Reviews for Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade


Dawn of a new crusade

KingTed | April 13, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Dawn of War was an excellent RTS game but it was frustrating that we could only play the Space Marines in the Single Player Campaign. Warhammer 40k’s lore is too rich to limit the game like this! That's why Dark Crusade exists. This time the single player campaign can be played as any of the races available for Dawn of War : Orks, Space Marines, Imperial Guards, Chaos, Eldar, Tau or even Nekrons. It's a whole new story set on a different planet. The Tau and the Nekrons are very interesting to play. The Taucan be specialized in ranged or closed combat making devastating damages one way or the other. The Nekrons are pretty straightforward : they are the “undead” of Warhammer 40k. For that very reason you can form an army which could be revived during the battle. It’s just really fun to do that.. During the new campaign, you must conquer the entire planet one region at a time. It feels a lot like the tabletop game Risk, in my opinion. You select the region you want to attack and have to take hard decision in order to apply your strategy. It's a lot more fun that the original Dawn of War campaign. And between battles, cutscenes might happen to tell you the story.


Good game!

cubecka | March 25, 2015 | See all cubecka's reviews »

Since this is a world of Warhammer 40,000 from Relic, which is excellent in strategic games like Dawn of War series, Space Marine is not at all disappointing as some crying your here. :) In the campaign to download the role of Captain Tita, so you can put yourself in a real toil Head of marines and find out firsthand what it takes to be Marines. The campaign is short when you're playing on normal but difficult to go, then it's right; P In the campaign you have lots of weapons, there are also Jackpack. Since this is the first such game in administration Relic, evaluate it very positively, graphics are nice, the story of a little weaker, but also interesting. :) Importantly, the multiplayer is perfect and everyone! There are a number of styles games like annihilation, occupy flag etc ... :) You can play for both sides and as the Codex, and here you have three of each Marine classy: Tactic (guy for everything) Devastator (Heavy Weapons) Assault (Maník to close) + DLC Dreaghnout (giant robot with a variety of weapons and rapid slaughter) In a word, I look forward to Space Marine 2! Try this game for one reason multiplayer :)) my rate 8,5/10


A very good Warhammer RTS

drakso | Dec. 22, 2014 | See all drakso's reviews »

Warhammer RTS game. A lovely combo for all the RTS and Warhammer fans alike. This game does almost everything right. The core mechanics are really good and it feels very good and smooth when you play the game. The graphics are acceptable and the art and design... well lets just say if you never heard of the warhammer universe you are in for a big surprise. The sound assets are pretty okay. The only thing that this game lacks is a good story. The story is actually a map of a planet with predetermined territories that you must conquer in a turned based manor. It is great to play but its a bunch of skirmish maps and not much more. There are some missions that put you in a map where the opponent has a strange advantage over you like a unique weapon system or a fortress but that's about it. Other than that the game is pretty good.


A large add-on to Dawn of War

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Dawn of War was a great RTS from Relic who also made the critically acclaimed, Company of Heroes. Now the 2nd standalone expansion pack is out for DoW. The first being Winter Assault which need DoW itself. This being standalone could be its own game due to its large amount of hours that can be had. With 7 armies to choose from, The Tao, Bloodangels, Chaos, Orcs, Imperial Guard, and the Eldar. You can play each of them and try to conquer the planet. You do this by whipping out the other armies territories and claiming for them for your army. Each army's conquest will take around 10-20 hours depending on how thorough you are with taking out your enemies. If you add that up it will be around 100+ RTS gaming hours. With that in mind Dark Crusade can get tedious at times and if you don't switch up your strategy you can feel the repeatitivness in the gameplay. It is mostly the same game as DoW but with more features for the different armies. The new maps and RPG feel of conquering, reinforcing, and hold land is a new touch. Your main hero/leader can also be equipped with add-ons that include missile launchers, upgraded swords, and other special items depending on the background of your hero. Overall Dark Crusade is a great expansion that is what an expansion is meant for, to expand the current game, even if it is for countless hours. Now you won't need the original Dawn of War to play and enjoy this RTS gem from the makers of Company of Heroes. Pros+ Lots and Lots of Killing, 7 armies, Countless hours of fun, Low Req, High Quality gfx, Hero RPG Elements, Like a virtual Risk game Cons- Tedious at times


Excellent RTS in the 40k Universe

OdoyleRules000 | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all OdoyleRules000's reviews »

Of all the Dawn of War expansions, this is by far my favorite. Unlike the first Dawn of War, every race is playable in the single player campaign, each with its own story. The mechanics of Dawn of War remain largely unchanged although I'm happy to say that each army plays very differently. Instead of linear levels, the game is separated into a large, segmented game "board" of sorts where each race battles over the various map pieces. Each piece of the map is its own level which provides different bonuses and special units as they are captured. The campaign ends when all of the other races have been wiped off the map. For the sake of not being too wordy, I'll end my review here. If you're a fan of Dawn of War, this stand-alone expansion has tons of replay value and at its current price point, you're unlikely to find an RTS that has more personality and variety of playable races. This game is a must buy!


