Reviews for Dead Island Riptide [Legacy]


Good, but not great.

MMMC | July 14, 2013 | See all MMMC's reviews »

One of the big flaws in this game would have to be the story; it's pretty bland. It's a very typical zombie-like plot really, so zombie fanatics can probably guess the twists that's thrown at them. The characters are also very unappealing besides the sassy Jamaican woman, she's a boss. I couldn't help but feel that they would of had a better story if they kept the two people from the start of the game instead of shoving them off to some other place. The fighting is pretty similar to the first game, though they made guns useful now (Yay!), but the combat can get tedious if it's not to your liking or if you play it for too long. The new Infected also help spice things up a bit. The strength in this game, like it's predecessor, is co-op. You'll definitely want to play with more people, it makes it a lot more fun. It's more of an expansion, as most people have said, so you might feel a bit ripped off you buy it at full price. But if you're a fan of the first game, this will please you indefinitely.


More of the same

cremvursti | July 12, 2013 | See all cremvursti's reviews »

Dead Island: Riptide, for me, is just a DLC for the original game. There haven't been any changes regarding the lacklustre handling of the guns, the level scaling of the zombies... it's all there. Sure, you get a new island to play and all, but you'd expect more from this for the price it sells. If you invested a lot of hours in the original Dead Island and found yourself craving for more, then buy this game at a discount of at least 50%. If you haven't tried out the first one, better start with it if you want to see how it is. You'll find in at a very convenient price and you'll be able to tell if you really want to play the follow-up that Riptide is.


If you liked DI, instabuy, if not then......

soundcreepy | July 7, 2013 | See all soundcreepy's reviews »

Personally I liked Riptide better than DI. I liked the setting, liked the new enemies, even liked the boating! (even though many people hate how the boat handles) Riptide took what made DI fun and didn't change it at all, just gave you more of what you loved. That being said it should be obvious that if you didn't like DI, you will need to stay away from Riptide. As others have said, it is essentially DI 1.5. If you do go for riptide, make sure you look up the mods that are out for it, some of them make zombie hunting AMAZING!


Great, but it's just a really big addon.

drafek | July 4, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

After dead island I wanted to play the sequel because it wasn't really finished. The game goes on. You're back at the same island, but this time at another place of the island. The gameplay is the same, there are some new features but the main focus is the story. The game itself doesn't have much improvements. The story is great. Graphics also are great. Worth getting but I recommend playing dead island 1 first, and Waiting for a sale.


Enjoyable but...

Kiwislash | July 3, 2013 | See all Kiwislash's reviews »

I enjoyed the game, but to be honest, it doesn't really add that much that the first game was lacking. The four original characters still exist (and can be imported from your dead island saves) and one new character has been added. A fist weapon specialist. It was the first character I tried for this game, since I was curious. It's quite a different feel relying on close range weapons (I usually prefer mid-range) but it was interesting. There were only two new types of zombies added, and the plot is much the same. They did add a few areas where you could get swarmed that were quite fun. As I said, I enjoyed the game, but that's because it's much the same as the first game which I also enjoyed. Others may or may not appreciate how little was changed.


Dead Island 1.5 really

MarkDeejay | June 19, 2013 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Dead Island Riptide feels like an add-on to Dead Island. It looks and plays exactly the same, but has some minor improvements and fixes (not everything is fixed I'm afraid, it still has some weird bugs) in comparison to the original game. Plus, it's located on a different island and has an extra playable character. Since Riptide allows you to import your character using a savegame from the first game I haven't had the chance yet to play with this new character. The island itself doesn't differ that much from the first island. I mean, it's still some sort of holiday resort and yes, halfway through the game you'll be running around villages and old bunkers, similar to the original game. The game is best played with friends, or coop partners in general, because you'll mostly get slaughtered regularly when you're on your own. Playing with friends makes the game more fun and a bit more challenging and doing the sidequests feel less like a chore when played with others. Riptide has more than enough content to make it stand out as a retail game, and not as an add-on. There are tons of sidequests and you can level up to level 70. The main story should also take quite a while to complete, about 10-15 hours I'd say. Anyway, why change a winning formula, right ? The killing of zombies by using melee weapons just feels right, no matter if everything else looks and feels the same. This game has some great combat, really great. If you enjoyed DI you'll definitely enjoy this one as well.


