Reviews for Empire Earth 2: Gold Edition



Deadlygamer445 | April 2, 2014 | See all Deadlygamer445's reviews »

This game is absolutely fantastic. I have been playing strategy games for a reasonably long time, and I have never been more connected with any other series except Empire Earth. I used to play the original for hours on end with my friends, and this is simply an upgrade. I already loved the original and this is essentially better in every way.


An absolute classic

Dez | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all Dez's reviews »

No real time strategy game matches the scope and breadth of time periods like the empire earth series. Think of it as a cross over between Age of Empires and the Civilization games, the former's game style with the latter's time periods and more complicated technology trees. The combat is more complex than AoE because there are airplanes and nuclear weapons (which can be used to absolutely WREAK another player) and all kinds of more modern units. This game is the definitive RTS (most assuredly of its kind as in not competitive ala starcraft) IMO, and its dirt cheap especial when on sale.


Old and excellent

Chauci | May 31, 2013 | See all Chauci's reviews »

This is an old one, but it has so many different units for you to use and so many different factions to try. The graphics have aged rather well and still presents the game well enough for you to enjoy it. It is a mix of Age of empires and civilization and as such will let you decide what to research and how to do so. It is always exciting to reach a new age and receive the new units.


Pretty Good RTS

lachking | May 10, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Empire Earth 2 is a pretty old game now but it still is quite good. In most respects, Empire Earth 2 is Age of Empires and Civilization put together and works well for the most part. There are a variety of different campaigns and many different factions each with different bonuses and unique units. A standard skirmish or online game can take you through the ages from stone age times all the way to the future and it can be fun to fight your way through time using units of different time periods. The game also has weather effects such as rain which can alter the state of battle and the effectiveness of units. The battle plans interface is also interesting and allows you to coordinate an attack properly with AI teammates. The expansion pack improves the game by adding more units, factions and a tug of war game mode. The expansion also allows you to upgrade regular units to heroes, making them more effective in combat. In terms of presentation, the game is solid but not outstanding. The graphics are quite good, and the added picture in picture gives you an extra set of eyes on the battlefield. The music is also solid, containing a variety of different tracks suited to the civilization you’re playing. The sound effects however, are a bit of a letdown and mainly just consist of generic explosions, dying sounds and repeated unit dialogue. At the end of the day, this package is quite good, but also a bit dated. A good hybrid of Age of Empires and Civilization.


great strategy games

sasu33 | April 28, 2013 | See all sasu33's reviews »

One of the greatest strategy games I play well it's true that the graphics are good but aging Still there are beautiful now the gameplay is superb there are several very interesting campaign so we can say that life is really great! super short games of a best AOE!