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Mscigniew | Jan. 12, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Thats the best word I find to describe 3 completely different campaigns.Why?Well if you played AvP 2,you know exactly how easy the campaigns of Predator and Alien were.Here its different,playing even as Predator I had moments of fear and let me tell you for a game its a good thing.All 3 campaigns are challenging,all 3 have pretty good and logical story lines.I spend some good time with AvP and I do recommend it.


So much fun

gforcesa | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Oh god this game is pure awesomness.You have 3 different campaigns,coop and multiplayer.The 3 campaigns are with the alien,the predator and the soldier which are all very fun especially the predator which is my favorite.It's really fun to be stealthy and rip soldiers heads off their bodies.This is by far the best Alien Vs Predator game out there, the previous were good but this one is my favorite.It's worth the price and you will have a lot of fun with this game.


Brutal and awesome

BigAllin | Oct. 23, 2013 | See all BigAllin's reviews »

The most positive aspect of the game is its great atmosphere. The story of the game surpasses the films taking place on the Earth and turned out exceptionally enjoyable. The single player campaigns draw in the player, but they are a bit short. We may not have a complaint onto the graphics, the details are on their place and the weapons look very good The sound effects turned out magnificently and they added a lot to the game experience. Beside these, the multiplayer offers you a lot hours of entertainment. If you love the world of AVP, you will really enjoy this game.


Pretty COOL

calidor11 | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all calidor11's reviews »

A great AVP game that is new with good detail each character has their pros and cons playing as the marine is very challenging but still fun 3 good storylines and multyplayer is very fun although i dont recomend bother getting the maps dlc a pretty good game compared to most that come out these days and are dissapointing


Excellent game

pgeorge | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all pgeorge's reviews »

For a game that was released 2010, i went in expecting some so so graphics and game play. I'm the guy who trusts reviews (not completely) but i use them as insight to a game and base my value of a game on videos, screenshots and what others have to say. That said, this game so far has been absolutely surprisingly fun to play. Not sure which AVP i played many years ago but i loved the abilities of the predator and it's just as fun in this. You get the option to play a surviving human, alien or my favorite, the predator. The story isn't half bad and enjoyable. They absolutely utilize the directx 11 features in lighting effects and it makes the game play that much more enjoyable. I haven't completed the game yet but while it was on sale, i thought it important to write a review for others to make a some what informed decision. The game does have it's pitfalls but those are overshadowed by what IMHO is a great game. I'd recommend this game.


Better than expected

Simao20 | Oct. 10, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

I will start out by saying that this game got pretty bashed but to me, it was better than expected. I enjoyed that you could play through various perspectives such as the Aliens, Predators and Humans. It had a nice element to the game, different variety and can help keep it fresh. The game itself isn't the best but its still an enjoyable experience, especially if played online where you go up against various opponents of different races. Each race has their own skill set and ways to kill the other but it did feel that some classes were more powerful than others.


Surprisingly good but not great

lagendofdoom | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all lagendofdoom's reviews »

Aliens Vs Predator has allot of content to offer, 3 campaigns, awesome multiplayer and a brilliant Co-Op ( of survival ) but is it enough ? While the game has without a doubt a great deal of content still the gameplay mediocre and the storyline will be interesting to only die hard fans of the series. The problem with the game is that where it is the most enjoyable to play ( multiplayer + Co-Op ) its where there aren't any people to play with... its sad to see that when there is a good multiplayer game it doesn't have community. Even so the game is worth its price and might be the best Aliens Vs Predator game that you will be able to find at moment.



tomdoughnut | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all tomdoughnut's reviews »

Great game, short but engaging story, brilliant graphics and great fun online. what more can you want? really enjoyed all three stories (theres a seperate story for each race) with the predator story being my favorite. If you dont really enjoy first person games, dont get it, but if you do, this will keep you on your toes and scare you witless in places.


3 campagins offering a fun experience, overall an alright game.

lucaswrite | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all lucaswrite's reviews »

In Alien Vs. Predator, three different campaigns offer the player a chance to play as the Alien, Predator, or Marine. All three have their own unique twists and levels of playability. Each person is going to have their own personal preference in which campaign was the best, and which one was the worst. For example, I loved the Predator campaign and I thought the marine one was alright, but I didn't care much for the Alien run through. I think the controls of the Alien campaign were wonky, and I constantly found myself stuck on where I was supposed to go. Whenever I came across a predator as an alien, I was just wishing that I was the predator. The only fun redeeming part of being an alien for me was killing the marines, but it got old after awhile. The predator campaign on the other hand had you feel like a superhero, but not too overpowered. I guess I've always just wanted to play as a predator and I was a little biased. The marine was alright and played like a standard shooter. If I was going to give this game a rating solely based on the marine campaign, it would just be like an extremely generic shooter, but with the addition of Aliens and Predators. This game is alright for $15, but there are many other games for this price that will give you more game time and replayability.


AVP revised

malagchonga | July 11, 2013 | See all malagchonga's reviews »

this is the remake from AVP classic. This was my first thought but it isnt, its a great game with alot potential. Yes its brutal and there is more blood then a Human could have. The finishing moves are great and this time you can play the 3 stories how you want not in one row. ITs a brutal murder game, buy it when you love the alien vs predator saga but keep it away from you when you search for a shooter only game. This game has alot more to give.


"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | See all Sivisx's reviews »

Aliens vs Predator, poop on a cracker.. You all know the concept that has been hack-murdered and overly used a million times for almost three decades now. Well here's one more for the money hungry industry, set like the last AVP game from 99' in where you play as both and the humans. Ironic I think that the human's campaign is the longest even though their name isn't in the title. Speaking of the title, aren't they both predatory alien species.. thats a bit of a mess. Either way, the Human Campaign is the longest and after the first 25 minutes nothing more than a generic FPS. The Predator campaign had me squee'ing like a japanese school girl as I lept from tree to tree cloaked using the prey I hunted ex-comrade's dying screams to lure them out into the clearing. And finally the Alien mission was the shortest, simplest and well, most disoriented. I found it annoying going from floor to ceiling constantly in the dark to the point I was motion sick and confused. The only part of this game I really enjoyed was the Predator campaign, which is why I even say this should be played. It's as if this was made only for that campaign but the developers were required by law to add the other two. Buy this but play the better story first, and avoid the Alien one.. All it did for me was make me sick.


It's OK

lolnuts | June 19, 2013 | See all lolnuts's reviews »

This game while looks awesome is ok. The alien and predator campaigns were the shortest of course and the marine being the longest. The multiplayer is fun, but it's such a pain to find a match.


