Reviews for Don't Starve


One of the surprises of 2013

Torasko | Oct. 26, 2015 | See all Torasko's reviews »

A game about survival, exploration, and dark magic! This game is - for me - one of the surprises of 2013, and I mean that in a very positive way. Interesting mechanics, a brilliantly balanced random generated world and a unique way of playing are only a few reasons why this is a game you should really consider playing. I was skeptical before I started playing, but once I started I couldn't stop. Now I'm over a hundred hours further and still look forward in returning once the new multiplayer mode comes out in full glory. Long story short: Don't Starve is a wonderful game that can hold your attention for hours at a time, although it's learning curve is pretty steep.


It hurts so good

DoctorPicklepus | Sept. 9, 2015 | See all DoctorPicklepus's reviews »

Its so hard but its so much fun. The art style is fun the world has so much to offer and the possibilities are endless. Pick up this game if your prepared to play for hours and loose it all to a tentacle monster in the ground.


The Artwork Makes it

LrmNick | Sept. 7, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Don't Starve makes you spend lots of hours trying to survive in a place full of creatures and monsters, while you have to discover a way to survive making campfires, houses, finding food, etc. The design of the game is beautiful,i'm writing a review while watching a Tim Burton movie and it is a lot similar and i enjoyed a lot,recommend it if you love his artwork and survival games.


Why can't i starve?

vitorhermes | Sept. 7, 2015 | See all vitorhermes's reviews »

Cool game, various mods to increase gameplay, the crafting is well made, and you can increase difficulty, or make it easier as you wish, going on just make it harder, most i survived was 135 days, and it was hard, the winter was blowing me up, those giants were putting my base down, and all i could do was watch and cry.


What Am I Doing? What Is That Tree Doing? AAARRGH!

MysticMatt | Sept. 2, 2015 | See all MysticMatt's reviews »

The title is pretty much a summation of what happened in my first game of Don't Starve. I picked it up knowing the general idea of what it was (a survival and semi-horror rogue-like game) but nothing further. I believe that after that I started the typical Minecraft stuff of making an axe and pickaxe and gathering food and resources. But then as night came, things got weird. Pretty sure I saw a tree monster or two which freaked me out. The "What Am I Doing?" comes from when I went through a marsh and was getting attacked by things coming from the ground. I died because even though I threw down a campfire I was already dangerously low. Went out and a tallbird punched me after day came again. If you can't tell, I sucked. But after playing a good deal I still suck, just not as bad. This is one of those games where if your goal is to pick it up on the fly you will almost never succeed. I still find myself looking up new things that I find even though I am a pretty good deal into the game. If you bother to learn the game and plan things out and do research, you will have fun. But it is indeed frustrating when you can't even get Wilson to grow any facial hair at all (took me about 10 runs to reach day 5). Not for Beginners, but Fun for Intermediates->Experts


Exploration and crafting, just... be careful

Valoo321 | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all Valoo321's reviews »

Hey remember that one time we found a field, ran into a herd of Beefalo that were in heat, and got mauled to death? Or that other time we tried to pick some flowers, but ran into a field of killer bees instead? Or what about the one time when we finally found the desert and got burned to death by a Dragonfly? These are just a few of the things that happen in Don't Starve. The biomes are varied and each one carries with its own resources to gather and dangers to be wary of. The level of constructing items is pretty high, there's a lot of different things to be built to help your survive in this wasteland. While gathering and collecting the resources, and avoiding the enemies, you also have to worry about sanity and hunger. Sanity drains during night time and when you are near the baddies (or other items that are of ill-making). All of your gauges that you have to worry about can be replenished by items that you build or acquire, however, so it's a constant balance and battle. There IS an endgame in this, but you have to be able to build your way to find it and get there. It isn't easy, necessarily, but you just may get lucky as the worlds are randomly generated. This is a fun survival game with a wonderful art style and sense of dark humour that underlies all of it. Definitely recommended.


Allot of Fun and enjoyment

Oktarnash | Aug. 10, 2015 | See all Oktarnash's reviews »

Great game, lots of replay value of course, since it is survival with tons of characters. I have had a ton of fun playing with my brother and friends, with don't starve together. All the crying of death <3.It is wonderfull


Hunger Pains

DerBleistift | July 21, 2015 | See all DerBleistift's reviews »

Don't Starve is an addictive survival game that I highly recommend. The regular survival mode drops you into a wild and dangerous world with barely the clothes on your back. You have to scavenge for materials and food right away if you want to make it through the first night. Night time is when the spooky things come out. Over time, you'll gather more supplies and build up your camp to become well settled in the world, but be careful! Manage your resources carefully or you might not do what the name of the game says... Especially when Winter hits. I would describe the overall design of the game as charming. It has a hand drawn, Tim Burton-esque art style that gives it a distinctive character; it's both spooky and comical. The audio is just as good, with lots of humorous effects. Despite its lighthearted, comical nature, the game is very punishing. Retries are very rare, and you will die sooner or later, with the main purpose of the game being about endurance. But whether or not I died on day 1 or day 100 (I may or may not have ever made it that far), I kept wanting to play--I kept wanting to see how big I could make my camp, and how far I could venture into the world to discover new things. The only "con" that comes to mind is originality. Many survival games have flooded the market over the past few years, and Don't Starve is part of that current. However, you can tell some real love and hard work was put into this game to help make it stand on its own. I had lots of fun spending way too many hours with this game, and I think you will too.


The best survival game

The1337N00Bx | July 18, 2015 | See all The1337N00Bx's reviews »

This game can be pretty hard to pick up at first because there's a lot to learn about it, but after you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun. It's a giant randomly generated world, so each playthrough is a unique experience and gives plenty to explore. The game is accurately titled as well because I found myself starving to death about as frequently as I was being killed by enemies. And the art style kind of feels like Tim Burton made a game. It's a very unique game and would highly recommend giving it a shot if you're a fan of survival games.


Charming take on the Survival Genre

Zaggeta | May 8, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

Don't Starve is a charming cartoonish survival game with aesthetics reminiscent of Tim Burton and 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. This sense of tongue-in-cheek style contrasts well with the feeling of hopelessness that arrives with the night. Don't Starve can be hard at first. Very hard. But with subsequent games, a player will gain the hang of it - making death even more unpleasant. Once your survival has been achieved, the randomly generated maps open up to reveal a mysterious and intriguing world begging for discovery. For lovers of survival games (who are sick of zombies) and exploration, Don't Starve is a must buy.


Be vewy, vewy, quiet. I'm hunting the wabbit...

Obsessor | May 5, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

When I finally killed the rabbit, I found a cocoon, smashed it. Got swarmed and killed by spiders. Thus ended my glorious adventure. Started again right away though. In Don't Starve you are put in a world without any items, help, guidelines. Go around, gather twigs, grass, flint... flower petals, berries. Try to survive. Craft some basic equipment, but be wary, as it degrades, and you'll need to have enough materials to craft a new one soon.. Fire is your friend.


The True Survival Game Experrience

mothaflippin | May 1, 2015 | See all mothaflippin's reviews »

Don't Starve is a indie game made by Klei Entertainment, and it is an interesting take on the so popular Survival Game. In Don't Starve you are never safe. Whenever you think you have reached a fullproof strategy that will allow you to survive for ever, the game will throw a new twist on your way making you have to rethink everything you have made so far. It's visual and audio style is incredible and stands out from any other game outthere, it is beautiful and unique. The game keeps getting harder and harder until you end up dieing, no matter how hard you try. But in that path you unlock new characters making it a new experience the next time you play. Everything is randomly generated which gives this game an amazing replay value, and with the upcoming coop, it will be even better to play with your friends.


One of the best Indie Titles Out There!

Godzzila | April 28, 2015 | See all Godzzila's reviews »

Don't Starve is another new take on the Survival Genre. This game takes it to the limit! It really is a survival game, you can do whatever you want, but sooner or later you will end up dead as the difficulty keeps ramping making you stay on your toes! The style of this game is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Everything from the art style to the soundtrack makes this game unique, there is nothing out there like this! A fun experience with infinite replayability, a lot of unlockable characters and a really good and dedicated company behind it. Its a great, very solid game, and by getting the DLC Reign of Giants will just be adding even more value for this "little" game! The company is even working on a coop mode years after the game being released, showing how much they are dedicated to their fanbase. Overall the only thing that stops this game from being 100, is the fact of it being limited to really dedicated players, if you don't have the time to learn every little thing, you might be limited. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a serious and genuine take on the Survival Genre, this is a must buy.


