Reviews for Napoleon: Total War


A wonderful game !

garocco | Feb. 8, 2015 | See all garocco's reviews »

Napoleon: Total War is a real time strategy game in the popular franchise Total War The game brings several improvements over its predecessors, especially on the graphics, modifying considerably the gaming experience on all levels.. The presence of firearms is a difference compared to many other games in the Total War series, besides the campaign options, which are two. However, the game has drawbacks. In my opinion, the small print, the presence of a few maps and factions are the game's problems. The soundtrack is very good the changes as the voltage increases further the characters are better designed and artificial intelligence is more elaborate. For anyone who is a fan of the franchise I recommend this game without a doubt.


Essentially a Focused Stand-alone Expansion

BronYrAurStomp | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all BronYrAurStomp's reviews »

Napoleon Total War is basically Empire Total War focused down into a European theatre. Many of the games crippling bugs have been removed, the AI is a lot more intelligent and battles are more intense and longer lasting. You can either play a large conquest style campaign mode as or against Napoleon on mainland Europe, or play as various factions in smaller and more focused arenas such as Napoleons invasion of Spain. Although enjoyable these game modes lack the sort of scale Total War players will recognise, particularly following the mammoth game Empire Total War. As such it did not keep me entertained anywhere near as long as Empire. If your a fan of the historical context however, this is a must buy, as true to form Creatively Assembly have provided a blend of historical accuracy and entertainment.


Hard to Judge Indeed

noobboy191 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

Well if you owned empire total war before this you may be disappointed. This new title is a step forward and backwards. If you loved the around the globe domination from empires you will be disappointed here as you will only be greeted with a European only campaign map. The good things about this is improved AI, less glitching/bugs, more gameplay mechanics, and generally an overall step forward in the battle department. If you have the extra cash you may want to pick this one up or if you are still deciding over empire or napoleon total war, this may be something for you, but if you already own empire, I would recommend you buy something else and wait until you have some spare cash for this game.


Could be a lot better

domenthechief | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

But unfortunately it isn't. It is still a good game, however. I enjoyed the campaign and the multiplayer, but compared to other Total War games, such as Rome or Shogun II, Napoleon is not in their league. But at the end of the day I believe that this game delivers what it intends to - or atleast what the game developers had in mind. I love the Total War franchise and its gameplay style. The Napoleon theme also enriches the game a lot. Would give it more if not for the lack of improvements from Empire. Also some buggy features, but overall a good, playable game. The graphics are top notch and Creative Assembly did a really good job there. Very quality graphics, nice effects and various environments - pretty much everything - are very well made. Even though I think this game is worth buying, some might be disappointed, but you know what, give it a try. You might even be impressed if you love Napoleon.


Improved a lot of Empire

odren | July 25, 2013 | See all odren's reviews »

The world map was less ambitious yet with more focus to a number of different aspects I would say that Napoleon is a better game than Empire and the time period is interesting enough that I would encourage anyone to give it a try


What Empire should have been

Demilisz | July 21, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Napoleon is something between stand alone expansion and new installment. It is a much, much better made game than Empire. Naval battles are better, AI is better, land battles are better and campaign is better - it is clear that with this game Creative Assembly learn how to use their own engine. The only drawback is that we are fighting in Europe only while Empire allows to battle in several continents. So if you don't mind less playable factions and smaller theatre of War than in Empire: TW - buy this one.


Great TW game as always

oipluckie | May 18, 2013 | See all oipluckie's reviews »

This one massively improves on the performance and visual of Empire TW. The only problem I had with Napoleon TW was that the special formation firing and such seem to have been taken out and reserved for only some of the special units. I really enjoyed managing all my buildings, research, diplomacy, and economy in this game compared to other TW games. So if you're wondering about the battles, well they're amazingly beautiful, though the AI may get stuck here and there trying to get into formation but it can be looked over at times even though it may be frustrating. The visuals are improved and they managed to even improve performance as well. The ship battles depends on your preference I think, I really enjoyed it alot just watching my cannon fire just tear the enemies' ship to pieces. All in all, I feel it's a great game even though the units may get stuck or bugged, it is something I find miniscule to such a great game. Really excited for Rome II!