Hunters and Prey

kalil | June 14, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

GRAPHICS It has good graphics yes, yes you compare it to a PlayStation 1 but with the technology we have today could have been much better, the game for the PC version surpasses a lot of difference to the Xbox360 and PS3 versions in all matters relating to shadows, lights, textures etc ... Still, we can see that many things are well crafted blood such as predator phosphorescent green and you can see almost the same as in the movies. The creators have been careful with what they have created to maintain the highest similarity to the movies and that is appreciated. Summarizing the graphics are well crafted but could improve but are decent. CAMPAIGN MODE We all loved it to have three modes oneself campaign game, at first seems tempting is like buying 3 games! But what many do not know is that every campaign has to be the same scenario, to say it in easy mode you can finish it in a matter of two hours each and are not incredibly durable. Yet are fun and entertaining three and you can easily notice the advantages and disadvantages that you have as your character, you'll notice of course that the campaign more difficult is the human, but if you catch the hang is a rather annoying for their weapons fire. ONLINE The best thing about this game of course. You have enough scenarios to fight with many game modes like Domination, Plague, By Species, Free For All, Hunting Predator and some others I can not remember right now. If anything I do not like the online mode without thinking say 2 times, its great very slowly to find items, look for a friendly game is normal 5 minute thing but if you want to find a ranked match (just gives you the experience to climb level) can sneak around about 15 even 30 minutes perfectly, the only game you usually find are the Plague fast but for my taste and I think many more people also is one of the most boring ways as it is very short but that depends on the players but usually tend to end fast SPECIES (Online) Well I guess they'll explain what imaginareis but anyway Human The most useless (sorry for my race) have virtually nothing, one alone can save the attack from a distance with guns as both predators and aliens are melee, we could also say that we have a radar that detects but let's move comes as an Alien you to 400 km / h straight to you're more aware of your surroundings monitor that get to play with the radar. If you are a human with a Predator about 5 feet in front of you you usually end up with easily hooked as well and if you let the trigger is down about 4 jiffy as falls to the ground really tried to flee or go after you fail in the attempt, however the Alien could jump that far above you, dodge, pirarse quickly or loosen up a flick and let the c *** in the air. Aliens or Xenomorfos The more agile the game, but do not jump as beasts as well Predators can hide in the shadows to camouflage but is not very useful to them honestly what good is that you can see enemies from afar with their smell and so we know which direction to go to attack very useful behind the truth in fact is the main strategy used with the Alien also his blood can remove some life to the enemy and automatically heals when relaxing in a corner, usually a white easier when the predator's pointing the "plasma cannon" (to put it in some way) alien attacks are something terrible just jackknife if these at a great distance or claws that are usually not useful, but if you combine acceleration with claws can drop a good whack that takes a lot of life. Predators For me the strongest in this game, also more people use invisibility, vision modes to detect enemies, big jumps, melee and ranged weaponry brutal if well used, to place explosive mines in narrow aisles ... what more could you ask for? A complete set to win games in spurts. The drawbacks of this animal for me is 3, the main one is that you have to start arms ranged attack (as they are really useful) after having to go every 2 x 3 to find energy to keep shooting as they with 3 or 4 shots you run out of ammo and you lose your big advantages. Finally is that whenever you find yourself facing a human thing and these 5 or 6 meters is just being shot and that neither can escape that is why I always recommend being up a tree or whatever where one can reach you Aliens and these fall by a cannon to try to climb, do not worry about the humans will take at least 1 minute to see camouflaged and then you open them and dropped a tidbit of your own.


Be the Predator.

brenker99 | June 4, 2013 | See all brenker99's reviews »

This game gives you a chance to see for your self how is it to be the Predator The Alien or the Marine. The killing ways of the Predator and the Alien are great, gorie like enjoyable. The Marine campaign is quite boring , in my opinion. The storyline is simple , for all the campaigns. Overall this game worth playing , 7/10


Its not so bad like the reviews said...

Gwildor | June 4, 2013 | See all Gwildor's reviews »

AVP is one of those games that I go back to again and again, I'm not big on the multiplayer so i can't comment on that aspect of the game. Overall the game was enjoyable but there were a few annoyances. While playing through the single player it becomes clear that the stories of the three species somehow interweave but the timeline of the various missions isn't clear. My only real complaint about the single player is that it was much too short but it does manage to keep me coming back to play it again and again. The combat side of the game is where I found most of the annoyances. Grabbing enemies as a predator while other enemies are around is a guaranteed death, same with the alien. Alien sneaking with surface transition is very annoying because of the camera, I wish it would lock onto your prey or something. Graphics are fine, but not spectacular, Sound effects are mediocre but I thought the voice acting was good. Overall its a Decent game


Afun shooter

Bolo | May 20, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

A fun shooter with a three parts campaign, one each for the Marine, Alien, and Predator. The marine campaign takes the form of a fairly basic horror shooter with the classic movie weaponry. The alien campaign puts the player in the body of the xenomorph, with wall climbing and ceiling running. This can be disorienting, but is really fun. The predator campaign is more of a stealth game, with the classic plasma weapon left off towards the end, due to it being slightly overpowered. Definitely buy if you are a fan of the universe, for others, there are better shooters.


Awesome multiplayer!

Axes21 | April 27, 2013 | See all Axes21's reviews »

As you can read here, the campaigns are little short but overall if you want to finish all three campaigns, your gametime will be around 10 hours I guess and that's not so bad. But what I wanted to underline it the multiplayer. Short review: It's awesome! Little longer review: PROS - great graphics - if you play it for the first time, you got scared a little bit :) CONS - I can't remember any - ... - default controls are little clumsy but you can change it - you have to play with your race little longer if you wan't to be good, but I don't think this is a con :) Overall I definitely recommend this game, the multiplayer is just great, too bad that there are only about 40 people playing...


Better than you might think

sl1ck | April 24, 2013 | See all sl1ck's reviews »

I bought this game on a whim based soley off the fact that I am a huge fanatic of the Alien franchise. It turned out to be the best impulse buy I've had. I spent the majority of my time playing the human campaign (the campaigns are split up between alien, human, and predator). The game does a perfect job at recreating the horror and frantic atmosphere of Aliens. I've never felt so unnerved and tense while playing a game. A typical combat scenario consists of running in the dark throwing flares down in desperation for lighting while xenomorphs slither along the walls and floors torwards you. It creates an altogether unique environment that makes the most of the Alien franchise.


AVP! ...meh.

Kaieh1234 | April 24, 2013 | See all Kaieh1234's reviews »

Well...normally my reviews are painting games in a rather positive light, but I really struggled to enjoy this one, I adore the Alien movies and the games before this, but the controls and everything are just...ugh. When using the Alien, one step too close to a wall, and you're upside down and everything becomes very confusing, very quickly, the stories feel somewhat rushed and the combat is very stale. During the Predator campaign, once I acquired the staff weapon, I became spamming it and killed everything instantly, I had to ban myself from using this weapon to attempt to enjoy the game a little more. During the Marine campaign, at first, I got a few cheap scares, but beyond that, it became very repetitive and just like any other boring fps game. I would personally give this one a miss if I could, as beautiful as the game is with its appearance, it's just not for me.


