Reviews for Hitman: Absolution


Well made game

dacimvrl | Dec. 3, 2015 | See all dacimvrl's reviews »

I've been a fan of the hitman series, and this one really stands out. Unlike a lot of other games which scream console port, this is not the case for Hitman: Absolution at all. The game is polished and runs very well. I have not encountered a single gamebreaking bug during my playthrough. The story and gameplay are very engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat. This game also grants players a lot of freedom to choose however they would like to approach the issue, which increases its replayability! I definitely got my money's worth.


Stealth or Bold

mugknight | Oct. 7, 2015 | See all mugknight's reviews »

This game provides an different alternative compared to other stealth game. Most game would only require you to run around and not be spotted by the police while Hitman: Absolution enable me to be an mad serial killer which mainly I enjoyed doing(However, your mission points will be mainly in penalty). Theres many mission in this game where some requires more thought for the mission. For example, different ways of killing the target. As of this i would say that this game is suitable to quite a large audience from very patient gamer(camping and waiting for opportunities) to lunatic gamer which loves to kill.


Our favorite agent

totyamuri | Sept. 19, 2015 | See all totyamuri's reviews »

I loved every moment of this game. It has lots of easter eggs which sometimes makes the game funnier. I think the best of this game is the stealth mode. You have many choices to kill one preson but without being spotted. The only negative thing that I can say that the gameplay was short to me (about 7hours).


Back to business

andrealbu | June 8, 2015 | See all andrealbu's reviews »

Having previously played hitman blood money, i thought to myself that Square Enix couldn't possibly do a better job, god i was wrong. The mechanics remain pretty much the same, though this time a solid backstory was created which adds a whole new freshness to the game. The visuals look stunning and show off a huge improvement. Definite buy for fans of the series and a great way to get introduced to agent 47 for newcomers.


New look, but true to the franchise.

tangentialorca | June 7, 2015 | See all tangentialorca's reviews »

New engine, new system, looks impressively detailed. Yet, they've kept all the good things I have come to associate with the franchise itself. All the stealth, the hiding, the planning of how to navigate your way through each level, plus the interactive and intuitive ways you can manipulate the environment to take your target out in very creative ways, all that still stays but with a new coat of paint. If you liked everything about Silent Assassin and Blood Money, be sure to give this one a go too.


Old but Gold !!

sai007niko | May 29, 2015 | See all sai007niko's reviews »

Hitman series is an awesome old series which gave us awesome games !! Even though its old..this absolution is the middle game of the series. Coming to the can roam everywhere,its pretty much like open world. There are variety of ways to be blend in and kill your enemies lol. Like the rest of the series you can even kill the enemies very cunningly getting into others costumes which is superb. We can even stalk our enemy or hit em directly without a second thought. Stalking and blending in is very much fun though. The graphics are excellent and the mechanics of the game is very much simplified. Instinct mode is splendid making you to track your enemy ,chase him up, hunt him down. You can use a variety of guns to kill by tracking every movement of your enemy.


Mr.47, we met again!

GatsuRage | May 27, 2015 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

Even if you never played a hitman game before, you no need to, every hitman game it's somewhat stand alone from each other (history wise) That being said, if you ever have the chance to play previous ones after playing this one, by all means, do it! Back to the game itself (hitman absolution) makes so many things RIGHT you are not limited for the 2 guns only that the previous game (blood money) had, instead you can carry your regular arsenal within your inventory, and lets be serious, who the hell care if he has 2 visible guns only because for some reason he can't carry more (? or a freaking video game where you have all your guns at your disposal to have fun with! Now with the argument of "blood money was better" out of the way, this new version of hitman, not only will bring amazing graphics, but new gameplay mechanics that (you can choose not to use it) will make your whole experience more enjoyable, pausing the game briefly for mark your targets before shooting at them (fallout 3, dragon age, etc) A mechanic that was receive very badly from the community when was first introduce to the game, but I can assure you that you will like this new mechanic, and will give that extra edge for make you feel like a true hitman with precision executions. History is not that good (2 still the best one hands down) but it has a good amount of time to play through out of it, to all that add the a lot of replay ability values that each level will have (if you decide to barge your way in shooting at everything that produce shadow or be the actual shadow and do it stealthy) Everyone I met that played this game, even those who were new to the franchise, they love it. I found 0 people who hate this game. Have fun!


Looks new, feels the same.

sycomantis1991 | May 26, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

One can argue that's a good thing. Absolution still looks magnificent in this new generation, it doesn't do anything new however. It's the same old Hitman and it's still fun. My problem is that it's a huge game that's the sole representation of its consoel generation. Despite that, it feels like a really good looking PS2 Hitman game. Which I find disappointing.


Advanced assassin skills game

htanmsa | May 15, 2015 | See all htanmsa's reviews »

This part of hitman is more advanced than previous ones.In this game they are number of ways to kill an opponent.This game has lot of graphics and huge ways of killing for a single stage.Its has nice and beautiful story.Similar to other hitman you can disguise here too and roam in enemy territory. There are different guns and costumes which you can earn.There is also hitman contracts from which you can challenge other players multi playable.


Best Hitman game I've played!

PlayTyrant | May 7, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

This is by far the best Hitman game I played! Stealth, actions, good visuals, endless ways to approach your targets, contracts, this game has it all! The story has a ton of laughable scenes, in the good way, it's a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, it's not dark or sad even if the character doesn't look like that. Come on, you can even disguise as a pet! Really really recommended, another game I bought on PS3 and then again on PC!


My second favourite

SparksStones | Jan. 11, 2015 | See all SparksStones's reviews »

Hitman is one of my favourite franchise, and I like Absolution so much. The title renewed the conception of Hitman games, including Agent 47. Agent 47 is a cold assassin, he doesn't cry, doesn't love, doesn't feel, but in Absolution we could see a beginning of a 'humanisation'. The story is different of the usually. You have to kill Diana (if you've played the previous Hitman games, you know who Diana is), because she apparently betrayed the Agency, but things are not what it seems and Agent 47 will be in a hunt for answers. Now you're by yourself: is 47 against the Agency, and the Agency against 47. Absolution counts with an excellent visuals and sound. The gameplay is good, and now we have a new functionality called "Instinct". When activated, Instinct shows your enemies/targets in colors behind the walls; and a "trail", where your enemies or targets will pass, so you can calculate your moves and evade 'surprises'. This functionality is deactivated when you choose the "Professional Mode" difficulty. The "Contracts" mode gives you a chance to create your own levels and challenge your friends and the community, you make the rules! Hitman Absolution is a great game, my second favourite of the franchise (Blood Money is my #1 yet). If you love Hitman, you will love Absolution.


Neat game!

M0rten | Nov. 12, 2014 | See all M0rten's reviews »

I am a big fan of the stealth genre, and I have to say this game delivered. Although it was not exactly as I imagined, it was a neat game. Pros: + Beautiful Graphics + Great Crowd system + Neat level design + Nice to have multiple ways of dealing with things + Story is kinda nice too (I did not have high expectations in that field) +Repayable (A dozen times) Cons: - Some AI issues - I often felt like the AI is deaf, as the only thing they heard was gunshots. - I felt like the AI didn't really care for each other - Everyone AI knows all its co-workers - Ending was less satisfying than I would have liked


Excelent Hitman game

13rd_Observer | Oct. 27, 2014 | See all 13rd_Observer's reviews »

The story is intense, atmosphere and gameplay is great and the sound is so good. Also, graphics is wonderful. Agent 47 shows a personality that we never saw before. The new trick, called Instinct, makes the game a little easly, but this 'problem' is solved just choosing the Professional Mode difficulty. The campain take around 10 hours, but if you like to do all perfect and rise the best ranking (Silent Assassin), this time turn into +16 hours. One of the best stealth ever made.


A different Hitman

ale91 | Oct. 6, 2014 | See all ale91's reviews »

A great departure from old school Hitman games.The game is more linear and cinematic,in some missions you won't even have to kill anybody. The more open ended levels are where all the killing is done and they offer the usual free approach of the series. The graphics are great and the game is quite long. It could have been a great game but it lacks some of the Hitman charm


Bald superman's point of view.

winsquare2 | Oct. 6, 2014 | See all winsquare2's reviews »

When i first started this game, I had high hopes.After finishing it,i was pleasantly surprised. As far as Hitman games go,Absolution definitely has the best graphics.The amount of detail that goes into each level is remarkable from the weapons to the civilians you encounter. Although, the story does suffer from being too linear,as it involves Agent 47 just hopping from location to location,the levels themselves are like a world you want to walk around in for hours.The number of ways that Absolution lets you kill your targets is amazing.Going in guns blazing or playing it stealthy,the choice is most certainly yours.Furthermore, the game itself has its difficult and funny moments as well.All in all,if you're looking for a reason to start playing dress up as a bald man,Absolution is a great start.


Best Stealth game ever

cup99 | Sept. 13, 2014 | See all cup99's reviews »

Whether you enjoy sneaking around, or just shooting up the enemies and stabbing scrubs, this is the game for you. I am more of a shoot them up with a machine gun kind of guy and this game still provided me with a lot of entertainment. There are multiple ways to complete objectives, and the replay ability is pretty high. The campaign is long enough however where you probably won't find yourself replaying levels. The satisfaction of killing evil scrubs is pretty fun. You save people, kill people, and do favors for people. This is the first and only hit man game i have played and I can tell you from my experience that this is an absolute or should I say absolution must get.


Cool Hitman Game

lajvjjajajaaaa | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all lajvjjajajaaaa's reviews »

Winner of lots of rewards Hitman Absolution is third-person shooter game. This is similar to the others but much better, all of it. Better graphics, atmosphere and gameplay. Tons of weapons designs. There is also Deus Ex disguise somewhere. Sniper challenges and more. The gameplay is mostly stealth. You play as Agent 47 and you're hunted by the police. Awesome long story with cool cut scenes, choose freely your weapons and ways to kill while your going to your target. Kill or sneak, take the personality of those who you meet.


From Tobias Rieper to Ben Frankiln. A long journey.

Obsessor | July 30, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

In first Hitman, Codename 47, Agent 47 signs in a hotel as Tobias Rieper. Fourteen years have passed, we've been to many places with the bald assassin. And I for one want to go even further. Don't listen to people saying this part of adventures of the jolly assassin are bad. Catching cold in middle ages was bad. This game isn't bad. Just try it, plunge into the story and it will suck you in, I guarantee you will forget about ramblings of hardcore fans. It's the story of betrayal and revenge that matters in Absolution. It's "Ben Franklin" in Hawaii themed dressing-gown strangling fake nuns. It may sound hilarious. It is, when it can be. And isn't when it shouldn't. Graphically the game shines(or maybe it's Agent's head...). In terms of sounds and music it's very, very good. Absolution is linear. There is one path through a level that is "best." That I can't argue, even if I wanted to. You won't have much freedom. But on the other hand there are hundreds of challenges to complete. Finding a way to do that is proving to be quite fun indeed. My conclusion - if you liked any of the previous Hitman games, you will enjoy Absolution. And if you haven't played as the bald assassin before, well... This game is sure to be a good start.


best hitman.

hateah | July 29, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

that's the best game of the whole series. First you started something like a tutorial where it shows you what your capable of. The time freeze is just an amazing ability which gives u the opportunity to shoot multiple enemies just in few seconds. Hitman is the master of the clothes-changing. His missions is to revenge for the kill of his close friend. He is taking care of her daughter which she is getting out of a lot of troubles all the time. There is a lot of shooting and action during the whole game. You won't regret if you buy it. The graphics are so real and amazing they can't be described. The shooting and aiming is also very very good.


A fun stealth game to play.

alanmaz567 | July 12, 2014 | See all alanmaz567's reviews »

The gameplay is fun, you can go on a killing spree to make it to the end of the map or you can sneak past the enemies to make it to the end, the choice is yours. The Requirements for this game are low and the game looks visually beautiful. This hitman game plays almost exactly the same as the previous ones. The game has an OK storyline. There are allot of hidden paths in every level which gives the game a feeling to go back to a specific level and find the hidden passages, which may help you when you want to get allot of points for finish a level. I recommend getting this game on a sale.


Good Stealth game, weak Hitman

jackhitman | June 13, 2014 | See all jackhitman's reviews »

I followed this series since the start and i was really looking forward to playing ABsolution after so many years without a new installment, but sadly, this game just didn't live up. It looks gorgeus and controls nicely, but some of the gameplay mechanics make no sense and overall it's too linear. If you're looking for a good stealth game, Absolution is as good or better than anything in recent years, if you are looking for a Hitman game, go for Blood Money.


A great Hitman.

SexyJesus | June 1, 2014 | See all SexyJesus's reviews »

A wonderful addition to the Hitman series. Every mission has so many ways of completing it, from tanking up and just shooting your target in the face and then shooting down every baddie on your way out, or sneaking up on him, taking him down with no one noticing, and getting out before anyone realizes. Great replay value because of this. I found no game-breaking bugs, and no bugs that really bothered me. I very much enjoyed this game, and would recommend it!


Me Long Waited Hitman on steam

Emotivnilik | May 16, 2014 | See all Emotivnilik's reviews »

Long time i waited to buy Hitman absolution i am hard core Fan from 1 series and i play all since Hitman Code name 47 Lets Talk About Game - Its have 5 difictly Easy Normal hard insane and purist 20 level to play 49 achievements to get much ways to finish misions From Accidents to Sniper hit New Feature and engine give much fun From start Hitman Absolution folow the story of last blood money and continue in that way New expiriance that is you can silent kill drag kill use objects like knife screfdriver or any that can kill you make you score by the way you make kill If you love Agresive style you will enjoin in shoting explozive and madnes kiling. If you like Silent you will use all ways to stay undercover Big game big expiriance that offer also contract mode online try some other contract and earn money to customize weapons


Pretty cool for my first hitman

HaonofRemlu | May 1, 2014 | See all HaonofRemlu's reviews »

I played the game expecting to kill a bunch of people, but it is a lot harder than that which I really enjoyed. Now that I've played it it really makes me want to go buy its predecessors to know the whole story of the Hitman series.


