Reviews for Tomb Raider Overflow


A Brilliant Edition to the Franchise

MattyLB | May 17, 2013 | See all MattyLB's reviews »

This game is a Brilliant title, being a prequel if you haven't played any other Tomb raider titles then, don't worry! you wont be left confused in the story line in this game. the gameplay is brilliant and expect it to be very similar to uncharted as you climb to places to progress through the story and sneak around and kill the enemies trying to keep out of sight all through the story, even if you play this game once, if you go back again you will always find something you missed, be it the hidden tombs in the story line, or the collectables thrown around the map. you will fight your way further through the story while upgrading Lara's guns, bows and perks to help her in combat and help her while killing the savage island people who don't want her to leave the island. this games visuals are very well done, they have the Grizzly, scary look to give you more of a understanding of what Lara is coping with and going through in this game. this game also has multiplayer, it is similar to the single player in gameplay and has the weapons you use throughout the game in, like the bow which gives a great twist to the multiplayer and adds a unique gameplay mechanic to this multiplayer. you will level up and use salvage points which are the currency in this game, to unlock new weapon upgrades and new people to play as, this game is definetly worth every penny and is a great title to add to your game collection and has plenty of gameplay to keep you gripped in the story



Zharwyn | May 16, 2013 | See all Zharwyn's reviews »

This remake of Tomb Raider hits the spot - and it hits the spot good. As a girl growing up with the old games I find myself extremely relieved that this game exceeded my expectations, to the fullest. And Lara finally has normal boobs! I love this game. I loved every moment of it and I can truly say that it's been a long time since I felt this passionately for a game. The visuals are stunning. It is a gorgeous game. The scenery is beautiful and the details are remarkable. The way Lara changes throughout the game, the wounds, scars and scratches, it all adds to the experience. Even her clothes takes a beating! This makes the game a lot more immersive. There is a lot to discover and many different ways to explore. The main story and characters are interesting, however nothing beats Lara's own story that is (not very subtly) being told, a story of how she became the Lara Croft we've all grown used to. The sound and voice acting is superb and it is used well. You can hear the panic in Lara as she struggles through her adventure and how she overcomes her fears, which is made in a very delicate way. I usually find myself struggling with the latest AAA games when it comes to gameplay but this game is well optimized. I rarely found myself annoyed or confused with the controls which was very welcomed. Overall, this is a great game. It is an adventure and it will amaze you. It's stunningly beautiful, compelling and it's a game done right. Even the AI is more than decent and might give you a challenge or two. Without a doubt, I highly recommend this game. Get it.


Not the usual Tomb Raider

Asphodel | May 16, 2013 | See all Asphodel's reviews »

There is a curious sensation on playing this game. If some say Uncharted was inspired on Tomb Raider, the fact is this new Tomb Raider takes its roots on the Uncharted. It's like an Ourobouros. It is appealing that Lara looks more human in this game than in any other game, and it feels quite fast-paced to play it through. A must have for all adventure games fans.


Second best game of march.

GaMaGamer | May 9, 2013 | See all GaMaGamer's reviews »

March was a pretty silent month game wise. Most companies was frightended by the anticipation of Bioshock Infinite and waited until April and March to relase their completed titles. Tomb Raider mixes great gameplay, good visuals with a better than decent story to keep you motivated trough this great game. A great game, it is probably not the same as the previous ones but it is also one of the better games in the franchise. I recommend it.


Truly Amazing Game

FluffyNuggets | May 9, 2013 | See all FluffyNuggets's reviews »

I really wasn't expecting much from Tomb Raider since the series was getting pretty stale. I have to say, this game is just amazing. The graphics are some of the best I've seen on PC and the gameplay is varied enough that you don't feel like it's a chore playing through it. Overall I'm extremely happy with the game overall and it's been a blast to play. The only negative I can think of is the multiplayer is just throwaway stuff you usually see in games nowadays. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good single player game!