The old one returns…

DeaD | Feb. 23, 2013 | See all DeaD's reviews »

…and rocks! At least for me it does. 9 years have passed since the last one was released for PC, and there had to be another one. This one didn’t get too good reception, but I loved it. Graphics are nice, physics are ok and the atmosphere is huge. I have to say that i love being stealthy and both alien and predator are great for that. The scenery is pretty, but you will see the same map sometimes, with all three characters in the campaign. Ah well, for me it wasn’t a big problem. I enjoyed the game’s story and gameplay. It’s a pity, that the camapign can be completed pretty fast. Anyway AvP offers multiplayer with different modes, so you can play it cooperative (survival mode), and competitive too. In my opinion AvP is a good one, worth buying.


Not Quite What It Should Be

videopower77 | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all videopower77's reviews »

Ever since AvP came out in 1999, Rebellion's games have been sporadic in their quality. Aliens vs Predator, a return to the franchise after nearly a decade, is a solid but teases what could have been an excellent game. The single player campaigns are short (the Marine campaign is the longest) but offer a nice variety of gameplay due to how differently the Marine, Xenomorph, and Predator play. The story telling could have benefited from being more linear. The graphics look great and take advantage of DX11 features. However, some of the levels are reused in the three campaigns which take some major points away. The co-op gameplay with 4 marines vs CPU xenomorphs is a lot of fun however the multiplayer (the most awaited part) is highly disappointing. By the time the dedicated servers came out, the small community died out. It died out because of the terrible matchmaking, overpriced DLC (which split the already small population), and annoying one-hit kill execution moves. Pick this one up when it's on a hefty discount.


short but sweet

Tensketch | Jan. 5, 2013 | See all Tensketch's reviews »

I bought this game because I am a huge fan of the AVP franchise, I hate the films, but I love the games and comics. The two title species are perfect together and I love the fact that they throw the humans in as such easy to kill, fun to play bait. First off, as the other reviews have said, this game is short. Like, 3-5 hours short. I would strongly recommend for the best way of playing, to beat the Alien and Predator campaigns before jumping into the Marine. As the other campaigns are merely bonus missions and the Marine campaign has all the voice work, plot and action. The gameplay is your standard FPS style with each campaign offering different styles. As the alien, you are fast, but suffer from being a bullet sponge with no ranged attacks. You'll find it best to close in on your enemy as silently as possible before going in for the kill. The predator plays pretty much the same, you'll be outnumbered but your technology is what evens the odds, cloaking yourself and going for the execution kill is satisfying. The Marine is the scariest of them all. More often than not you'll be the guy who is stuck on his own just as a horde of aliens come bursting through a vent, resulting in you losing your cool and firing in rapid circles hoping that you hit something. Or being stuck in a room, thinking you are safe, not noticing the clicking and horrible squealing of a facehugger scuttling around the room getting ready to one-hit-kill you. The atmosphere in the Marine campaign is great, dark industrial rooms full of the Aliens vibe with tight claustrophobic corridors, including a no-doubt purposely designed pipe that will scare you every time. You'll know it when you see it. Only other things to mention is Lance Henriksen plays yet another Bishop and provides Alien fans everywhere what they want. Michelle Rodriguez plays Michelle Rodriguez. Seriously. That's all I can say about her. I love her but she is the same person in everything. I bought the game at full price when it came out, now it's a fraction of it and it goes even lower during sales or when you apply a voucher. If you are a fan of Aliens, Predators or just cant wait for Colonial Marines, get this.


Short campaigns

Lekes | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Some of the reviews on AvP are a little unfair, but they do have some valid points. Graphics are fairly good, but the campaigns are pretty short and they do replay large sections of the maps. Normally I'm against the latter, but each species' different abilities allow for varying tactics, and makes each playthough fairly unique. What really stands out is the atmosphere and the audio cues, particularly the Club Eden segment for the marine. I'm a little surprised by the rock-paper-scissors approach to melee combat, it's awkward at first and the idea of a human 'beating' a predator or alien in melee is kind of weird, but after a while you get used to it. Multiplayer is pretty fun, it's a little easier to find a match now with dedicated servers, but there is a step learning curve, so don't expect to just jump in as an alien and tear people to shreds.


Aliens vs Predator - review

carlyle | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

The selection of Aliens vs. Predator is based almost entirely on the ability to play as a representative of the three forces in the field, from marine to 'Alien up to the Predator. The three campaigns take place then separate but parallel, sharing a towel and a tight narrative rather trite, resting as usual on the presence of an alien planet, an alien pyramid, two alien races plus one, alien to the other. Along the marine campaign you first have to make way complex between now and the desolate jungle, trying to survive, and then set himself up as the savior of the country, thwarting the usual threat that leaves room for reflection on who between man and apparently defenseless other two species is the real threat. Playing as an Alien, born in a research center installed on the planet, we are located in front of the portion of the gameplay less convincing at all, problems can be detected in two distinct elements: the alien has no motivation except dell'ingravidare some human and the arrow pointing to the next objective, thus preventing the occurrence of an empathic link that enhances the atmosphere, while the fighting was initially fun, but there are almost always within our areas closed to clean up before moving on to the next. The Predator is a sort of cross between the previous two, with an interesting background and the ability to move vertically on several levels, adding to the invisibility gadget in some cases by taking advantage of special recharge stations scattered 'everywhere .


An interesting game

ultrapwnd | Nov. 18, 2012 | See all ultrapwnd's reviews »

A.V.P is a game set in the Alien Vs Predator Universe, you can play as the Alien, the Marine or the Predator, and each has their own gameplay style, the Alien can climb on walls, the Marine can shoot his gun, and the predator can be stealthy using various assassinations and gadgets. The Multiplayer can be fun if you can find a game or organize a game and the game looks very nice with DX11 features. The story is not overly engaging but it should keep you going. Overall this is a solid FPS that you should get when it goes on sale.