Fantastic Gameplay

Zarek | April 18, 2014 | See all Zarek's reviews »

This is the first Hitman game I have ever played and I found it really interesting. I think the best point of this game is its gameplay. You have usually to kill some targets or doing some other similar actions, but the ways in which you can complete any mission are multiples: from killing directly the target, or making him dying poisoned, or simply eliminating him with a sniper rifle... The choices are nearly infinite and, in addition to them, you can take the more different weapons with you, or disguise yourself with an enormous number of costumes. The gameplay is that of a typical stealth game, but it's very refined in every single aspect. Also graphics are very nice, even if you want to play at low settings. These elements make the game good to be played again after you finish the story. The only element I didn't like much is the plot, sometimes really monotonous and predictable in my opinion. I think everyone interested should buy this game if he likes the genre.


An enjoyable experience

meltinghero | Feb. 27, 2014 | See all meltinghero's reviews »

I have never been a fan of the hitman series, but this game changed that. Hitman Absolution is a stealth game and a pretty darn good one at that! You can choose to be a sneaky assassin and kill the required target(s) without anyone even realizing or you could plow through your way with your silverballers although it isn't quite as fun. Hitman Absoultion is different from the other hitman games, most noticeably, Hitman: Blood Money. You do not get to choose your weapons or your choice of assassination before the levels, instead, they give you several ways of doing so already. That being said, you would still find yourself playing the levels over again as there are many alternate routes of going through. The cut scenes and voice acting are top notch, you would enjoy every moment of the cut scenes like every other hitman games. The graphics were gorgeous and played very well on my laptop which doesn't take other games too well. My major complaint though, is the disguise system. I found it quite absurb as every police officer would notice that you are in disguise if you are dressed up as one. The only way to counter this is to use your "instinct mode" or to just sneak pass them. That being said, the game can be pretty challenging and I am just playing at normal difficulty and that is a huge plus. If you are looking for a challenge, spending minutes devising a plan to assasinate your target, well this is exactly the game for you. Overall, Hitman Absoultion is an extremely well made game. I can understand why some fans are slightly disappointed but I could safely say that this is my personal favorite in the series.


Good job, agent 47.

vaderbe | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all vaderbe's reviews »

Being new to the Hitman games I didn't have a clue what I was getting into when buying this game, but I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by this game. Every mission has unique and very different ways of completing you goal, read: killing your target. This, together with the challenges and rewards, offers a great replayability value. Some missions don't have as much options as others, but over all you can easily replay every mission at least 5 times and never do the same thing, so that's awesome. The graphics, mechanics and all the other technical shizlewizle are up to par with other triple A titles, so I won't spend much time on these. Simply put; they're great. The story is ok, that's all there is to say. It isn't great, but there are some moments in the cutscenes that are pretty good, but no oscar winning scenes. All in all this is a really good game, and I can recommend it to everyone.


One of my favourites from last year.

godoftoast1992 | Jan. 30, 2014 | See all godoftoast1992's reviews »

Absolution does no longer follow its predecessor's which is not a wrong decision from IO. But many will miss the wonders of the original Hitman games for sure. In Absolution, the graphics of the game are impeccable with absolute mechanics and its just brilliant replaying a mission and attempting in a different method. Every time when I shoot a final blow bullet into a head of my targets it felt brilliant and epic and sometimes feel sorry for them after they land awkwardly on to the floor and with their colleagues being dumb and not caring. Also in Absolution there are a variety of arsenal you can use to kill your targets from a Lethal Silenced Sniper to traditional harpoon cannon. But its not all about the arsenal in Absolution, there are a variety of disguises to wear as Agent 47 such as a simple Guard's Outfit to a epic Samurai or just a ridiculous Chicken Outfit unless you think Agent's 47 is too cool for fashion. In addition the game provides an exquisite storyline and makes the game almost perfect. The things that prevent Absolution to be come perfect are its bugs like guns disappearing into the ground, bodies penetrating through walls, an awful checkpoint system which spawn backs all the people you have killed or pacified when you reload and sometimes progress not saved properly. Without these flaws Hitman Absolution would have been a perfect game. In addition to the franchise there is a new mode called Contracts which allows owners of the game to create their own contracts in any level from the story and are able to share it with everybody around the world or their friends to see who is the true Silent Assassin. In summary, Hitman Absolution is wonderful game wish some minor flaws which may disappoint Original Hitman players. But shows that Agent 47 is not ready to retire.


New experience, well worth the leap

damienjameswebb | Jan. 30, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

I never really liked stealth games. I had always felt that they were extremely hard. However, when i read the synopsis of this game i had to at least give it a try. the missions are quiet similar, and you really only need to use one weapon throughout the whole game. Although, finding new ways to kill your targets and complete the challenges helped make it a little more complex. The graphics were gorgeous and played very well on my laptop that was a few years old. The disguise system i thought was genius, and well executed, along with the ability to plan out your killing order of a room in slo-mo. Overall the game was interesting to play, and made me feel like i was really the greatest assassin that ever lived. However, the boss missions were a little to difficult for my liking. When at one point there was a classic "boss room battle" type of mission rather than being able to just hide around a corner and head-shot him, i died a little inside. it just didn't feel right and kind of threw me off at first. I got over it eventually and found that the Contracts mode was the best thing that could be. It lets you play user created missions and gives a little more variety in the game. I would recommend this game in a heartbeat to anyone, and although it has is tiny flaws in its collision mechanics from time to time, it's still one of my favorites.


Alternate routes sometimes are better

sonicchaos | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

I'll get the big stone off of my chest by saying that the one and only bad thing this game had in comparison to Hitman Blood Money is just the limited environment of a few level. That's it. Many of the people who complain about the game either haven't played the previous games or just like to dismiss games just for the sake of it. I honestly haven't seen one bad detailed argument regarding this game. The levels being wide corridors? I don't remember the previous games having open world. Yes, some levels are a bit confined, but that only adds to the variety. The hotel level alone makes up a complex design. And because people lack the patience and attention to look for alternate ways, that doesn't mean they're not there. Some say it's linear, but it's not much more linear than the previous games. You have a mission, you have a huge amount of stuff at your disposal to accomplish that mission and then the story goes on, just like in the previous games. You don't change the plot. One other issue people like to complain about is that you don't take the weapons from previous missions with you. What's the point of that? You unlock the weapons for the Contracts mode and that's enough. One awesome challenge is to find hidden weapons inside the levels, which can be tricky. Of course, you can shoot yourself a path through the missions, but that;s hardly the main course of the game. Trying to hunt all achievements is how you discover its immense potential. And I honestly loved the story and I enjoyed the quirky characters. Agent 47 is presented amazingly and this game made me want to see more of his adventures. If the devs can outdo this game with the next instalment and open up the levels in complexity and challenges, if only a bit, it would be awesome. But I really wish they don't dumb it down because people really don't know what they want. And they don't. One says you should only buy this game if you're a fan of the Hitman franchise, which conflicts with his statements that this game sucks by comparison, and another guy says it's a great introductions to the series. I completely agree with both. Everyone should enjoy this game.


Somewhat underrated; still a very solid stealth game.

TomWeise62305 | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all TomWeise62305's reviews »

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the Hitman series. That said, I have completed each game in the series at least once. My personal favorite classic Hitman is Contracts. Absolution is visually outstanding. Maxed out, it is among my personal 10 top games visual speaking. It's also very reasonably optimized which isn't necessarily surprising considering porting work was done by Nixxes. The game has no mouse acceleration, re-bindable keys and a slew of graphics and general game options. Unfortunately there is no option to increase FOV which would have been welcomed considering how tight the camera can get. It is true, gameplay wise this is a much more linear Hitman experience. In my personal opinion this isn't that big of an issue. I thought the previous Hitman games were perhaps a bit vague as to what options are at your disposal to complete a mission. This may be what attracts the purists to the series, but it made for a LOT of trial and error for me. I personally like the disguise system over the previous games as it leads to some tense moments and it's much more clear when a disguise is going to fail. I wish the levels weren't segmented as they are though. The levels look great and are varied. I do wish you could select your loadout but I understand they wanted this game to be more story driven than previous entries and it wouldn't jive with the narrative. I guess my biggest gripe would be the fact that there isn't that much in the way of assassinations. A number of levels have you simply sneaking from point A to point B with no actual target to take out. The game's stealth has changed from more of the "hiding in plain sight" from the older games to a more traditional avoiding line of sight with the nerfed disguise system. The disguises could use some work as it's still stupid to have a disguise broken even though it covers your face entirely. Overall though, I'd say that Absolution is a more linear yet very well paced Hitman with core gameplay not too far removed from the older games in the series. I can understand why some fans may not like it as much, but it was probably my personal favorite in the series.


Could've Been Better

chataolauj | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

This game could've been better, especially when Blood Money was such at hit on the market. You would think that this one would blow your mind away. They probably either ran out of things to do with the storyline of this one, or wanted to try something different. Either way, this game was linear because you play it once, then don't feel like playing again. Well, that's how I felt once I finished the game. I haven't really looked at the game ever since finishing it. You should buy it if you love the Hitman franchise, but if you haven't even played a single Hitman game then I wouldn't recommend you buying this one.


A little linear, but still fun.

TETfromLondon | Jan. 17, 2014 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution may disappoint fans of the series. In many areas, it is very linear, removing some of the charm of the earlier games. Many of the levels give you fewer options than in the previous games. However, options are never completely absent. There are still different ways to kill people, and you can still use costumes and stealth. There are some positive changes. The graphics are beautiful and the character models are some of the best ever. Some of the crowds in certain areas mingling together look very realistic. The combat system is also an improvement. It feels more satisfying than in the old games. The melee combat could have been slightly improved though, and adding QTEs into the hand to hand combat really wasn't necessary. Another problem is difficulty. You have to turn up the difficulty settings or you are pretty much invincible. The score system is also unwelcome. I really don't appreciate being constantly told off for killing someone. For a kill, you lose 250 points, to earn those points back, you have to kill them undetected, and hide their corpse. If you are spotted, the only thing that can earn those points back is by completing the objective. I would honestly recommend ignoring it, at least on your first playthrough. Also annoying was how disjointed the story was at points. If you missed one cutscene, it was possible to have no understanding of where you are, what you're doing, who the characters around you are, and why you are garroting them. I will also address the now notorious scantily clad nuns from the trailer. Without spoiling anything, I will mention that the reason for them being in skimpy fetish outfits is basically non-existent. Something I will add for PC users is that the port is pretty decent, which is a recent trend for games published by Square Enix. Overall, the game is good, but may be lacking for fans of the series. If you are a newcomer though, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


An excellent stealth game

Sganotak | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

Absolution doesn't stay true to it's Hitman roots, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a great and pretty challenging stealth game, with solid mechanics and good replay value. The shooting is very fun and responsive and it's more rewarding to use guns to take out targets this time. There's also a variety of environmental objects that you can use as weapons and you can still make deaths look like accidents. The graphics are fantastic and all the places you visit during the storyline are very impressive and fit the game's personality perfectly Sadly Hitman Absolution has some major flaws like a broken disguise system, which lets people wearing the same costume as you, spot you very easily and a bad checkpoint system that respawns previously killed enemies each time you reload. There's also Contracts Mode, which offers community created contracts on the story levels. It's a nice idea with a lot of potential that is severely limited from the linearity of most levels. Absolution may disappoint nostalgic Hitman fans. However it takes several steps forward for the series and is an excellent and pretty fun stealth game


Not a Bad Way to be Introduced into the Series.

Armed_Psycho | Jan. 11, 2014 | See all Armed_Psycho's reviews »

To start off, I have never played a Hitman game before, even though I have heard of the series. The game itself has several high points such as taking an enemy's clothes to disguise yourself, hiding the bodies so as to not alert other enemies, and planning and waiting to carefully put your plans into fluctuation. However some features, like the points system, turned me off of the game by putting restrictions on things such as being deducted points for killing or harming anyone but the target even if absolutely necessary. Most of the time this is canceled out by hiding the body, but only if you have the time to do so. Overall this is a pretty good game and has me interested in the rest of the series.


Great Return to Form, but strayed too far

raeldrikp | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all raeldrikp's reviews »

Much like the title of my review, its a great reboot of a great series but perhaps its gone too far from its roots. If you've never played a hitman game before, you'll find this an amazing game. Its got great graphics, strong and interesting mechanics, and more importantly makes for such a great change from the boring titles that are churned out every year. But, if this isn't your first hitman title perhaps you'll be a little disappointed. The title takes away quite a bit of your freedom, in exchange for a "stronger" linear narrative. Gone are the days of prepping before a mission and planning your entire hit. Now you simply do things ad-hoc, picking up weapons as you find them, learning about hits while in mission. This all makes for a change, but is explained in the narrative, since you're on the run (no spoilers). The levels, while seeming quite expansive don't come close to the theme park level of old, and often are disguised as simply wide corridors. The title also has an interesting "multiplayer" aspect, or rather a social gaming aspect. The contracts system has you killing any target you wish in any manner you wish, (i.e. kill the cook dressed as a maid with electrocution) and putting it up as a challenge for others to attempt. Its kinda fun, but does depend on finding interesting challenges, of which there are a few.


New Hitman game, the same good Agent 47

Kordas | Dec. 13, 2013 | See all Kordas's reviews »

Hitman was always one of the most recognizable franchises of video games. Return of Agent 47 in Hitman: Absolution is a good one. Square Enix knows how to do games and they showed it once again. A lot of things have been improved since Blood Money but it's still the same good, old, Hitman Everyone knows and loves. If you loved previous Hitman games, you shouldn't wait any longer, you just need to get your money together and buy it! The story is really good, and the possibilities of taking out your targets are countless! There is nothing better than the feeling when your target just dies in an unfortunate incident as you slowly walk off without being recognized. It's just pure joy. And although the game has some flaws (I don't really like disguise system) it's very good position to spend a few hours here and there.


tied to the tracks

gwynplaine | Dec. 4, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

A big part of the charm of the previous games was the open level design and the freedom to tackle the objective from any angle. The closed off sandbox feel of the game let you end the level in minutes or a lot longer. The on rails experience here really detracts from the experience. There are a number of ways to kill the target but it's just cosmetic. Gunplay is another way to blast through the game and it's passable here. No more pistol juggling with the ballers, unfortunately. I would recommend the older Hitman titles over this one. If you like cinematic shooters then this is okay too.


