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RyanFitz | May 10, 2013 | See all RyanFitz's reviews »

Another of my favourite games of recent times, Telltale's "The Walking Dead" series is an astounding piece of interactive entertainment. A zombie game - a genre which has been as devoid of inspiration as the shuffling corpses are of life - but with the focus not on running and gunning. In this game, you will develop relationships with a varied cast of characters trying to stake out their existence in a Zombie-filled world. And trust me when I say that this game delivers on those relationships - I can say without hesitation that this is a moving and emotive game. As the reviewer above said, whether you are incited to rage or brought to tears, the game allows you to experience more than just the thrill and fear that we may be accustomed to with previous entries into the zombie genre. Although we do have the occasional annoyance of Quick Time events (as Yahtzee pointed out, I think this game tried to break my Q key) most of the game is dialogue and puzzle driven. Nearly all of the puzzles are realistic and straightforwards in their solutions - the craziness of previous Point & Click games is mostly missing. Significantly, it allows players to make choices that affect how other characters react to you, and choices you make can have an impact on the story outcomes of later episodes. Indeed, the biggest commendation I can give to this game is that as soon as I had finished I loaded it up again for a second run, just to see what could have happened if I'd made different choices.


No reviews....seriousily?

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Surprised there are no other reviews...This game is AMAZING. I'm not really into point and click adventures (I prefer first person shooters) However I really enjoyed this game - It's very simple (puzzles are easy) but It's all about the characters and story. You have to make a lot choices (choosing to save one person but let another die) and a lot of dialogue choices (which effects how other character treat you) etc The game is simply excellent in the way it draws you - I have NEVER played a game where I was angry at another character for treating me like dirt simply because I didn't do what he wanted (this can be changed) and I have NEVER been so emotional over a ending for videogame ever! Also the graphics and sound (voice acting) are both excellent The game is about 5-6 hours longs (just over and hour for each episode) It is short and feels more like an interactive movie rather than a videogame but it's still amazing and it's definitely worth £19.99