Good, atmospheric, but relatively short game

Guardian412 | Nov. 13, 2012 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Aliens vs. Predator is a good, atmospheric, but relatively short game. All three campaigns, Marine, Predator and Alien is about 10 hours long altogether and while the multiplayer is relatively interesting, unfortunately not so many is playing with it. If you love single player, the campaigns are fun to play, especially as all three of them are playing relatively parallel with each other, with slight delays and overlaps. The Marine campaign was my personal favorite as it reminds you how weak the humans are and how strong a swarm of aliens, or even a single one hiding in the shadows, and the stealthy predators armed with high tech weapons could be. This campaign is a tense and thrilling one, but after a time you can get used to it as you get better weapons, such as the famous M41A Pulse Rifle or the Smart Gun. If you've seen and liked the movie, Aliens, and the marine operations in it, you'll like this campaign the most. The Predator campaign however is not that great, but its not the game's fault. But I never was a Predator fan after all. To me it was like driving a overpowered stealth tank between some fragile black sheeps, a.k.a. aliens, and their human shepards, a.k.a. marines and civs, and shooting them with plasma gun. Not much of a challenge. Some will like it, but being a Predator is not my style. And finally the Alien campaign is one of the most interesting to play, especially as you're a "named" alien with a relatively soft, yet existing background story, and not a no name black creature, one out of the thousands. Unlike in the Predator campaign, I rather felt here that you're THE stealth predator without any high-tech hanky-panky -, the real killer, the most dangerous creature of the universe. So something what an alien truly is. Unfortunately this one is the shortest campaign. But its fun to play. After all these years, the graphic is still beautiful, however the levels are repeating each other in the campaigns (But not all of them.). But a place you've visited with a Marine, there is a high chance that you'll visit it with the Predator and the Alien as well. However you'll take a different route, thanks to the three different gameplays. Basically if you love the movie Aliens, you'll love the Marine and Alien campaign the most. If you love the Predator movies and life style, something I can't identify with, you'll love that campaign the most. And if you love both movies, you'll definitely love Aliens vs. Predator.


Cool game

lpmafiota | Oct. 19, 2012 | See all lpmafiota's reviews »

Aliens vs Predator has always been a rather fun concept and seeing a reboot of the video game series is a nice thing. The story as usual pits the main factions of the series(the humans, the aliens and the predators) against one another, each having their own agenda and their own abilities and specific gameplay mechanics - for example the aliens' campaign is more stealth oriented and involves a lot of wall climbing, while the human one provides a decent amount of horror. The graphics are rather nice, especially when switched to DirectX 11. The sound and atmosphere are top notch. Overall I'd recommend the game to every fan of the series, as well as anyone new to it.


A great recreation of the AvP universe.

DukePaul | Oct. 17, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Aliens Vs Predator is the third on the series and is made by the creators of the original game and I think they really did a good job. The campaign for the three characters is great, my favourite is the marine campaign because you feel weak and it is like a survival horror game trying to avoid all the creatures, it is like old Alien movies. Also the other two campaings I enjoyed them a lot for the kill animations of the Predator and Alien, they are awesome to see them in first person, the weapons of the Predator and the agility and mobility of the Alien make the campaign a unique experience that you can not play in other FPS, and it is like seven or eight hours of gameplay. The multiplayer is not very active right now but if you have friends it is very fun and it has a coop mode where you fight with against enemies in waves. For the graphics, they are very good at max settings, the creatures look awesome and loyal to the lore of the series.


Personally, an awesome game.

Damien_Azreal | Oct. 13, 2012 | See all Damien_Azreal's reviews »

While some will throw hate on this just because it's from Rebellion... AvP is an awesome game. Focusing only on the single player experience the game is incredibly atmospheric, brutal, gorgeous at times... and is the first time I actually felt like the Predator while playing. The single player campaign is split into three separate campaigns. Each focused on a different species. But all three stories cross over and connect to tell one larger tale. The easy stand out is the Marine campaign. With dark and creepy atmosphere that calls back to the second film oh so well... it's incredibly fun to play. The Predator campaign is also a blast. Stalking your prey, using the Predator's various weapons and tools to take out large groups of enemies without ever being noticed is a blast. The Alien campaign falls a bit short. It's not as well told (though the opening is awesome) and it is very, very short when compared to the other two. It has it's moments, and the alien executions are horribly beautiful to watch. This is a game for fans of the individual series, or the AvP comics. It's dark, brutal, fast paced and fun.


Good game with a few annoying moments

StewartX | Oct. 3, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

I really enjoyed AVP however there is a lot of room for improvement. My biggest grief with the game is the death animations. Some of these animations of killing your enemy can take a good 10 seconds which is more than enough time for all your enemies friends to shoot you to ribbons. The multiplayer is fun but servers appear deserted so you'll need a few friends together to get any enjoyment out of it. Other than that, it is a pretty good game. 3 campaigns (Human, Alien and Predator) however 2 of them are rather short. Gameplay: 7/10 Story: 7/10 Graphics: 8/10 Multiplayer: Yes (Deathmatch styles only, no story coop) Overall: 75/100


Ok Single Player, Great (But Dead) Multiplayer

BillyMays14 | Sept. 30, 2012 | See all BillyMays14's reviews »

The single player campaigns in this game are pretty average despite being set in an extremely unique universe that is bursting with potential. An average shooter campaign with a couple wrinkles thrown in. The multiplayer was totally worth it when it was active as they crafted a fantastic and interesting multiplayer game where you could play either an Alien, Predator, or Human with all the classes being relatively balanced. Unfortunately, the multiplayer is pretty much dead now. If you're looking for a completely average game with a great licence pick this game up but don't expect to be impressed unless you somehow find a populated multiplayer game.


Aliens vs. Predator

maciej2601 | Aug. 22, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

First-person shooter tells the challenge three factions: Aliens, Predators and Marines (known to many movies, comics and books). Game developers have prepared three separate campaigns (one for each side). Each of them introduces new gameplay elements, as individual characters have very different abilities. In addition to the solo mode is multiplayer. Worth playing!


Forget the lineage, and you're good to go

Cooberstooge | Aug. 1, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

AvP is just an average shooter set in quite possibly the best universe ever made. There's nothing really outstanding about the game, though - the solid gameplay is marred by thoughts of past greatness. The look and feel of the movies is captured well, but when an Alien jumps out at you, there's not much impact to it. It just...sorta happens. The selection of weapons are good, but again, nothing special. I can say the game runs good, though. Gunfights and battles are quick and fluid, and leaping down on a hapless Colonial Marine to eat him is nice and fast. Multiplayer was the highlight of this game, but the community has mostly died off. You'll be lucky to find a couple full matches every night at best. If you can get some buddies together for a few quick rounds though, shades of the old game start appearing. And that, my friends, is a very, very good thing.


A "different" game. in a bad way

simonsix | June 21, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

This game would've been better if they didn't try so hard to make it such a "different" game from everything that's already out right now. First FPS in years that didn't have a "down the sights" mode when using a gun. You basically aim from the hip, with a tiny crosshair in the center of the screen. The complicated controls, and the lighting is just horrible, I wish i could have actually enjoyed this game. If you want a good shooter with mediocre online play your better off getting Bioshock 2 or even Modern Warfare 2


Not bad, but not that great either.

ternfast | May 22, 2012 | See all ternfast's reviews »

I love the predator franchise... and I LOVE the alien franchise... yet this game just didnt do it for me. It looks ok, but its nothing spectacular.. i think its down to the gameplay itself. The story is the same old dull routine (humans + ignorance + aliens = one big giant clusterf*#%), and the gameplay never really digs itself out of the generic level. none of the characters or missions are ever that thrilling or exciting.. and the game just isnt very scary (you may be SHOCKED a couple of times, but rarely scared because of the atmosphere or mood). On the positive side, there are 3 'viewpoints' to play the game from, which gives some degree of variance in terms of gameplay. The game is OK to play if you're bored, but its nothing special..