Hitman still a very good game

blofeld | Dec. 4, 2013 | See all blofeld's reviews »

As with previous Hitman titles, absolution doesn't fail to deliver. The game is robust and it is still very amusing to sneak around trying to accomplish the task at hand. You almost feel bad for killing people, this is how good this game is. Some things are still a problem though. It is too easy to replay a level, just to get the achievements you missed when you played the level the first time. Sometimes you can start a level right at the point where the ach is, get it and be done in less than a minute. Also, after playing a few levels you learn how to spot what the game wants you to do, where to go etc. "Oh an open window, no wonder it is there I should snipe my target from." Still Hitman Absolution is good looking, solid controls and a great story. Get it for all your FPS needs.


A very good sequel from a non-fan of the franchise

sergebelanger22 | Nov. 28, 2013 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

Hitman Absolution takes place after each of the previous titles. You have to protect the daughter of a woman that you know from the previous titles. All along the game, she gets kidnapped and you need to find her at all cost. The graphics look great. Audio has some bugs. For example, you kill someone and throw him in a container and he continues speaking. Playing with my computer speakers, the voice were muted. I had to use my headphones. With them, no issues. If you have already played a Hitman game, you will not be lost. The game is extremely hard, with some rare checkpoints.I have played it at Hard (yes there are 1-2 harder levels than this) and in some occasions, I stopped playing for a while because I got frustrated. You will restart several times several levels. Be advised. You will even get used to some parts and do them a lot faster than you did the first time. The game has around 20 levels. That will take "8 hours" to complete the game, but in fact you will have played around 20 hours. There is a Contracts mode which give you access to contracts made by all of the community. This adds a lot of playability. You can create some and challenge you friends with. I would recommend this game for everyone who wants challenging games.


Not as Good as the Past

brandonm87 | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all brandonm87's reviews »

While the game looks good and is quite enjoyable, the game suffers from one major flaw. The disguise system is set up so that any enemy wearing the same disguise/costume as you will instantly become suspicious of you even if you're 50 feet away from them, it really limits your ability to explore and find creative ways to take out your targets like in past Hitman games. More often than not the game ends up in a free for fall gun slinging match than a stealthy take them out game. Other than that, the game is pretty good, just not the best in the series.


Awesome with a side of Amazing

itsjbro | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all itsjbro's reviews »

I've spent 9 hours completing every challenge for THE FIRST 2 MISSIONS! I'm hooked, and I'm glad I re-bought this on PC after selling my Xbox 360 version. I don't know how many hours I'll end up sinking into this game, but with the first 2 missions alone I've got my money worth. If you liked Hitman Blood Money, this is more of the same. Which is a GOOD thing.


The best Hitman so far

freezing_rain | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all freezing_rain's reviews »

Mr 47 is back! And he has arrived with a lot of improved mechanics and comfortable gameplay. With the new Instinct-Feature you can kill your target a lot smoother, without checking a confusing map all the time. On the lower difficulty-modes, the gameplay is a little more casual, but still challenging. However, the real silent assassin plays in the higher difficulties anyway. The game takes about 20-25 hours to complete the great story-mode and then you still have a very cool Contracts-Mode, in which you can choose your own target within the story-levels or play the contracts that other players made within these. You earn cash with each successfull contract, which can be spend to increase your arsenal. Hundreds of weapons, costumes and specials are waiting to be found. For me, it's the best Hitman so far!


Master of Stealth

Batman100 | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all Batman100's reviews »

This was my first Hitman game ever played. My friends would keep on telling me to buy them until now. This game had a massive appeal to casual gamers like myself but also had tons of features that Hitman fans would enjoy.Its all about the assassinations. There are countless ways you can use to kill a target each of them unique. Now to the graphics. This game definitely has one of the best graphics of this Gen and if you have a decent graphics card it could stack up to some of the next Gen games such as AC4. My final verdict is that this game is a must for newcomers as well as long time fans to the Hitman series.



flash_frame | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all flash_frame's reviews »

For the most part, you'll take away some good gameplay moments in this newest Hitman installment. Some game mechanics detract the experience, such as instinct mode and some over use of bloom in the graphics. Otherwise, it is a good looking and satisfying experience despite the obvious flaws you'll encounter. If it is on sale and you liked this franchise, consider giving it a go.


Hitman returned and it's great!

Rubin1993 | Nov. 3, 2013 | See all Rubin1993's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution have completely new gameplay system. It requires from player to use stealth everytime. It's more like Splinter Cell but it isn't minus. The new "Hitman" have 20 missions, and it provides about 25 hours of gameplay to complete it - big plus! It comes also with amazing multiplayer. For me it's very good continuation of Hitman series. Worth buying!


Completely Blew Me Away

wetsoks | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all wetsoks's reviews »

Personally, I'm not a fan of stealth games, but Hitman: Absolution blew my expectations out of the water. It has fun characters, great locales, level design and even a pretty decent story that keeps you intrigued. The game-play is top notch and very rewarding, and if you try to complete the whole game, be prepared to invest tons of hours. What sets this game back though is the story. While engaging, it feels flat at times, and the characters are what make the story for me.


A lot of fun

viyer00 | Oct. 7, 2013 | See all viyer00's reviews »

To finish the game in normal took me roughly 30 hours, but there is plenty more play left to be had because I fully intend on beating it on the harder difficulties until I complete the famed "purist" setting. Yes, the game really is that fun. There are dozens of ways to complete every mission and the game rewards those who don't necessarily pull out their silverballers at every opportunity. The only downsides are, perhaps, a bit of repetitiveness and a soporific story line, but these are only minor flaws. I usually do not replay a game once I have beaten it on a certain setting, but this game is the rare exception.


Work in the Shadows

CoillyZ | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

This isn't the best Hitman game, but I had a lot of fun with it. The graphics were beautiful, the gunplay worked, and the stealth never failed. With many ways to complete each mission, there is a large amount of replayability. You might want to end up replaying a bit anyway, because the story is a little confusing. The Contracts mode kept me playing long after the campaign finished. I still play Contracts, working to get more money and upgrading my online hitman. If you are a fan of the stealth genre, you are doing yourself a disservice by not buying this.


A step back from previous games but still great fun.

SimonBenjamin | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all SimonBenjamin's reviews »

Hitman: Blood Money nailed what the series was going for; providing an open playground with people to kill in near limitless ways. Hitman: Absolution improves on the mechanics that Blood Money provided in mostly pleasing ways which is a big relief. However, the new direction of the game into a more linear Hollywood style blockbuster like many other AAA games drags this down from being a truly successful sequel to Blood Money as it is a step back. Nonetheless, the game is fun and the Contracts mode certainly delivers on providing a lot of replay value. 47 is much more smoother, flexible and adaptable as a hitman should be. Instead of awkwardly strafing on a wall there is a cover system implemented. Many called the game "Hitman: Conviction" after seeing this but the cover system is actually a much needed mechanic for Hitman as stealth is the main playstyle of the game. Another comparison to Splinter Cell Conviction was the use of directional sight indicators of enemies. I'm on the fence for this as it does somewhat deplete some challenge but it also might help you in trial and error runs when you need to know how you messed up. The Purist mode will answer for this as it completely removes the HUD aside from button prompts. Instead of a fullscreen map like in the other games there is just a minimap plus use of the Instinct mechanic to locate objectives. It does take away the planning involved in previous games by scoping out a location and plotting a path to take but it does suit 47's "on the run" theme of the game. This is what drags down the game significantly unfortunately. There's no choosing and upgrading equipment for a mission, no valuable intel and definitely no open missions just involving killing people. 47's main goal is going to the next door to open/lockpick through linear levels. Yes there are killing target missions but the story is cluttered with pointless missions like walking through a bar to a bartender and getting a new suit from a tailor. The story mode definitely shows an indication of abandoning the Blood Money formula but the game is saved by the addictive Contacts mode. Creating and competing in contracts that can have a wide range of possibilities is no gimmick as it really is a lot of fun. There are other small series inconsistent problems with the game such as button prompt hand to hand combat, a cold robotic point system, a convoluted and unjustified disguise system depleting the purpose of using disguises and others. In spite of that, the game is definitely not horrible at all. It just seems more dumbed down while also adding great new ideas such as the level Challenges, a much more improved leaderboard system and Contracts mode. Blood Money is definitely superior but don't hesitate to give this game a try given its reduced price. Let's just hope IO Interactive brings the series back to its roots to please fans like myself some more. Recommended.


Very fun

Simao20 | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

Wasn't much of a Hitman fan growing up , the games were just far too complex for my liking but this game "simplifies" it a bit from previous games to lure in gamers such as myself. The controls are tighter than in previous Hitman games and its much easier to pull off execution kills. The graphics in the game are also fantastic, some of the best this generation. Its great on medium but if you have a graphics card capable of running it at maximum settings, you'll be in for a big surprise and joy. The story is around 10 hours . Its about how Agent 47 doesn't execute someone and holds her away in efforts in trying to find out why people want her.


A worthy addition to the franchise

reconalpha | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all reconalpha's reviews »

The reviews on the internet do not do this game justice. I am a big fan of Hitman: Contracts which I consider the best in the series and this game is a tribute to Contracts. The gameplay is authentic, the graphics are high quality, and the production values are fantastic. The menu and weapons system is a lot more streamlined than Hitman: Blood Money. If you like the earlier Hitman games than this game is for you.


A good Hitman game

ccroatian | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all ccroatian's reviews »

Compared to the former hitman games technically this is the best, but the gameplay is maybe a bit repititive. The atmosphere is in my opinion perfect, and the visuals are sharp and nice. I can't say anything wrong but that this game is great and we would be even happier if there would be a true multiplayer mode featured.


Slow and steady wins the race

nudeood | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all nudeood's reviews »

I had never played a Hitman game before, despite being a big fan of stealth games. Eventually I took the plunge and bought the entire Hitman collection so I could play through all the games. Absolution was the first I tried, and in many ways it exceeded my expectations. There is a definitive focus on remaining hidden throughout missions, with the occasional change of using a disguise to walk straight past enemies. This means that every mission has a variety of completion methods, although some will be much more difficult than others. The thing that struck me about this game was the difficulty of pulling off silent assassinations. Hitman Absolution certainly doesn't make it easy for you to sneak right up to your target without being noticed, and many times lack of patience leads to a exposed gunfight. That being said, the best way to approach the game is as an stealth action game, where you can enjoy using a combination of stealth, disguises and shooting to dispatch targets.


Great game, deserves more credit.

taytothief | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all taytothief's reviews »

Some people don't like Hitman Absolution, but it was one of my favourite games last year. It looks and feels fantastic, the mood and lighting on the levels are great. The voice acting and sound is also very good, and the depth of missions is superb. There are many, many ways to do each mission, and there are new missions constantly added through the community. The replayability here is fantastic. It's been on sale for quite cheap numerous times, so I wouldn't suggest paying full price, even though it is worth the €25 price tag it has at the moment.


Good game, not so much a good Hitman game.

super2j | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all super2j's reviews »

Nothing is broken here. There is a great game here. There well made environments and good spread of themes. But the some of the scenes that seem out of uncharted are really out of place here. For those who have played the previous games this game is what you get when you mix a cinematic third person shooter with hitman. I personally enjoyed a good deal of it but eventually it became a slog for me, as I played to simply reach the conclusion. I will say that the villain in this game was surprisingly bad, almost Bond-like and that was the only thing that made the story tolerable. The challenge mode was a lot more like the series of old but it still felt too narrow and small.


Great game, unique

legmaco | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all legmaco's reviews »

This game is awesome, it takes a new approach to a unique series, it was my first game in the series, since I don't usually play "normal" FPS games, but this peaked my interest, it's so fun thinking about how to act in every encounter and to plan your way of attack, it's even fun to replay the same level/contract just to see if I can handle it a cooler way. Great game.


Broad game that is fun to play

blofeld | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all blofeld's reviews »

This latest installment in the Hitman series is by far the best. It adds features that the old games lack, as well as a polished graphical presentation. Again, you are able to decide whether to go stealthy or guns blazing on each map. However you score the most points by going stealthy, as usual. The points are used to lock up things inside the game, which is a nice touch. Each level also offers challenges, which are specific things that will reward you with more points if completed. However, since you can go back an play each level as many times as you like, you can go back and finish just that specific challenge and then quit, which is a bit of an exploit. Overall a good game, and is recommended.


Good game with huge shortcomings

Jjindeugi | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all Jjindeugi's reviews »

I've played every Hitman part and always had a lot of fun, this time I'm a bit disappointed. Hitman: Absolution is a good game, decent graphics and sound background but it is lacking in handling, to be more specific, playing as Agent 47 with keyboard & mouse always feels strange. However the biggest disadvantage is the lack of choices you can make and the fact, that you are forced to sneak, it does not matter if you are disguised or not, the AI will ALWAYS recognized you, a huge mood killer. Long story short, its a good game but dont expect something great.


Brilliant!! For first timers and long term fans

Vikasb | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all Vikasb's reviews »

Thrilling game with loads of opportunities and various ways of killing your enemies. A brilliant piece of art for those entering the series for the first time or the long term hard core fans. This is the second Hitman game I have played since blood money and this game truly lived up to the hype. Graphics are beautiful on any system, I have played the game on ultra and low and honestly the playing quality is not wholly not affected. Absolutely love or the various ways you can kill your enemies and this adds great replay value, offers hours of fun and crazy laughs.


Stick with Blood Money if you want a great Hitman experience

Maghook | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all Maghook's reviews »

I have no idea how anyone could play this game and say, "Yeah, I'm having fun" because Hitman: Absolution is probably the least user-friendly, least stealth-based game in the entire franchise and it manages to completely betray the mechanics of its predecessors. Even the controls are super wonky, no matter if you play keyboard or joypad. I'm playing on hard, the median difficulty, and I can't even beat the sixth level. Why? Because every single person who wears the same clothes as mine knows I'm suspicious when I enter their 50 metre detection radius. Why even have costumes if people can just see through them from down a hallway? This isn't Hitman, instead it has turned into a Splinter Cell wannabe without the acrobatics and cool gizmos. Absolution would have been a great game if the developers took out the disguise detection system with its giant yellow arrows of omnipresence. If you want to experience levels of high blood pressure you should buy this game.


