Reviews for Operation Flashpoint Pack


BEAUTIFUL game and a good play but ruined by a small flaw (imho)

iFLIP07 | Jan. 25, 2015 | See all iFLIP07's reviews »

Ok so for a game this old I didn't expect it to be that beautiful. The graphics is amazing and looks realistic.(dragon rising) The sounds isn't very the same. The explosions don't make enough boomy sounds that it doesn't sound realistic. The guns sound like plastic guns for some reason but I can work with average sounds I don't mind. You can do a lot of things here like calling artillery support, telling you squad to go to specific place, telling them a lot of things you want them to do like clearing buildings or holding their fire and all that. The problem I have with both games is the controls. It is almost unplayable with my xbox controller because of how many buttons that needs pressing at the same time when playing this game. Giving a command to you squad is almost like playing the game literally on your controller because its that frustrating. On the keyboard is also terrible because for some reason the devs chose to make the game have a really crazy sensitivity. A little movement with my mouse thats set up to its lowest DPI (800) moves by a lot farther than where I want my crosshair to be. and thats while my game's sensitivity option is at the lowest. Its just almost unplayable with anything I have.


Great Squad Based Gameplay

PlatoonKiller | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all PlatoonKiller's reviews »

I have played both games and must say that I quite enjoyed the squad based combat. Overall I would say the game is a good buy but not as good as other games you've probably seen. If you have 3 buddies definitely pick this game up, get your headset, some snacks, and get ready for a great game time. Graphics are modest, audio up to par, and fairly entertaining game play and controls. There is nothing like the feeling of being pinned down by large amounts of enemy fire while having a friend (or AI) sneak around the corner and gun down enemies from behind. Game is a great thrill.


Has a few merits

Mikester7 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

In most cases in the past, the newer Operation Flashpoint games have been far too expensive to recommend for the hours it will give you. However, at a low price I can recommend it, especially Dragon Rising as their campaigns do tend to give quite a bit of enjoyment when played co-op. Dragon Rising certainly has the better campaign and nails the difficulty, but when I played it, it was a little buggy. Red River isn't awful, but seems to have been dumbed down to add a story that in the end was pretty poor. Neither games have much longevity and are shadows of the original Operation Flashpoint and are miles behind the superior ARMA series.


Awesome tactical shooter

tomdoughnut | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all tomdoughnut's reviews »

This game is a strategic and much slower game then other games that folks tend to play of this genre. But that said, it's a great game. you can play the same levels several times in different ways on huge maps. You can sneak around or shoot all that moves but it's much more realistic than other games of the genre as you react to injury by being less able to do certain tasks i.e. if you're shot in the arm your aim is impaired, shot in the leg you'll move slower. This game is very challenging and a blast to play online!


Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Review

jackmomma | May 12, 2013 | See all jackmomma's reviews »

You are thrown into the island of Skira which is 277.698 km2. Those who played the original OFP will be disappointed to see that it is not the same open world game. Missions follow a linear style with the "freedom" to go and do what you want nor is there ambiance like in the arma series. Now the games AI does suffer but is not the worst you will often find yourself pinned down unable to move, Graphics are fairly good, audio can be better but it's not bad and the overall mechanics are fairly solid. I would recommend this game as an alternative to arma 2 but not a replacement