Reviews for Deadly Premonition - Directors Cut


Interesting game let down by average graphics and gameplay

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Deadly Premonition has an excellent story but a hard game to get into due to some pretty big flaws but if you can get past these flaws you're patience will be rewared My first issue with Deadly Premonition was the poor combat mechanics and the rough graphics, but this really is not the point in the game- it is not striving to be a shooter or anything else that you may have previously encountered. This game is about involving the player, and it does so in varied and clever ways. One of the best examples is how our lead playable character, Agent Morgan, has an imaginary friend that he consults with called, Zach. You take on the role of Zach in certain parts of the game and in doing so get to answer questions and make decisions. It's a very clever mechanic and certainly made me feel like I was along for the journey. The second issue with this game is that the productions values (graphics, animations etc) are terrible to be honest The town of Greenvale is intriguing, but not beautiful, so although there are side missions, you may not feel the inclination to explore. Some of the levels involving combat require you to push on through locations that are not visually inspiring and sometimes a little boring. But despite these floors, the game still shines, which is sheer testimony to a game that did not receive the big budget or attention that we are used to. Deadly Premonition is a good game but it's hard to ignore the flaws but it's still worth a try