Yet another survival game, but in 2D!

aiat_gamer | Feb. 18, 2015 | See all aiat_gamer's reviews »

It seems that survival games are a dime a dozen these days. Everyday there is a new one popping out and most follow the same trend: First person view, monsters to fight (mostly zombies) and such. Don`t Starve however, stands out as being a top down 2D game with art that brings the works of Tim Burton to mind. The game is highly unconventional. Everything about it is unique, the mechanics, characters, monsters and crafting system. The goal is basically not starving! During the day you can run around gathering material, food and at night, you have to have a light source or be devoured by monsters of the night! There are enemy characters during the day too, so you need to gather resources to build armor and weapons to defend yourself. I really can not get into the details of the crafting and gathering system, it is HUGE. There are tons of stuff you can build, tons of stuff you can gather and tons of places to visit. For example you can build farms and grow crops using seeds that you can find. You can go hunt rabbits, you fish... However, one thing stops me from recommending this game to everyone: the game a VERY hard. You barely have enough time to do all you need to do in a day to careful planning is required. Make one mistake and you will die losing everything and you have to start all over again, doing everything all over again. This can be really frustrating. The fighting system leaves something to be desired as well, where is basically boils down to clicking on the enemy and clicking away when they wind up for an attack. Overall, the game is highly unique and entertaining, however frustration can kick in in a long run so be warned!


Your a dead man walking

my123for5 | Jan. 10, 2015 | See all my123for5's reviews »

Don't starve is hard. its a survival game where just doing that is a challenge. The crafting systems are interesting and varied with everything from a torch (which you will need) to fancy armor and beds to sleep though the night. You have some customization choices as far as weapons (axe,sword,spear) and different armor you get throughout the game but the bulk of the game is just trying not to starve. This is a gem of a game simply because they made it simple and fun. Oh and its rather dark...


One of the best games I've played

pomarf | Oct. 21, 2014 | See all pomarf's reviews »

Like I said, this is one of the best games I've played in a very long time. I would highly suggest anyone that is even contemplating getting this game to just stop thinking about it, and go ahead and spend the fifteen dollars on it. I have owned it for quite a while and I still find myself coming back to it a lot. If you like survival games like Minecraft, or city builders like banished, this is most definitely the game for you, So, stop thinking about getting this game and just give in already. Do it, you wont regret it, and even if you don't like it as much as you thought you would, who doesn't like adding another game to their library?


Visually stunning, but ok gameplay

BlockAgent | Oct. 17, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Don't Starve is a striking game. It wows you with it's hand drawn, paper cutout style the moment you launch the game. The art of it is honestly my favorite part. The gameplay on the otherhand, isn't that great. It is one of those games where you start out, make a good amount of progress, then make a small mistake that ends in your death, then you have to start all over again. This was very frustrating to me. I died several times at night because i took longer than 5 seconds to craft a campfire. If you enjoy very challenging, everything is on the line at all times type of games, there is no way you not love this game. It just didn't do it for me.


It's okay

Dingusaurus | Oct. 1, 2014 | See all Dingusaurus's reviews »

This game is pretty good for what it is, which is an indie game, but it just can't hold my attention for more than half an hour at a time. I don't know why, I just find it incredibly boring after that. The combat is kind of boring, the crafting is okay, but I don't enjoy how it drops you off with no explanation. It is an okay game though, and I recommend it to any who like indie or survival games.


Remember to Survive

emptyhaven | Sept. 27, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

I don't remember another survival game as brilliantly constructed as Don't Starve. From the somewhat grim yet endearing sketch-like quality of graphics to the insistent way the ambiance instill a sense of dread and urgency, you will really feel the weight of the game resting heavily on you. But starving isn't the only danger you have to watch out for in this game. While it's called Don't Starve, they should have perhaps also mentioned other things like, "Don't get eaten alive", "Don't freeze to death", among other things. Often, you'll find yourself running and frantically avoiding dangers that starving becomes the last thing you worry about. Just as a last tip: use a beard.


Great indie survival game

kiflajiq | Sept. 19, 2014 | See all kiflajiq's reviews »

Graphics 9/10 You can't argue, the graphics are really nice and comic book-like which has a charm on its own. Audio 7/10 It's not bad, but some people might find the sounds repetitive. There is no narration(which is actually a rather good thing). Gameplay 10/10 Now we get to the crown jewel. You can cook your food, craft clothes and items, explore the world as you like. One of your first tasks is to find yourself a good place to spend the night. Fire is a necessity because if you are without a light source in the night you die. Generally items don't have stats (When you see a poisonous mushroom, you just KNOW you will lose health if you eat it, you don't have to be told that.). There are several characters to play with but only one is unlocked at start. With each day you survive you gain experience which unlocks later characters. The thing is...your character has to die and your game to end for you to receive the experience. Another thing - you have to stockpile resources for the winter because food is lacking then. Story 9/10 It's mostly a sandbox game, but there is something like a " hidden campaign". The whole world however has a story of its own for you to discover.


Starving will be the least of your problems.

APTiger | Sept. 7, 2014 | See all APTiger's reviews »

Don't Starve is a procedural/randomly generated wilderness survival game set in a Tim Burton-esque steampunk fever dream. It's got lots of personality, a fantastic art style, great music, and an often super creepy atmosphere. This is a game that continued to surprise, delight and creep me out time and time again. Every game you start sees the character you picked (there are about half a dozen) dumped in the middle of a randomly generated world with the simple goal of not dying. Believe me, if you think that sounds simple, the game has plenty of ways to do you in. There are giant nests that spit out screeching, scuttling nightmare spiders in the evening, swamps filled with spiked tentacles, ponds that mass produce frogs hell bent on slapping you to death with their tongues, a brutal winter that'll starve you out if you're not prepared, and hundreds of other hazards, the darkness itself being the most efficient killer. For players that like to explore, discover and investigate, this game will have you covered. There are all manner of mysterious creatures, monsters, objects, and locations to find, some being deadly, with others offering useful items or resources. The characters all have different skills, the worlds are big, their contents can be adjusted before creation, and since the game gets constant updates and expansions, has a huge, active modding scene, including workshop support on Steam, there's always a way to add more content to the game. The game is easy to pick up, easy to play, but hard to survive. It's well worth the asking price, and you'd be an absolute fool not to grab it during a sale.


Brillantly quirky

Gingerokda | Aug. 16, 2014 | See all Gingerokda's reviews »

The style of art for tis game is brilliant and all the quirky bits like, they have musical instruments for voices, the characters reactions to different things will make you giggle due to the pure humour. It's a great example of a explore & survival game.


Excellent Survival Game

minoru09 | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all minoru09's reviews »

One of the best survival game for PC. You are dumped in a quite big world and it's up to you and your outdoor skill to survive in this harsh environment filled with monstrous creatures ready to strike you at any chance. The developer also promised there will be multiplayer feature soon, so don't miss this chance!


Great Sandbox

lajvjjajajaaaa | July 25, 2014 | See all lajvjjajajaaaa's reviews »

Don't Starve is a great mix of 2D characters and 3D world survival sandbox game with awesome soundtrack. At first sing it is nothing special but if you try it even a bit it will blow up your mind. It is very addictive the first time you play it you will probably die in several nights.There is no help in the game you are alone and scared.The map is generated random. Later in the game you can make rituals to revive your self like magical tables wood puppets and other protective charms. But first you need to learn the crafting by crazy machines. the only challenging is not to die because you will lose the entire world.There are a lot of heroes which you need to unlock by playing every one of theme have special powers eternal flame, power and a lot more.If it is too easy for you now there is DLC with implements new enemies much stronger and BIGGER! It have tons of mods to play with(best is The Screecher)never ending adventure andnow there will by multiplayer this summer.