Tomb Raider reimagined

BenBlanck | May 8, 2013 | See all BenBlanck's reviews »

This reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise does everything right in my book. I love the Setting and the atmosphere. It is the right mixture of creepy and action-filled moments that draws you in. Being stranded on this strange island and fighting for survival is a very strong point in the beginning of the game. Sadly it does not last as long as I had hoped. With the introduction of the first handgun you can turn into a one man army and dish our headshots, which does not make you feel like a vulnerable survivor of a major shipwreck anymore. But the upgrade system and scrounging for resources still gives you the feeling of being on a path of steady progression. The graphics in this game look amazing and TressFX is a nice feature, although it can take quite the toll on your performance. But you will be rewarded with a very lifelike behaviour of Lara's hair. Animations are wenn done and you can see how Lara struggles and strains when she's hurt or how exhausting a long climb really is. Gunplay is very strong and the controls feel very crisp and exact. You never get the feeling of this being a bad port, which is a huge plus in my book. I really enjoyed the game and the storyline draws you in. Especially so, if you try to find all the documents scattered about that further flesh out the story. Anyone looking for a well produced AAA-title with a strong action aspect and rewarding exploration should get this. It's really well done and would even be deserving of the title Game of the Year 2013 if it comes to that.


A true adventure...

sfeverX2 | May 8, 2013 | See all sfeverX2's reviews »

The game is simply astounding. I can't recommend it enough. It feels like playing a very polished, interactive, action/adventure movie. I loved the survival feel of the game and Lara's character. Speaking of which, her character model and the world in general look stunning with the graphics on the highest settings. This game is far removed from the original, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I give props to the developers for taking Tomb Raider in a new direction. Get it!


Stunning, but a little short

NMDAFT | May 7, 2013 | See all NMDAFT's reviews »

Firstly the looks and sound- great, didn't have any graphical issues at all and it ran really well on my 6870. Some of the scenery in the game is simply breathtaking. It's very well designed and the sounds are rich too. The characters are very well rounded and with some of them you will enjoy going out of your way to find some of the collectibles in the game that flesh out the back story a little more. You begin to form a genuine attachment (or dislike!) to some of the characters through the course of the game and the excellent narrative and story telling. The game is great fun to play and it never feels clunky or counter-intuitive. The only thing that lets it down is the length of the single player, took me about 10 hours to complete the story plus another 2 hours to find all the collectibles. Still though this game is definitely an example of quality over quantity. One of the best games I've played in a while. Well worth picking up.


An Excellent Game for All Action-Adventure Fans

videopower77 | May 5, 2013 | See all videopower77's reviews »

I have never been a big fan of Tomb Raider games in the past, although I do appreciate and respect it's mark in gaming history. That being said, this game surprised the heck out of me. Recently, Lara Croft's fame has been getting sucked in by the much more "movie-like" gameplay from Nathan Drake's Uncharted PlayStation series. This time, the new Tomb Raider reboot takes elements from that successful franchise while still staying true to the Tomb Raider spirit. This game delivers on graphics, gameplay, and story to create one of 2013's biggest hits. Check it out, even for those non-fans like me.


Simply Amazing!~

huhster | May 5, 2013 | See all huhster's reviews »

Huge stepping stone! Tome Raider has evolved! Though there are linear paths at some points, the player will feel as if they are in control at all times. At no point within the game did I feel bored or felt any repetition. I eagerly visited previous zones in order to complete secondary objectives. This is the Tomb Raider experience we have all been dreaming about and wanting! Highly recommended to any Tomb Raider fan! 100 rating is justified by, dynamics, graphics, environment, and story line. Nothing was left out of this game! I felt as I was one with TOMB RAIDER!~ I am a TOMB RAIDER~!


