Reviews for Max Payne & LA Noire Pack


Two Fantastic Games

Pro_Fish | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all Pro_Fish's reviews »

Both of these games offer great stories and fantastic characters that you will want to follow up until the very end.


Two great games.

andrewbeechwood | May 31, 2013 | See all andrewbeechwood's reviews »

L.A. Noire Oh, I love that game, all that mind games. Storyline is great, characters are great, and the gameplay is great. Everything is great, haha. In LA.N. every little circumstantial evidence is important, the more you have, more information you have. Interrogations, uh, facial mechanics is even more important, pursuant to you can rate that his/her is tell the truth or not. What to say... You must play... Max Payne 3 Max "modern style" Payne. Solid TPP, bullet time, all that stuff that makes Max Payne to be Max Payne. But you just going forward to checkpoint. Very linear maps, you can't back after you reach the checkpoint but the gameplay and storyline recompense everything.


Engrossing story and facial mechanics

apratsunrthd | April 30, 2013 | See all apratsunrthd's reviews »

This is another excellent effort from Rockstar. The facial mechanics really make this game worth at least one playthrough and the core story is engrossing enough to stand on its own. I bought and played it back when it was $60 on XBOX 360. It's an absolute steal at today's prices!