Best soon Multiplayer survival game that i'v ever played.

hateah | July 25, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

That's one of the best open world survival games. You have few different characters between you can choose. You unlock new characters by staying alive as much days as u can. Every character has its special "abilities" the default one grows a bear that does nothing. You have to be carefull with all the spiders and monsters around you, you can make a shelter, but you better make a campfire otherwise you'll die from the darkness. You have to go out of the shelter every day when the night passes and search for food and everything that is necessary in order to survive the day. You'll start seeing imaginary shadows that attacks you if you dont keep your brain straight. You can craft a lot of stuff like science machines, armor , weapons, and pickaxes which you'll need for the rocks and woods in order to make a campfire you'll need rocks and woods.


Great value

jmods5710 | July 22, 2014 | See all jmods5710's reviews »

I did not buy this game myself, but it was gifted to me. I LOVE IT. It has a very unique art style. If you buy the game now, you'll get the multiplayer expansion free when it's released. The game in single player is very fun. Survival is difficult, but that makes the game all the more enjoyable. It really adds to the survival genre, in a unique way. When you get the game in your steam library, you can also get a free DRM-free copy from Humble Bundle, if that motivates you too. BUY THIS GAME.


Masterpiece in survival, exploration and originality

eduardXD | July 19, 2014 | See all eduardXD's reviews »

Do not Starve ... One of my blind shopping Summer Sale. Was it a good buy? - Of course It is a "must" that you can not miss in your collection of prized games. Why I recommend this game? For lovers of the exploration will be a gem ,for those who like to suffer and continue with the game will love him, and the fact that it does not have guides makes him a perfect game to spend time discovering little things every moment. Challenge yourself and discover how long you can survive.


Extremley good and fun, can get repetetive.

veshnov | July 16, 2014 | See all veshnov's reviews »

I like this game. A lot. It's comprehensive and fun. A great survival story. Great graphical design. Two problems I have with it. It can get very repetitive. When you play a game of don't starve, you will die. A lot. It's a hard game. But when you die, you have to start a new game, so you always have to play through the first part again and again, which brings me into my next point. The world generation. It's a randomly generated world, but sometimes you have to go trekking for days just to find the most basic of materials. Annoying, and again, repetitive. Other than that, I have zero problems with this game. It's fun, lot's of things to craft, nothing seems overpowered and nothing seems under powered wit the costs. Good game.


Excellent indie game

diekatze | July 16, 2014 | See all diekatze's reviews »

This survival game is an excellent way to spend your time, and the aesthetic is incredible. It's slightly creepy, and the ambiance, music, characters etc. all come together and form a fantastic experience. Since your surroundings are randomly generated, it doesn't get particularly boring. You'll have to plan out your time and construct everything you need in order to stay alive and sane (this is incredibly important). A must have indie game for PC.



Whoritiquisha | July 14, 2014 | See all Whoritiquisha's reviews »

At first the game is a little confusing and you're probably not going to even make it half a night, but eventually you get the game and then it gets more fun. When you know what's going on you can do more. Rather than just cutting trees all day you get to know more, and see more. Also once you believe you've had your time with this game you can go check out the workshop to see what's there. Something for everyone there. From Zelda mods, to different challenges/modes. I would recommend if you enjoy RPG style games.


Great game for the price

SirHeroTheBrave | July 14, 2014 | See all SirHeroTheBrave's reviews »

This game to me was a instant classic, still being updated and with a dlc for a small price, it added a crap ton of stuff addition to all the free updates we got. It is well worth it if you love to survive, and have some fun, also coop is coming so grab it!


So creepy... so fun

Nova4 | July 7, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

This game is awesome... is like a crossover or minicarft, any survivor horror game and the old cartoon shows of the 40's.The main objetive of this game is survive all the time that you can, and belive me, is not easy. This game had some of the most unique and weird enemies that I ever saw on a videogame, it had so much to see and explore that you always will had something new to see, destroy or been destroy by... The good: -Awesome art style. -Great Ambientation. -Nice soundtrack. -Steam workshop (lots and lots of awesome mods) -Is challenging -Is not repetitive. The bad: -You can not wear a backpack over your armor.. is kinda weird, but you had mod for it. -The interface is kinda awful -Some minos bugs. -The ingame explanations, often are useless. Is a must own for me, and with the future multiplayer, this game will be awesome!


The true horror...

Nova4 | July 6, 2014 | See all Nova4's reviews »

This game is awesome... is like a crossover of Minecarft, any survivor horror game and the old cartoon shows of the 40's.The main objective of this game is survive all the time that you can, and believe me, is not easy. This game had some of the most unique and weird enemies that I ever saw on a videogame, it had so much to see and explore that you always will had something new to see, destroy or been destroy by... The good: -Awesome art style. -Great Ambientation. -Nice soundtrack. -Steam workshop (lots and lots of awesome mods) -Is challenging -Is not repetitive. The bad: -You can not wear a backpack over your armour.. is kinda weird, but you had mod for it. -The interface is kinda awful -Some minos bugs. -The in-game explanations, often are useless. Is a must own for me, and with the future multiplayer, this game will be awesome!


A Gentlemen's Minecraft

StupidMarioBros | July 3, 2014 | See all StupidMarioBros's reviews »

The survival genre has always been somewhat of a drought genre, and was even more until minecraft came along, but this game takes the survival concept and really brings it into a great world of a very unique art style that works perfectly for the world. While the title states that it seems very simple, this game is full of complexity that becomes simple once gotten down. While I do think it looks great and plays great, the story is a bit mysterious, which can be a great story element, but mostly I don't even know why I should care about them, but this game isnt even about story, because in the freeplay, you create the story. You can shave him if you wish, you can dress him a flower hat or a straw hat, or whatever. All in all, a great game that adds to a growing genre. I recommend.


Don't Starve: Best Indie RPG game

mrminecrafter1 | June 19, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Don't Starve is simply fantastic. The fact that it's an indie title is just mind-blowing considering it's not made by a AAA company. Gameplay is diverse and really in-depth with resource gathering, excellent fighting mechanics, and random world generation. The atmosphere is sold so well thanks to the excellent sound design. The unique cast of characters you can choose to play as is also a nice welcome. The art style of the game is done really well. There are hardly any technical issues which is a good thing considering it's a PC game. Overall this game is astoundingly great and shows the gaming industry the potential of indie gaming.


One of the best single-player survival

patacon | June 8, 2014 | See all patacon's reviews »

Don´t starve is one of the best games I played survival, being in 3D but 3 person is quite innovative, the crafting system is not all games have to create different machines to use in this game , the night really is not as funny if you run out of light, is the end of your adventure, unlike other games, this has a map that shows you everything you traveled, very useful, especially when you make a camp to remember where you did, how bad is that this game has no multiplayer (although they will add a dlc) and is only in English (for now), seeing all this, I give it a 9/10, my congratulations the creators of the game.


it's alright, though not for me

mirta000 | May 19, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

The game gives you a simple goal - to survive. I found out that that mostly includes wondering around to find food, then to find gold to build upgrades, then to find dung to build a farm. The game will continue to get harder as it goes forward. If you lose your sanity, by not spending the nights next to a fire, everything that's positive will turn dark, however even if you will stay sane slowly more and more enemies will spawn. The game has a level up system - the more days you spend alive, the more exp you get, the more characters you unlock. Now why is this not for me? First I found the lack of goal to be a problem. I never thought that I would, because I like plenty of roguealikes, but I did. In Rogue Legacy you're trying to upgrade to beat all the bosses, in the Binding of Isaac you try and get to the last room. Here, there is no goal. You find yourself respawning and donig the same things over and over again. Sometimes the world generation is amusing though and you get to experience something new, but normally after you get familiar with the biodomes the interest kind of fades. Second reason - I can not own a house to hide in. Sounds silly, I know. However in both Project Zomboid and in Minecraft I can set up something that is mine. Here my things constantly get trampled by animals, because while you can build fences, you can't build gates, meaning that no matter how many walls you'll build there will still be gaps, so in the long run fences and walls seem pointless. For what it is though it's a good game.