Decent game actually.

Exist_To_Resist | Nov. 13, 2011 | See all Exist_To_Resist's reviews »

Decent game, fun to play with all 3 races both online and offline. Some challenge to it also. If you like the series as much as I do this is a definitive must have. Playing as the Predator is f**king awesome. :)


Adjust you're expectations and all is good...

kapone | Sept. 16, 2011 | See all kapone's reviews »

So once upon a time there was a game called Aliens Vs Predator. And despite being blocky with low resolution textures, and character models that seemed like poor papercraft, it was good. Not only was it good, it was awesome. So awesome, it had the ability to scare the bejesus out of you and make you poop your pants. This sequel of the same name, does not hold a candle to the original. But for myself, I found enjoying the game was all about expectations. Once I let go of my fond memories of the original, and thought of this as a dumb shooter I started to enjoy myself. Because really, there just haven't been enough Aliens games made for my liking, so any chance to stick a boomstuck in a xenomorphs face, or to impale a colonial marines face with an extendable mouth is something to celebrate and enjoy. Relax, kick back, and just enjoy this game for what it is.


Oh how far the mighy have fallen

jojot | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all jojot's reviews »

AVP, the reboot of the excellent game series that was based off a comic series that also spawned a movie series. Take the most badass hunters in the galaxy, mix that with the most badass monsters in the galaxy, mix in some scared little humans as fodder and how can you go wrong? Anyone that watched the movies could tell you exactly how, as can anyone that played the game. By far the most compelling aspect of the game is playing as the marines, the predators are just icing on the cake, but really it's just about a bunch of silly humans getting in way over their heads and runny scared from monsters in the dark with only a machine that goes bleep, bleep, bleep to tell them that they are about to die. They did an alright job of capturing this feeling during the human campaign in this game, but it was far too short and the other two campaigns failed to live up to their potential. Playing as a xenomorph was fun, if a little hard to master due to the ability to crawl on pretty much every surface including the roof, but it failed to give you that feeling of power that accompanies hunting down pitiful little fleshy pink things. You never quite attain the feeling you are a natural killing machine hunting down prey like you should. The predator campaign had a similar problem, you are supposed to be hunting down one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy, but then it trows tonnes of them at you and you feel way too powerful. Killing one of those things is supposed to be an achievement, I didn't bother counting how many you killed as a predator. The multiplayer holds more promise, with gameplay being pretty much the same as previous entries in the series but with much improved graphics. The lighting in particular should make hiding in shadows as an alien MUCH more effective. From what I understand however, MP is pretty much dead, so good luck finding a game. The game is some dumb fun and not awful, but it certainly missused the potential of the IP seriously and was vastly inferior to what it should have been.


a great game with 3 unique play styles

soad667 | Aug. 24, 2011 | See all soad667's reviews »

A great game, despite the hate you might have seen around. Everything in it feels really authentic and if you are a fan of AvP fiction, you really should check it out. Campaign is interesting enough to keep you going, more like giving you reasons to step into the legs of your favourite species. You can play the same storyline from three different views, while experiencing the parts that are important for the specific species you've chosen. To get the best out of it, first play the Marine campaign, it's the one revealing the whole story as it should. Regarding the multiplayer, i found it quite an amazing experience. At least when you find a balanced game and no cheaters around. All the basic mp modes are there (deathmatch, team deathmatch, species tdm, domination type), a couple more specific to the game (infestation, predator hunt), plus a survival mode (Marines versus Alien waves of increasing difficulty).There are also some unlockable skins to earn while raising your rank in mp. So, everything is there to guarantee you a good time. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.


Barely scraping by this time

ProtoBender | Aug. 24, 2011 | See all ProtoBender's reviews »

As an old player of AVP 2, I was excited for this reboot, but after getting my hands on the games, those expectations quickly fell through the floor. On top of iffy story, the controls for all the races just don't feel smooth or polished. The marine story just feel weak in general and all i remember is running in circles, trying not to get killed. The Aliens were a bit more interesting but the single playable race for the alien when there were so many more in an older game just disapoints. Finally the predator, who is the best of all, still has a clear balance problem in multiplayer games. All in all, a barely passing grade for a possibly great game.


Not so bad as people think

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all keysersoze16's reviews »

It really isn't, I am not going to write a long review here because I think other people before has already done this, but if you are an alien or predator fan what better way than to play as your favourite species. Yes, the storyline is shallow and can get really boring after a while, but the graphics are fantastic and the multiplayer is even better! i bought this game only for MP to play with my friends and I don't care if the single player sucked, we had hours of fun playing what we like! the sounds are authentic and so are the weapons. Who cares if the SP sucked the multiplay doesn't and as long as you have fun who cares? there is so much fun to be had in this game! if you are an alien or predator fan you should play this!


Not nearly as good as previous games in the series.

Deucalion | Aug. 20, 2011 | See all Deucalion's reviews »

While AvP doesn't hold a candle to other entries in the franchise, it does manage to be a competent and fun game. Pros: Xbox360 controller handles quite well (never tested mouse/keyboard). Beautifully rendered creatures and kills. 3 Intense campaigns, with each playing quite different. Cons: Very short single player overall. Playing as Alien can be disconcerting and migraine inducing. (Basically think looking through a fisheye lens while running across any and every surface.) Fairly hard on graphics cards. Unless running in SLI/Crossfire tessellation just kills framerate and puts out a ton of heat. (My gaming laptop gpu hit over 80c, granted desktops will run much cooler generally.) Summery: A fun yet flawed game, nothing revolutionary or thought provoking. Yet, decent for the price. However I do agree with other reviewers unless a serious fan of the franchise, there are better games to be had.


A disgusting game that like the films, sucks.

mevidek | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

Aliens vs Predator is the game version to the films, a mix between the brilliant Alien series and Predator. While the films were awful (AvP, not A or P), this game is worse. Annoying gameplay mechanics that aren't really the designers' faults (aliens or predators dominate, humans get slaughtered) is the single largest error this game has, apart from being a game remake of a terrible hollywood series. My biaseness aside, the few things this game does do right include very impressive visuals, lighting, brilliant atmosphere that really puts you in the shoes of a human or a.... well the place rather than shoes of an alien or predator, and a slightly repetitive multiplayer. In conclusion, I say do not get this game unless you liked the films.



Ratmandu79 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all Ratmandu79's reviews »

The premise is amazing but at roughly 4 hours per campaign (3 in total) and a very lacklustre multiplayer this game could have been SO much better. i still play the single player occasionally to get my heart pumping but the multiplayer is avoided religiously......


