Reviews for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon


Great parody of VHS era

Demilisz | March 19, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

This game has everything that made movies from VHS era famous. Every single cliche is here, but twisted and turned into parody. As one man army you will kill and destroy to save the girl. Most of game assets comes from Far Cry 3, but are modified accordingly, so you can feel the climate from every corner all the time. Far Cry fans must buy it, while gamers who don't like the series still should give it a try. This is very similar, but different at the same time.


Amazing for the price.

TETfromLondon | Dec. 16, 2013 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

Blood Dragon is a game based on the original Far Cry 3, reusing may assets such as the landscape and vehicles. However, it does a great job of re-skinning these things. The landscape now has a purple-red colour. The animals are often cyber-versions of themselves or alternatively zombified versions. It looks and feels very nice. There have been minor gameplay changes. Your character moves far faster, jump higher and can survive falls from great heights. Their is also a new arsenal of weapons available, all of which are fun to use. The game is very self aware, parodying cheesy 80s sci-fi movies, with over the top voice acting and plot and 80s sci-fi style music. You play Rex Power Colt, voiced by Michael Biehn. The dial has been turned all the way up to 11 for this game, and the only major criticism I have is that it gets a little old by the end, especially the looping music. Still, you will get at least 15 hours of gameplay out of this, which is amazing value for such a cheap game.


A retro Far Cry 3.

rjb789 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

If you loved Far Cry 3, you will love this! It is a world full of frequently funny dialogue and TONS of 80s references and the enemy AI is considerably better than in FC3. The mechanics mirror Far Cry 3 and so are brilliant, however the addition of new weapons is a nice touch and makes the game stand out. For this price (£11) you should get it!


It is a real Far Cry!

ccroatian | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all ccroatian's reviews »

The title is a bit misleeding but this is the only bad thing I can say. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is fun all the way, until the end of the story and even further. It is absolutely not serios, that is why everything is simpler than it is in Far Cry 3 and that is a good thing. I am just a little sad that the story is about 4 hours long only, but you can spend even more time with killing and collecting televisions and videotapes for guns or upgrades. I just miss the multiplayer option...but I think they didn't make one because it would be the sam as Far Cry 3 multiplayer...but I think theyhave the talent for making one. Oh and the soundtrack and voice acting is brilliant! This game worth every cent or penny.


If you loved far cry 3, you'll love this

Darlizzle | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all Darlizzle's reviews »

as stated above, it's far cry 3 on steroids set in the 80's. 100% in around 8 hrs with a story that makes only a lick of sense but you love it because of it. It gives you a task, you go kick the butt out of it. The usual collectathon upgrades weapons and collect stuff for collection sake. Highly enjoyable game oh and also DRAGONS WITH LASER BEAMS - COME ON.


Pretty enjoyable

Ididdie | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Ididdie's reviews »

After I heard about this game, I knew I had to play it. I had just finished FC3 and everything about this game seemed wonderful. It delivered on most aspects. As a satire, the game is pretty funny. The music is decent and the mechanics are obviously on the level of FC3. However, I feel it has a high love/hate ratio due to the colour palette used (dark blue, red and neon colours) and the balance of the weapons is completely off. This makes for great fun minigun sessions and exploding sniper headshots, but I can imagine it's not made for everyone. Even though it is meant as a satire, the story is pretty weak, the enemies are not that interesting and many of the quests are boring. All in all, the game offers a great $15 shoot-everything-you-see with neon explosions and silly humour.


A superb piece of standalone content

09williamsad | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all 09williamsad's reviews »

This is basically FC3 if it was made in the 90s in the style of what they thought the future would be like. Mechanics are almost identical to FC3 with a sci-fi reskin For the price it is a sci-fi FC3 with little filler and a crazy style.


Good mod

Pamplepoire | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all Pamplepoire's reviews »

The game is pretty fun to play but there isn't enough content for a standalone game. It's more like a Farcry 3's mod.The main campaign is also very short, only 3hours to be finished. About the funny universe, I was very disapointing. Everybody say it's hilarious but there's only 2 or 3 things really fun in the game. What a shame, there was a good potential.


