Reviews for CID the Dummy [Playfire]


Amusing little platformer

Cooberstooge | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

CID the Dummy is, admittedly, not an overly original game. The use of a crash-test dummy is something different, but there's not much in here you won't have already seen before. The game is quite stable, though, and is lighthearted enough to be good for the younger audiences, so that is why I'd recommend giving this one a go. The graphics do the job, but a reduction in the amount of bloom used in some areas would be appreciated - a couple of the driving levels are so bright, there's times at which even the road is a little hard to see. The cartoonish style of all the characters is nice to look at though, and younger kids will get a kick out of watching them run around. The sound is okay, but some of the music starts to get a little irritating if you play the game for long periods of time. Controls are good, and are the basic set any lover of platform games will be used to. This is an average game and, while there's nothing wrong with it, it's not something either you or your kids will spend a lot of time playing. I'd say waiting for a sale on this one before buying is a good idea.


Dummy for Dummies

GAMEKINGZ | June 2, 2011 | See all GAMEKINGZ's reviews »

This game is a great platform game , wher eyou play a dummy. You have to test all levels , and complete them without going down. My little cousin loves this game because its too kiddy for me , he enjoyed it everytime he plat this game. Also this game is supposed to be made for children around 5+. Graphics arent very well , but its just a game where you have a lot of fun.


Obsolete and boring game.

Tanatosik | April 13, 2011 | See all Tanatosik's reviews »

CID the Dummy is a platform game made in a 2D technique (like Mario, Braid etc.) In the description it seems pretty OK but believe me - it isn't. In fact, it's very weak game, even worse than all these poor online games. The plot is so unseenable there there isn't anything to write about it. The graphics are really pooooor... like a game that was released for about 20 years ago. Music isn't very better, and all the sounds are rather irritating. the game was supposed to be played by children, I think. However, some levels are so hard that even experienced players would have problems with them - the game isn't so easy at all. The main character is a little robot, he looks funny for a while, but is very forgivable. The 'AI of enemies' doesn't exist here - they're really stupid. Seriously, I can't find there any positives. It's a crap and nothing there is done like it should be. It's irritating and I don't know for whom it was made. Don't play!