Amazing! Amazing amazing.

Amir12hbk | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all Amir12hbk's reviews »

Hitman. One of the best games ever and amazing playing it I spent about 50 hours in this game. And it is still amazing. I play tougher levels and more exciting game It's great that kill people. Hitman. Assassin true originals


Superb, but with some flaw

darkyhbk | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Hitman Absolution has all the ingredients necessary for a really great game. Its graphics are really solid, with some nice effects and high-res textures, and solid facial animations. The sound is also great, with probably the best voice acting in the series - absolutely fantastic work by the actors- and some great music, although the developers switched the composer. The storyline, although at times it tries too hard to dramatize and impress, is intriguing to say the least, but it throws so many cool bad guys at you, that none of them feel exploited to their full potential- save maybe one. They could have been much, much more, since the potential was there. Otherwise, it's quite predictable. The gameplay mechanics are more solid than ever, with a diverse enough arsenal of weapons and gadgets. However, the levels have been split into very small sections, and this feels quite artificial and kills a lot of the atmosphere. The approaches, though, are even more diverse than in Blood Money, and you can choose to accomplish each objective however you see fit. The only drawback is the blend-in kind of system, with the help of which you can absurdly get out of situation from which you can't in a believable cover- you get spotted much too easily that way. Otherwise, there are no complaints about Absolution. You also get a contact editor, where you can create missions and play other player-made ones. This is a nice touch,and, although it has its limitations, it lengthens the game's life and offers even better value for money.


47 won't let you down

Fallenspartan | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Fallenspartan's reviews »

I've only just started playing this one so I can only speak to my initial impressions. But so far I'm loving this game. The graphics are great, the storyline seems interesting. Some things in the game are a little overdone maybe but I'm going to enjoy this one a great deal as any fan of the series should.


Great Fun

skyline5gtr | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all skyline5gtr's reviews »

Hitman is alot of fun, if you know what to expect going in. The main thing that will turn people off is the fact that you cannot choose a loadout going into a mission. I think this is part of the charm , using the environment to your advantage. The contracts option is a ton of fun that can keep you busy for hours, making and playing out other people contracts. Definitely Recommend


Great Game for Players just getting into the series

silentblacksnak | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all silentblacksnak's reviews »

I had a lot of fun with hitman absolution however i am someone who's first game of the hitman series was this game. Fans of the hitman series have had mix bag of reviews. Its a great game when on sale.


Agent 47 Come Back

mertgunes | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all mertgunes's reviews »

When I pre-purschased Hitman Absolution; I was confused, it's price was 30 dollars; it is 5-10 dollars now, but it is the best Hitman game for me; it must play for a good experince. It is enjoyable game, and it have Contracts mode for a longer experince. 90/100.


Better than Blood Money

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

Now, I'm probably going to annoy a lot of people by saying I enjoyed Absolution a hell of a lot more than Blood Money, or in fact any of the other Hitman games. I did play Blood Money on the 360 though, that may be part of the reason why I didn't like it. Anyway, the graphics on this game are great, the story is nice and it's just a great game to play. I also like that you can choose how to play it, you can go stealth (which I recommend) or you can go in and shoot the place up (this will result in a low score and is not as much fun) However, there is one thing in particular that I really didn't like about this game: the disguise system. EVERYONE wearing the same outfit as you gets suspicious of you. Say, for example, you had stolen a cop's uniform, and were disguised as a Chicago Police Officer, every single cop in that level will see through your disguise if you get too close, not every cop in Chicago knows each other, and once they've blown your disguise, they stay hostile throughout the rest of the level. There are hours of playtime in this game, even once you finish the main storyline, you can play through other player created contracts and even make your own to earn (in-game) money to unlock special items. All in all though, it's a great game. I've found myself replaying through it several times to get the highest score I can on each level. I would definitely recommend it.


Great game, not as great as Blood Money.

umirza85 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all umirza85's reviews »

Im sure we've heard everyone say, but yes - this game is not as good as Blood Money. But that aside the game is very fun. Its more in depth than blood money and the AI is much better. All the new mechanics implemented in this game definitely expand upon the base that blood money has built. Also I like the fact that there is now no 'Save anywhere you want' that just lead to lots of trial and error reloads. The online implementation of contracts is pretty fun too, though now it doesnt seem as though there are as many people online - also winning money ot upgrade my weapons for online only contracts seems to feel like its missing something since I just dont feel like doing it. The single player game is where its at, and I love the story line. The game plays out very much like a movie (and is probably better than the actual hitman movie :) ) Up to this point I have put about 30 hours into the single player and cant wait to finish it up.


Just be patient and you will enjoy it!

bartinkopl2 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all bartinkopl2's reviews »

Woah, now this is what I call .. a good game. Story is quite good, graphics beat the average games, sounds are pretty okay, but what a voiceover! Woah. I SIMPLY LOVED IT. This game is fun, pretty interesting and can hook you in a minutes. Missions are a bit different than these which were featured in old hitmans but that doesn't mean they are worse. The only annoying thing about this game is disguise system - people in the same disguise can simply recognize you which sucks. Other than that I highly recommend this game, it is pretty good.


A fun game, but not the best in the Hitman series.

edisleado | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all edisleado's reviews »

Absolution is an undeniably beautiful looking game, and finally, playing as 47 feels like he truly is the master assassin he's reputed to be. However, what Absolution has improved in terms of graphics and combat, it has stumbled quite a bit on the gameplay and even on the story. In Absolution, the ICA, the international contract agency that 47 works for is now under new management, and his old mission handler, Diana, who has seemingly betrayed the Agency, is his first contract upon his return to work. Without spoiling too much, Agent 47 takes it upon himself to protect a young girl from many groups that are vying for her possession. When she slips from his grasp, 47 embarks on a personal journey to save her. It's a story that could have actually turned out very well had the writers taken it more seriously. It presented an opportunity to further flesh out 47's character, but apart from a couple of lines of dialogue, 47 is not expanded upon any further. The entire story, characters and all, possess an immature and out-of-place grindhouse-ish vibe throughout. There are glimpses of subtlety and heart, but these bits are, for some reason, cut short and forgotten about, seeming to indicate that the developers cut parts of the game's story (and cutscenes). I won't give away the ending, but there's a point in the story that effectively negates the reasons for doing everything you've done over the game, but the silver-lining is that it may allow for the next Hitman game to return to its roots. Anyways, enough about the story, you want to hear about the gameplay, right? I'll keep it short, but considering the fact that this is a *Hitman* game, there are an inordinate number of levels with no actual target to assassinate. Not only this, but even with a decent combat system, a majority of the levels are structured in a way that doesn't allow you much freedom in how you approach your targets. The famous disguise system of Hitman is also a little different this time around. People wearing the same clothes as you will more easily figure out that you're not actually one of them. The problem with this is that, oftentimes, these levels are mostly populated by the people with the only disguises you can use. Instead of being able to 'hide' in plain sight, disguise gameplay devolves into hiding behind obstacles to break line-of-sight, making the game feel more like Splinter Cell than Hitman. A new introduction to the Hitman series are the challenges. Each level features unique challenges where you must accomplish objectives in a unique manner, or even go out of your way to do something special. Some of these challenges can be quite tedious, but a lot of them are great fun to try and complete. This review may sound a quite negative, but I actually spent 81 hours playing Hitman: Absolution. It's still a fun game, but it is a far more streamlined of a Hitman game than what I've grown used to with previous installments. If you're a new Hitman fan, this would still be a fine game to start on.


Good game for newcomers to the series

TheImpZA | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all TheImpZA's reviews »

I recently got this game on a since I missed it at launch. First up, I've never really been a fan of the Hitman series, nor have I played the previous games all that much. So this game was a new start for me. The story was actually rather good. I got sucked into it quickly, but would have benefited from knowing some backstory I believe. The game itself is a bucket load of fun. The mechanics and gameplay is something more unique than I'm used to, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The graphics is also very pretty, but there's a bit too much lens flair for my taste. Also, NPC's in game are not good looking up close and personal. Overall I am enjoying my time with the game, and I can see myself playing it for a bit longer. There are some nice replay incentives, and I am yet to try the multiplayer aspect of the game.


Impressive Game. Would love to play the other ones.

man_of_power05 | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all man_of_power05's reviews »

To start off I never played the previous hitman games before so i didn't know what to expect. I was blown away; I loved almost every minute of the game, even though a few levels were kinda bad (level 3 mostly where all you have to do is go from point a to b evading enemies). the disguise system needs work though. if you ever get caught your current disguise is blown and enemies will always shoot on sight if they see you while you wear that disguise for the rest of the mission. your first instinct would be to change disguises to one the enemy has never seen before, right? well that doesn't work because somehow any disguise you change into is automatically blown, even if the enemy never saw you wearing that particular disguise before. that's one of the few things that kinda left a bad taste in my mouth but other than that, this game is a masterpiece. all the gameplay is there; multiple interesting ways to take out your targets, using disguises to fool enemies, and more. a must buy for any hitman fan. to sum up hitman absolution is a game that has a few flaws but mostly an engaging experience.


Rewards the patient player

Vectroid | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all Vectroid's reviews »

Hitman Absolution, like its predecessors, rewards the player who adheres to its "invisible" rules. Yes, the game advertises itself as being very open and allows the player to take multiple courses of actions with a variety of ways to finish your task. However while playing it, it became very apparent that Hitman Absolution just wants to be played in one way and that is the stealthy way. While it is extremely rewarding to take things slow and wait for the perfect moment for the perfect kill, all while feeling like a badass assiassin you're supposed to be, it can lead to bouts of extreme frustration. The game uses checkpoints but the checkpoints are not available as often as we wish them to be, which means if you die a lot (and you're going to die a lot playing at the hardest difficulty, which imho, the way it's meant to be played...), you are most likely gonna be redoing things over and over again. And believe me when that happens you gonna want to play the game as a third person shooter and unload your frustration into the npcs and riddling them with bulletholes. Except instead of feeling satisfaction, you're going to notice the wonky ragdoll physics (ok I'll admit it tends to be hilarious too) and blasting through the levels will make you feel empty since it would probably not feel like much of a challenge at all. But in the end, if you just go with it, take your time and enjoy it the stealthy assassin way, there is a lot of fun to be found in this game.


More streamlined Hitman but still great

GrogtheGinger | July 31, 2013 | See all GrogtheGinger's reviews »

This Hitman game is quite different to the other Hitman games as it has a much bigger story focus. The story is actually quite good in my opinion and creates this very good and sometimes humourous theme. Most of the characters are really memorable but the saints shouldn't have been in the game. The levels are smaller and more streamlined in this game with less options for assassination. The missions are more get to the end of the level instead of assassinate these targets in interesting ways like older Hitman games which I miss. The disguise system is very annoying however as the people you are disguised as will see through your disguise very easily which just means there is no point in disguises. The graphics are amazing and the game runs really well. Overall, this game is very fun and will take a long time to finish if you are stealthy but I prefer Blood Money still.


Best one in the series, 47 is a boss

Demadizz | July 29, 2013 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

Everything about this game was flawless. Gameplay and story were very well done, the voice acting was top of the line. I loved the level layouts they were unique and didn't all have you murder a target to get by. However killing your target in various ways brought a high in my book. You choose the way they die. The challenge system was a perfect fit which adds replay value too. All in all it was a really well made game 9/10.


Less like the old titles but still great

Peterlwd | July 28, 2013 | See all Peterlwd's reviews »

The newest Hitman game is a bit more linear, and missions take less long. However there are plenty of them and they still offer considerable freedom in playstyles. Make it look like an accident? Turn on the gas in the appartement. Or push them into an elevator shaft. That kinda thing. The ability to create your own hits and unlock weapons and gear is an amazing addition that gives a lot of fun replay value to the game. The story might seem a bit out of place for 47 but the gameplay makes up for it still.


Very good

Bolo | July 27, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

I have played the previous hitman games and quite enjoyed them so I thought I knew what to expect when it came to the next installment of the game. But was I wrong the game has some great whoa moments and you find it quite fun. The story is cool and well made with great voice acting. The game it self is graphically stunning. Was impressived by how well this game was made and how it was even better then the previous games. I highly recommend this game.


Pretty fun

Jaqqer | July 27, 2013 | See all Jaqqer's reviews »

It was a pretty fun game but i had just hoped for something more. It's a bit to linear and storydriven. Graphics and the gameplay was awesome with a lot of stuff to do.


First Semi-Open World Hitman Game

spycid | July 27, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

A lot of people dislike this game, maybe cause it deviates from what made this franchise so popular. For the first time this game becomes semi open world, means it allows you to complete a mission in multiple ways. Although it's not always that, sometimes it becomes a rail/corridor shooter. Still it's fun enough to play whether you are a Hitman or stealth fan.


Different from other hitmans, but still good

Speed4Runs | July 27, 2013 | See all Speed4Runs's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution prefers making you "hide", instead of having some kind of stealth-action like old Hitman games. The gameplay is better on older games, but it's still good. It may makes you a bit rage (because, without instinct, you will most probably get noticed), but it is still nice. I dislike the instinct because it helps the player too much and it makes Hitman: Absolution a game which is made for kids who like easy things. Graphics are good, but there's WAY TOO BLOOM! Sometimes you can't even see 47 because the lights go beyond his body. Performance sucks, although it should get "fixed" with some drivers update (I didn't get it fixed, though). The plot is good, and it has some twists. AI isn't very good. Graphics + performance: 4 *Graphics: 4.75 - Good, but, sometimes, you can't see anything. *Performance: 3 - Very bad. The game is very laggy (especially on open areas). Plot: 5.75 Nice. Nothing over the average, though. Longevity: 5.75 It's just average, not a long lasting game. Gameplay: 6 Very nice, although it's really disappointing, if you're an hitman fan. Sound: 6.25 Very good soundtracks and dubbing. Overall score: 56 Good. I recommend it to those who have a good PC and aren't too "attached" to the gameplay featured in older Hitman games.