A fun little time-waster

hazabaza1 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all hazabaza1's reviews »

If you've played FarCry 3, you know what you're getting into. If you haven't expect a lot of free-roaming, sidequest doing, collectible finding very pretty FPS action. The setting is of course a little less (actually much less) serious than the standard game, so the voice acting and story is similarly cheesy and fun. That being said, the lower price does mean that you're probably expecting less time spent, which you'll be getting. There's a lot less weapons, the upgrade system is less open, there's very few main story missions and the island is considerably smaller. Even so, Blood Dragon's a fun game that's nice to look at. Pick it up on sale if you want to waste some time, otherwise it's a great addition if you really enjoy FarCry3 or just want a silly excuse to shoot dudes and giant dragon lizards.


Far Cry 3 in the past future

Hunork | July 27, 2013 | See all Hunork's reviews »

You know how good a joke is when you tell it to someone else. Turns out that Blood Dragon’s scattershot storm of references barely holds together in the cold light of a school run. It’s presented as if playing on a VHS tape, but the story is told through crude sort-of 8-and-16-bit cutscenes, and the game itself is modern 3D. It references 18-rated movies, while the trailer harked toward He-Man. Despite how incredibly hard it tries, it rarely raised much of a smile, although I loved Power Glove’s pitch-perfect soundtrack, which blends parody with homage so well it’s actually good to listen to.So thematically Blood Dragon’s a bit of a mess, but it’s still enormous fun because it’s actually just a tuned up, pared-down Far Cry 3 that’s even less willing to get in the way of uncomplicated mayhem. You start with its four core weapons: a shotgun, assault and sniper rifles, and handgun. You can run like the wind, jump like a kangaroo, and you don’t take fall damage. You’re a Cyber Commando, a resurrected soldier that crosses T-1000 with Robocop, and you’re out to wreak manly justice on your doublecrossing CO, who wears a chainmail vest just like Bennett’s in Commando. Action is pressed to the fore: the island is thick with battles between your faction, the Scientists, and the bad guys, and it frequently feels more than a little Serious Sam.


Little bit disappointing after finishing Far Cry 3

kubqo | July 3, 2013 | See all kubqo's reviews »

Far Cry 3 was the best game of the year for me and Blood Dragon takes its mechanics, downscale them and have a smaller map. You would think that makes it fantastic game as well. But while i love its humor, music and style, after playing Far Cry 3 i did not have a feeling i need to play something similar imidiately. And even if i wanted to, i would play FC3 again because it would notbe repetitive thanks to its scale. But thing i hate about BD is its color. While that may sound funny and stupid, it genuinely makes spotting enemy extremely hard and therefore capturing bases pure frustration instead of the best mechanic in FC3.



samuelrowlands | June 24, 2013 | See all samuelrowlands's reviews »

Love playing it, complete laugh. Hours of fun, if you enjoyed far cry 3, this is better, it's comical, so you need a sense of humor, but if you don't you'll still love the gameplay.


Old school entertainment

MarkDeejay | June 19, 2013 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Blood Dragon is a more modern take on the games and movies of the 80's (and early 90's I guess). It's got lots of neon, dragons, a cheesy story, old school music and a lot, A LOT, of explosions. All combined into a neat little Far Cry package. Meaning it's an open world environment, and it has sidemissions and upgrades, too. If you're from the 80's theres's a high probability you'll instantly fall in love with this game. I did. It looks great in motion, the voice acting is great (although the story is purposely ridiculous) and it has tons of action in it, thanks to some awesome weapons in it. The world feels a bit empty, however. Where Far Cry 3 was filled with wildlife, I rarely saw wild animals in Blood Dragon. But it's possible that was because of the lighing and the fact that I didn't really explore like I normally do. Nothing big, it just caught my attention. Blood Dragon is, unfortunately, also a bit on the short side. Completing the game, doing only the main missions, took me about 3,5-4 hours to do. Enough for a downloadable game and more importantly, to keep things interesting. If you add the hunting missions and other sidemissions you can probably double that number. Upgrading your character also happens automatically (there are no skill trees) so replaying the game isn't all that interesting because you'll gain the same skills and perks every time, no matter what. Not that it mattered, because I had a blast playing Blood Dragon, and that's all that counts. Recommended !