A Good Game

Nawab2012 | May 5, 2013 | See all Nawab2012's reviews »

As far as a 3rd person action/adventure game goes this is very good, as far as a Tomb raider game goes it's not too bad but it could be a lot better. From the perspective of a reboot from a great series this is certainly a nice breath of fresh air and there is a lot great things that has been put into this game: The environments and visuals are some of the best I've seen in a 3rd person game let a lone an action game for current generation technology. The combat system and mechanics are a joy to play and are free flowing and easy to control, the AI is pretty smart and react accordingly to their surroundings, character development is actually quite good considering a lot of people are saying they're 2 dimensional it's still a good story/plot all in all. These are some of the great things this game ha to offer. However I do feel that this game is missing something, it's missing the Indianna Jones style tomb/booby traps explorations we all grew to love in a Tomb Raider game. Don't get me wrong this game has tombs, it has exploration but it just doesn't quite feel the same and that brings me back to my point as a 3rd person action/adventure game this concept would be fine but as it's Tomb Raider I really crave this and that's why I will give Crystal Dynamics the benefit of the doubt and hope they add these important features for any forthcoming sequels. All in all a decent game and deserves a respectable score, however if you're looking for the true Tomb Raider feel you may be left slightly dissapointed.


My favorite game of 2013!

Anli | May 5, 2013 | See all Anli's reviews »

This Revamp of Tomb Raider has to be my favorite game of 2013 so far. For Graphics Enthusiasts this game has some of the most beautiful graphics I've seen. If you are a fan of Assassin's Creed this has a little bit of a feeling like that except it isn't assassination based but you can sneak up and kill people! It feels a lot like the Uncharted Series and adds a nice modern twist to the series! The full controller support is nice and it's also nice that you can switch back and forth withoutt going into the options. The gameplay is really nice and I'd honestly recommend this game to anyone. The game is a true open world experience with no loading screens (besides death and loading a save) and it has no HUD that clogs up your screen but has a UI that shows things for you. It's a really good PC Port, and as I said I recommend this to anyone.


Not Like The Originals, But Totally Worth It.

Darlizzle | May 3, 2013 | See all Darlizzle's reviews »

As can be see from the title this is an extremely good game, but not like the originals. Some people will not like that, I was open to playing it. Nearing the end and am thoroughly enjoying it. From a gameplay perspective it's your basic 3rd person action game, but with uncharted style movement around the game (rock climbing, zip lines etc). All in all I found the story to be a solid one so far, with the story pushing you from 1 area to the next. Some may say it is too linear, I myself find it rather enjoyable within the boundaries of the story (fast travel back to previous areas is available past a certain point in the game, so collectible hunters like myself can easily gain the 100% complete). The tombs hidden throughout the land are what original tomb raider games were, these tombs are on the shorter side, but a nice change of pace from the run and gun-ness of the main game. More tombs would have been nice, but overall very impressed, especially as I picked it up for £12.


Just like old times, and even better

gonellasusana | May 3, 2013 | See all gonellasusana's reviews »

This game took me back to the old days with Lara, even when i thought the spirit of the game was gone. It plays fluidly on any decent PC (i have a 4 year old PC and worked just fine on high settings (except features only available to DX11 users). The story is awesome, typical Tomb Raider story, but that's not bad at all. One of the best games of the year so far.


Great game, when it works!

Solicia | May 3, 2013 | See all Solicia's reviews »

So got this game because it was not only on sale, but I had a coupon to go with it! (cheap gamers unite!) For the good: The game is phenomenal, a beautifully detailed world, wonderful voice overs, and the platforming is wonderful. I'm not a huge fan of the "quick time events", I always find they impede upon the game with their pop ups and the unnecessary roughness they can put on either controllers or (in my case) keyboards and mice, but this really doesn't pull away from the dark and gritty atmosphere this game sets. You REALLY feel for Laura, her life from start on through just doesn't get better. The leveling system is a lot of fun, and encourages exploration to gain skills so life will be easier for you. Be careful while doing your exploration though, those wolves cheat, and that's all there is to it! The death scenes are visceral, and not expected at all in some cases, there were several times I groaned out loud at what had occurred (ie: Laura had a boulder land on her legs, crushing them, then on her face, or when she took a bullet under the chin and up through her eye), the sounds they use just add to the gore effect, and it is brutal. The bad: Those quick time events, at least on the pc version, don't tell you what button to hit! I wasn't aware whether I should hit 'f', or 'e', or what, when someone was trying to pull me back until I went into options to see what the symbols meant. There are tutorial pop ups, but they pop up when you have to press the button with an explanation, and there's no slow down on those moments, and it is only up for a second or two. With this, your first few deaths are not really enjoyable, as it was a lack of knowledge, personally I'd have liked the screen to pause, give the explanation, then unpause, at least at first, to get used to controls. The other big issue only effects about half of the users, but it's massive for those it does hit. If you run an nvidia card (as I do), expect the game to crash, a lot. After doing some reasearch, it turns out that though the game was made for AMD, Crystal Dynamics gave nvidia an unfinished version, so the drivers were not up to the same speed that AMDs were, and they didn't have all the info, with this, the hair tesselation that AMD put in conflicts with the PhysX drivers that nvidia uses (there's more to this, but that's kinda the gist of it). nvidia is working really hard to fix this though, and in the first month of the games release, 3 beta driver releases occurred to try and fix it, and it did fix most of the issues...a few are still prevalent though. Be patient, because the game is great! Overall: Despite my complaint of the beginning, quick time events, and crashes, this game is still a lot of fun, even while frustrated with it crashing, I want to get back into it, and continue exploring to find more of those pesky hidden items. It's worth grabbing, so pick up a copy! And go raid some tombs!