Good continuation of the series

celdiruen | July 26, 2013 | See all celdiruen's reviews »

The newest Hitman game is not exactly like the others. In it, you don't get to travel to locales all over the world, and you don't get to pick your gear right before your mission. However, it has a more personal story, improved visuals, and still has the same varied and interesting missions with multiple ways to carry them out. They've added a new instinct feature that allows you to see through walls and where people are walking, and it is useful to stop guards from seeing through your disguise. Overall, it is a love/hate kind of game. Fans of earlier titles may not like the direction it has gone, but those new to the series may enjoy it.


Epic game with Epic story and Contracts mode

Hunork | July 26, 2013 | See all Hunork's reviews »

The Hitman series has always been aimed at the resolutely hardcore. And it's not just that the game's starring Agent 47, the most stylishly dressed killer in gaming, boasted finicky controls and punishing difficulty levels. These titles demanded players give themselves over to its open-ended gaming structure where a combination of stoical patience and creative puzzle-solving were rewarded. Sure, you could blast your way through levels with twin-ballers if you played the games on the easiest difficulty settings. But unless you surrendered to the series' signature stealth gameplay, the Hitman games would prove an ultimately hollow experience. This rule of thumb has been almost completely done away with in Absolution, IO's first Hitman game since 2006. Hints of it remain in the design of a couple of levels and the eye-watering challenge that's presented by the highest difficulty setting. But IO have made a number of design choices aimed at broadening Absolution's appeal beyond the core Hitman fanbase, and while there's still plenty to admire here, unfortunately not all of the changes work in the game's favour. Absolution starts off with Agent 47 being sent to kill his former handler Diane Burnwood, who has betrayed the pair's shadowy employers, The Agency. After a mission that serves as the game's tutorial, Diane lies in a pool of blood and shower-door glass, begging 47 to protect a child named Victoria she has in her charge. He agrees, stashes Victoria in an orphanage in Chicago, and then sets out to find out why The Agency has put such a premium on acquiring her. Naturally, this investigation presents 47 with a ton of targets upon which to apply his death-dealing talents. This rather decent plot setup unfortunately descends into a farcical mess rather quickly. Granted, the stories running through all the Hitman games are uniformly rubbish, but Absolution is silly by even their low standards. The main problem is that the game's outlandish plot developments jar horribly with the way it's presented as a darkly atmospheric thriller. It can't decide whether it wants to be Grindhouse or Noir and its attempts at straddling both camps fail miserably. This is a story about a contract killer caring for a defenceless girl at the behest of the only person he ever formed a human connection with. It's also a story in which the protagonist fights a man the size of a brick outhouse while wearing spandex and a Lucha Libre mask in a barn that just happens to be a short walk from a top-secret subterranean science lab. As Agent 47 marches towards his final quarry, the player encounters a stream of increasingly outlandish characters, each one more depraved than the next.


Not the best one in the series, though still enjoyable

cremvursti | July 26, 2013 | See all cremvursti's reviews »

IO Interactive chose a more action-ish route for this game, in spite of it's legacy. One would think they're trying to get it closer to the type of game Kane&Lynch is. Where until now, 47 had a series of contracts, missions where he was placed on a map, given a task and set loose, now almost all missions seem to take you on a specific route, like you're playing your typical shooter where the developer guides you step by step. Now, "it's personal"... well damn this, I don't want a bald, cold-blooded assassin to turn into the main character of a soap opera show. The game isn't that bad, but it ain't a Hitman game anymore. Not like it used to be. If you haven't played any of the previous games and want to jump straight to the best one, Blood Money is the one you want to try out.



simodeso | July 22, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

I really liked this game, even if i died a lot of times. As I said in the title rush is equal to death because you have an health bar that recharges very very slowly, and enemies can kill you quickly (this in hard mode). You have to use your brain to finish this game, there are tons of ways to finish the level and it has an amazing story. So the gameplay it's perfect it's 100% enjoyable unless you loose your patience quickly. It's worth every penny i spent on this game, just enjoy the game and don't buy pay-to-win dlcs.


Agent 47 hasn't aged a day.

IcemanO11 | July 16, 2013 | See all IcemanO11's reviews »

The Hitman series has always been known for its thinking gameplay when attempting to take down a target. Do I drop a chandelier on him when he moves to sit down? Do I snipe him from the balcony? Absolution provides situations for those same opportunities, but they tend to be fewer and far between, focusing more on story driven third person shooter levels more often. The disguise system has also been changed, in my opinion for the worse largely because your discovery will occur quite often regardless of whether you have a disguise on or not. If you're looking for a great third person action game, Hitman is a beautiful and fun example. However, if you were looking for another "Hitman" game, this departs somewhat from the formula to adapt to the new generation.


It's a love-hate kinda thing.

xAFBx | July 11, 2013 | See all xAFBx's reviews »

First off, I love the Hitman series. But this one is a little different. They've made it easier first of all, but also the depth of field is kind of irritating. No matter how high you set it, it just doesn't seem as far enough as it should be. They've also changed it to feel more...mainstream, for lack of a better term. They've made it easier to approach for newbies to the series and for those of us that have played/cherished the other Hitman games, it seems to lack. It forces you to keep going, when in the old ones you could explore a bit and learn people's routes. They've also added this system where you use your "instincts" to see through walls, see where people are walking, etc. You don't have to use it but it does kinda break the whole immersion of being a hitman. I did love playing it, though. The main thing I miss the most is being able to customize your guns and loadout before the missions. That was really fun and I really felt like that not being here was a huge mistake. The story is pretty good and it brought back memories of me coming home from school and playing the first couple Hitman games in my room with friends. Thinking it was hilarious to sneak up and murder someone for money. Ahh, memories. Overall though, I'd recommend it if you think you'd like this sort of game and if it's on sale. I, unfortunately, paid full price and pre-ordered it though.


An introduction to Assassination

LoAPOlivia | July 11, 2013 | See all LoAPOlivia's reviews »

This game has divided opinion over whether it is a brilliant improvement that moves the series into the next league, or whether it is a step back for the franchise. In my opinion it is a great game, and well worth investing in. The graphics are above average, the storyline is unique, and has some great missions. The genius of the Hitman games is that there are multiple ways to complete each mission; you can choose just how you want to play. I loved the freedom even within entering a room. Airvent? or Door? or even a window? Shoot or poison, Drug or distract? It's up to you. Brilliant game!


Lackluster 'choices'

Apsac | July 9, 2013 | See all Apsac's reviews »

I've never played a Hitman game before this, and I'm disappointed that I started here. By no means is this a bad game, but it has certain design choices that take away from the game as a whole. Such as having a point mechanic. It gives you plenty of options to get the job done, but then points are factored in, and certain methods are worth more points. It's almost like telling you that it's okay to have an opinion, but mine is better. It's a bit clunky, but overall has some good mechanics and can be both frustrating and fun. It's worth playing, but it's more or less a forgettable experience.


Don't expect Blood Money 2

FLD | July 7, 2013 | See all FLD's reviews »

This game got a bit of flak at launch and people were claiming that it had "ruined" the series. Well, that's fairly ridiculous. True, in their attempt to make a more story-driven campaign that finds 47 on the run, some design sacrifices were made. A good third of the campaign feels less like Hitman and more like a standard stealth-action game. But the other two thirds? They're the Hitman you know and love. Some aspects are disappointing, sure. For example, the way the levels are separated in sections can make them feel rather small compared to the previous games. But as a fan of the series since its early days, I thoroughly enjoyed Absolution and can't wait for the next installment. This isn't the perfect game that many expected but that doesn't mean it's not worth your time.


Agent 47 in the new generation

lagendofdoom | July 6, 2013 | See all lagendofdoom's reviews »

Hitman Absolution is a quite different from the other Hitman games, its more linear and its concetrates on storyline while the other Hitman games were more open world with stages\missions of which you only needed to kill your target. Hitman Absolution also takes part of what today many games do with an "adult with a child relationship" which is quite suprising for a Hitman game even so its done really good and you can feel character development from agent 47. While Hitman Absolution has its flaws ( can't pick weapons in the starting of a mission and the disguise mehanic isn't perfect ) but the game also has advantages ( you can compare scores of every mission you finish with other players and your friends in which it makes every mission more replayable and thus making the game more challenging and competitive ). Hitman Absolution is a game that you must own and its worth every penny and I can gladly say that Hitman Absolution is my 2012 Game of the year.


still a solid game

odren | July 6, 2013 | See all odren's reviews »

first thing to say is the game is not blood money but that is understandable. though it is still a good game with lots of different ways to approach levels and with a good enough story to justify the new approach to the way they made this hitman game.


A modern take on the series

RbRt | July 5, 2013 | See all RbRt's reviews »

As a huge fan of the Hitman games, I have to admit this isn't really the best of the series, but it's not the worst either. Hitman Absolution brings new systems of gameplay to an old and hardened franchise. Usually these kinds of marketing schemes and attempts to gain the attention of people new to it isn't taken very lightly by some old fans. This may be the case with this game, but personally, I don't mind it too much. Of course, the game has indeed fallen prey to the new fad of typical cover shooters and other clichés, so instead of feeling like you're blending in and walking up to right under your target's nose while in disguise, you get the constant "hide and seek" scenes, where you end up just hiding behind walls, crouching and trying to stay as far away from other people as possible.' The addition of the "instinct"(the ability to see through walls) only makes it worse, because it ruins the element of surprise for yourself, not letting you use any tactics of your own, however silly they may turn out to be. Fortunately, the game comes with different difficulty settings, which let you disable some of these ridiculous mechanics. Unlike the previous games, where you had a big, sandboxy map, in which you could just walk around, plan ahead, inspect the environment or just dance in some night club for half an hour, in Absolution the levels are linear, most of the times giving you few alternatives to the way you kill your target, or reach the objective. You're constantly on the move, from a location to another, hiding in the shadows(instead of in plain sight), and despite the story being pretty good and dramatic (at least in my opinion), it still gives you too little time to enjoy your time in certain areas. The game comes with "contracts", which are missions outside the main campaign created by other players, with custom targets and objectives. Now this is pretty amazing, because it gives you that "sandbox" feeling (or at least it tries to), and adds hours of fun to the game. A thing that bugs me if that not many people seem to be playing them, which is quite stupid, considering that that's what the majority asked for in the first place. Now don't get me wrong. The game isn't bad. On the contrary: it's actually pretty fantastic. It just seems to be the black sheep of the Hitman "family", because it doesn't appeal to some old time fans. I don't consider the change in direction to be something bad for the franchise, but frankly, I would kill for a new and improved Hitman: Blood Money.


Good Story, Great Gameplay

Pfheonix | July 5, 2013 | See all Pfheonix's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution comes in with a fresh story, requiring little to no previous knowledge of the previous games, but quite deeply benefiting from it. With fresh ways to interact with enemies, classic stealth gameplay with a fresh coat of paint, Hitman: Absolution provides a classic experience in a beautiful package.


One step forward, or two steps back?

beatstar | July 3, 2013 | See all beatstar's reviews »

When I first saw the unveiling of Hitman: Absolution, I was optimistic to see our favorite nefarious assassin make it to the current generation of gaming. What I was not optimistic for was the Hollywood cast, or the introduction of "magic pockets" (that is, the ability to carry a sniper rifle in your coat pocket). In the faux pas words of Max Scoville, who interviewed IO Interactive staff after a preview of the game, my worries were "assured". It is true that Absolution retains its stealth ethic (and arguably with as much rigor as Silent Assassin), but it is greatly downplayed by an obnoxious point system ever present in the upper left corner. Every misstep you perform is noted here, and it cannot be disabled unless you play on purist. I assume that this is the IO's snide reply to those who complained about mystery witnesses at the end of the level in previous games. Speaking of AI; it has definitely improved to some extent, there are no longer telepathic NPCs who know who you are just by hearing a guard lift up a radio without saying any words in it. At one point, I was amazed how the AI suspected I was behind them when I reloaded my gun, or when I knocked out a guard and his radio made some kind of interference. But it is still not perfect. Unless you yourself make noise, guards never look behind themselves, even when you throw something right in front of them from 5 feet away. I found this AI was most comparable to Silent Assassin, since I still remember being shot in St. Petersburg for running. The story in itself is one of question. Although it lines together with the conclusion of Blood Money rather well, it goes into a whole other direction with the inclusion of a plot device, a 14 year old genetically modified girl given superhuman abilities with an isotope in her necklace. A dying request by one of 47's former employers is to protect her prized innocence, and seek out and kill those who wish to do her harm. The initial casting of William Mapother and recasting of David Bateson has 47 speak more lines in this game than arguably any of his previous titles. Yet 47 doesn't babble, his newly founded areas of dialogue include briefing the player, found on by pressing the F1 key when on a level. Regarding level design, the developers have largely abandoned that open world feel in favor of a more linear theme. The open world concept is still alive in some levels such as the Chinese New Year and Hope missions, but is by no means to the same extent as Blood Money was, which was way more consistent. I do admit, though, that they were far more generous in sheer number with 20 levels. Graphically speaking, the visuals are stylistic, but too many filters and post-processing are applied in the name of artistic direction. It was almost reminiscent of Battlefield 3 in a way, knowing that the visuals already looked just fine 5 filters ago. Luckily, you can turn off the bloom in the settings. The depth of field is incredibly flawed, however. Even at the highest setting, you have a severely myopic camera that will unexpectly blur out even the most important things in your field of view. It is especially bad when 47 is coming out of a dark tunnel in a mission to enter Dexter's Industries, but perhaps it is intentional. If so, it was not a good decision to include it within the game. With the absence of Jesper Kyd, the sound design is left extremely sporadic and often random. The music will often cease or begin without any cue, and the action music, when 47 is discovered and NPCs turn hostile, is uninteresting and bland compared to the orchestral/electronica mix we've come to know and love. In conclusion, Absolution is probably one of the most polarizing titles in the Hitman series since its conception in the year 2000. Now approaching its adolescence, it has lost most of its innocence and changed its state of mind in order to fit in with the in crowd. That means no more map, no more first person point of view, and no more "stop and smell the roses" missions. Is it a good thing? I'm not so sure at the moment. Usually, when a game gets a mixed rating the critic suggests that only true fans pick up this title, but I suggest the exact opposite. If you're new to this series, playing this first can give you a taste of the gameplay so you can work backwards to the core of the series and see what was the true aim of the series was all about. That is what I believe Absolution, after 6 years in development, seems to be lacking.