Hm, well.

SuperFraz | May 9, 2013 | See all SuperFraz's reviews »

Napoleon is a tricky beast, The Battle AI got fixed from Empire, then they broke it in a new way. They Improved the Cannons, The Naval battles and the infantry movements altogether. Unfortunately, The cannons now butcher your own men as much as the enemy, the naval battles are scarce due to you probably ripping hostile navies apart in the opening turns, or them hiding out in the med. All in all solid improvements on Empire, just a little rushed.


Not what it could have been.

bradleeh | March 24, 2013 | See all bradleeh's reviews »

The game was good...but not great. First off, I'll start will the goods things about the game. The graphics were really good. I was surprised by how realistic everything looked. When you get into battles, you really have to have a good strategy or you will suffer heavy losses or completely lose the battle. I liked the difficulty of the battles. Naval battles were cool (personally, I sucked at them) and really makes you think about your navy unlike in previous games like Rome. Now with the not so good stuff. The campaign map was to complex. Trying to manage your cities and armies were way to hard. I preferred the simplicity of Rome. Next was the bugs. Artillery units will need constant supervision. You leave your artillery units for one minute to manage your other units during combat and next thing you know, they are shooting into the ground instead of aiming at a different enemy unit. Enemy artillery will do the same thing...just shoot into the ground instead of changing position or aiming at another unit. Altogether, the game is good...but not great.


Allons enfant d'la patrie!!!

curta | Nov. 20, 2012 | See all curta's reviews »

Technically good, Napoleon is a further refinement of the already great empire, especially the multiplayer part has been well cared for and is quite innovative for the genre. Have been improved naval battles and ia is a little more challenging. But it came too close to the previous chapter does not offer particular innovations almost as if it were only a substantial standalone dlc. Positive sure the accuracy of the limited historical period treated by the game, the battles of Napoleon. Personalmente mi aspettavo qualcosa in più, ma per gli amanti del genere resta un ottimo titolo.


Played it for months; could play it for years.

Tholdor | Sept. 17, 2012 | See all Tholdor's reviews »

Napoleon: Total War is the improved version of Empire, although a bit smaller in scope. For example, the main campaign map consists of only plain old Europe, without even Anatolia or North Africa, while Empire's grand campaign encompassed pretty much half the entire world. This is somewhat balanced by the inclusion of several smaller campaigns, like Italy, Egypt, and Iberia (as a DLC), but some of the epic feel you had while playing the Empire campaign is gone. Still, the game has more ups than downs. The AI is somewhat better, both the campaign and battle ones, the tech tree has been streamlined, as the time spans only from 1805 to 1812-13. Deployable Forts also have been removed, reducing fort spam for richer factions. And the graphics, well, just a look at the campaign map will already give you some clues: While smaller, it is much more detailed. In battles, the effects are pretty good, even though they may lag on slower computers. One downside I noticed is that the unit variation is much smaller, with a plain non-dlc faction consisting of one or 2 variations of line infantry, one grenadiers, one light infantry, 2 or 3 cavalry and artillery. France obviously gets more units, Napoleon being the focus of the game. The DLCs provide a handful of units, although I'm not a big fan of them. Thankfully, mods solve most of the problems, with the exception of a bigger campaign map, as there's no tools to edit it. Yet. Bottom line, a polished version of Empire, far smaller in scope, but more dynamic by nature. If you're a napoleonic era fan, by all means get it. The anachronistic prussian 1805 uniforms may scare you a bit, but the game's pretty nice and will entertain you for weeks, or months, or maybe even years.


CA Began its Redemption Here

ROKET | June 30, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

After buying Empire Total War and experiencing my first crappy experience with Creative Assembly and their terrible support for Empire - I vowed never to buy another Total War game again. That was until I got Napoleon TW for cheap and finally got to play. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they provide two campaigns for the game but they also revamped the visuals and combat. There is nothing like marching your line infantry into the thick of combat and seeing those muskets fire. The blasts, the sounds, everything were great. The campaign map also got a facelift with better visuals and some great streamlining. I also liked the new environments and the way the environment behaved as a character of its own. Theres much more I could mention about this game but it goes on sale all the time. If you are looking for a great strategy game set in the Napoleonic Era - look no further.