Survive, Survive, Survive

drakso | May 15, 2014 | See all drakso's reviews »

When they say survival games they usually mean that you have to gather resources and defend from the cruel world. But in this case that is just a small part from your worries. Don't starve is a very unforgiving game in a sense that you must be on your guard every second while playing. While trying not to die from horrible creatures and the evil that lurks in the night you also need to watch out to not die of starvation or insanity. The resources are very sparse so you will explore most of the time and hang out near camp fires. The art style suits the game and world very much and the sounds and music is amazing. For all of you that really want a survival game, this one is for you.


Great Art, Great Game

Dodec1 | May 5, 2014 | See all Dodec1's reviews »

Don't Starve is a very weird but great take on the "Survival Game" genera, you are thrown into a harsh unforgiving world were the only advice you get it "Don't Starve". That is what I think makes this game amazing! You have no idea what to do you start by just picking up things off the ground, while 20 hours later you have a base with enough supplies to last a life time! But one false move and all of that work is gone, but not everything about this game is good... One gripe I have with this game is it has no local or online multiplayer! This game would be 10 time better if you and your buds could create a base and take down bosses, but alas they are not adding it :C. But never the less I believe that 15$ is worth the money and you time! A definite buy.


So Many Ways To Play

Arshness | March 26, 2014 | See all Arshness's reviews »

Man, this game is fun. There are plenty of reviews to tell you just how fun it is. But what I want to add is that there's really so many ways to play this game. If you get mods from Steam Workshop to alter the gameplay, the reply value really increases. Just playing with the next unlocked character is one challenge, but you can add so much more to it. Once you master basic survival and find it starts to get a little dull, get the RPG Hud 45 so you can have more bar space and keep track of your stats easily. Then you can go from "scraping to survive" to "exploring this harsh world". Try something like Godly Fire to give up light source management in favor of being able to trek further from camp. It's not cheating, it's just deciding which game you want to play. If you want a hardcore challenge, you can make your world harder to play in and use one of the weaker characters and see how long you last. If you just want to have fun, there's a hundred ways to change the world and use mods to spice up your gameplay experience. The game is highly recommended and the price is amazing for how many hours you'll spend enjoying it.


Best Survival Game I've Played

Luigi_Lord67 | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all Luigi_Lord67's reviews »

This game, Don't Starve is the best, most fun, most exhilarating and most interesting survival game I've played. I would recommend this game to any gamer who likes self-controlled adventure games. It's worth every cent, I don't regret buying this game and never will. I think everyone should play this game. Buy it and go nuts because there is no one telling you how to survive, you may do as your heart desires.


Best Survival Game I've Played

Luigi_Lord67 | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all Luigi_Lord67's reviews »

This game, Don't Starve, is the best, most fun, most exhilarating and interesting game I've ever played. This game is worth every cent and penny, I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good randomly generated adventure. I never regretted buying this game and won't any time soon. If you like the sound of this game, then buy it and go nuts because no one will tell you what to do (except Maxwell).


Brutal, yet interesting!

Subj3ctLambda | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all Subj3ctLambda's reviews »

You'll find Don't Starve to be a fine game, especially you're a fan of the genre! If you have an urge to struggle against the elements, live off the land, scavenge, salvage and craft useful items out of nothing, then this is certainly a game for you! However, this game forces you to be on your toes pretty much from the beginning of every adventure! You suddenly appear in this strange world and the only tip you get from a mysterious gentleman is "find something to eat before dark", before he disappears! Then you're on your own! There are so many ways to die in this game, that there is a morgue section in the main menu where all your playthroughs are listed with the cause of death! Speaking of death.......once you die, the game ends and you get experience based on the number of days you survived! This goes towards unlocking new characters with their own pros and cons! All in all, this is a really fun game with the random elements and various characters keeping it interesting! Not to mention the continuous support it gets with updates! Must buy for survival game fans!


Weird but great survival game.

CrysisX | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

Got the pre-order of this game last year and I absolutely love it! I barely enjoy survival games but this one has kept me playing for hours. I like how the game releases new updates every few weeks which is pretty great of them. You'll probably find this game hard and confusing at first and might die early at around let's say Day 2 but once you get the hang of the basics and learn most of stuff it's pretty easy to survive for a long time. Furthermore, the Steam workshop offers a variety of mods to customize the game to your liking. I would recommend this game to anyone who like to play a simple yet entertaining survival game to pass the time. Definitely looking forward to more games from Klei Entertainment!


Survival is Grim? Who Knew?

CrimsonWizard | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Don't Starve comes from the makers of Mark of the Ninja and Shank, placing us in a world inspired to some degree by Tim Burton with that Gothic cartoon style. That said, the game doesn't quite have same whimsy as you're dropped off in a randomly generated world with the only clear goal "Don't Starve". Nice when the the title is upfront about it all. Unlike some other random world survival games I've played like Minecraft and Terraria, Don't Starve is a bit more brutal and harder than those. Supplies quickly become scarce near you if you don't understand what you're doing, hunger is a constant concern, and the darkness is certain doom. You'll really have to be smart in order to have a chance, especially since one slip up, one death, and you lose everything without any chance to recover anything. All you get is some experience that can go for unlocking different characters with various abilities and/or equipment. I'm going to admit, Don't Starve is a hard sell if you're not already a fan of the genre. While it looks cool and feels different than its brethren, it's also rather difficult. The game is high quality and is getting constant support through updates, but I would honestly try out something like Terraria or Minecraft first to see if you like these sorts of games before getting Don't Starve. If you like those, then give this one a shot. You'll definitely feel more accomplishment out of it when you do start figuring out how to endure the wild in this one.


Just awesome

SirHeroTheBrave | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all SirHeroTheBrave's reviews »

This is one of the best games like this to me. The art is great, it has silly stories that are interesting. Also the gameplay is just fun, and will DLC and it being updated many times it is worth a buy. It has good music and sounds, and has fun characters worth every penny to me. It is randomly gened too so every world is not the same, and you can customize it all you want. I love it, looks like something from Tim Burton too.


Worth every penny

Sganotak | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

Don't Starve is a unique indie survival game that has many fresh ideas, a lot of content and huge replay value The objective of the game is pretty simple and summed up in it's title, Don't Starve. After being abandoned in a -randomized- world you'll have to survive by finding food, building a shelter and avoiding the creepy and monstrous critters of the night. It is not as simple as it sounds though and there is a lot of addictive material hunting involved, additionally there's an upgrade system and by doing research you can build more advanced weapons, shelters etc The game requires a lot of careful planning and clever management of the materials you gather to be able to survive and can be quite challenging The dark, gothic atmosphere and art style of the game are truly impressive and so is the sound. Finally, the game has an active and very competent modding community. You can download hundreds of mods that will enhance your experience, like the Heavy Weapons Guy from Valve's Team Fortress as a playable character and many more. At this price and with the amount of content it offers there's really no reason not to buy Don't Starve


Fantastic survival game

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Don't Starve was the first survival game I ever had any desire to play, and it still is! With a lovely soundtrack and beautiful graphical style which fit perfectly together, it's a 2D/isometric exploration/survival game where you forage for food and materials in order to eat, create items and see how long you can last. One of the main features of the game is it's perma-death. Once you die, that's it, and you have to start all over again, meaning each game has a real tension that's difficult to replicate with other games. It looks relatively simple with 3 basic things to keep an eye on, your health, your hunger, and your sanity, however there's a bit of a learning curve due to the wide variety of ways that the world can end your life, but once you have the basics down you should be able to last long enough to start finding new things with each game. It has fantastic support from Klei, with updates to gameplay and content having been regular since pre-release, fixing bugs, adding new items, areas and mechanics to the game. I would highly recommend it :)


A hard survival game

gforcesa | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

This game is simply amazing.The artwork and visuals are great.The game gets harder as you progress.If you are playing this game for the first time, I'm telling you right now that you will die a lot before you get the hang of it, and even then you will still die.When you die it's over, you have to start from scratch with no weapons or items.You get XP depending on how many days you survive in the world and with that XP you unlock new characters which have different abilities, like more health,strenght,stomach and lots more.The game finally introduced workshop in which you can download lots of mods if you wish to make it easier for yourself.Klei Enternteinment have really outdone themselfs.This game definitely deserves a try if you are a fan of survival/horror games.