It has changed (but not too much)

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

This game reminded me to the Splinter Cell Conviction case. This is a great stealth action shooter game with amazing graphics. The story started very well, but then it starts to disappoint. It has multiple ways to achieve your goals as a master assassin, but it is more linear. You cannot select your weapon in the beginning of each level (something that is justified by the storytelling), giving you the realistic feeling of complete the mission "improvising". However, the most insignificant mistake will ruin your plan, having to restart the checkpoint again if you want perfection. Finally, I have to say bravo for the little tributes that the game does to other franchises of Square-Enix (concretely Eidos) if you pay attention, giving you the feeling that everything is connected.


Absolutely Amazing

eugenews | July 3, 2013 | See all eugenews's reviews »

I have not played Hitman series for years and when it's on sale on GMG i was like "what am i waiting for". I think this game is really up to the expectation that most of us had prior to playing it. The graphics are just simply amazing just as the plot. Kudos!!


Well done Agent 47

Kutsu | July 2, 2013 | See all Kutsu's reviews »

This is my second Hitman game i have played and I must say i liked it. Game gives the player whether you want to sneak around or go in guns blazing, its all up to you. Story is about 10-20 hours long, depending on the difficulty. The graphics are top notch and will put even high end systems on its knees. Only thing in this game I didnt like, was the disguise system, which was pretty useless, because enemy will spot you in 5 seconds. That really limits being stealthy and forces players to kill instead of sneaking around. In conclusion, fans of the series should not skip this game and its also a great investment for those who are new to this series.


A Relative Departure/Revision to the Hitman Franchise

Poopmonkey | June 30, 2013 | See all Poopmonkey's reviews »

What can I say about this game? Well, having played a large part of it, the tables have turned on our dear Hitman 47 and now he has become the hunted. Overall, I would this game is a good game in its own merits but comparing this game to other Hitman games like the beloved Blood Money allows it to fall apart. The game definitely shows effort and a solid formula to sell the audience on the new "ideas" that Eidos put in the new game yet it just does not feel exactly like the Hitman we know and love. The levels feel a bit smaller and much more railroadly, the game has a sense of pretending to give you freedom where there really is not much to be had as in previous games. The levels do not feel as open either. With the addition of the AI's inflamed sense of seeing through your disguise in a matter of seconds if you get too close, the levels feel even more linear since after a few failures you begin to realize that a "certain path" exists through the level where you hide here or there, wait for a guy to pass, try to use your instinct, kill a guard, and proceed onwards till you reach and kill your target. Thus, this takes a lot of the magic that you had from the previous games where you can roam around and explore the living level while disguised. This is not the case in this game, I felt like always I needed to hide and seek and really saw the disguises in the game as relatively useless given the fact that everyone can see through them so easily. Yet, if killing targets and sneaking around is your drink of choice, then give this game a try. Yet, if you want to experience the magic and fun of Blood Money or the previous Hitman games, then you will be easily disappointed.


Interesting stealth game... woeful Hitman game

wiper | June 29, 2013 | See all wiper's reviews »

The Hitman series occupies a unique space in gaming - offering a freeform approach to execute your target, they offer up characterful open environments filled with NPCs leading their own little clockwork lives for you to dodge, distract and deceive. With Blood Money IO proved they'd finally mastered the formula, ironing out the kinks and level design issues that had negatively impacted the first games in the series, and hopes for the sequel were high. Only for them to throw it all away. Absolution's levels are predominantly linear A:B stealth missions, with only a handful of sandbox missions thrown in. These few sandboxes are easily the game's highlight, and yet none reach the highs of even the worst missions in Blood Money - they are comparatively small, limited in scope, and make the player's options so obvious as to remove any fun to be had from replaying and re-imagining your approach. Gone too are the clockwork worlds to explore - a handful of NPCs per level may have patrols to follow, but gone are the little tableaux of characters going about their lives that would occur, whether you were there to see them or not, replaced by completely unsubtle sequences scripted to start when, and only when, the player lands in the right location. Hitman has gone from a game about interfering with a world that isn't aware of you, to being a game in which every actor is only there for your benefit. What's left is, in fact, a perfectly reasonable stealth game. With your ability to disguise yourself vastly diminished from previous games, you find yourself jumping from cover to cover to get anywhere, staying out of the line of sight of others at all costs. If this were a Splinter Cell game, I'd call it perfectly reasonable. It's just a shame that the developers felt the need to cull a game series that happened to be the only exponent of its particular genre in order to make it. A massive shame.


Hitman: Absolution a new step in the Hitman series.

bidleg | June 18, 2013 | See all bidleg's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution feels like a three step forward in the Hitman series but at the same time a step back. Hitman: Absolution is the 5th in the Hitman series of games where you can still kill your targets in many ways. It is still a stealth game like the old Hitman games but has a Splinter Cell Conviction feel to it with a new controls layout and two new mechanics called instinct and point shooting. Point shooting which allows you to slow down time and tag multiple enemies kills them. This game is more story based then old Hitman with great voice acting and a dark sense of humour. The game has a Quentin Tarantino feel to it. A new online mode in Hitman called contracts where the player can playthrough the small level and complete a contract, by tagging their targets and the way in which the targets is killed, and the disguise the players must use when killing a target. You get more money the fast you kill your target, money which can be used to buy upgrades and more. When a contract is created by a player, they can put it online and have other players attempt to complete it and rank on online leaderboards based on how good they are. It really fun and challenging but I wish you could make your own levels. The game does have some problems. The first problem is new take on the disguise system. In the old Hitman games if you had a disguise by killing someone or finding one, you could walk right pass an enemy. Now you have to use instinct where you can see through walls and see where enemy would walk too. You can turn off instinct but you can’t change the disguise system back to the old one The second problem is the new horrible checkpoint system which respawns enemies and are few and far between each other. This is my biggest problem I have with the game and I wish I.O interactive would fix with a patch as the old Hitman games allowed you to save when and where you wanted to. Because it’s a story based game it is a bit more linear where you don’t even need to kill anyone just walk to the end. There are some big open levels but not a lot. The graphics are amazing, you can have 100 npcs on screen at once and it looks great. Hitman: Absolution is a great but some of the decisions IO interactive made to the game not as open and the opposites that long-time fan like myself and others wanted. That being said the game is still super fun and worth it. It give is an 8.5 out of ten.



light079 | June 17, 2013 | See all light079's reviews »

As a person new to hitman I was skeptical at first as to how this would play out however after the first few levels I was astounded as to the level of depth in detail, from the bushes to the buildings the level of detail if very pleasing to the eye, the game play is smooth and transitions are nice and even if you don't enjoy the whole 'stealth' approach to things there are challenges to complete for the player who likes to rush in among the groups of enemies and brutally take them all out one by one. A fantastic experience to people new to hitman or even to the older players from the series.


Good Work Agent 47

kalil | June 9, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Gameplay: Not unlike all the hitman, but has some new things that makes it interesting Technology: Really very well worked, the people around you, talk, talk, each does something different, the police, in terms of performance / graphic, very good, not a heavy game, you can play at a high range PC Graphics: Brutal, very good graphics, really the scenarios are very well made, brutal lighting effects, so only 10 would not stand by the textures of plants, a little painful, but the rest amazing in DX11 Sounds: Well, normal in 3rd-person shooter Innovation: As the story goes, is 1 ° hitman that is a bit more "serious" than others, what innovation really is the story I can rescue and graphics, similar to the previous rest hitman highly recommended


Great time killing bad guys

DManVI | June 6, 2013 | See all DManVI's reviews »

First Hitman game ive ever played and I found it quite fun. You can plan the hit on your targets, go in and improvise or just jump in with your guns blazing. Either way, you'll have a great time killing bad guys.


Hitman´s perfection

Masterrar | June 4, 2013 | See all Masterrar's reviews »

Hitman Absolution is a worthy successor of the old Hitman games. The graphics are good the gameplay is like it should be if you are a silent assassin. The mission-based sequence are part of a story. The story is the common complot setting but it is rather interesting than boring. While playing a got the feeling that you are forced to take out the enemies by hand and not with e.g. a sniper rifle (because it is to obvious and so on). That limits the gameplay at some spots throughout the story. But this is the only negative argument i´ve got. For those who want to feel like a hitman and those who want to play games with its concentration on sneaking this game is good-invested money (and there are also situations where you have to go loud if you fail to hide ;D).


Deadliest bold man !

FreakDeity | June 3, 2013 | See all FreakDeity's reviews »

The deadliest bald man in the videogame universe is back in a new episode which strikes hard. Hitman Absolution doesn't revolutionize the roots of the series' concept, but it manages to rejuvenate the method. Beautiful and clearly cinematic, Io Interactive's game gives to the player a great amount of freedom despite some A.I flaws. Thanks to its impressive lifespan and its entertaining multiplayer mode, Hitman Absolution is a member of the end-of-year greatest games.


A different Hitman

Chauci | June 1, 2013 | See all Chauci's reviews »

This time around they have created a much more linear and personal Hitman, this time around we follow agent 47 as he takes on a personal quest. The missions are split into smaller segments which offer smaller and more confided areas. The areas, still contain many different approaches to completing the missions but is not up to par with such Hitman games as blood money and leaves the open world aspect to be desired. The newly added achievements and challenge system offers many hours of replayability and as such you will spend many hours replaying certain missions to try out the many different methods. The now so standard cover system has been implemented and as such makes combat much easier along with the new instinct system, which allows for easy execution of groups of enemies and easier deciphering of patrol paths. This makes Hitman absolution much more streamlined and open to a wider crowd, but diehard Hitman fans should consider playing this on the hardest difficulty without the instinct. All in all it is a good game, but is taken in a much different approach than earlier titles and as such may disappoint fans.


Hitman, movie star

andrewbeechwood | May 31, 2013 | See all andrewbeechwood's reviews »

New game with 47. It must be good. Yeah... But it's not the old Hitman. It's more like movie but GREAT MOVIE than a classic hitman game. First thing - Maps aren't like the oldies. It's like Max Payne 3, just forward, get checkpoint, and sometimes lock the entrance, you know you can't come back. The linear maps is my only accusation. Graphics are good, faces blow me away. Music, hehe as always in Hitman series is fantastic. And that's what the tigers likes at most - gameplay. This is modern style, little casual but fun. The targets, killing methods (VARIETY AS HELL so I dig that), the achievements(?) makes that game. Solid gameplay, but as I said, this is modern style Hitman. 47 goes to Hollywood.


Pretty Good

ScopedEvil | May 31, 2013 | See all ScopedEvil's reviews »

Is a pretty great game for the price I got it at and can last as long as you desire.. go in slow and sneakily or all guns blazing.. A brilliant addition to the series.


A good game brought down by design choices.

JuliusMonge | May 31, 2013 | See all JuliusMonge's reviews »

Oh boy... where to begin? Yes, this game is fun. Yes, I love the "blend in" kind of stealth as opposed to the "don't be seen" kind. Yes, I can enjoy the more linear levels, as opposed to the sandbox ones. Both have their advantages: the sandbox allows you to be more creative, but it can be very overwhelming, especially if you have to reset. Ah, there we go. Resetting. I have one problem with this game. Not the disguise recogtnition system - which is a very nice and realistic idea they unfortunately couldn't get around without the instinct system. Not the instinct itself: 47 covering his face with a cap might look stupid, but managing that resource bar is another layer of strategy, even if an exploitable one(it's easy to quickly tap into the instinct when you're about to get recognized and watch as your watcher's suspicion indicator resets); point shooting, on the other hand, seems unecessary - it's not the kind of game where I should be shooting a room full of people, which is a shame because 47's Silverballers look so cool they are begging to be used. - but it's there and it looks cool, if you want to use it; the highlighting key elements is useful in telling apart what's scenery and what's a potential deathtrap. No, my problem is with the scoring system. It's what turns this game from a fun, if slightly limited - would say, not entirely without reason, the Blood Money enthusiasts -, sadistic workshop into an exercise of trial-and-error frustration in search of one of the optimal methods the developers designed into the level. No more of the free approach "I'll have that guard chase me into the garage, climb out by the roof and get into the door he was guarding" stuff. You get spotted, you mess up in a tiny way, and you have that negative score jeopardizing your whole run, regardless of how well or how brilliantly you manage to contain or even take profit from the situation. Instead, you reload your checkpoint and try to search for that one air duct the level designer put somewhere that will coincidentally end up somewhere the AI is programmed to trigger an event... say, lighting a cigarette near some convenient gas pump. It's less about creativity, more about finding the optimal solution, which, as far as I know, is not what this series was ever about. Maybe I want to use a silenced sniper to kill patrols, knocking their bodies off a bridge? Well, shame on me, 'cause my score will never reach my friend's, who preferred to go for the Silent Assassin bonus.Why should I be punished for using the many tools the game gave me to kill? Instead, it will slap my hand and make me shimmy from the edges around said bridge if I ever want to go for a good score. I don't even want to explore to find alternative methods(some of which are mind boggling, if funny. Rigging a power line so a guy gets shocked while pissing? Scattering a wrestler's guards by stealing his... teddy bear?), I just want to find the first solution that will get me through the level. As for the story... yeah, it isn't great. It's cliché, it's predictable in 95% of its run. I do, however, enjoy how it provided an opportunity for 47 to be portrayed as a more humane, relatable character, even if sometimes he would make me bang my head on my desk. Showing your face in front of a crowd before snapping the neck of your target? I thought we were going for the subtle and unnoticed approach. It's not a bad game, don't get me wrong. I had fun with it. Getting through the levels is fun, especially when I could manage to explore without setting off some score penalty. But there was a whole lot of frustration about trying to figure out and execute a puzzle in its most perfect details, not about exploring and coming up with a plan I would adapt on the fly. Again, not a bad game, just one that went the opposite way of my expectations.


