good game. It's a grand strategy by Paradox Interactive focusing on economics and politics. It also has war and technology but these are not the focus. I have a few major issues with the game. One is that you have to spend a lot of hours to learn the game. This could be helped by having better tutorials. Also the game is very unbalanced and can get stale. The last two issues were fixed in expansions. I recommend getting the bundle.


Great, complicated and lots of fun

bl00dshooter | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all bl00dshooter's reviews »

Victoria 2 is an interesting type of game: some people will be easily frustrated by it, while others will love the fact that it doesn't hold your hand. Yes, the economy is a bit tricky and it takes some time to learn, but once you's a very rewarding experience. There are still a few things here and there that need to be polished, like the late game economy, but it's most certainly worth it. On the other hand, if you're looking for something that is easy and doesn't require as much planning, I'd suggest going with civilization V instead. Also, don't forget to check out the great mods, like the New Nations Mod or the /gsg/ mod.



rslancer | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all rslancer's reviews »

Great game. Would highly recommend if you are willing to spend a lot of time trying to learn the game. I have played other paradox games and this I think is the most difficult to learn. Its essentially an economically oriented game with some warfare/colonization as well. Warfare easy enough to understand...the economy not so much. Also you need the DLCs...makes the game much better.


Great but takes long time to understand

blofeld | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all blofeld's reviews »

I really enjoy Victoria II. The setting in history is one of the more interesting in my mind, which makes the setup ready for some great real time strategy. But, as for all Paradox games, be warned that the learning curve is steep. Look at several youtube videos before you decide. Also since the DLC policy of Paradox is the way it is, consider that you will need the DLCs to ensure you have a fully patched game. A newbie tip is to star with a strong nation the first times you play, since this gives you the possibilities to play around with more of the games features than with a small nation. If you have the time to invest, this game will give you plenty of hours of fun.


Complex but excelent

OdedFire | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all OdedFire's reviews »

Vicky 2 was a surprising hit for Paradox. Based on the less than successful Victoria: And Empire Under the Sun, Paradox managed to retool their Grand Strategy title into a worthy brother to Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron. A grand strategy title, this game will see you lead a nation from the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars until the 1930s, through wars, industrialization, colonization and shrewd diplomacy. This isn't the easiest of titles, and the lackluster tutorials don't help much, but if you can find the time to sit down and learn the mechanics, this game is fantastic. Just be sure to grab the expansions as well, the game isn't complete without them.


Victoria II

ArmokGreyjoy | July 16, 2013 | See all ArmokGreyjoy's reviews »

Victoria II is a grand strategy made by Paradox in which you can assume control of any country in the 19th century until the early years of the 20th century, the game mainly focus in building the economy of youre country and its industrialization process, Victoria seems to me at least fairly short but still quite enjoyable, it also has less re playability since a lot of the country's cant really match the European ones so although you can play has any nation it will be a struggle to play as one of the smaller least developed country's. still its a pretty nice game and will give you a challenge to play a the more minor nations also I should mention that combat isnt really the biggest part of the game but more the diplomacy and the economy industrialization gameplay.


Fantastic Strategy Game

Sadizo | June 29, 2013 | See all Sadizo's reviews »

For hardcore strategy gamers, Victoria is certainly a good choice. Taking place during the industrial revolution, you take the reins of a nation and lead it through 100 years of history. You control every aspect of the nation; from its economy, politics, military and everything in between. Being my first Paradox title, it was very different from anything I'd ever played before. It took a while to figure it out, but now its second nature. Complex at first, but it is worth pushing through and learning how to play. Once you do, you will sink hundreds of hours into this game.


A unique game, not for everyone, but highly recommended

mutsuriini | June 14, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

This is yet another great strategy offering from Paradox. Fans of the original Victoria and its expansion, Revolutions, will feel a bit more at home. Those coming straight into the game cold, be prepared for a pretty steep learning curve; this is the case in almost all Paradox games and caveat emptor. With all that said, once you overcome the learning curve (and you will never fully plumb the depths, there seems to always be something new to learn) you find yourself rewarded with a deep, fulfilling grand strategy game set in the Victorian period, 1830s - 1920s. The political and economic aspects are the most stressed, though warfare and diplomacy should not be set aside too easily. The open ended nature of this game makes the course of your world's history unique and rarely duplicated.


A very enjoyable game

358thorn | April 27, 2013 | See all 358thorn's reviews »

Victoria 2 is a great game for people who like strategy games. You can play as a country from the year 1836 (or 1861 if you bought the A House Divided DLC), and rule it as a ruler would. You can go to war for many reasons, such as taking a state, freeing a country, or just to humiliate the opposing country. Unique events make the game exciting! Your people can rebel against your rule. You can influence their political beliefs using a national focus. You can colonize, conquer, and invade your way to the top for 100 years. For more fun, you can edit the .TXT files to make the game last longer, change countries' lands at the start, or even make your own! I found this game to be an amazing experience. I have encountered some graphical glitches, which might be my computer, and the multiplayer is hard to get used to, but overall it is a great game!


A Glorious Grand Strategy Game

wolfister1590 | April 16, 2013 | See all wolfister1590's reviews »

Based in the age of industrialization when the western countries were embracing new production methods, as well as new and revolutionary ideas about the rights of the common man, Victoria 2 truly sets itself apart from other games in the Paradox catalog. This is a deep and intriguing grand strategy game that focuses more on the economic and political points of an running an empire.Unlike games like Europa Universalis which focuses more on painting the map with your empires color, or Crusader Kings which has you focusing on continuing a dynasty, Victoria is for those who wish to experience the more intricate points of political turmoil of being a country in Europe that must compete with its imperialist neighbors. Though you are not simply held to being a great European power, you can be practically any nation in the world. The nations that can be chosen are listed in one of three categories, Great Powers such as Britain, France, or Russia; secondary powers like Spain, Denmark, or Brazil, and the so called "uncivilized nations" or those that have not adopted western ideals. Your choice will significantly affect the way you play and the difficulty as well. Now there are some downsides to Victoria it is not an easy game to get into, it is a game that challenges you to learn it and master it. Although there is a tutorial, which helps quite a bit, your real learning begins the moment you start the game. If you have played a paradox game in the past you know what to expect from this brand of grand strategy. All in all this is a great game that if you are willing to put in the time to learn will grab you and not let go for many hours. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves deep grand strategy games.


Build your own empire under the sun

DaiMonPaul | April 13, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Victoria 2 is another sandbox-style grand strategy game from Paradox. It takes place mostly in the 1800s in a period not often covered by strategy games (the only one I can think of which focuses on the same period that isn't exclusively about the American Civil War is Pride of Nations). Like other grand strategy games made by Paradox, it has a very high learning curve, but if you put in enough time and effort to learn the game, you'll end up with a very enjoyable experience. Victoria 2 focuses on economics and politics, although there is diplomacy, warfare, colonization, and empire-building in the game, too. The game plays smoothly, and the map is really pretty. The game is extremely complex, though, and it is not easy. There is a lot of micromanagement at times, especially when dealing with setting up your economy, but for a good portion of the game, it almost feels as if the game can play itself. The right balance between player interaction and computer help just isn't there all the time. There are also some other issues with diplomacy and colonization not being as in-depth as they should be. These are mostly fixed by the expansion, A House Divided, which I highly recommend you pick up. Vicky 2 is a fun game, and it is a good game, but it isn't perfect. If you can deal with a high learning curve and enjoy economic and political simulations, then you'll have a fun time with this game. Just make sure to pick up the expansion!