Zombie paradise?

kalil | June 7, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Dead Island Riptide (DIR) is a survival that is located on an island in which the zombie infection has spread, and your character (who is immune) must advance through the story, helping people, researching the island and facing the hordes of the dead. The game is fun, especially if you play the multiplayer (which does not hurt the parts of the island), apart from having a variety of unique abilities for each character, there are also common skills. Strengths: - Large number of missions. -Many weapons, we can enhance and modify. -Great scenarios by which to explore. -New vehicle added (Boat), plus the car. -Invasions zombies (It must protect the base from a zombie invasion). -New enemies. -A very good fighting style. Weaknesses: -Return of objects very quickly, and being a survival should take much longer. -Final Boss easy (could have done more)


Dead Island Riptide

Konok91 | June 6, 2013 | See all Konok91's reviews »

This game is similar to the original dead island with slightly better optimization and more weapons,mods,zombies,etc. This game can be a bit frustrating at first especially if you are either new to the dead island series or playing alone. I would highly recommend this game to be extremely fun when you play co-op with a group of 4 ( including yourself) friends. I would say if you enjoyed the first dead island, there is nothing holding you back and despite all the criticism this game received, this game was supposed to be dead island 1.5 with much more tweaks.


Same Dead Island - Different Strategies

Jangle | May 23, 2013 | See all Jangle's reviews »

So in Dead Island, most of the combat is melee, and when you finally get guns, they weren't that good against zombies. You also didn't get headshots almost ever. Riptide gives you guns very early on in the game, and now there are headshots on almost every shot. This game seems to be more of the typical guns and zombies game with some rpg elements. The story is ok at best. The graphics are almost exactly the same as the first. I enjoyed the first DI better because it made you feel like you were scrounging for bullets and weapons. It gave it a more survival feeling to it. Riptide almost eliminates that fear of survival by giving you many more guns early that are able to one-shot almost all zombies. Riptide was still pretty good if you liked the first DI, but melee is much much less used and guns are very deadly and prevalent early.


Just some elaborate overpriced DLC

Damhuis | May 13, 2013 | See all Damhuis's reviews »

This game is nothing more than a few extra missions locations and the addition of 2 new types of zombies. Therefor it shouldn't have costed full price but rather $15 (like far cry blood dragon). You really don't get a lot of extra bang for your buck The gamplay is okay just as it was with the original dead island, because they haven't changed a thing. Just like the last game you either love it or hate it and because they tried to make some easy money with this so called "sequel" i hate it. I recommend you don't play this game and just play the original dead island instead, because why would you pay twice for the same game BE WARNED


More of the same is always a good thing for a sequel?

MauroR | May 11, 2013 | See all MauroR's reviews »

When the original Dead Island had been released was a good addition to the FPS genre (the game in truth is labeled like an Action Role Playing Survival Horror all in First Person view), fighting zombies with mostly melee weapon with a good implemented leveling system, giving you the sensation to progress acquiring more expertise and combat options. In fact the game received good reviews from users and critics, and it was well deserved because of the atmosphere and the feel of the game despite several bugs affecting the console versions. Anyways let's talk about this new game. The main problem I found with it's that feels more like an expansion pack more than a new sequel since the bugs affecting the first title are still here and the game it's basically the same with a new settings and a new name. So more of the same is always a good thing for a sequel? In this case it's not, when developing a sequel you have to keep the things that made the first title successful and well received trying to improve and add, if necessary, choices to make the game feel fresh and new, making a sequel offering the same it's not the way to go, and this is valid for every game, not only this one.