A nice diverse FPS.

Rzepak01 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

First of all it must be said that this new AvP is simply not as good as the two classic games. That is not to say its bad. In fact its a very solid and pretty unique shooter, albeit a short one. The game is broken into three parts since it has the three races always present in the franchise. Each campaign is about the same lenght, which results in a game that is roughly 7 or 8 hours. As per usual the Human campaign is the most tense and atmospheric one, because weapns while deadly cant match up to the Predators gadgets and the Aliens mobility. Playing as the marine feels like it should. The game sound and feel nice. There may not be too many weapons to choose from but whats there is very good. Playing as the Predator forces the player to use all the gadgets at his disposal, especially the cloaking device. The hunter also has deadly claws, missles and the infamous disc weapon to kill anything and everything be it cyborgs, marines or aliens. The last race, the Alien, is all about mobility. You move really fast on any surface. The Xenomorph attacks with its claws, tail and punce ability. In the begining the speed and constant change of direction may be a bit jarring, but its easy to get used to. Graphically the game looks amazing with both the environments and character models looking stellar. The animations of the aliens as they crawl towards you on walls, floors and ceilings is amazing. The biggest downside of this title is its multiplayer. What should have been a great experiance is marred by lag and whats seems to be like a complete imbalance of the races.


Batlle of the Species

rhiannon9998 | Aug. 15, 2011 | See all rhiannon9998's reviews »

If we have the two precedent games as a yardstick, then this new iteration of the eternal conflic between alien, predator and colonial marine fells short in intensity, terror and general enjoyment. If we do the marine part it feels like any other shooter except for your targets, the alien bits entirely forgettable, and the predator section like Batman:AA. Graphics are pretty and MP do have very unique mechanics.


Strictly for Fanboys

faraany3k | Aug. 14, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

I must admit AvP has a lot of potential. The game is actually pretty polished and both shooting and stealth mechanics are pretty solid. Multiplayer focuses on all the three Races. So if you like to sneak in like predator or go all guns blazing like a Marine. You will all find it here. Graphics are brilliant and art style is true to the franchise, But ultimately where this game disappoints is its inconsistency. Although Single player campaign is fun for the Human part, it is not so much for aliens and predators. All the focus is on Human campaign and there is the most part where the fun lies. Singleplayer has also very low replaytability value. Multiplayer also feels imbalanced at times. With all the 3 races playable it sometimes feel OP to be HUMAN. While Aliens are toughest to play. These inconsistencies though seem pretty minor, but ultimately has a much stronger influence on how you play. If you are looking for fun shooter/melee action this game is a must have. Just don't expect AAA stuff here.


So much potential

pauljebe | Aug. 10, 2011 | See all pauljebe's reviews »

Both the Alien and Predator franchises are rich with potential and have managed to produce incredibly satisfying movies, comics and games. This game is just simply not on par with the rest of the AvP universe. The original AvP game released in 2000 was well respected and had a large following. The campaigns it offered were on par with the rest of the gaming industry at the time, but the multiplayer was its brightest point. It offered three way battles instead of the industry standard two team concept, cloaked players that brought stealth into the mix, and allowed you fight in all three dimensions thanks to the Alien’s wall crawling. The new (2010) AvP offers almost nothing new even though gaming has changed drastically in the past decade. Again there are three campaigns; marine, predator, alien. Each campaign is relatively short but together they offer good amount of content. However they seem incredibly dated. Providing no ability to crouch or to climb over obstacles as human or predator players is simply not acceptable in today’s games. A new standard of immersion has been set and the decision to leave abilities like this out of the game is baffling. Graphically AvP impresses, but that’s possibly the only area in which the game delivers on its potential. Multiplayer is a great concept but finding a server and staying connected to it is a chore. If you manage to keep your connection you will inevitably be faced with poor level design and unbalanced classes that will leave you disappointed. Simply put there are substantially better single player and multiplayer games on the market. Only hardcore AvP fans need apply. How you could take something as awesome as Aliens fighting Predators and deliver something as tame as this game is a mystery.


Good Game but should of been alot better....

Cronik2k | Aug. 9, 2011 | See all Cronik2k's reviews »

As a big fan of the movies and the past AVP games I had hopes for this game but when it was released on launch it was a disaster so many issues ranging from no dedicated servers which made games laggy as hell and I had a 20mb connection, a serious lack of multiplayer maps only 6, only 2 survival maps and lots of unbalance issues between the classes with people spamming certain moves and weapons, I have never seen a online community die so quickly as they did on this game. The game now has dedicated servers which is a big improvement and theres enough people left to play online now all they need to do is release the 2 map packs DLC for free and I could see alot of players returning to the game as they really should of been in the game to begin with as. I dont mind paying for DLC when the main game has enough content to begin with but for online variation 6 small maps isn't enough. Even after all the negativity I have just expressed the game is still really enjoyable for a hour blast online every now and again i've racked up 33hrs on the game and when you see this game for £3.75 in sales its definitely worth a purchase for the campaign alone. Theres 3 campaigns playing as each of the races (Humans, Aliens, Predator) each are around 3hrs each so a decent length in todays standards with the Human and Predator campaigns being the best. Your see alot of recognizable items, characters, weapons, sites, environments sounds of the films and it all adds to the experience though a co-op campaign could of been so much more fun., Lets hope Alien Colonials can make a much better job of their Aliens game coming out sometime next year, the title and license was abit big for a developer like Rebellion to take on imo who have a past history of mainly bad games but conclusion is this was a decent game if you can get it at a bargain price, its much better since patches and updates just could of been something epic.


Fun multiplayer

thespysapper | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all thespysapper's reviews »

This game has fun multiplayer. However, it lacks the replay value of single player. Multiplayer features adrenaline pumping multiplayer. It made me jump from time to time because the multiplayer game focuses on surprise, stealth and strategy. However, the single player offers very linear gameplay. There are three kinds of singleplayers: aliens, marines, and predators. All three gameplayes gives the player very little degree of freedom. Therefore, I give this game 70 out of 100.


