Reviews for Ground Control II: Operation Exodus


Nice Real Time Tactics

lachking | April 26, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Ground Control 2 is a fun and exciting strategy real time tactics game. The most obvious difference to other strategy games like Starcraft is that there is no base building and you instead get extra units by way of a dropship. You gain requisition points by capturing strategic locations and you can use these points to buy more units and upgrades or use on special abilities. There are two playable races in the game: the humans and the Viron and each race gets a campaign which offers a variety of missions with solid voice acting to accompany the story in your fight against the Terrans. It is a bit odd however that you are unable to play as Terran at all, even in multiplayer or skirmish games. The highlight of the game however is the graphical style and effects. Simply said, the graphics are sublime. You can zoom in really close to the battle to the point you can hear your units’ footsteps and you can pan the camera to see the beautiful night sky with the reflection of planets and stars. When it rains you can even see the water run off on the terrain and the way the water itself reflects the above sky is simply dazzling. This is a great game with streamlined gameplay and an excellent atmosphere to keep you playing.