Dead Island 1.5

IamAWESOME17 | May 9, 2013 | See all IamAWESOME17's reviews »

I got this game looking for a button-mashing, mindless fun, weekend of zombie killing and that is what i got and i have barley touched it since. It suffers from several graphical glitches and a lack-luster story. Towards the end of the game it starts to feel tedious as you are required to run from point A to point B and then back again. In summary if you spare cash and time to kill i would recommend it especially if you have friends who want to play the co-op with you, but don't expect this to win Game of the Year.


pretty decent, but has it's share of bugs

hugdealer | May 8, 2013 | See all hugdealer's reviews »

been playing dead island 2, and have played the first game as well. so i pretty much knew what to expect. the game is about the same as the original. to me it feels like a new game, i guess the engine is the same but with consoles these days everything is being held behind the times so whatever. if you enjoyed the first game and want more of the same with a little bit of new spice here and there you will find the game enjoyable. i had some problems with multiplayer co op at first, but they patched it. overall this is something i'll just load up and have a beer with. just a fun time killer, nothing super complex. worth it on a sale for sure imho. ran great on my i5 2500k + 6950 + win 7 64 bit


Dead Island Rip-off

atze_md | May 4, 2013 | See all atze_md's reviews »

Yes you read right, I'm calling this a rip-off. It should have been released as a 15-20 $ stand-alone expansion in my opinion. Don't get me wrong this game is not a complete fail, and I really enjoyed part 1 when it came out. It also had a lot of flaws and therefore, I expected so much more from it's predecessor. Sadly I was let down in almost every point. The gameplay isn't improved at all, same for the graphics. I guess that also depends on personal preferences a bit, but I liked the tropical island setting from part 1 much more, than the dark setting in Riptide. The only real improvement that comes to my mind are the new weapons. I would only recommend this to fans of part 1. If you are new to the series and wanna give it a try, get the first one! Overall I can give this game a 55 only.


Very fun game to play with some freinds!

SnowWeed | May 4, 2013 | See all SnowWeed's reviews »

A definite co-op title that should be grabbed up and enjoyed with a friend or two, the game takes co-op to a whole new level, from just clearing out swamps to defending off waves of zombies, a bit buggy and really no major changes from the original. Although it is a bit redundant and can get frustrating at times its a very polished title with noticeable scenery and its good fun for you and a group!


I've played this before...

DeathGamer95 | May 3, 2013 | See all DeathGamer95's reviews »

The game is good but it doesn't have any new features in the game that will make it worth buying if you didn't enjoy the first. The combat is better, the gore is better and the graphics are better, the story is a sideline that, if you are like me, will not be completing do to other games and limited play time. I did enjoy the first game and I do like playing this game, unfortunately I do not have any friends who have this game so I play solo. It is worth getting if you loved the first but it is nothing to spend your money on if you didn't like the first one, unless you have friends who play the game.


Still fun

Lekes | May 2, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Something very important is missing from this sequel; the setting of the first game. The Resort setting in the first game led to a great adventure. It made Dead Island stand out from other 'Zombie' games. There were other areas to explore in the game too but the Resort stood out. Riptide is missing that great set piece. Now you're on a random island that lacks any unique setting. When you take away that fun and unique set piece, you're left with an okay zombie killing game full of fetch quests on a largely uninhabited island. If you liked the original Dead Island game, chance is you'll like this one.


More of the same rarely felt better.

