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Great racing collection

mahon | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

While I doubt that that there is any fan of racing games who doesn't have these games yet, I strongly recommend getting the pack if there is such a gamer. Codemasters are known for their excellent racers, and this pack is a collection of their most recognizable titles. The Codemasters Racing Pack includes: DiRT 3, Dort Showdown, FUEL and GRID. All are visually impressive and representation of included vehicles is really enjoyable and playable in all of them. DiRT 3 offers memorable experiences of driving in difficult weather conditions or at night. FUEL is a racer set in alternative version of our present world, devastated by global warming. GRID allows you to drive many types of cars in several racing modes, all in visually excellent execution. If you love racing games, you surely know these games already, and if you are curious about the genre, this pack offers good ratio of value to its price and makes a good introduction to the genre.