Constantly Updating

untitled36 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all untitled36's reviews »

I got this game in the pre-release phase, so I've seen a lot of growth in the game. And this team really does update the game regularly. While I approve of this, it makes it hard to review the game in some ways. At the core, you basically start off with nothing, and little instructions to get you going. But it's pretty easy to figure out how to gather basic ingredients and then craft them into tools to gather better ingredients, continue indefinitely. It's a fight to fill your belly, protect your health, and keep sane. There are several characters, each with unique abilities and they can interact with the items in slightly different ways. It's a very well done game. The graphics, while very simple, fit the mood perfectly, and it balances the sense of always impending doom with some dark comedy, and they get that balance exactly right. Still, I find the game gets somewhat old. Each new game is a unique map, but it's the same basic process each time. It gets an A for effort, but just didn't have the indefinable sense of fun to keep me coming back for more.



TCass29 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all TCass29's reviews »

This is a great game with a fantastic, hand-drawn art style (that I adore). The concept is simple: explore a randomly-generated world gathering supplies such as wood, rocks, flowers, and more and try not to starve. You can create campfires and set up a base of operations, trying to keep a steady stream of rabbit or beefalo meat to keep you alive, or you can set out and be a constant vagabond, never stopping in one place for too long. This game offers really high replayability, and the Steam Workshop adds loads of fun user-created content. It's a great game and totally worth picking up. Controller-compatible!


Fantastic game, one of my top 10

Rasklart | Dec. 3, 2013 | See all Rasklart's reviews »

First off, don't let the 2D factor repel you, this is an absolutely great game despite not looking amazing. You're put in the middle of no where with completely no idea what to do and you have to craft and make food out of stuff you find on your way. once you learn the ropes this becomes a great game and it's definitely one of my favourites. Also, you don't need a stupidly expensive PC to run it which is always a plus side.


Amazing! Love the artwork

JJ136wain | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all JJ136wain's reviews »

This is a great survival indie game that is diffrent from others like terraria and minecraft. There is loads to do in this game, you can explore the world while collecting survival or upgrade your base or explore the underground. This game has steam workshop so you can always try new cool creations, the game also delivers awesome artwork and cool small little animations. When you die you get experince to go to new characters what have special powers and come equipped with items to make life in the wilderness easier and more exciting. If love survival and indie games this is the one for you.


The game that converted me to an Indie gamer

mwirmm | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all mwirmm's reviews »

This game is amazing if you ask me, these sort of simple yet creative visuals/mechanics are only found in the indie genre. After playing games i thought were similar such as Terraria, I really thought I should give this game a go and man was i satisfied! Exploration, Time management, nice visuals, crafting AND dieing actually deletes your save. Firstly, the random map generator works really well, giving you a different experience every time you boot up. For example sometimes you'll be placed in a part of the map abundunt with petals and berries. But start a new game and you might not be able to find a berry for days. The game constantly keeps you on your feet forcing you to plan your time as best possible, and the element of luck adds to the experience. The dark visuals perfectly suit the game and the quirky atmosphere, insanity effects are done well and craftings is also handled with care. This game has my full recommendation


Can you survive and Don't Starve?

MauroR | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all MauroR's reviews »

This is a big question, isn't it? The first time I've seen some gameplay videos from this game I've fallen almost instantly. Don't make put yourself down by the graphics because this has so much depth that you can't even imagine. You're alone and you must eat, craft stuff and decide what you have to do to survive as much as you can. You don't have mission objectives, pointing arrows, hints or anything, but it's up to yourself to craft or eat or do the right thing to survive the world. In short, It's completely up to you. Are you up to the challenge? Well, if you want to know it, just buy this game and jump in. And please, don't forget to eat...


Survive and thrive!

omgtrent | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all omgtrent's reviews »

If you like survival games and/or time management games, and you're keen of a delightfully gloomy twist, say hello to your new addiction! Simple controls assure no wasted time studying tutorials, you can jump right in! But make no mistake, this game is by no means easy. It is VERY challenging! But it is never an unwelcome task. Surviving in the semi-randomly generated worlds fraught with challenges aplenty guarantees endless replay-ability. You can try to tackle the "story" mode, or content yourself to conquer your world in sandbox mode. There are different characters to play each with different strengths and weakness, and perks to match your play-style. One of my all time favorite games, and I highly recommend it to anyone!


Great addon to Indie genre

HellMasterko | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all HellMasterko's reviews »

First run of Don't Starve made me hooked on it. When I play games, I always choose hardest difficulty but this game is much harder than most of games. You can play perfect game for 6 hours and one mistake can ruin it all. You have to be cautious even when you have better things. It also has no tutorial so you have to experiment with things and combine curiosity with cautiousness. It might be little frustrating at start because of this facts so I would recommend patience and strong determination to beat anger from sudden deaths. Impressive graphics and soundtrack adds to spooky environment as a gameplay. If you see a discount on this game than it is a must buy. I played it for nearly 70 hours already and they are adding new things often. Wish you fun playing it.


A More Hardcore Survival Game

thegaminglyfe | Oct. 15, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Recently, when people think of survival games with stuff like crafting their minds go to games like Terraria and Minecraft. But Don't Starve is a much more challenging survival game where you constantly struggle to survive. You start off with nothing in the middle of nowhere greeted by a mysterious man who disappears. You then have to find food so you Don't Starve. And of course supplies for the night. The most important thing other than food is light followed by weapons. You will constantly be challenged by enemies who once in a while you won't be able to run from. And at night it is very dangerous, lot's of monsters unless you have light. So you will need to make a campfire. The soundtrack is spooky and the graphics have a very nice art style. After you die, the game ends and you gain xp that you use towards new characters. Highly recommended if you want a more challenging survival game.


Surviving is a hell that here is enjoyed like heaven

jrojas28 | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all jrojas28's reviews »

As someone who was looking for a real HARD game, i wanted this game for a while and soon after got it. it is Awesome. Literally. Take Minecraft, join with Tim Burton's style, and then add up a difficulty that is.. well, cant be explained by words. And you have this awesome, beautiful game which will let you enjoy it for hours. Of course, if you're easily frustrated, don't play it. But if you enjoy a challenge and survival, this game is for you.


Don't Starve - review

Neapolis47 | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

Don't Starve is a survival game, in fact there is no real final objective, if not to survive as long as possible from time to time overcoming the various challenges and enemies that we have the misfortune to cross in our path . It is proposed an adventure mode, composed of four chapters (chosen randomly by the system among the six available) plus a sort of epilogue, and a free mode. The HUD closely resembles that of a modern and classic RPG: we have the bar at the bottom of the objects with the slots in the clothing, on the left side we find the buttons to build the objects to equip our character (ten buttons for different categories) in the upper right is the clock that scandise the passage of time and count the days spent in the game, and just below the status indicators of the character. For the survival of our darling we will keep under control hunger - procuring or growing food and food - and health, which lowers when we engage combat with the creatures that inhabit the world.. Don't Starve has, in its simplicity, great potential, confirming a title from the gameplay fun and rewarding. If you love sandbox game you will be literally absorbed by the infinite possibilities of the game play.


Time Starved

Xuanwilliam | Sept. 26, 2013 | See all Xuanwilliam's reviews »

Don't starve is survival game that is addicting, i played it for about 5 hours without even realizing that 5 hours had past. There is not much to complain about the game other than the relatively long progression to unlock chracters but everything else is fine.The game itself contains many intrudging items, provoking your curiously and following it may be your death. Overall this rouge-like it a must have if you love rouge-likes in general.


Good Fun

Ortzz | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all Ortzz's reviews »

A well made and well thought out game, a must buy for fans of survival/crafting games. The hand drawn graphics are a plus. What kept this game from being a great game for me was that despite all the thought and imagination the developers obviously put into the game, it just feels like a giant grind at times. The grindy nature of Don't Starve does make it good for listening to podcasts while playing or maybe even watching t.v. if you're into that. Overall, it's the perfect time burner game and if you are in desperate need of one Don't Starve is a well polished choice.


Survival of the fittest

electricolor | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all electricolor's reviews »

At first I had my doubts, but I really do enjoy this game. It seems pretty easy in the beginning but gets harder and harder as you play. Just remember to stay sane and stay well fed. If you're into games like Minecraft, this is the game for you. The graphics are pleasing to the eye and they really did a great job balancing out the game.


