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Plasros | June 9, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

I got this game having no expectations whatsoever... I must say this was the most pleasant surprise I had buying a videogame since I discovered Space Rangers 2 a few years ago. Despite 2D graphics, this game offers superb and deep strategy/PRG gameplay. Eador: Genesis made it to the list of my favorite games, allow me to explain why. Eador shares some similarities with Heroes of Might and Magic series, or most recently the King's Bounty series. Essentially it is a turn based strategy with a good amount of RPG components. You have up to 4 main heroes, each one has stats/equipment and they lead an army. Heroes fight in battles alongside units, conquering provinces and obtaining treasure. Once you defeat all opponents on the map, the map joins your astral kingdom, providing you with castle upgrades and various bonuses. The campaign consists of invading and capturing more land, while dealing with other immortals on the astral plane. The game offers a lot of bang for a buck, even on average difficulty, battle for a map may last for 8 hours, longer if you decide to explore the map for special treasures. While primarily a turn based strategy, the game offers a compelling RPG system, which is easy to understand. 3 health parameters, 3 defense types, 3 attack types. Some units have special abilities. The heroes themselves have a choice of action each turn, one of which is adventure pretty much defeat guardians or some place to get some money and treasure. These battles take place on a standard hex tiles with up to 15 units on each side. The economic system of the game is also really deep, yet simple. There are two resources: gold, which is spent on buying units/upkeep and crystals, which generally deal with magic. The sheer amount of entertainment that this game has provided in the past 2 months is enormous, and I'm not finished yet. In short, I'm in love with this game and see a lot of replay value.