a cheap AAA tittle.

drafek | June 18, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

Far cry 3 blood dragon is a standalone dlc for far cry, this game isn't far cry! It uses mechanics from far cry but the game is different. The game is done pretty well, the plot isn't as good as the plot from Far cry 3 but it's alright. This game is what duke nukem forever should've been. The game does have some nice features. It's a AAA game for only 15 euro! Go for it!


Amazing games

Mattydb | June 4, 2013 | See all Mattydb's reviews »

This game is one of the best add on spin offs ive ever seen. Only reason im not giving a 90 is because of the fact i find it kind of repetitive other than that its great.


A travel to the future ... 80's Action Movie-Style

TheBuyingSun | May 30, 2013 | See all TheBuyingSun's reviews »

This game is 80's Action. Everything is: The Music. The Characters. The Cutscenes. The Weapons. Please go ahead and spend 15 bucks to enjoy this game full of references. Just for the fun of it. Even if you don't understand most of the references.


All 80's Fun in a a great FPS !

xghosts | May 28, 2013 | See all xghosts's reviews »

I'm not a fan of the Far Cry Franchise ! Don't ask me why. I don't why myself. But I do loved the 80's and their over-the-top action movies such as Terminator, Robocop, Predator, Rambo... So how can I dislike this game ? Maybe because of the Gameplay ! But nooooo ! The Gameplay is just perfect. The mechanicals are simple but efficient, the fun is constant. Mixed to this brilliant retranscription of all 80's action fury, Blood Dragon surely is a good pick for any player who like this partcular era of our culture. Everything isn't perfect, as the adventure only last 5-6 hours and the game is not that difficult... But who cares ! You want fun ? Blood Dragon is bleeding fun by every holes ! And for the price, iorth the trip, believe me !


great and goofy 80s shooter with far cry 3 mechanics.

Obbag | May 24, 2013 | See all Obbag's reviews »

so this far cry 3 spin off does not have anything in common with the original story wise but the gameplay has not really changed. you are a super soldier who is able to run fast without wearing out and can jump from any hight. the takedowns and other abilities are the same as in far cry 3, the difference being that many of them are available to you from the start. like in the original the gunplay is lots of fun, the story is hilarious (i like it a lot more than far cry 3s) and if you dig 80s action flicks you are gonna love this. the voice acting is top notch and the 80s synth music is even better! for this pricepoint you cant do anything wrong, i only suggest if you just finished far cry or been playing it a lot that you wait with this one for a while since the gameplay is practicly the same and it would be a shame if you could not appretiate it as a new experience.


Very Entertaining!

MrBubble424 | May 14, 2013 | See all MrBubble424's reviews »

I really enjoyed Far Cry 3 and the minute Blood Dragon was announced I was interested and, as it turns out, my interest was not wasted! Blood Dragon has all the mechanics of the original Far Cry 3 game but set in an 80's interpretation of the future. Solid mechanics they are too. Tight gunplay, good platforming and good animations. Graphically it is a relatively nive looking game (if a bit dark) but the engine the game runs on (even on my 3GB 660GTX) may be slightly below average FPS. That and the slightly less interesting plot than FC3 is the reason this game gets a mid-eighty score. Great game with only a few minor complaints. You will not regret buying it!


An entertaining, and hilarious, adventure.

fable2 | May 14, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

Ubisoft payed homage to the 80's and what a way to do it with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.From the beginning of the game to the climax,gamers are taken back into time.The cut scenes are done retro style.But what stands out is the weapons,locations and the blood dragons(they steal the show).This game is the ultimate blockbuster out of the 80's.power glove gave us a true reflection of the game with the release of some soundtracks.The opening theme song makes you want to just listen instead of playing(blows you away).The lack of a final boss fight was my only disappointment.A QTE would have been fair enough.But it still didn't take away the great experience this game had to offer.Hoping ubisoft will continually give gamers such experiences and prove that the FPS genre can truely innovate and is here to stay.