Dieing is Just the Start

Bluebaron121 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all Bluebaron121's reviews »

I think this game is a blast. It reminds me of Tereria only in 3D. As with all these type of games you will die and you will die a lot, Once you die you get experience that unlocks other characters. These characters have different skills that may help you stay alive longer. I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I have just Don't Starve.


Get Stuffed

CoillyZ | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

Don't Starve is a good game. Don't let my review score throw you off. I had a lot of fun, but I have to review it objectively. This game is seriously lacking in explanations. I had to spend hours with my friend online trying to figure out exactly what a science machine did. But, if you like these kinds of things, then get this game. I had fun, but I can imagine a lot of people hating it.


Very fun survival game.

dkpos | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all dkpos's reviews »

Don't starve is fun and intriguing survival game that provide endless hours of gameplay. The art style is fantastic and how you can interact with your environment is well thought out. The gameplay is simple to pick up yet, with deep aspects of crafting, harvesting, and building, this will keep you learning for hours upon hours.Not to overlook the combat as well. It's simple yet needed and satisfying. Do not expect much of a story, but it is not the selling point of the game. This game can be punishing with the deaths, but that's what makes it exciting. Whether it be getting caught in the dark, battling some creatures, or simply starving to death, these deaths will make you clench you're fights up to you're head in frustration, as you see you're hours of work disappear. Overall it is a fun experience for any gamer,I highly recommend to all especially anyone looking for a good survival game.


How long can you survive?

Pradlik | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all Pradlik's reviews »

This game is really simple, but also and more importantly very clever and challenging. You choose a character, each has some special ability, choose a scenario - world, where you can adjust how common what natural elements should be and then you start. The goal is simple - don't starve. You will have to focus on three aspects - hunger, sanity and health. As simple as it might sound, it's not that easy, especially if you pick hostile setting of the world. All these environmental settings and various characters grant basically infinity of hours of gameplay, you will still like it and you will still explore something new, because the game supports Steam workshop now. And all this in lovely Tim Burton style graphics!


Magnificent survival.

Jammywolf | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all Jammywolf's reviews »

Graphics: Beautifully stylised graphics. Brown and grey colours give the game a distinctive Victorian feel. Sound: A calming soundtrack, and sounds that make the game a auditory pleasure to play. Reliability: I have never had a bug in this game and the game is continuously updated making it very unlikely you will ever run into a game breaking bug. Replay Value: As a rogue-like this game is built for playing again and again, each play through is different and helps you understand the game a lot more each time. Story: The story is very thin, but in all honesty that is not the games selling point. With such a thin story it is also a fun exercise to imagine how and why your character got to this strange world. Gameplay: Good gameplay, although starting each game can be boring and tedious, after that there comes a lot more things to do and the game becomes a lot more interesting and enticing to play. A great game that's well worth the money and a pleasure to play.


Don't go Insane.

deadboywrath | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all deadboywrath's reviews »

This is a great game. Really awesome. Also gut grindingly frustrating, a lot of suprises to be had. Avoid looking up answers to your issues,trial and error is part of the fun.


Amazing: Original and hardcore

thejoakim | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all thejoakim's reviews »

This is a game where you die it's over. Unless of course you have some voodoo hoodoo thing in place to save you. It is pretty challenging but not so much that it's daunting. You will learn from mistakes. You will get better. You will become a real survivalist. The only thing that this game reminds me of are some survival mods for WC3 like Winter Island and maybe Troll Tribes. But this is way better. Find a good location! Make a firepit! Build a settlement and outposts! Tech up! Fight the creatures of the world! Make friends! Don't starve!


Solid experience

Ludiousss | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all Ludiousss's reviews »

Don't starve is an experience that is fairly unique, where you begin stranded on an island. At first, expect to be befuddled and confused as you begin to eke out an existence. This game is a solid survival experience, albeit a little strange. You will enter a world where frogs will steam your items, walruses will hunt you and starvation is a real risk. Expect to die, and die a lot. Death is a learning curve, and I would go as far to say that taking potentially lethal risks can pay off hugely. This is not a game for those who lack time to play, as hours of gameplay can be wiped after a single silly error. Honestly this game is entertaining and engaging, and isn't just fun. It is exciting and potentially thrilling as you flee from monsters in the dark. If you aren't willing to drop the $10 to $15 on this title, you can try a demo using Google Chrome, as this game started out as a Chrome app'. I willingly and strongly recommend this to my friends and family, and you honestly should too.


Wilson's Beard

FishHeadN | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all FishHeadN's reviews »

It took me a while to get into Don't Starve as their is no tutorial or hints as you play but after watching others play and reading through the wiki I pushed onwards. The world around you feels alive and the changing of seasons and struggle for survival in winter make for an enjoyable experience. experimenting with different recipes to improve different survival stats or just getting in a fight with a tree that walks, everything in Don't Starve will make you smile. I am now a big fan of the game notching up 100+ hours of gameplay and their is still stuff I haven't seen or done. This is mainly due to the developer pushing out updates every 3 weeks adding new content and trying to improve the overall game, which I am always on the pulse and excited to see what they have introduced each time. The game also has mod support and their is some good ones about and recently they introduced Steam workshop so it all so much easier to install mods. If you want to enjoy an adventure with some real imaginative characters, mobs and features then check this out, you won't be disappointed.


A great survival game

fabiotp91 | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all fabiotp91's reviews »

Don´t Starve is a hard game, that´s a fact, it´s a hard game which you will learn to enjoy a lot as soon as you start to notice all the things that you can do in the game, since killing monsters, to various type of crafting and even the amount of exploring that there is the game! This game shows a beatifull and unique art style that just for it, it deserves an award, the game trully is beautifull and has a wonderfull gameplay that can serve to anyone and every play style. In this game you just have to embrace the world around you and discover everything that you can to survive... or die.


A true survival game

spycid | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

Don't Starve is unlike any other game you have ever played in your life. It's truly a survivor game where the main objective is to survive by any & every means necessary. It's not a survival horror game. Sure there is a lot of startling and horrifying moments yet it's unique on its own. Because you just have to explore and scavenge to continue to survive.


The best survival game so far

nightassassin1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

This survival game was so amazing. I got it during the beta after a friend of mine let me play his for a little bit. I was so hooked I didn't want to leave just so I could continue playing. This game just has the best artwork system. It stands out from pretty much any other game on the market right now. Your main objective in this game is to survive. Your second is to get to the last level of Maxell's world and get out. The world is plagued by a large number of dangers and can be hard to live during the winter with little food. My main strategy is to build a base with lots of food options and a few refrigerators. You would think the game would get old pretty fast, but after so much points from surviving, you unlock MORE characters to play with their own special abilities. There is also a constant update of new content from the makers much like Mnecraft is. I don't think you could spend $15 in a better way than this. The sale of $10 or less is even better.


Good fun for little money

Iluminatro | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all Iluminatro's reviews »

The artstyle of this game reminds of Tim Burton and it works well with the gritty,dark world you find yourself in when playing this game. You start off as Wilson, a scientist who created a machine that brought him to a realm full of monsters and other incredible things. The goal is to survive and like the name implies, not to starve. You have to fight of monsters,scavenge for food and make fire at night while researching things that make these tasks easier. The random generator adds infinite replay value and after a certain score you unlock new characters, each with thier own special abilities. A good and very amusing, almost rougelike game that excells amongst its rivals.


Hard but worth it

comedychris | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all comedychris's reviews »

ok im no expert, my final and best day is 19... not good at all really... this game starts with you trying to find would to fend of the darkness with fire, gathering food so you literally "dont starve" and weapons to fight the creatures of the world, the learning curve is there but not that hard to grasp, note " once you die all progress is gone" a punishing yet hardcore game that will keep you on tenterhooks for many hours.. if you can survive....


Just WAW

klanus | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all klanus's reviews »

I saw this game and was really not into it and I bought it expecting nothing really but a straight playthrough. Boy was I in for a treat this game is fun and the art is amazing . Well worth the purchase I love it.


