Reviews for Frozen Hearth [Playfire]


Feels unfinished and rushed. :(

McDoenerKing | June 4, 2013 | See all McDoenerKing's reviews »

It is one of the games you never heard of and pick it up cheap in retail. Then later at home after a couple of hours you will mourne about the lost money for years to come. First you have to know that it tries to borrow too many gameplay mechanics from too many different games. Capturing for a bonus like in HoMM, RTS without building phase, lanes like in MOBAs and so forth. The interface looks like from a game from the early 2k's and the graphics feel kind of sterile. The Good: It tries something new and is somewhat refreshing. The low price point lessen the fact that it needs some polishing, but maybe this game is lucky and the developer will support this game with a couple of patches to make it a round off experience. I like the character system, but wished there were a couple more characters to choose from. Every character plays differently so you may want to try out each character at some point. The campaign will entertain you long enough to say you got enough bang for your buck. Try it if you have a friend and want a coop campaign or if you are a fan of dawn of war/company of heroes/dota/LoL/HoN. Do not expect too much, but the fact that they provide modding tools and are even on a site like moddb shows some promies for this small dev team. So show it some love if you got enough spare cash. It is unique so it won't appeal to everyone, keep that in mind when buying it. Sadly there is no demo as far as I know.