AvP: A good game, but multiplay could drive you crazy

klaros | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

Graphics - The characters graphic is incredible, really really polished, much better for example than Mafia II, infact you'll not see any polygon. Background graphic is really good too, if you make some screenshot you could easily create something for your desktop. Ground is well made: the bump mapping let you think all good details are in 3D. The only bad graphic part are the trees, which aren't so negligible because Predator and Alien (but expecially the first one) will pass much time there. Sounds - I played a localized version, completely translate (and not partially as often happens) and voices and sound are good enough, nothing to say against them. Story - The story is particulary the human's one, infact there is the intrigue (giving the basis for a sequel), the other ones simply follow what you expect the other species will normally do. The problem is that you'll normally play human as first so the other stories are just needed to complete your vision of what happened in the colony (why everything went a mess) from other points of view. Which is interesting but not exalting. The game atmosphere is based on the costant "hunt or hunted" situation, except if you are human, where clearly and really well you'll feel to be the prey; infact you'll start alone with just a little pistol, a light and many dark places; you'll also find some alien that will terrorize you cinematically at right points. The other species story will not be so involing because there will not be this costant fear feeling; with predator you'll just wait for the right moment to strike than jump away and camoufladge, with alien will be a rapid strike and hide. Gameplay - AvP permits you to play 3 different kind of gameplays, and you'll not see Predator's and Aliens' ones in other games, infact they are really peculiar. Alien can run really fast and will tend to take the enemies at back, exiting from darkness and using some little passage (vents) or walking on walls; alien can see the Predator also if camouflaged (I think it is due the smell). Predator will do really high and long jumps and can run fast too (not as alien and not as much as alien do, but will be enough to search a good view point), can camouflage itself and use heat vision or alien vision (this is a special one that you'll acquire during the story) but you'll can't use them at the same time, so you have to choose who will be your prey and so who will be your hunter (because you can't see well the other species) or you can use the normal view and do it by yourself. Predator weapons are quite disappointing because are all or really slow or let see where you are and some of them will turn off your camouflage; you'll use the cannon, the lance, the double arm blades and the rotating blades. Humans have more weapons: a normal smg, a sniper rifle that permits you to see your enemies also if camouflaged or in the dark (but is slow reloading and has few bullets), shotgun (if you aim well you'll do a kill with just a hit), smart gun (a big machinegun) that automatically finds its target but will not permit you to run and ends its bullet pretty soon, so use it well. If you attack a foe when is giving you her/his back or when it is fallen on ground you can do brutal but graphically apreciable ending moves. There are 5 chapters for each species. This could let you seem that the "games" are short, but you have to count on the fact that there are 15 chapters in total, which is good for a normal game. It is true that many maps are the same for different species but playing with a human is completly different from playing a predator or an alien. For example predator can jump from a side to the other in a map in few steps without caring about what there is, a human has to do it all walking (human can run "slowly" and for a short period) so has to take care about its back all time. I suggest you to try the game at the hardest level too (not just to get the steam achievements) but because is there that you'll feel a realistic hunter/hunted sensation: one error and no any save near, this will put the accent both on your moves, your resoning, improving the engrossment and the involvement. Multiplay - Here start some problems. These problems are expecially about sticking with the original films. For example is completly ridiculous that a marine can block the predator's double blade attack simply tilting its gun, infact the blades should cut both gun and marine; it happens the same blocking alien's attacks. It is similar when predator will use the cannon against aliens, in film it is voided by the predator honor code. It is also ridiculous that the marine has a much greater fire power than the predator while this one is really slow, for example the lance is almost useless becuase is so slow that you can use it only on a long time still foe (are they waiting for you?). Predator doesn't have all its weapons from film; when it hits with its rotating blades a human (for example in the chest) the human can easily survive and kill the predator (because the blades will return to you really slowly). Alien blood isn't so dangerous as it should be: it doesn't melt anything, expecially predator's blades and human can easily survive to it. Humans if stick tougheter can play the lions part, while they should fell themselves as preys. This way the chain could be Predator hunts alien while alien try surprise humans from darkness. Predator vs human isn't easy for the first one because the second one has the best ranged weapons (really! what [email protected]*!). Predator has to find its weapons over all the map, starting with only arm blades (how the hell does it lost its weapons???) and so on... The fact is that in AvP creators tryed to balance 1vs1 the species, this way you'll find many countersenses, that personally drive crazy. To all this I have to add that multiplay game is really fast paced, while you hit you can easily been hitten, there aren't many pause times. Due the fact that there aren't safe spawn points you can pratically spawn dead. It is a really pity that doesn't exists a real multiplay co-op mission. What should drive you there is the aggressive hunter mentality, or you'll only find a sudden bitter death or everything will appear you as a mess. Although exists a good variety of matches what you'll really play depends on what others are playing, infact there will not be so great number of people plaing it. What is really innovative in AvP is that you'll not be sure anywhere because if you look for aliens for example the other species have the space to easily kill you; a defensive standind will not drive you anywhere because you can defend yourself from endind moves only one time (if you are rapid enough), the second one is the last one.


Good cheap game

SaadKhawaja | July 25, 2011 | See all SaadKhawaja's reviews »

Given its current price it is a fairly decent romp through Alien, Predator and Human campaigns. Graphics are rock solid with throwback to the movies. I recommend it for 16$ price and is worth about 10-12 hours of gameplay time if you finish all campaigns.


Very cool game

ravenholt | July 23, 2011 | See all ravenholt's reviews »

You can choose three class ; as human, alien, or the predator, each with their unique ability. The coolest one is as predator, you can use high tech arsenal that make killing is very cool. Equipped with beautiful graphic and great sound, this game will make you stay to play for hours. Try this game, its good.


Way Underrated

SnivMunchr | July 7, 2011 | See all SnivMunchr's reviews »

I got this game at a significant discount, and then only because it looked cool. I had read all the poor reviews, so I didn't have high expectations. It turned out to be a pretty exciting game. The multiplayer is a bit thin, but still fun. The single player is really where this game shines. While the Marine campaign is the longest, I found the predator campaign to be the most challenging and rewarding at the same time. Talking about it makes me want to play it again. Buy it. You'll like it.


Bad game

pngohuy | June 29, 2011 | See all pngohuy's reviews »

I bought this game via Steam one year ago. The movie is very good, but the game isn't. These are things which make game become a terrible game : poor level design; the environmental effects lack blending and pacing; the voice acting is some of the worst I can remember; the monsters don't sound true to their canon brothers; story is broken, non existant and unpolished, no one or thing to care about, there isn't a coherent goal or drive to the story. It jumps from idea to idea until the credits roll. Moreover, game modes end too fast and are, for the most part, not fun at all; no drive, not fun, very frustrating, very buggy game.


Story is boring

hotmando1 | June 28, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

The first time you play through the single player, it's really awesome. The second time as an alien, you get another view of the first time as an alien. The third time as the predator, your really just bored. Sure, there may be some new things here and there between all three, but they're the same thing in the end. It was a nice concept but not executed nicely enough. Multiplayer is a sham. You can barely find anyone online these days. The lack of maps and bugs is the cause of the dead community. But the lack of maps is later fixed but dlc. Still, you must buy the dlc. Thus, it turns off more people. The demo was sadly more fun than the game itself. Playing as human is probably the best experience. Anything else is not a scare. The only thing you should be afraid of are the numerous bugs located in the game. Be wary, this is a game you should get during sales only.