Amazing Game

massi2323 | May 3, 2013 | See all massi2323's reviews »

This is a very good game. The graphics are simply astounding at times, even though I had graphical corruption issues at times since I have an nvidia card. However you can always just google your problem and there is always a solution. That being said, I couldn't get the tressfx hair to work without serious dips in my frame rate, but otherwise the gaming is simply breathtaking to watch at times. The story is quite good and Lara as a character is very well fleshed out and seems like a real human being with multiple sides to her character and real emotions, and its because of this that the other character can seem very one-dimensional at times. The gameplay, namely the shooting, the climbing and puzzle solving all feel very good, even if I did wish that there were more tombs and puzzles to solve. The multi-player however lets the single player experience down and feels much heavier especially when it comes to moving around and shooting. Still this game is more than worth it even if you only play it once, cause the single player campaign is simply so enjoyable and well done, you won't stop till the story is over.


Tomb Raider

chcolatesnw | April 30, 2013 | See all chcolatesnw's reviews »

This is an excellent return of Tomb Raider on PC. Mostly well optimized (aside from TressFX, but I'm sure future patches will fix it), working very well with my setup (2500k/680). Very fluid gameplay and fighting/shooting mechanics are flawless IMO. Story is good and keeps you interested through and through. Voice acting as again, top notch. This is in top 3 of games released in 2013 so far for me and many of my friends agree. Definetly worth it if you like games like Uncharted, or any adventure action really.


Awesome Experience

Zarllo | April 30, 2013 | See all Zarllo's reviews »

Anyone looking for a great single player experience should pick this up. The combat is surprisingly good, aswell as well polished platforming and puzzle solving components, the gameplay makes it worth the purchase alone. That said, the story is also rather excellent, and really just gives the game an excellent boost alongside it's awesome gameplay.



cantIntoCode | April 30, 2013 | See all cantIntoCode's reviews »

Tomb Raider is one of my favourite releases so far. The game is has some refreshing gameplay and stunning visuals. I was a bit skeptical at first however as a Tomb Raider fan this game has provided gameplay I expected from the series. As you progress through the game your arsenal improves continuously allowing you to take out enemies with brute force or rather take the stealthy route. The only thing I did not care for much are the quick time events. Fantastic game, would recommend to any Tomb Raider fan!


Very, very worth it

skttrbraind | April 29, 2013 | See all skttrbraind's reviews »

One of the best third-person adventure games in recent memory. Very similar to the Uncharted series, but potentially even better. Lots of exploration, weapon + skill upgrading, and phenomenal visuals. Much more mature than I had anticipated, which added to the game's grit in my opinion. Very worth it.


Awesome game!

Bradaz85 | April 29, 2013 | See all Bradaz85's reviews »

This game is very good, Its different from the originals but in a good way, It is somewhat linear but you can branch out and re-trace your steps to find hidden loot and collectibles. The multiplayer is a little generic, But I seldom played it so I cant judge it too much. If your on the fence about getting this, then just do it! The single player will not let you down!