Reviews for Bully & Manhunt Pack


Excellent Rockstar Bundle

lowgee | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all lowgee's reviews »

Bully is a fantastic game, like the Beano's Bash Street Kids come to life. You go to class, do minigames, complete missions... a san andreas that is light on the hookers and bloody murder stuff. The characters are compelling and well written, and the actual gameplay is great - there are a few bugs and glitches hanging around, but from an open world game it's pretty solid. Aside from the completely broken Bike Workshop Lesson (you need to be doing the motions on the controller/keyboard before they even show up on screen) there is absolutely nothing frustrating about it- at times it almost seems a bit easy. Manhunt, on the other hand, has not aged quite as well. I ran up against some compatibility problems because of W7, and the actual control system is a bit clunky. Whilst Bully's graphics look somewhat aged, they're also cartoony enough to look past that. Manhunt just looks and feels like a ps2 game. Whilst that is no bad thing - it's a good PS2 game, if a bit repetitive towards the end, it's not something that will compel you to play it instead of the other 40 games in your steam library. This pack (when at 75% off) is great value, but it might be best to think of it as paying for bully and then getting Manhunt on top for free.


An amazing experience on a console, as for the PC? Eh...........

lucaswrite | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all lucaswrite's reviews »

Bully's a good time. Manhunt's a good time. But when I first played these games it was on a PS2. Buying them again all these years later to revisit them is just a depressing tale. First, I boot up manhunt, because it offers more personal nostalgia for me. I get halfway through the tutorial level, and BAM. I can't proceed any further. A very unique glitch occurs. A gate that I'm supposed to walkthrough, closes. I research the problem, and it turns out that nearly every single Windows 7 64 bit user has encountered this problem. I find a patch, and decide to check it out. I run it and everything, excited to continue in this blast from the past. I get to the gate, and... it closes again. I tried uninstalling and everything that people mentioned, and it turns out Rockstar even said themselves that they're not going to bother to fix it. Well... I concluded that it's just not going to happen on the PC. It really makes me mad that steam continues to have this for sale... As for bully, it's a great game. On the ps2 it's amazing, on the PC, I personally believe it lacks in control. I know some people workaround it by assigning different keys, but I just plugged in a controller and it was alright. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this pack as Manhunt doesn't work at all, and Bully's better on the ps2, as Manhunt is.


What a PACK!

Plasros | June 11, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

Bully is one in all the simplest free roaming title you'll be able to notice on computer. Your journey throughout the college time is pure fun, the plot is entertaining and also the gameplay solid. If you discover GTA boring, Bully may be a nice, different expertise. hunting may be a "hardcore" game, once you should perform murders hoping to survive the Director, during a snuff show that's merely your worst nightmare. These 2 games on one pack, Steam redeemable. A must! Bully is that the best game Rockstar ever place out on computer. Seriously, I place it above the GTAs. it is the final sandbox expertise and that i simply want it had automatic controller support. the sport is preposterously sensible and simply will a tremendous job with characterization. that is one thing Rockstar has invariably been sensible at although and simply grasp that Bully is not any exception. As for hunting, what a brutal game. It's violent and not for the simple abdomen. it absolutely was sensible at the time, however does not delay a lot of any longer. If you purchase this, get the picture primarily for Bully, a tremendous game.


What a bundle of total opposites, but it works!

Supraballs | May 28, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

Bully is the best game Rockstar ever put out on PC. Seriously, I put it higher than the GTAs. It's the ultimate sandbox experience and I just wish it had automatic controller support. The game is ridiculously good and just does an amazing job with characterization. That's something Rockstar has always been good at though and just know that Bully is no exception. As for Manhunt, what a brutal game. It's violent and not for the easy stomach. It was good at the time, but doesn't hold up much anymore. If you buy this, get it primarily for Bully, an amazing game.


Fun classics

Profoundly_Mad | May 2, 2013 | See all Profoundly_Mad's reviews »

Both games were pretty controversial at the time, Manhunt for gratuitous violence and Bully for it's subject matter. Funnily enough, they seem tame nowadays. Manhunt is a stealth game as you play the unwilling star of a snuff movie, who has to follow The Director's directions to survive the night. The game is a bit dated now but the core mechanics still work fine and is worth playing through at least once. Bully is a sandbox game set in Bullworth Academy and it's surrounding areas. In it you have to contend with the nerds, preps, greasers and jocks as well as attending school classes which unlocks new abilities or items for you to use. Both are great games that are worth picking up.


A must play bundle

Cavalieroscuro | April 30, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Bully is one of the best free roaming title you can find on PC. Your journey during the school time is pure fun, the plot is entertaining and the gameplay solid. If you find GTA boring, Bully is a nice, alternative experience. Manhunt is a "hardcore" game, when you must perform murders hoping to survive the Director, in a snuff show that is simply your worst nightmare. These two games on one pack, Steam redeemable. A must!


Conflict anyone?

cehmk | April 29, 2013 | See all cehmk's reviews »

I recall Bully and Manhunt causing a lot of trouble in the real world because of their blatent disregard for social conformity, otherwise known as violence and chaos. But then, anyone who keeps up on Rockstar knows thats what they do best. Both of these games have good graphics, great gameplay, and lots of deliciously wanton violence. Thus I highly recommend them both. This pack only gets an 80 because no one has gotten around to updating proper OS compatibility for anything after WinXP. If you are going to continue to sell games at anything but a give away price, you should at least put a couple of people on the task of making them viable in the marketplace.