No57 | May 1, 2013 | See all No57's reviews »

The first thing people should realize is that this is not Dead Island 2. It's the SEQUEL to Dead Island. The problem with that statement is that in the same manner that Dead Island was first released, at the time of this review, which is 1 week after release, the game itself has bugs and glitches. For instance, as a small spoiler, during a coop game with 2 players, in the Santa Maria Mission we had to drain all the water. The mission went rather smooth but, after it, only the host could see that the basement was clear while the other person saw it as flooded and couldn't access the area. The good parts are still there and so are new ones. The fighting mechanics are the same, which is not by any means a bad thing. Chopping zombies in Dead Island is as fun as it ever was. The new Call Out system does wonders, a bit too many if you ask me, since you can call out items that are hidden behind doors or walls in certain places. I have seen people complain that the variety of quests is not that great. Let's be honest. You have quests to get items, kill, deliver or do certain things. That's basically a summary of quests in any game. Sure, the new Team Quests, which are missions you do for your survivor companions, are just fetch quests but I could easily overlook that considering the rest of the quests, not to mention that the items you need for them I found required no farming, coming across them during gameplay. The feature to import your Dead Island character into Riptide is nice but not necessary. If you don't, you get a level 15 character. The conclusion would be that if you enjoyed Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide is more of the same and adds little novelty. Let's be serious. Boats are listed as a key feature. If instead you did not enjoy Dead Island at all I would steer clear or wait for an offer. Also, my rating is not based on a comparison with today's games. It's based on how well it all comes together toward achieving the goal it set out for.


More of the Same

kn0k44 | April 30, 2013 | See all kn0k44's reviews »

Dead Island: Riptide is a great game, just as you would expect from Deep Silver. Since this is the second installment of this series, there were no release bugs that were big enough to cause loss of data, not that it was a problem on PC for the first one anyways, but it's always good to know. First 10 Minutes: You will see a large flashback of the events from Dead Island, which is good for if you beat and forgot, never played, or just never had the time to beat it. As it finishes, you are thrust upon a carrier that is off the coast of Banoi, where; get this, there are more zombies! You are stuck in the confinements for a good amount of time until you meet up with more survivors, and the developers give you a good amount of gunplay for a few minutes on top, which is very nice of them since it took about 4 hours of game play in the first to get the first gun (excluding Purna). Things happen, boats explode, and you awaken on a new island's beach. Game Play: The game play is the same. There are not many improvements here, but with the new character, John, you get some really cool new jumping and uppercut melee attacks. You can jump down and punch a zombie, ensuring a one hit kill. There are new boats, however, which handle very similarly to cars, but allow for more accessibility. You are also able to use some new AoE (Area of Effect) bonuses on your teammates by pressing the Fury key (Z) once your fury is already active, if upgraded. These range from more damage, to taking much less damage and even healing a bit when you get kills. Graphics and Environment: The graphics look amazing, but comparing it to the first one, there are not that many vast improvements. Not to mention the environment is basically the same. There are some flash flood storms that come out of no where stunting visibility, which is always fun when you hear a "Thug" roaring in the background. Finally; coop. This game is great fun with friends, or even randoms. I try to avoid randoms though, as they will run through and ruin a bit of the perspective of the game. However, it is meant to be played with 4 people. If you want to get the most out of this game; play with friends. It's the only way. I will give this game a 75/100 due to it being devastatingly similar to the first; but why fix something that isn't broken? While there are some apparent bugs, I believe Deep Silver will work towards fixing them in due time. On a final note: Just because it is way more fun in coop does not mean you should not try it if you like zombie games, but have no one to play with presently. Any game is fun with any mindset. -Knok


More of the same

barniman | April 30, 2013 | See all barniman's reviews »

If you played the original Dead Island, you'll know exactly what to expect. The game didn't change much, there are a few smaller fixes here and there, but you shouldn't expect big changes. This is great if you liked the original gameplay, there's a new island (Palanoi) and it's rather huge, this is one massive game, if you don't rush through it'll take you ~15 to 20 hours to finish it, much more if you're going for the 100% completion, so even though the main story is a bit shorter than the original Dead Island's, there's plenty of side missions/other content to make up for it. The story starts exactly where the previous installment ended, but just like in the first game, the story is nothing to write home about. It's easily forgettable and filled with cliches. All in all if you liked the original you should definitely try Riptide too, if you didn't just give this one a miss.