Definitely worth it

DarkTanner2 | May 6, 2013 | See all DarkTanner2's reviews »

This game is good! This is the coolest game EVER! For those who have played the Far Cry games, FC3BD takes all of the coolest things about Far Cry, and puts them in an 80's action movie experience that you absolutely MUST play to appreciate. For those unfamiliar with Far Cry, let's just say that there is a huge world to discover. You get to explore huge maps and take down enemy outposts, using a variety of cool weapons. You can either do open assaults or play stealthy and sneak up on people to kill them. You can hunt animals, (and be hunted by them.) You get to drive land and water vehicles. There is just so much to do!! Anyhow, that's my short primer on Far Cry. So Blood Dragon is a spin off from Far Cry that takes place in the future (2007) Michael Biehn plays the lead character, named Rex Power Colt, a cyber soldier. Your mission is to stop your former commander Sloan who is also a cyber solder, but has gone rogue. Everything about this game pays homage to old 1980s action movies. You get to hear the predator vision when you switch your cyber zoom modes. You hear the pulsating synth Terminator music when you are stalking your enemies. It is a very enjoyable experience. The dialog exchanges between the characters make this game priceless! I highly recommend this game for anyone who has loved Terminator, Aliens, Predator, etc. You get to kill a bunch of cyber solders and save the world Far Cry style, and be Michael Biehn while you do it! Well Done UBISoft! **UPDATE** I just beat the game on hard. The ending is so freaking good!!! Play it all the way through!!


Pretty good

maddocks2379 | May 5, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

Now i havn't played far Cry 3 but i picked up blood dragon as its cheap. The graphics are ok, not amazing but i think its the filter that causes that, there are lots and lots of neon lighting effects. However its the humor where the game steps up, the game is comical at times and has a few 80's references, the combat is good, the dragons look great and the weapons are great (especially the deathstar, altho its far too overpowered) The downside is, its easy and only about 5-6 long (however its a £12 game, and some £35 games are the same length)


Stupid, Silly and Absolutely Fun

Mandemon | May 3, 2013 | See all Mandemon's reviews »

This game is stupid and it knows it. Rather than trying to pretend to be anything, it takes the stupidity in it's arms and marries it, turning stupidity into awesome. The game is full of cliches and shouts and they are mercilessly both mocked and respected. Game is, gameplay wise, your standard Far Cry game. It's an open world filled with all kinds of crazy cyber-creatures and cyber-soldiers wanting to horribly, horribly kill you and eat you, not necessarily in that order. Game is rather short, only 7 story missions and a handful of side-missions, which come in two flavors: Rescue someone or kill something in specific way. There are also garrisons you can liberate and three types of colletables. Weapons wise, game has limited weaponry, but it offers lots of customization. Writing is near perfect, filled with jabs at 80's and even towards the game itself. The story is a cliche fest just like you would expect from something made in 80's. In a longer game, the graphics style and writing would get eventually boring, but the games length and price are perfect. Game is just short enough to make you sit back and think "That was AWESOME!" and the price reflects this. All in all, I warmly recommend this game to everyone. If you want to try what sort of games Far Cry games are, this is a perfect, "lite" version filled with ham and cheese. If you are a fan of Far Cry games, then this is perfect addition to your library. Also, 5 extra points solely for the last mission. It just so ridiculously stupid and awesome that I was positively giggling like a school girl.


Nostalgic DLC

Infiltrator | May 3, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

Blood Dragon is a great homage to 80's/90's video game and movie culture. The plot is humorously simple and you run around while listening to Michael Biehn deliver some absolutely sobadthey'regood one-liners. Apart from that, gameplay is similar to FC3; liberate outposts, save scientists, kill animals. The music is oddly catchy. So what's not to like? Well, the 80's filter may grate on you after a while and UPlay gave me some tense moments in the beginning when it wouldn't connect to their server. Still, Blood Dragon was a very enjoyable experience.