The best AVP ever

satyakun | May 25, 2011 | See all satyakun's reviews »

Choose your side : as an alien, you can see your enemy within darkness. As predator, your cloaking ability suited with advance weaponry makes killing will be very 'stylish'. As human, well, it means just the way you're right now. This game combine Horror along with the first person view to give the most realistic feeling out from you. Experience it better with DirectX 11 hardware and enjoy your fight better than ever!


AVP a game for the fans

FreeMan85 | May 10, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

This game got almost anything like a fan want it! The Marine campaign catch the Aliens feeling... in the first half of the game, then catch the Predator feeling. We can fight dozen of Alien drones, the Queen, the Predator and the Weyland-Yutani's battle androids. In the Alien campaign we play Six, a specially "trained" Alien drone, study buy K.B. Weyland himself. After an accident we escape and slaughter labtechs, marines, Predators. The Predator campaign the best, we control an Elite Warrior to find out what happened on an ancient temple. We can hunt for marines, Aliens and the deadly PredAlien (aka The Abomination). The games has some sideback. Need a strong PC for maximum graphics, but on normal setting looks good. The Predator weapon arsenal feels a little small after AVP2. Alien campaign a little short, Pred also but it's got many action, so it's feel epic even if it short. The multiplayer is a little dead and need many hours to practice it. The "E kills" is very annoying, many players use it. The game also has a Suvival mode - like AVP1 - sadly only have 2 maps and can be played by Marine only, but it can be played alone or three friends. The good points: a lot of movie moments from all 3 franchise, great score, Steam ahcievements (movie connected names), Pyramid multiplayer map!


Beautiful Game But...

Andyman | April 26, 2011 | See all Andyman's reviews »

This AVP reboot has its good sides, bad sides, ugly sides, and VERY ugly sides. The Single-player campaign was very good for all species, but it seems like Rebellion spent a lot more time on the marine campaign, it was WAY more polished. I especially see this in that there's the "Survival" mode which is fun, but its marine only. The multiplayer is where this game lacks... the concept was great, but the coding really failed. The lag just makes you want to tear your hair out. There ARE dedicated servers, but they never made it out of beta!


Should have been "Marines kicking ass"

xtrench | April 14, 2011 | See all xtrench's reviews »

Aliens vs. Predators is divided into 3 campaigns, in each campaign you get to play a different species; the alien, the predator and human. The human campaign was my favorite, bringing back such classics as the pulse rifle and the motion tracker as well as the smart gun. But overall the campaigns feels diluted and short. It would have been better if the developers focused on one strong campaign. The alien part of the game is the weakest while the predator provides some stealthy fun and gadgets but still isn’t as fun as the human one.


Would love to have been able to play this properly

Truegamer | April 11, 2011 | See all Truegamer's reviews »

This game was offered for a bargain price, under £5 for a re-invention of a game i loved many years ago, 3 way story and with a face-lift to the graphics engine, also its made by Sega, whos megadrive classic games were a thing of genious, why not huh?? Well how wrong i was, sadly this game on last attempt to play (about a month ago) was way too bugy for a playthrough, i attempted it on an ati card on my laptop and my fully working desktop, searched for patches and many other advice columns, all in an attempt to get the game working without random drop outs, but alas to no evail, hopefully this will improve in the future, before the game would randomly cut out (and just that, no errors, no issues, it would simply cease to work) it looked lovely, the dx11 features and atmosphere seemed well done and edgy, the graphics were not mind blowing but still very sophisticated, and it could have had much potetial, but sadly seems like a poor console port, clearly rushed in an attempt to try and gain some of the money back before pouring more money it in, however with some more planning it would have been far more successful and made much more money. Overall id say it was too buggy to play, and would stay away from it until its patched properly, i hope to revisit this game properly when they sort the kinks out, until then i will suggest avoiding and renting a console version.


Best of the best war aliens

diwaxx | April 9, 2011 | See all diwaxx's reviews »

I'm not quite sure when it started, but at some point someone thought it'd be a great idea to mix up two of the biggest science fiction franchises into one mega franchise. When Alien met Predator out birthed movies, comic books, toys and of course video games. One of those games was a first person shooter, called Aliens vs Predator, it was released over 10 years ago on the PC and developed by Rebellion. Today they are back with a brand new version of the game where everything is new again, returning from the original are three separate, yet somewhat overlapping, storylines for each character. You'll jump into the shoes of the rookie space marine, don the mask of a Predator, and fill the claws of #6 Alien as he escapes from human captivity. Each campaign offers its own unique flavor, which is then capped off by the game's multiplayer modes, only one of which is co-op.


Average game

Csokis | April 9, 2011 | See all Csokis's reviews »

Good graphics in DX11, average sounds, but the gameplay is too short and only the predator campaign is not boring.


3 in 1, which is a story about marines, aliens and predators.

Comros | April 8, 2011 | See all Comros's reviews »

Another scene, known and loved series which is the Alien vs. Predator. This is really the first "nice" part of the cycle. The game is about the struggle of three hostile factions which are: Alien, People and Predators. The action takes place 30 years after the story of the second part of the film saga. Marines land on the planet colonial BG-386, where they find the pyramid (known, moreover, from the movie). As always happens, the pyramid entrance to the alien awakens, and those third, in this case, Predators also interested in landing on the planet and begin a bloody shambles. The story is basically trivial, but what is most important in a series that AVP climate, which is also present in this part (especially when we play the Marines). The figures have not been fully balanced, Predator, for example, is almost impossible to kill on easy level of difficulty , uses both the invisibility and the homing laser, landing behind his back the enemy is not foreign to him. In this section, not without a network game for many players, which further adds to the adrenaline during the game. Finally, AVP is a new, very cool scene made the series, which contains both the mistakes and strengths, I recommend everyone fan series and more.


the best AvP experience out there

ArtyArt | April 4, 2011 | See all ArtyArt's reviews »

Granted, this game got a lot of flak when it came out for being a "consolified", heavily scripted and terribly linear corridor shooter. All of this is true, but AvP still manages to be quite entertaining for what it is. It's not really scary, yet it's atmospheric. There is enough gameplay variety to keep you entertained for the roughly 8 hours it takes to beat the game. Plus, multiplayer is actually a lot of fast-paced, gory fun. If you're a fan of the franchise, you should pick it up right now. If you're interested in shooting things, you should at least consider the purchase.


Good but could be better

moomphas | April 4, 2011 | See all moomphas's reviews »

Quite a decent game for a fiver but I wouldn't recommend buying it for more dosh. The singleplayer, however short, was a good experience but lacking some more epic moments. If you're thinking of getting this game only for multi, then... forget about it. This part was completely disappointing for me - most encounters were like trying to get your victim from behind and press 'e' to perform a quick-kill which your opponent cannot block. To sum it up > not bad graphics, average sounds, good-but-could-be-better singleplayer and disappointing multi. Get it as long as it's in bargain bucket.