Short and Sweet

ray21 | May 31, 2013 | See all ray21's reviews »

This is a fun game like it really is and i do think it still following the core of the series even if it does change its style slightly. The game in terms of length does not compare to the games we expect today that's why its price has been dropped so many times. But make no mistake this is defiantly quite an enjoyable game. Your time with it will be a great one. Thee graphical fidelity is really great looking on any machine. But be warned Windows 7 is required to play this game, you cannot play this game on anything less than Windows 7 64bit. The game is much more story based then the original series but this is ok as it manages to pull this off decently. The only disappointing portion of the combat was QTE(quick time events) as melee. The contracts mode acts as more of a social Hitman and is defiantly a nice touch but i felt was unneeded padding and wished more development time was directed towards beefing out the core game then shoehorning psuedo multiplayer into it. Even for its handful of flaws its is defiantly worth your time.


mediocre stealth/3rd person shooter

panzer1 | May 30, 2013 | See all panzer1's reviews »

i have no idea what they were thinking when they changed everything that made hitman games fun. ill try to keep this rant-like review brief. there is no longer a point to disguises. apparently every cop knows the whole department by face; except if you pretend to look at brochures. why? is it more realistic? kind of. but that quickly goes out the window when crouching right in front of some will make you invisible. at one point i picked up a disguise with a mask, but 47 decided not to wear because that would be too easy i guess. i still dont understand what they were intending with disguises. unlike in previous titles, where the levels where complex and thought out, in absolution the levels seem unimaginative. you go through each one doing the same thing: move from cover to cover, distract guards, get disguise, sabotage something and wait for the target to have an "accident". it gets too repetitive after a while and feels mechanical. to be fair, there are some improvements. the game looks and sounds great, there's finally a cover system and there are some memorable characters. but i cant recommend this game unless you already played through the other hitman games and just need an agent 47 fix.


Fun Game

BasketCaseOIC | May 28, 2013 | See all BasketCaseOIC's reviews »

The stealth mechanic involving a draining meter, takes a while to get used to. However, sneaking around the levels, with many choices in how to dispatch your targets is quite fun. There are some odd game design choices, but it is a fantastic game, and worth your time. Its worth noting that the the developer did a fantastic job porting this to pc. It runs well, looks fantastic, and is very customisable.


A good step forward for stealth games

donut_palmtree | May 28, 2013 | See all donut_palmtree's reviews »

With it's superfluous design, cunning stealth action and intriguing story, Hitman: Absolution is definitely a top runner in my 2012 GOTY list. The long story short review is here. The good: -The story is amazing -The graphics are fantastic on PC -Interesting puzzle additions -A great new entry into the franchise -Good for people hoping to enter the franchise The bad: -Janky stealth -Massive download size -Lots of bugs In conclusion, Hitman: Absolution is a great, albeit flawed entry into the series. I would recommend it to anyone that is a fan of the stealth genre, aslong as they can deal with a few minor glitches.


A Must Have for All Hitman Fans.

Linkinchris | May 26, 2013 | See all Linkinchris's reviews »

Now, I have played numerous hours in all the Hitman games, not in this one however. Don't let that tear you away however, it is still a good solid game with a nice variety of Kill Styles, Targets and of course the serious or sometimes humorous costumes that are available to utilize in order to Assassinate your targets. In this Hitman however, story is key. The targets aren't contracts but more personal vendettas. They all have crossed 47 in some way or another and he is coming to collect. I enjoy Absolution completely and although it hasn't engrossed me as much previous titles I have indeed completed Missions multiple times in order to gain the Best Rating: Silent Assassin. Happy Hunting.


Hitman follows new style

cobotic | May 26, 2013 | See all cobotic's reviews »

The latest Hitman has seemingly dumbed down in terms of game complexion but heads of in another direction of multiple ways to kill your targets and gather score for the more harder ways to kill the target and compete your score with other people online and friends. The game offers great play back value by going back to the levels and trying to other ways to kill targets especially with the cool environment props to use on them. The campaign on it's on offers around 10 hours of steady play-through with a wide range of map designs keeping it different for each level, for example having one level being very open, having a huge choice of places to enter and make the target kills, then changes rapidly to a smaller setting, making you have to be more careful and time things perfectly.


Pretty Good.

OneCoolGeezer | May 26, 2013 | See all OneCoolGeezer's reviews »

As a long time fan of this series, this one was pretty okay. I loved the graphics and the art style of the game, and how the gameplay feels. At first, it may seem a bit too easy if you play on the easy difficulty, but once you go to some of the real missions, it gets a bit hard, which I happen to like. Everything about the game is polished, voice acting is solid. The two few gripes i have with this game is the disguise system. In the older games, if you had a disguise you could go into certain areas (walking and not being a total dumbass of course) and the guards wouldn't give two shits about you or who you were. Now, you have to use instinct or else they get their panties in a bunch and ask you to show your face. Which in my opinion, is pretty stupid. I preferred having common sense and not going into restricted areas without the proper costume. Another thing is to not get too close to guards. But this game's radius to guards is a bit weird. My other gripe is the stealth system. It's based on points and is really annoying when you want to just shoot it out and are punished for it. Or, if you HAVE to go through someone to get to the next part, and are punished for it in points. Those are my only gripes. All in all, the game is pretty good and anyone who is a fan of Hitman should give it a try.


New & Old

SGGDrew | May 26, 2013 | See all SGGDrew's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution is an odd bird. Everything about it *feels* like a Hitman game. The soundtrack and atmosphere form a gritty and interesting base to the surprisingly story-heavy game. But once you actually sit down to play, you'll notice things are all gravy in the Absolution universe. The game provides a greater emphasis on disguises and stealth while making it extremely viable to be a walking death machine. The game simply feels easier than the rest of the series, with all this emphasis being places on disguises that don't always work. Meanwhile, the levels are littered with temptations to ditch that Silent Assassin rating and go berzerk. Overall, it's not bad. In fact, it's quite fun. It's dark and interesting with a fun point-based scoring system. But at the end of the day, it doesn't feel much like a Hitman game.


Good game. However is it a hitman game?

GarryJones | May 25, 2013 | See all GarryJones's reviews »

The Pros: 1: Shiny high definition graphics. The game has never looked better and this helps to promote a rich immersive experience. 2: Verity of zones and areas to explore. Without giving spoilers it's fantastic that instead of underground hide-outs, there is a huge mixture indoor, outdoor, narrow and wide open areas to discover. 3: Sounds/voice acting is pretty superb (and it should be for a triple A release). 4: PC Version feels robust and customisable. I've found no issues with sickness due to FOV, wide options of settings for resolutions/graphics are available to tailor to your specific system. 5: The actual game play mechanics feel solid.Guns are feel powerful and each one feels unique. Customisation is available to disguise yourself as the "enemy". 6: AI seems moderately intelligent. Reactions occur to sounds such as gun-shots, your clothes and occurred events such as dumping a body in a visible location. Issues I experience with the game: No Coop / Multi-player: Whilst there has never been this in any previous hit man game, I feel there is a somewhat limited lifespan after completing the game. I would love an additional co-op campaign or some kind of multi player element. Stupid points based system: Although there are multiple options on how to approach each level, the game wants you to choose a specific path in order to "score" the highest points. The game punishes you for murdering enemies through the means of shooting (in most cases). Thus leaving me to be forced to strangle and "knock-out" enemies rather than play the way I want to. Disguises are.. well not disguises: Many enemies can see straight through your disguises when they are near you. So this leaves me constantly playing a mini-game of "although I have a disguise, crouch and look away from the enemy". This gets tedious and makes me feel like "why even have a disguise?". The actual size of the game is 23GB! Whilst this is obviously required for higher resolution textures this used over half of my monthly bandwidth allowance in a single day. This is not an issue for all players however, just a personal dislike of the game. In conclusion I would most likely recommend this game if you're an avid stealth / strategic events puzzle enthusiast looking for another game to get your hands on. I do stress however the previous games are probably better if you can bare the outdated fuzzy graphics.


Fun but gets repetitive

jaws544 | May 25, 2013 | See all jaws544's reviews »

This is coming from someone that didn't play the past hitmans so I didn't pick up this game because was a fan of the hitman series, i picked it up because it looked pretty good. Graphically, this game is amazing. The rain looks real, shadows have depth, and all the character models and lighting look REALLY good. However, this game can get really hard (which might be a good thing for some people). I found myself constantly struggle to get past some levels sometimes, but the good thing about this is that there are multiple ways to complete levels, which I found to be awesome. Other than that your always doing some of the same objectives sometimes, whether thats killing someone or goign to a location, I know thats the point of the game, but it gets dark and stale sometimes.


Trick or treat Hitman style!

Sinma | May 25, 2013 | See all Sinma's reviews »

Aw man, this Hitman is FULL of stuff you can do, it's such a great fun, you can NOT miss this deal. I would recommend buying the Professional Edition because it just adds more fun and more content to the game. You can kill your enemies in so many ways you can't even imagine! It's a pretty neat game, others would say it's not the Hitman they knew, but you have to stay open to new things, just like this Hitman.


Brilliant Game but with some flaws

kr1sEboi | May 25, 2013 | See all kr1sEboi's reviews »

Been a huge fan and played every single game in the series however I can't rate it more than 70% in my honest opinion. The game is excellent, especially when played at the highest difficultly and can prove a real challenge even to the most avid Hitman player but I felt quite limited in what I could do in the game in some levels in particular more than others. Some levels have been done brilliantly whereas others seem to lack effort and have been done very poorly, forcing you down a similar preconstructed path which is the only way to actually complete the level without being caught. The system of "distraction" in the game seems to be bugged aswell, sometimes throwing a wrench would attract someone miles away from the intended target instead of a person standing 3-4 feet away. Not only this, but I feel that the disguise system could have been implemented better;Sometimes taking a disguise is completely pointless and almost counter productive, as the AI is able to determine (especially in the harder difficulties) almost straight away that you aren't who you are disguised to be. If they fixed this in sequels or even in updates (which i highly doubt), then the game would score more points and win over more fans.


Remember that the PC version is not a port!

cristiano171 | May 20, 2013 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Remember that the PC version is not a port! It was developed in parallel by Nixxes, the same responsible for PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and other recent titles from Square Enix. The keyboard and mouse controls are very good, but nothing beats good old gamepad in games in third person. The menu is extremely rich graphical options, ranging from the most basic options to complex features like Global Illumination, Tesselation, Ambient Occlusion and two options for anti-aliasing filters: FXAA and MSAA. Compared to the console versions, the PC edition takes immense advantage in higher resolution textures, the supports DirectX 11 and (snif!) in used disk space (almost 23 GB!). conclusion Hitman: Absolution marks the return of the bald deserved reinvented stealth action games. The new public and new technologies, six years after the last title, forced the implementation of major changes in the game mechanics, in the name of greater accessibility. Best for those who are coming in now, but a little disappointing for the oldest. Some concepts need to be rethought, but overall, they helped give new breath to the formula. While the game technically impressive, the story unfortunately still remains as a mere stopgap. Mode Contracts is a must, and no doubt will keep you glued to the game for a long time.


The return of code 47

Parluppo | May 19, 2013 | See all Parluppo's reviews »

I was a bit worried about this new chapter of the great series of hitman because i wasn't sure about the new mechanics in the game. Fortunately i can find it quite entertaining amd it also has a spectacular graphics. On the other hand the Ai isn't very brilliant and the levels are often reduces in long roads without the possibility of choose one particular path. At the end i can reccomend it to players new to the hitman franchise while others can find it quite boring and repetitive.


Good game, Bad Hitman.

jorge131313 | May 16, 2013 | See all jorge131313's reviews »

I´ve got a problem with this game. If you play and see this game like any other stealth game, probably you will think is a good, even above average game. But if you play it like any other Hitman games....then you will realise is not Hitman at all. First of all, suits system no longer works like used to. Enemy will detect you if you spend long time on their sight. Is that a problem? maybe not really, it makes the game more challenging but the biggest problem is the formula. Most of the maps are literally a tunnel. Go from A to B, that´s it. Only a few are open and consist in kill a target. And that's a huge problem, because that´s not what a Hitman game is about. Graphics and sound are superb, top tier. Maps are beautiful and full of details. Gameplay fails a little too, now you can hide a sniper rifle with no need of the good old Hitman suitcase. You can´t carry poison or any kind of drug. Sometimes, you kill someone using a gun but you will see there´s no blood pool, even when you drag the corpse it won´t leave a blood trail. Contracts mode is the best new feature of this game, compete with your friends. Send them contracts and earn money you can spend in upgrades for your weapons. About difficulty, game is not hard at all, at least not like Hitman 2. Purist mode is not that hard and game lacks in complexity. So as you can read, i love and hate this game. If you want a good stealth game, or you have never played a Hitman game before, go for it. If you are a fan of the series and you dont mind a change in the formula, go for it. If you are a Hardcore fan and you expect only the best Hitman has to offer, think twice before buy it.


Cinematic, yet full of adventure

Gunslingergirls | May 14, 2013 | See all Gunslingergirls's reviews »

As a person who never really played the Hitman series before, this game surely brought my attention to the whole Hitman atmosphere. With its beautiful environment and realistic game interactions. You feel as if you were Agent 47 yourself. With the wide ranges of options to choose from, to assassinate your target, you'll find your self playing the missions again, finding secrets and unlock. The game is very cinematic, through a movie type game, a bit like Max Payne 3, with eye candied environments. The game also has a point system, which promotes a more stealthier game play. Over all I have to say, the game has allot to provide the player, a good amount of game play mixed with some interesting story line, and killing mechanics ;)


Good But Not Hitman

FluffyNuggets | May 11, 2013 | See all FluffyNuggets's reviews »

I've been a huge fan of the Hitman franchise and I was counting the days till Hitman: Absolution released. Although it was wonderful to play Agent 47 again, I was very disappointed with how closed off the levels are. You used to be able to find new and interesting ways to carry out your contracts and now you are forced down a predetermined path. Yes you can still choose different ways to carry out assassinations, but you are very limited on how you reach a target. Disguises are basically useless now because you raise suspicions right away just by walking by somebody. It doesn't make sense to be in disguise and still have to sneak around and hide to avoid being seen. For me that's one of the major flaws in Absolution because you no longer have freedom to play how you want. I still enjoy playing Absolution but it just doesn't hold my attention for very long like the previous games. I feel the developers tried to change the mechanics of the game too much and it just ruins what everyone who grew up with the series loved about it.


