Reviews for Empire Earth 3


The downfall of the series

lachking | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

The first two Empire Earth games were quite good. There was a strong hybrid of Civilization and Age of Empires and it was fun to progress through the ages using units of different time periods. Empire Earth 3 falls short in many areas but the main problem is that this game has been simplified too much. Empire Earth 2 had 15 epochs in total and this game has 5. Rather than gradual changes through time that Empire Earth 2 had, Empire Earth 3 brings drastic changes as you progress and this leads to players trying to advance as quickly as possible rather than play strategically. The world domination idea is solid, but it is nowhere near as deep as Civilization. The game’s graphics are also solid, but like Empire Earth 2 the audio is disappointing: it is annoying and not particularly funny at all. The game’s AI is also pretty weak with poorly scripted unit path-finding. Some may say that Empire Earth 2 was a bit too deep and inaccessible to non RTS fans, but Empire Earth 3 simplifies the formula too much. A deeper and more complex experience is superior to a shallow and simplified one. Pick up Empire Earth 2 instead.


Pretty average game. Entertaining but not brilliant.

Solosmoke | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all Solosmoke's reviews »

As the title says, the game is a good game. Visually it looks good, gameplay is pretty standard; not too simple or over complicated. It's a step up from previous titles. I enjoyed the mix of Risk like strategy along with the typical RTS gameplay and found myself losing hours at a time playing each scenario without noticing, only coming up for air when I needed a drink etc. The factions, each having their own units and abilities are interesting and the effects of researching and special buildings make a noticeable difference on the units. Resources has been simplified and I don't really like the way it has gone, only needing wealth and "natural resource" now, makes the play focused more on combat and land acquisition which I guess some would like but personally, I'm not a fan of it.I like more depth than that. But as I said, overall it was a good game but nothing to set it apart from all other RTS games. Fans of the series wouldn't be disappointed and new comers will enjoy it as well but it's nothing to write home about, as they say.


Good, but not spectacular, as expected ...

kalil | July 4, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Frankly in the series I have not played her the 2nd installment, but if the first and last. The idea of ​​an RTS to take you through all the ages have always enjoyed. And within titles I like, EE III, is no exception ... However, it is not at all what I expected. The simplification in a game of this type is key. RTS that become too cumbersome are not accepted. However, this title seems to overdo this the "simplification" ... And the truth is that it has been more like an RTS title that does not provide enough. I understand that simplify choice civilizations helps mark their differences and improve as neither a civilization is like another. MAYBE BUT COULD HAVE SOME MORE. If you play with the Middle East, will have in the colonial age cataphracts mounted Cavalry Byzantine and Turkish conjugated in the same side (it's like Spanish conquistadors mingle with Aztec spearmen) ... If you play with the West will have to Greek warriors and spearmen Medieval medieval age. That's where your small simplification fails ... In addition, the system ages (Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, Modern, Futuristic) is good, but lacks an era apparently skipped. The industrial age itself of 1st and 2nd World War. Paragraph graphic is not great. I've only seen improvements in landscapes, maps, climatology and some effects (explosions, blood) But I'm seeing a ejérctio of clones in which units and buildings are not known for the quality of their textures. To make this game than expected, lacks innovation, a simplification that does not take away the excitement (or accuracy) to the game and a graphic section more worthy of the era in which it is. If skills include units, something very good and a tactical plus. Also the diplomatic system that not only develops with the other civilizations but also with native tribes, according to our actions, relentlessly attacking us or lend us aid That's it, no more to say. Well yes, spectacular, as everyone expected, no ...



Bolo | July 3, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

A very pretty RTS with some interesting twists. It takes "real" units from around the world and lets you use them to battle your opponents for people who are not into sci-fi themes this really is the best RTS out there. It also has a very good single player campaign.Empire Earth III works much like Empire Earth II, but with a few differences, and greatly simplified. There are only two resources now: Natural resources (Which can be harvested from trees, mines, ect), and wealth (Which is earned through trade routes). Technologies are researched closely to the way they were in the first of the series, but they can effect your units in different ways, like giving them special abilities. Rather than customizable civs or a large amount of them, the game only has three factions, and it also only has 4 ages. The game is extremely simplified and not as deep in strategy, but it's good to play when you want to play an RTS, but don't have 5 hours to dedicate to one match.