Great survival

lok0812 | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game packs everything you need if you are looking for a survival game. The player are tasked to collect materials scattered throughout the world and use it to keep yourself alive as long as possible and ultimately as the title of the game states, don't starve. Once the materials are collected, you can use it to craft different types of tool for your character to use like weapons, foods, shelter materials, etc. Each time you play the world is randomly generated so you will never feel that you know where the materials are and gain any types of advantages. The game also have several characters for the players to choose from, so the longer you play the more you unlock. Definitely a great indie survival game and must give it a try.


Bua... did I scare you...

Gojko | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all Gojko's reviews »

Do not Starve the action adventure mixed with elements of role-playing and strategy. Game was made by studio Klei Entertainment, the same studio who made a great fighting action game Shrank. The main character - Wilson is a gentleman scientist-a who's a mysterious demon transferred in wilderness of the world. You need to help him to survive in a hostile environment full of monsters and find a way to return home. Every game is randomly generated world and every time that you start to play world will be different. First you will need to learn about your environment, and resources that are around you. During the game you will need to build a shelter, get food, arouse and sustain a fire, build tools, make clothes. Game have a system of rewarding, and every time you make a progress you will get a new character. This game will give you a many hours of good play, and it's my recommendation for all players.


A really good time

Kelzhas | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Kelzhas's reviews »

Truth be told, the only reason that i bought this game to begin with, was because of the really impressive art-style, that the game had. I didn't know what the premise was, the gamepaly, or if there was a story to it, and after having played it for 20+ hours, i can safely say it was a wise decision not to research anything about the game, prior to playing it. This is one of those games, where you basicly have to figure out everything yourself, and that is just the way i like it, there isn't much story to speak of, the gameplay is exstremely simplistic, and the art direction is stellar. But the thing that makes you wanna play it, is the endless amount of new stuff to see, and things to learn, all the way from finding out how to build an axe, to suddenly finding out that there is a swamp in the randomly generated level you are in. I wont go into detail about anything in the game, since it is one you just gotta play for yourself, until there are no more secrets to discover. Play It!


Scavenge, upgrade, eat and repeat

mrelmo | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all mrelmo's reviews »

Glimpse of an early sunrise shines to your fatigued eyes as you prepare for a new day in a ruthless environment filled with dangers and creatures trying to wipe you out of the face of the earth, but one threat is more gruesome and horrifying than any monstrosity in the terrible night...your grumbling stomach. Don’t Starve is all about survival: upgrading your equipment, enhancing magic items, barricading your camp and so on, but most importantly you reserve as much food as much as possible and keep yourself nourished. You can escape from monsters but hunger will always catch up with you. And when you die, no checkpoint are there to help you, it's over. In the beginning you don't get no hints or help whatsoever, you have to find out by trial and error how things work in a always randomly generated world where almost everything wants you dead, it really gives a feeling of being abandoned and struggling to survive more gripping. Everything you see can be helpful in a way or another and you find yourself hoarding all kinds of stuff around you. The game also has a unique graphical style, which is similar to pop-up books and it works very well together with the atmospheric soundtrack.


Will you survive the night?

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

This game is brilliant, but infuriating. I survived a grand total of 3 nights, I didn't even grow a beard. Its very creative and requires initiative to survive, you have to keep a light burning the whole night to repel the other enemies - it's got a nice theme and it's pretty good though.


Don't starve, for the love of God, don't starve

08woodh1 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all 08woodh1's reviews »

This is game is one like no other that I have played. I mean, this game is oh so adorable but at the same time, morbidly frightening. In this game, the player starts as a small boy who is trying to grow a beard, and he may only achieve that by staying alive as long as possible. Although, it's not JUST a case of, find food, stay warm; no, it's also: kill monsters, stay awake, and ultimately, don't starve. You're faced with spiders, pig men, buffalo, FREAKING turkeys, sparrows and so so much more for you to experience and enjoy. A truly great game.


Be careful when setting up your world...

eVoPhantom | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all eVoPhantom's reviews »

This is a challenging and frustrating game, but also a very enjoyable game although at times you really feel like the pressure is relentless! It really does pay to look up a quick guide as to what you should be doing in the first few days, winter is very unforgiving if you are unprepared. Also you should not customise the world to be too easy because the fear of being attacked and lack of resources is what makes the game fun and when you overcome or find something there is a real sense of achievement. In my first game I felt I was doing well and would capture some Bees so I could produce my own honey. I was capturing bees but forgot to put my log suit on and didn't realise how much damage the bees were doing..... I was rather embarrassingly, brutally murdered by a few bees! The developer is still adding content and I feel the price represents very good value indeed. Although I do realise the game will not be everyone's cup of tea.


All about survival

mahon | July 27, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

I didn't quite know what to expect from this game except for the fact that it is going to be a survival game, having some features of a roguelike and sandbox game. The game is not much more than that, but it does its job in a great style. The whole story reminds both of cartoons and old silent films, but with some surrealism thrown in. You get some interesting and funny characters (and get to unlock more), who wake up in an unknown land that needs to be explored. Food must be collected or maybe made from captured animals. Tools must be built, buildings constructed, and every innovation - invented. And then there's winter to survive! There's so much to do, and beware - you don't have multiple lives. Once you're dead - you're dead for good. But when you are no longer angry about your well developed character's death, you start the game again.


Fear of the dark!

cremvursti | July 12, 2013 | See all cremvursti's reviews »

Don't Starve is a sandbox survival experience in which the goal is to survive in a world that slowly drains your insanity. The fact that once you die, it's pretty much it will make you be on the lookout for every possible danger. Also, you'll soon find out that you ain't that tough man from the regular games of these days; dying will occur quick, without any notice. There are a million ways you can die and a million ways you can survive in this game (the randomly generated world contributes a lot to this) and this is what will, ultimately, make you come back again to it or not: the fact that you are or aren't enjoying a game where you'll die a lot.


Not as good as I expected

LauridsA | June 20, 2013 | See all LauridsA's reviews »

I read reviews and everyone seems to absolutely love this game, however I myself did not really find it all that appealing. I have managed to play for about an hour total and it just doesn't manage to "capture" me. I used to play Terraria a lot so I was expecting to love it, but sadly it felt a bit out of my taste. That being said it still seems like a really well made game for what it is, just don't expect something easy, the game is quite hard and maybe that was just the part that put me off. Overall, a good game if you're into having a challenge out of surviving.


Endless crafting

Unex | June 10, 2013 | See all Unex's reviews »

There is basically no story so the only quest you get at the beginning of the game seems pretty simple: Don't Starve. Easier said than done. There may be some berries or carrots around to eat but after a few minutes of gameplay you realize that they aren't the real deal. Some meat would come in handy. So you have to gather some grass and some twigs to craft a trap to catch some rabbits. Put some bait under it and wait for some minutes. Done! Well, not exactly as this is only one of the easier tasks in the game. You should not rely on the rabbits for too long because you might encounter some not so friendly creatures after some days. So you should be able to defend yourself. But walls, weapons and armor don't just pop up out of nowhere. You have to craft it obviously. Without revealing too much of the game itself with this review I'll just keep it simple. The game is genius. It looks pretty simple at first glance but actually it takes some time to get familiar with the different crafting recipes. The game teaches you basically nothing except for the responses your character may give you from time to time so you have to learn quickly. I think I don't lie when I say that everybody dies frequently in the first 5 hours. Especially if you don't want to use the wiki which comes in really handy sometimes. Don't Starve is a very challenging yet entertaining game once you get going. My Steam library counts 20 hours so far but I think I haven't even seen half of the game yet. For around 10€ this game is definitely worth it.



Liverpool1971 | June 9, 2013 | See all Liverpool1971's reviews »

This is one of the greatest, most addicting games I’ve ever played! Keep crafting to survive the dangers of the night. The game doesn’t have any tutorial, so you’re left totally alone. Some tips from me: at first collect everything, and craft pickaxe and axe as soon as you can. Make your camp near worm-holes, so it will be easier to escape when something attacks you. Don’t make your camp near pig houses – at the full moon they are changing to werepigs. You have to collect parts of the teleportation device to go to the next world. Every character has its unique features – try using those in your advantage. And simply don’t starve! The first world is a sandbox (so you can create it as a peacefull world without monsters). When you will build your first teleport you can take something with you to the next world – after going trough the first teleport the adventure mode will be available for you. To finish the game you have to build the teleport a couple of times without dying, and everytime the difficulty level increases. I highly recommend this title!