A great sequel and great value for money!

newty182 | April 29, 2013 | See all newty182's reviews »

Continuing from where the last game left off, Riptide thrusts you back into more action packed madness from the start when playing the game in online co-op. Back to paradise and the zombie horde, with lost of looting, crafting new weapons and leveling up. New in Riptide is the team-system. In your base camp you have a group of survivors who will hand you quests, buy and sell items and offer information. The more you do for them (and you can do this as often as you like) the better they become in a fight which leads on to the next new gameplay mechanic - base defense. At set points during the adventure you and your fellow survivors will have to fend off a large Zombie assault. You can build fences, lay mines and even set up sentry guns. But if one survivor dies then it's game over which adds a healthy level of tension to the game during these stages.


Great Co op game!

PattieG | April 29, 2013 | See all PattieG's reviews »

Great game if you wanna kill some zombies, its an alright storyling wouldve liked a few more different type of zombies. Only negative would be it has basically the same zombies as the first, that is why its not 100/100 but its a great game to play with friends. Will be hoping there will be another dead island! Definitely worth the $40!!!


A game that deserves a 7/10

legodude5315 | April 28, 2013 | See all legodude5315's reviews »

Though there may be may bugs and some troubles with the internet servers, Dead Island Riptide is totally worth the buy. As a fan of the first Dead Island and many other zombies games I feel as though this is a great addition to the genre. The mix of guns and melee items and many a vehicle make the game a real charmer. In Riptide a new character was added for up close and personal attacks. To be honest, this guy was really not needed and sharp weapons/guns seem to be more prevalent. But, all in all, Dead Island Riptide is certainly worth the money.


Everything Old is New Again

Grimcicle | April 28, 2013 | See all Grimcicle's reviews »

Riptide feels more like a standalone expansion than an actual sequel, which probably explains its lower MSRP. The game neither improves nor faulters on the original, which could be considered a good or a bad thing. It's more Dead Island, nothing more, nothing less. If you enjoyed the original, then this is definitely worth a purchase. However if Dead Island never tickled your fancy, then Riptide will do absolutely nothig to change your mind.


I Like It :D

CharbMTL | April 27, 2013 | See all CharbMTL's reviews »

This Dead Island is much like the last installment. The graphics feel a tiny bit better. If you enjoyed the first one, youll enjoy this one as well. Its all about how you play. The game has a deeper sense of reward when you play while trying not to die at all. Meaning taking your time & enjoying the Island as opposed to just running through from mission to mission. Best played co-op with a friend, not as great in single player.


A more of the same

Cavalieroscuro | April 27, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Riptide is not a real sequel for Dead Island. It's like more an expansion pack, in fact it's exactly the same game, with the same gameplay, with a new story settled after the events of the prequel. Of course there are some new addictions, like new enemies and "horde moments" when you must defend yourself or a NPC from the zombies, but it's always the same stuff. If you loved the first title, you will have fun with this one too, otherwise if you find the Dead Island gameplay boring, Riptide will not be an exception.


An expensive Expansion pack

remaster1989 | April 27, 2013 | See all remaster1989's reviews »

Dead island riptide is not a terrible game by any means. It is however a very expensive epansion pack. I enjoyed the time i spent with Riptide i really did. i mean who doesnt enjoy a good zombie killing game. To be perfectly honest with you though its pretty much just a copy and past of the original but layed out on a new island and again as a very lackluster story. If you enjoyed the first chances are you will enjoy the Riptide. But if you didnt care for the first one there is nothing here that will change you mind. this game is the exact same down to the same bugs.


Met my expectations

RageOC | April 26, 2013 | See all RageOC's reviews »

It plays like the first one, post patching. Which to me is a lot of fun. Yes, some of the voice acting is B Movie quality, but I think that's a fit for the game. If you are expecting massive overhaul to the game engine or less MMO styled fetch quests, then you will not like this game, but if you enjoyed the first one, you'll dig it just as much.