Reviews for Victoria II: Interwar Spritepack


It does what it is supposed to do

m0rogfar | June 11, 2014 | See all m0rogfar's reviews »

This cosmetical DLC for Victoria 2 adds new uniforms during the interwar period of the game. These uniforms are nice but it is hard to tell the difference between the uniforms and they don't really feel worth it unless you really care a lot about these things or you study interwar history. Get it in the bundle as it is how you should buy Victoria 2.


The best of the Vicky 2 sprite packs, but cosmetic only

DaiMonPaul | April 13, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

This sprite pack adds realistic uniforms to the army sprites of various nations in the later part of Victoria 2. It's entirely cosmetic, and you don't really need it to enjoy the game. It IS well done, and the new sprites do add extra flavor to the experience of playing as one of the major nations. Of all the sprite packs, this one is probably the best one because it focuses on armies comprised of infantry. The other packs deal with artillery and aircraft, which you may not necessarily have in all of your armies (and thus, they would not show up). This pack would be better if it didn't just focus on the interwar period, though... this means that you have to actually make it to the end of the game in order to see the new uniforms in the game.