Just Don't Starve

Stebsis | June 1, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Once you start a new game, the game tells you only one thing you need to do, don't starve. Wilson, the main character, wakes up in an island and you need to just survive as long as possible. When you die, you die, you can't continue or load up a save because there is none. When you eventually meet your end, you're awarded with XP that then unlocks new characters to play as and all of them have some sort of special "skill", Wilson's is that he grows a beard. And you will die, there are some fearsome monsters you come across at some point, but you can't avoid them by staying at same spot, because resources you gather aren't infinite. You need to collect basically everything you see, everything has its purpose, flints and twigs for example make an axe you need to use to chop down trees to get logs, and you need to collect grass to use with logs to create fire when night comes and you don't go insane or get killed by monsters. You wear your axe down as you chop trees so you need to keep some flints and twigswith you, and it's good to build couple fireplaces around you to keep darkness away and you need to use logs to fuel the fire, and because you use these things all the time, you also need to collect them all the time. It might feel like a bit counter intuitive, but that's survival for you. This game could be said is like a minecraft, you collect stuff to build stuff so you get to build more stuff and you explore to get stuff that you use to build more stuff. Don't Starve is really fun game to play, but sometimes a bit nerve wrecking at times, especially when night is coming and you notice you've forgotten to collect some essential item to keep you safe for night, like logs or enough food if you're nearly starving. There's infinite amount of playability here and developers are steadily putting more stuff in, there's a day counter that lets you see when next update is coming. At the beginning of a game you can choose what kind of resources you have available, do you have lots of enemies but not much food and moderate amount of stuff like trees and so on, you can tweak everything to make it harder or easier for you to find.


The revival of Survival

ccccp | May 20, 2013 | See all ccccp's reviews »

Take a part of Terraria (for exploration, harvesting and crafting), mix with a few grams of DayZ (for survival and hardcore aspect with final death and hostile environment), add a few pinches of Amnesia (the mental health driven gameplay) and coat everything in a topping of the best films of Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow) and you get it! Don't Starve is a delicious wedding cake,though sometimes (often) bitter, with a simple but diabolical gameplay, rich mechanical where your every action can cost you a lot, short or long term (all those who have deforested a bit know what I mean).


I did not expect the fun it provides!

warkarma | May 7, 2013 | See all warkarma's reviews »

A really great game! I am ashamed it took me so much time to realize it. All thanks to a guy on YouTube who made a video of “Let’s play Don’t Starve”. I got myself a copy as soon as he stopped playing. Started it up and played all day long! My sister got hooked up as well, now I can’t play anything if she is using my PC :D. The game itself is very well made survival with few elements of horror. I have not experience any bugs which is very rear for indie games. The animation for a 2D world is done perfectly and the ability to replay this game is fantastic. I can easily recommend this game for anyone who enjoys games such as “Minecraft” or “Day-Z”.


Simple title, not so simple game.

No57 | May 1, 2013 | See all No57's reviews »

Terraria gameplay meets The Binding of Isaac creepy style. Don't Starve is an odd game. It has no story, no instructions, doesn't offer much help. This is rarely a good thing. In this case it really really is. You get tossed in a strange, not to mention very dangerous, place with nothing but the clothes on your back. First thing's first. The title. Don't Die wouldn't have had the same impact that Don't Starve has. Being honest, not starving, even though being tweaked countless times during beta, is a lot easier than not dying. The dangers are countless and unforgiving. When it comes to graphics, the style is something to appreciate. Everything seems to have been drawn by a kid with too much imagination and that is actually remarkable. When we look at games we look at certain things like story, graphics, gameplay, mechanics and so on. This being a personal opinion, I mostly look at gameplay and how good and fun it feels. Don't starve does that in style. From collecting twigs and grass you get to weild things from blow darts to magic wands, to wear from Log Suits to Miner hats and Football helmets, from gathering carrots and berries to creating a farm with plots to grow vegetables from quite an interesting variety. On the topic of food, the activities involving it are what you would expect and some which you would not. Fishing and hunting are a very important part of surviving. You get to craft tools that make your task a lot easier from the ordinary fishing rods and rabbit traps to bird traps and blow darts for the more elusive prey. The best part about gathering food? You get to cook it. Cooking can be done at a simple fire that you build to survive the night or at a more complex Cooking Pot which allows you to combine to up to 4 items to create specific dishes from a nice variety of recipes. As I mentioned above, you get to craft the tools and items you need to survive. The crafting system is interesting and it works great. You require certain items to do so. For instance, only building a Science Machine and standing near it allows you to see what you can craft and the ingredients needed. Of course, as you would suspect, that is not the hard part. Actually gathering the ingredients can be quite demanding and more often than not requires you to hunt some of the most dangerous creatures, a lot of the times costing you time and health that could cripple your survival or even end it. The world itself is as it was in Terraria or Minecraft if you will. You encoutner different biomes each with its own rewards and dangers, from grass fields to rocky terrain, marshes and so on. The goal of the game? There is none. You do everything you can to survive for as long as you can. The days survived counter is a testament of that. The in-game time is calculated in days in increments of 3: daytime, evening, night. Daytime is when you do most, like hunting gathering, building, exploring. In the evening the animals go to sleep and monsters start to come out, this being the time you need to get everything ready for night time. The night time is the most dangerous time of the day as your field of view is limited, monsters roam around the world and your sanity gets drained a lot faster. Your adventure time is also split into season. Winter is of course the most perilous season, requiring you to wear warm clothes or being near a big enough fire for fear of freezing to death. On the topic of sanity. Sanity is an interesting mechanic. The more time you spend in the dark or fighting, for instance, your sanity gets drained. The more sanity you lose the more paranoid you become and shadow monsters, for a lack of a better description, start seeping into reality, from them creeping at the edge of your field of view to actually being able to attack you and you attack them. The so called monsters, or should I call it prey, offer quite the challenge. The pigmen for instance are a shy faction but when they tell you to stay away you should listen to them. Although offering them food for instance can make them follow you around, the full moon shows you the really dangerous part of them, werepigs, Werepigs attack you on sight. As such, building your fire in their village during a full moon is not the greatest of ideas. The same thing can be said about Walrus "people?". During winter, the Walrus Camps start spawning Walrus People which behave more or less like the Pigmen. Provoking them by getting too close will get you more trouble than it's worth. The non-faction creatures of the world come again in quite the variety. From Beefalos to Tallbirds, Hounds and Tentacles that come out from the marsh, to Treeguards that intend to revenge their fallen brethren. In the case of characters, WIlson comes out as the main protagonist but he is certainly not alone. The assortment of playable characters allows for different strategies. The other playable can be unlocked in an interesting fashion. You have to die to get experience and you get experience based on the number of days you survived. The main conclusions are that even though permadeath causes you to obviously start from the beginning again and can prove tedious at times, the urge to see how long you survive and adapting your strategies as such provides quite the reward when you see the days survived counter go beyond your last try. The other main conclusion would be that for the current price, the value is undeniable.


Tim burton meets minecraft

skyforger | April 30, 2013 | See all skyforger's reviews »

Ok so its more Tim Burton meets Bears Grylls, haha. The game is about exactly what the title suggests, its all about surviving. I.E, do not starve, which may not sound great but in execution it plays out excellently. The game is heaps of fun, and very challenging which is what adds to the fun in my opinion. You will die, at first very often. Though this is part of the experience, learning how to survive next time, learning from your little or even big mistakes. It has so much depth, with so much to craft and gather. From basics like tools/weapons to science and alchemy machines. There are alot of creatures to fight/avoid/run from and bosses. The game uses a permanent death feature which works very well in this, though there is a few ways to make sure you re spawn when you die. Like altars, if you find them you will re spawn, though I think there is only two per map, there are other ways as well. The art style is what drew me in, I love how unique and out there it is. While being a bit bleak and despairing at the same time, it serves the grave/depressing theme of the game of trying not to die. For an indie game that I got for £10 I cannot recommend this enough.