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CoD Killer

Sciazs | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

Leading up to the launch of this game has been filled with huge hype. Its great to see that the hype has lived up the expectation of gamers across the board, especially myself. I have been a CoD gamer up until Modern Warfare 3 and wanted a change of pace (even though I did buy CoD Ghosts). The "levolution" is absolutely fantastic, MASSIVE destructible structures in every map. The graphics are great for the PS3 in this day and age though it pales in comparison to its PC counterpart. This is a very teamwork heavy game so for the CoD gamers coming into this fresh, this is NOT about who has the best KDR, its playing with your team, achieving objectives and pulling all kinds of crazy destruction across the whole map. You have choices of different war vehicles i.e. jets, helicopters, tanks, jet skis etc. to destroy your enemy. You can jump off helicopters / buildings to parachute down. This is an epic game of an epic scale. Its a shame that the PS3 is currently limited to 32 player maps but bring on the PS4 upgrade (£10 only)! The online mode is not without a few bugs and patchy network issues but this is a game still within its launch window and has all the baseline for it to become the next number 1 console FPS.