A true stealth game

acloggedtoaster | May 10, 2013 | See all acloggedtoaster's reviews »

Hitman:Absolution is the stealth game i've always wanted. The stealth mechanics are spectacular, with the ability to change clothes and hide, and the requirement to hide bodies in the various strategically placed containers. The enemies are smart and on high difficulty settings, the slightest mistake can result in failure. The game is completely linear in mission order, with cut scenes serving to transport you from mission to mission, although the missions themselves play any way, as there are usually numerous ways to complete each mission. The visuals are sharp and the game is well optimized for pc play.


Not the Hitman we used to know but still quite entertaining

Damhuis | May 9, 2013 | See all Damhuis's reviews »

If you'd ask me i would've expected a lot more from this game. And it definitely falls short when you compare it to Blood Money. The reason for this is the fact that in order to try and adapt to a wider group of gamers they changed to much and might have alienated the fans they already had. The gameplay is okay but not great, The use of an instinct meter and the fact that when you are wearing a same outfit as an AI it suspects you defeats the purpose of the hitman feel you got in Blood Money. It's not all bad though the killing feels better than ever with very smooth animations and I often found myself giggling in the ways you could kill of your contracts. The story was like the rest of the game good but not great. This was for the simple reason that in previous games Hitman was a cold blooded killer and this should've stayed that way (at least in my opinion) In summary fun when you are a first time player of the hitman series but a fan of the franchise might be a little disappointed


Something is Off

ravestar | May 9, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

The latest entry in the Hitman Series is a mixed bag. As someone who just finished playing Blood Money, I have to say Absolution is abit of a letdown in that sense. However if Absolution is the first Hitman game you ever play, you might feel more favorable about the experience. No question about it, Absolution is a new and different entry in the series. First off the graphics is outstanding, looking like a movie at times. But I question whether the brighter and better graphics is actually suitable for the dark and somber themes of Hitman. Perhaps Absolution is so beautiful looking that it's harder to feel like a cold blooded HItman. Another letdown is the soundtrack, Jesper Kyd is no longer the composer and the result is underwhelming. I realized how much his score add to the atmosphere of Hitman when playing Absolution and it is sorely missed. The biggest flaw is the gameplay design. Despite many negative views of the disguise system, I feel it is a realistic concept which actually make the game harder to play. The main flaw is actually how linear each mission has become. No longer is this an open world sandbox where only the end goal is pre determined. Instead you have multiple checkpoints along the way, which means you can't explore or try different ways to finish the target. Absolution is not a bad game by any means, it's just a limited game and fall short of the expectations. Shame that the developer mess up a successful formula it already had.


Hitman is back after a lot of years

wolferatus | May 7, 2013 | See all wolferatus's reviews »

Hitman was a realy good game, NO, it is a good game! Hitman Absolution has a nice graphic, good sound, a nice atmosphere and good places. the only think i didnt liked on that game was the ranking list, for every map you get points and for every kill you lose ponts, its like playing a game to be better than my friend! the Steam Workshop is nice, you can do your oven missions and let it play your friends or other Hitman players, its very easy to create and also you get a lot of new missions from other player!


A great story with amazing atmosphere.

skyforger | May 3, 2013 | See all skyforger's reviews »

As the title suggests, I went into this game blind with no expectations and on a £4.99 GMG sale. I was pleasantly surprised, the game is amazing. The graphics and atmosphere are what sold me at first. Every map/area has been crafted so well, to fit the story and gritty/adult theme of the game. Beautiful lighting in every area, with particles that reflect in them, it really is an eye candy sort of game. It also ran very well on my gtx 670 with every setting turned up to full The story was great as well, it played out like some action blockbuster film, with alot of adult themes to it. With some off collar comedy, it kept me entertained from start to finish. I beat it in two sessions on the hardest difficulty that is available to you to begin with. It was so good I could not put it down, I wanted to know what happened next in the story. I do not want to spoil anything, it might not be the most original story, but it is engaging and gripping from start to finish. The actual gameplay is alot of fun as well, you feel like an expertly crafted assassin/hitman, that can take any number of targets. The guns handle very well in this, and the stealth mechanics are nice. You can play with any playstyle you want as well, though will not be rewarded for going guns ablaze rambo style. As each civilian or non target casualty will result in points being deducted from your score. So I had to play alot of missions over again to get it perfect. Either way the combat/gameplay is alot of fun and very rewarding. For the price it is at now, I would say this is worth it all the way. Though remember the story is rather short.


Hitman has changed

warkarma | May 3, 2013 | See all warkarma's reviews »

I am a huge fan of the Hitman series, however this one has changed and it has changed to the wrong side. It does have some fancy graphics which was nice at begging, however it also has changed to more like an action game. All of the missions seem to be to easy and fake. The guard stands at the right point at the right time and, oh look how lucky, he is even looking away from you for an easy silent kill. I couldn't make myself to carry on playing this game after 3 or 4 missions. However there is a good side for it, anyone who likes fancy graphics and loads of action will probably is going to like this game.


Probably the best game of the series

panz3r88 | May 2, 2013 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Hitman Absolution represent the fantastic return of Agent 47 with a modern graphic and gameplay. The core of the game is the same of the previous titles: in each mission Agent 47 must kill the target using all the available tools. This is one of the best element of Hitman because it encourage you to replay missions and complete them in different ways. Hitman Absolution is not an easy game, like its predecessors: this is true especially if you deactivate the instinct mode that looks like a cheat. Absolution has also an interesting multiplayer mode called Contracts in whichyou can decide the target and the requirements to assassinate it. Hitman Absolution is a great game and a must buy for fan of stealth games



eareboucas | May 2, 2013 | See all eareboucas's reviews »

Absolution is a fantastic addition to the series. It builds upon what made the previous Hitman games great and raises the bar even higher. There's less clutter to deal with on your way to assassinating fools and thanks to how 47 is more phyisical in this game, stealth is even more fun this time around. Strongly recommended.


Hitman: Different, but better

zombinja | May 1, 2013 | See all zombinja's reviews »

Hitman returns, although agent 47 is a little different than you may remember him. Gone are the non-story levels that you are placed in and told to kill someone so that you can go on to the next. These levels have been replaced by story driven missions that, while they change some of what made Hitman great, make Hitman a cinematic experience. For the first time, I cared about agent 47 and what he was doing in the world. For those who find this new focus on story distasteful, you have the brilliant option to, at any time, pop open the pause menu and select a user made contract that places new strictures on the arena and, better yet, progresses the story. All in all, this has been my favorite Hitman game so far, play on veteran or higher for the true experience.


A disappointing experience, especially for a Hitman game

KKnopp | April 29, 2013 | See all KKnopp's reviews »

Following the trend of recent modernized sequels, we're treated with an unsatisfying game that strays so far from it's roots it's hard to recognize it at all. While Hitman: Absolution looks and sounds pretty, that's all it has going for it. The level design is poor and cramped leading to far less options in how you complete your tasks, with a variety of missions being entirely devoid of an actual "Hit". The stealth mechanics have been completely sucked out of the game. Sure, in any of the earlier games it was possible to gun your way through, but the possibility of being stealthy existed. In Absolution, 47's cover is blown a multitude of times during story cues making it seems like stealth is an afterthought. This leads into the overall poor quality of the story as well. 47 acts so out of character in numerous cutscenes (mixed in between BOOM EXPLOSIONS) it leaves you with the feeling that you're playing a low quality Michael Bay adaptation with a reskinned character. At least the developers added the one thing that the Hitman franchise has always been missing: Bullet Time. Now you can pause the action, use the reticle to pin headshots on as many people as there are in the room, then press a button and watch them all drop immediately. You no longer have to worry about causing an alert or that boring sneaking, just press the "kill everything" button! And in the case that someone is about to spot you, you can hold down the hide in plain sight button which allows you to put your head down and walk passed them without being discovered. Still sound hard? Well they added a convenient "Assassin Mode" (which looks similar to the Detective Mode in the Batman games) which highlights all objects you can interact with, shows guard paths, and shows you where you have to go. Thanks! Overall a short, entirely unsatisfying experience, especially if you're a Hitman fan. While it might play (and watch) as an alright action game, that's not what fans buy the Hitman series for, and if you are a fan you will be left with a bitter taste in your mouth.


Not so Hitman after all.

Muffinmaster | April 29, 2013 | See all Muffinmaster's reviews »

Hitman: Absolution was a huge disappointment for me. Hitman: Absolution is not a bad game but it doesn't feel like Hitman game, it feels more like a stealth game that has some good ideas. The levels are too linear and somewhat boring, though there are some exceptions where level is very complex and actually feels like a real Hitman game. Disguises have been one of the main features on earlier Hitman games. On Absolution they have changed how the disguise feature works: In older games you could take disguise from unconscious or dead person, or if you found suit from floor, on bench etc. Disguises gave you access to locations where you were not allowed before. People really didn't care about you as long as you had suit which allowed you to roam around the area where you were at the time, though (if I recall correctly) if you ran around some guard or you just were standing right next to him, then the guard got suspiciously over time. On Absolution disguises are almost useless. If there is someone with the same suit, he is able to see though your disguise. The closer you are, the faster they will notice that you're not really their personnel. You are able to confuse them by using your instincts, so they won't notice you, though you only have it limited amount. Gun play on Absolution is somewhat better than before, average 3rd person shooter. Graphics are great on Absolution. I was actually surprised how well it ran on my older computer (which had GT 530 on it). Usually the textures are nice but sometimes you are able to see the ugly truth behind the scenery. As for example: One mission where you are on the desert, just take a look at the scenery and you know what I mean. Overall very nice graphics. My final conclusion for this game is 65. I probably was disappointed because I expected ''Blood Money 2.0'' more than ''Not so Blood Money 2.0 but more like Stealth Game 1.0''. It's not a bad game but I still didn't like it nearly as much I liked Blood Money. I would advice playing this game BEFORE Blood Money so you won't (possibly) be disappointed on this game after playing Blood Money.


A game that deserves a 9/10

legodude5315 | April 28, 2013 | See all legodude5315's reviews »

Hitman Absolution is one of my favorite games of all time. Not only does it take a look at the story and emotions of agent 47, which none of the other hitman games have done, but it also takes back many elements from the old games. Some of the characters actually made my blood boil like Skurky and Benjamin Travis who just pissed me off. The AI could have done with a little improvement because sometimes if your even in front of an enemy, they won't see you. But all in all it's a fantastic game which is totally worth the money. Hopefully there will be a sequel to Absolution which will include even more elements that I will love.


A great game

shazaam780 | April 28, 2013 | See all shazaam780's reviews »

It's not a perfect game but it is pretty good. The stealth mechanics work in some places but there are also time when it feels like I'm simply running in front of guards and using up my instinct. One very enjoyable part is that there are a great number of ways to kill your target. It can be anywhere from poisoning them to making a quick and clean assassination. One of my gripe though is the point shooting mechanic. Personally I didn't find much use of it and I thought that detracted from the stealth feature of the game. Overall though it is a great game and a good incentive to check out the others in the series.


Not your daddy's Hitman

Slippy91 | April 27, 2013 | See all Slippy91's reviews »

Absolution is the latest entry in the beloved stealth franchise "Hitman". In the several year gap since the last game, developers IO Interactive have opted to create a more accessible game to widen their audience. Unfortunately, in doing so much of the spirit of the franchise has been lost. It used to be that Hitman missions felt like a puzzle that had to be figured out. Guard patrol paths had to be learned, the best route through the map found, and set pieces and disguises exploited appropriately. Like solving a rubik's cube, there was a great satisfaction in eventually cracking one of the many solutions to a level, and then in subsequently replaying it to get a better score. Absolution on the other hand is a much more simplistic affair. Missions are split up into bite-sized, linear chunks with a limited amount of options or alternative paths. The set pieces to exploit are fewer, and extremely obvious at that thanks to the new Instinct mode highlighting everything for you. This can be disabled, but as a result this breaks the disguise system too since it shares the same heads up display. The problems with the disguise system run deeper still though - now, anyone in the same disguise can see through you in a matter of seconds, which sounds logical on paper, but is balanced very poorly compared to the old disguised system. Combined with levels so linear that confrontation practically feels encouraged, and it's actually easier to just play it as a third person shooter to avoid the frustration. Compared to the old games, Absolution feels like what Splinter Cell Conviction was to Chaos Theory. There are some flashes of the old brilliance in here, and of course it LOOKS fantastic, but overall this feels like a poor imitation that's taken too many ideas from other games.


He is BACK and ready to KILL again!

johnyap91 | April 26, 2013 | See all johnyap91's reviews »

The new installment of Hitman is pretty good, with the new graphics and all. The game feel more realistic than before and there is some unique disguises out there. Lots of items you can find and there is new place to explore. The good thing is that your movement feels more real, options of disguise, 20 Missions levels, wider range of guns and upgrade available to your disposal, and stealth system is based on splinter cell, it will take you about 8 hours to complete on stealth. The down side is that AI feel stupid sometimes, you can't bring your favorite weapons to your replay or new missions except in challenge mode (contract), and the game will take you 5 hours to finish (if you go all out shooting and killing everyone)


A Farcry from the original hitman series

TheGrizzlyB | April 26, 2013 | See all TheGrizzlyB's reviews »

Its not at all like the original hitman games. But with that in mind, i love this game. i can't help it. I enjoy the shooting mechanics (even though I barely use guns, or weapons in general in the game) and the variety of weapons is pretty great. Not only this but the game's graphics are beautiful and the variety of weapons you can have is also pretty great. it may not be the original 47, but it is very enjoyable to me.