What Duke Nukem should've been but more awsome

Damhuis | May 2, 2013 | See all Damhuis's reviews »

I rarely find myself laughing at the story of a game, but right from the start FC3BD i was certain that this was going to be a very fun ride. And mainly the Tutorial was pure genius with a kind of self-deprecating that most of the game devs like to stay away from. So on the comedy front you're well and covered. So now lets talk about the gameplay. This is best described as if Duke Nukem and Far Cry 3 had a love child and raised it with awsome pills, the insane weapons (like explosive snipers), dragons, and cyberdragons make it really fun to play. the controls are the same as those from Far Cry 3. However the leveling system has been changed where as you now upgrade along a predetermined path. The story is like the rest of the game over the top and action packed. But definitely worth following, for the old pop culture references, great voice acting, and so much cliches that it's hard not to laugh at them. This seems to be really difficult for some dev (to get a great story but still keep it funny). But FC3BD has nailed this You will spend around 6 to 8 hours on the story mode, but many more on just running around destroying and killing thing. In summary it's a great game with good gameplay, good jokes/references and definitely worth spending a few bucks on.


Funny and interesting game

custardsplash | May 2, 2013 | See all custardsplash's reviews »

I have played this game for about 7 hours now and I'm so glad i bought it. it has given me tonnes of laughs and the game play is really fun. The game play is similar to Far Cry 3 but the new models, skins sound and new atmosphere make it feel like a whole new game. the dialog is very funny and the action is very good. However my one gripe with this game is the flare of all the colours, don't get me wrong i love the style of this game, its just the lights can be a bit unbearable after a couple of hours of play. Over all i think this is an amazing game at a great price!


Amazing and silly!

DrunkRufie | May 1, 2013 | See all DrunkRufie's reviews »

Original I had no idea Ubi where working on this, I've played and finished Far Cry 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it so this I had to check out. Instantly loved it, loaded with cheesy sayings you'd expect from an over the top action movie and with retro futuristic feel going on with the textures, all the neons and the music to top it off. If you in anyway enjoyed FC3 then you should enjoy this, it is after all FC3 at its core and as a standalone game for the price, this is worth every.penny. The game is aimed to be stupid funny but at times it feels they might have tried a little to hard on that. But this game is definitely not meant to be taken serious at all, just fire it up and have some fun killing blood dragons!


Funny and a nice game

wolferatus | May 1, 2013 | See all wolferatus's reviews »

This game is realy good, full of jokes and irony, if you love Far Cry 3 or other Shooter this is a must buy, music is very nice too, I`m not realy a fan of cyberspace games or old music but this game is worth the 15€ as hell! graphic look very nice, for this price i haven`t seen games with that good graphic. Gameplay is like Far Cry 3, only with Cybers :)


Fun, cheese-fuelled romp

bradysam | May 1, 2013 | See all bradysam's reviews »

This game is the definition of insanity. Bright neon lights wherever you look with an intense, pumping 80s soundtrack spurring you from one encounter to the next. The game is much more fast paced than Far Cry 3 and if you played Far Cry 3 you'll recognize a lot of the mechanics, animations and basic models. It's obviously a retexturing of the original game, but it's done very very well. As you play as Rex Power Colt you actually feel like an unstoppable cyborg badass; you don't take fall damage, you can hold your breathe indefinitely and the weapons you wield all feel like they can take down a small (or in some cases large) army. It's not quite as long as the original Far Cry 3, partially because it feels like it plays a faster and is a lot more action rather than stealth orientated, but it's definitely worth every minute as it is full of high octane action. There are also plenty of cheesy one liners and it often pokes fun at FPS mechanics adding to the joy that this game already elicits. It would just be nice if it was longer, but it's a very, very worthwhile experience.