Total Napoleon War

faraany3k | Aug. 27, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Another superb addition to a great series. Napoleon Total War is a cinematic and engrossing life journey of one of the most iconic Generals in history. Unlike the previous TW title Empire, where focus was more on diverse civilizations. Napoleon TW generally covers the life of this great general. Single player is more focused this time around with a lot more character and storyline which was missing in the previous titles. Single player campaign now features episodic campaign featuring many different phases of Napoleon life. Game as a whole isn't much of a improvement over the previous title but still fun as both the RTS and TBS section are still intact with all there might and grandness. Mutiplayer section has also been given a lot of attention this time around and ACHIEVEMENTS have been added that give game an additional layer of replayabailty. If you are a fan of TW series and looking for a much tighter and focused single player campaign with fully realized story, Napoleon: Total War is the best title for you.


Apart from a better multiplayer and graphics, not too improved.

mevidek | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

Napoleon: Total War is essentially a stand-alone expansion pack for Empire: Total War. Not expanding in many ways, this game isn't exactly revolutionary, but rather evolutionary. An improved Multiplayer and graphics may attract some, but still even though this is not the best Total War Game, fans of the series and genre should still purchase this for a try.


Not Much Improvement

JovoSK | Aug. 16, 2011 | See all JovoSK's reviews »

Napoleon: Total War was very similar to Empire. While the campaign was very fun to play, gameplay lacked innovation. In my opinion, this could have settled off as an expansion pack, not a full game. As with Empire, warfare is massive. Huge, fast attacks are the name of the game. Hitting your enemy from multiple sides, and outmaneuvering their troops is what wins wars, and Napoleon delivers. Unfortunately, sea battles are hard to get the hang of, and really aren't worth the time. If you can organize a match with friends, this game is sure to entertain, as multiplayer is a key component of the Total War series.


Just empire

hotmando1 | July 14, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

This game is basically empire:total war reskinned. All the patches that should have entered Empire:total war went into Napoleon instead. This is why the game feels so polished and etc. The new units are not really super-exciting or anything of the sort. Visuals are improved but not as much as shogun2 was improved. Still, glitches and bugs are extremely low compared to Empire:total War. If you like empire, you should just stick with it. If you got extra cash, get Napoleon! Total war never lets down players nevertheless.


Be a Napoleon

satyakun | June 22, 2011 | See all satyakun's reviews »

This game is a really cool game. The campaign will tell you about the life story of Napoleon. From his rise in France until the fight in Waterloo. Inside the game, tactic is the most influential thing. Do something unplanned and your army will decrease. this make it a bit difficult, but it realistic right? the graphic are far improved and smooth now, also with the sound scheme. Very recommended for you who love the Total War experience!


Napoleonic Warfare done right...

thekman | April 20, 2011 | See all thekman's reviews »

What this is: Napoleon is an entry in the Total War series of RTS’s / Turn based strategy games. It’s an evolution of Empire Total War, but is superior to that in setting and gameplay. Graphics: The turn based part of the campaign was fun, graphically interesting in a Civilization way, but what I was really interested in were the battles and they were by far the best depiction of Napoleonic warfare ever. You can play from the zoomed-out view for strategic planning and then zoom right in to see the fighting close up. Sound: Period music and great battle sounds add to the atmosphere and round out the battles nicely. Multiplayer: As this is an entry in the best period strategy game series, the multiplayer is great. Singleplayer: Several ways to play the game, from the whole Turn-based and RTS mix Campaign, to just cherry-picked battles or make your own army and fight on one of the many included maps. There are naval battles too, although minutely detailed, they didn’t really hold my attention. Co-Op: Impressive Co-Op options here, allowing you to team up against the Computer in the battles, making the huge Battlefield and Armies much easier to control. Summary: More polished than Empire, less scope, but it depicts Napoleonic Warfare in intricate detail and succeeds in capturing the chaos and fun of the huge battles with their utterly mad tactics of standing in lines and firing at each other. Thoroughly recommended for Single Player and Co-Op multiplayer if this era of warfare in any way interests you…