Reviews for Train Simulator: London Faversham High Speed


A fairly good route with a unique locomotive

HopelessHyena | July 14, 2015 | See all HopelessHyena's reviews »

The route features a very unique train, the Class 395, which cannot be purchased anywhere else, and is one of the USPs of this DLC. It's really great to drive but includes several re-purposed sound effects from previous locos. You do also get a 375 though this functions mainly as AI traffic. The scenery is fairly dense, even out in the countryside. The route is very interesting, with many complex stations - Ebbsfleet International being one of the highlights. The scenarios featured are both Career and Standard to suit everyone's tastes. Unfortunately only a small selection of scenarios are included, and none involving the 375. If you're going to buy this route, I would recommend getting the Sheerness Branch line addon too, as this provides a lot of additional interest. I have found that on lower spec PCs, this route does reduce frame rates significantly compared to a lot of other similar routes released in '13. This DLC is generally quite good and on par with the likes of the East Coast Main Line, and Great Eastern Main Line. Generally well detailed, modelled and enjoyable to drive.


Not Bad!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

The package includes the route, the 395 and four 375s altogether Southeastern livery variations. The route runs from London St Pancras to Faversham in Kent and has very little deviation off the most route bar a handful of stations aboard the particular route (Dagenham Dock, Rainham and Purfleet on the LTS line and Swanscombe and Northfleet on the North Kent line) however it will embody the Ford Motors sidings simply aboard Dagenham further as Hoo Junction Yard. The route is primarily traveler primarily based. The 395 has multiple options that sometimes aren’t seen at intervals RSC merchandise which has DSD, AWS self-test, variable speed wiper, multiple light settings and a 2 tone horn. These options area unitn’t necessary however are a pleasant addition to the train and every one over increase the realism. The in cab signalling could be a new feature not seen before at intervals the sport and it works terribly nice in property you recognize the speed you ought to be going/slowing down for further as transitions well once getting into Ebbsfleet and shift onto the a lot of British primarily based AWS. Having to change power supply is additionally a replacement feature and it works seamlessly once doing thus at Ebbsfleet to the purpose wherever if you continue running along with your mechanical device up within the rails section can|you'll|you may} not be studying any power and also the Line potential unit show will extinguish. alternative nice options embody the operating record the in cab show further because the show showing what number coaches your unit is created of (upon coupling/decoupling you ought to see the screen modification reckoning on what you did). St Pancras has been worn out all its glory and in game you'll undoubtedly tell what station it's terribly simply. alternative buildings and bridges are done well and also the route is sceneried well throughout. this is often additionally the primary route to form use of tunnel occlusion thus once exploitation TSX effects the tunnels area unit dark as purported to light-weight that adds to the realism at intervals the route. There area unit some little bugs at intervals the route, this includes the LTS line not having OHL, the 395 mechanical device being too high parts of the route and certain dark parts in tunnels. additionally there's solely three real situations (excluding the introduction situations) and no scenarios for the 375 enclosed at intervals the route.