Reviews for Dead Island: Game of the Year [Legacy]


Refreshing addition to the zombie genre, but ultimately flawed

whvice | May 11, 2013 | See all whvice's reviews »

Amazing release trailer, impressive previews & equally fun gameplay overall. A sweet RPG-addition to the bustling zombie-slaying genre. The view might be amazing for starters, and getting your first tool & zombie-slaying experience is a satisfying experience for those fans of the apocalypse. Exploring the breath-taking island is intriguing in itself, killing zombies for loot & stronger, unique items yields hours of fun. However, some time down the road & a couple of missions later the gameplay does get a little repetitive and boring. Killing zombies soon turn out more like a chore and rarely satisfy your thirst for zombie blood due to the effort spent. Item UI for the PC is a tad bit annoying, especially when it comes to accessing inventory and switching weapons. Enemies that respawn almost instantly after you've left an area eliminates the satisfaction of "clearing" an area and hence, saving the day (for that one neighbourhood at least) but no - minutes later you're faced with the same foes, and the cycle repeats. That said, co-op is definitely more suited for this game as they fun of killing swarms of zombies with friends may alleviate the repetitive/tiring chore of mindless looting/progressing further into the storyline. If you're a fan of real scares or true horror (ala Dead Space series) - this game is not for you. Think Left 4 Dead, but with a much slower pace, "heavier" feel, and relatively less overall sense of achivement & fun.


If you hated dead island avoid however

britishlad | May 7, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This review is simple If you hated dead island avoid at all costs simply because nothing has changed graphics are still the same, annoying bugs from the first game have not been fixed etc However if you are me and enjoyed dead island then give you might wanna give this a shot. Here's a list of things I liked and didn't like: Things I like: Defence missions are awesome - setting up defenses (gun emplacements, mesh fences, laying mines) is great fun for me but this is perhaps not everyones cup of tea some cool new weapons such nail gun, harpoon, rocket launcher etc guns do damage this time round The game has mini sidequests where you can upgrade your AI teammates by collecting certain items they need (e.g 7 batteries) to make them better in combat during the defense missions and it does work Things I dislike: Ranking up is way too easy compared to the first game Not enough side missions - The first game had hundreds this one not so much... So to sum up I enjoyed Riptide but it's not really worth price as this game feels like expansion pack rather than a sequel (I know it's not officially a sequel but the game is still charged at full price) items and money in travel bag respawn at ridiculously fast rates driving a boat around and getting endless drowner zombies climbing into the boat is fucking annoying and is hard without teamates Some of the new special infected are simply more annoying and frustating to fight


Great first act but goes downhill from there

Profoundly_Mad | May 2, 2013 | See all Profoundly_Mad's reviews »

Dead Island offers an open world filled with zombies as you use your characters special abilities to craft unique weapons and hack your way through zombies. Unfortunately the controls don't feel very PC friendly and after the amazing first act, the game descends into repetition through uninteresting areas. Still worth buying cheap however.


Not my taste

Rexauer | May 2, 2013 | See all Rexauer's reviews »

I loved left for dead because of the zombies and thought this would be a game for me, it isn't. Graphics are good but the playstyle is a bit weird with weapons getting weaker during time as an example. The game also got boring really fast and I wasn't able to finish (something I usually do when I really want to)


Fantastic game with a few flaws

Zache_ | May 1, 2013 | See all Zache_'s reviews »

At first glance the game looks amazing. Lovely graphics and environments and the zombies feel 'realistic'. In no other game have I ever had so fun just running around crushing skulls and chopping off limbs. The versatility of the weapons is great, though I feel firearms is hugely underpowered, but that doest really matter as melee weapons are a hundred times the fun! There are quite a bit of flaws in this game though. The first major flaw I encountered was the driving. It feels horrible. Weird acceleration and steering. I would've hoped for better driving to mash all the zombies with my car. Hopefully this gets fixed in Riptide. The other part I dont like is that it feels soooo optimized for console. Both the rendering and the controls. I play with a Razer Hydra so controls doesnt really matter for me. Overall the game is great, and when its on sale for ~5$ you have to get it! The Bloodbath Arena is great aswell. Much more fun than Call of Dutys zombie mode.


Great Game!

Capracus | April 24, 2013 | See all Capracus's reviews »

This is just plain fun! A large open world to explore filled with zombies makes this game out to be a great time, by yourself or with friends. The weapon crafting has enough depth to build something and then go test it on the first zombie you see. If you enjoy hack n slash zombie games and RPGs then you'll probably enjoy this game. Small parts to this game are a bit repetitive and dull but the rest of the game makes up for it.


Zombie paradise

maxivz | April 17, 2013 | See all maxivz's reviews »

The game is an open world zombie slasher where you can get weapons latter on, sound good right? Add rpg elements to that, sounds even cooler right? Now add weapon crafting, shopping and searching for stuff to help you slash zombie heads, sound incredible right? Well, it is. This game is a masterpice, the controls are really tight and the level design is beautiful. If you a zombie fan this game is a must as its in the same quality level as left 4 dead 2. The models and the sounds are really good, the engine is pretty optimized even if it drops some fps in some areas. The dlc is a nice extra for the game, so what are you waiting for? if you like zombies, if you like the beach, if you like being in a paradise that looks more like hell. Then get it already!


Fantastic game !

Soulreape | April 16, 2013 | See all Soulreape's reviews »

Loved every minute of it when I played it on release, really good missions and enough "events" to keep things going. You get a good sense of urgency from the NPC's and the graphics are great on a half decent PC. Zombies AI is very good also, giving you the ability to sneak past or go in armed to the teeth and things waving ! ;) I may even buy this edition again to get the DLC. Great fun on co-op, dont really have a bad thing to say about this game, enjoyed every moment of it.