The best expansion

Demilisz | July 5, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Dark Crusade is a very good add on for Dawn of War series. Two new races are nice, but it's not what makes this expansion great. What makes it great was a single player campaign. First time in the series player has possibility to lead all avaiable races during campaign. This time the battlefield was an entire planet Kronus. During campaign, player moves his army from sector to sector and tries to conquer it. The major flaw was that most of the sectors offers a typical skirmish battle, where we build a base from scratch, make an army and fights against opponent. That was rather repetitive and could get player bored on long run. Each sector provides a unique bonus so it was worth to take them all. What make up for it was battles for capitol. Every time we attack a capitol sector of other race there was a unique and challenging mission awaiting. Every capitol has it's unique style, layout and special objectives that was either required to fulfill in order to win or makes the next stage of battle easier. Losing a capitol eliminates a race from game so this sectors was always heavily guarded to prevent a rush tactic. After completing a campaign you could always try a multiplayer (there still should be some players left) or install one of many mods and enjoy a game longer. If you are a fan of great RTS games and didn;t have this title yet - don't hestitate and but it.


Favorite Dawn of War game

Kiwislash | July 4, 2013 | See all Kiwislash's reviews »

Dark crusade boasts an impressive seven awesome races, and yet each maintains their own sense of uniqueness. The two new races this game introduces are great. First, you have the Necrons, a race of genocidal war machines bent on destroying all life. Their units tend to be extremely slow but powerful, and if you're lucky, sometimes they even revive upon their death. The Tau, on the other hand, have reasonably weak, but long ranged units. As such they rely heavily upon tactics, and have units with the appropriate tools (such as stealth suits, or jetpacks) that promote such an approach. The other races are fun as well, but to use them in multiplayer, you must own the previous games that they were introduced in. As such, I also recommend the original Dawn of War, and Dawn of War: Winter Assault to complement this game.


Dawn Of War gets massive addition

WildWest123 | June 6, 2013 | See all WildWest123's reviews »

The old Dawn Of War game without the expansions is good enough,but this expansion is fantastic,it add a new type of campaign which is not story driven completetly,and two new armies,which add alot to the gameplay,I did not like the armies but still,great addition and probably a must have for fans of the franchise.


The best of the Dawn of war series

wildster30 | June 1, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

As the title would suggest this is easily the best of the series in terms of sheer gameplay. There are another 2 factions added to the game which both greatly add to the variety and playstyle. Additionally the campaign is no longer a linear story, instead it is replaced by a conquest map style campaign where you have to lead your race to victory by capturing each province on the planet. This is a breath of fresh air to the franchise as the campaign is a completely new experience, although the battles are still the tried and tested RTS gameplay. Overall an excellent addition to the franchise, well worth adding to your collection of Dawn of War games.


Best of Dawn of War's Expansions

AkaRai | May 26, 2013 | See all AkaRai's reviews »

Dark Crusade offers two new races for play, the largely range-based Tau, and the slow but powerful Necron, two very welcome and great additions to the series, and at this point brought the total up to 7. The campaign was greatly changed, with players fighting for control of a map instead of a single linear story. This somewhat hurt the narrative, as most of the battles are of little consequence to the story until the final battle of each race, but I feel it greatly enhanced the gameplay. The scale of the overall conflict feels much larger, and the other armies are each acting independently. Additionally, conquering certain maps and meeting certain conditions allows you to unlock special abilities adding a sort of RPG element and allowing you to further customize your army, which for me enhanced the experience. Additionally, you can play through the campaign with any of the seven races, though continuing the trend with Winter Assault, there is much less emphasis on teaching you how to play with these armies. In my opinion, this is the best entry in the first Dawn of War series. I can't recommend it enough, though I suggest getting the first two games as well -if for no other reason than to allow you access to all of the races.


Warhammer 40k at its finest

Warragh | May 24, 2013 | See all Warragh's reviews »

Dark Crusade keeps everything that made the original Dawn of War a great game and expands adding two new races (the Necrons and the Tau Empire) while also updating every other faction. The premise is simple and sets the tone for a completely redesigned single player campaign. You can play as any of the seven races tasked with conquering the planet Cronus. The gameplay is split between the tactical map (where you can see the progress of the other factions and decide upon the territories which you want to conquer) and the real-time maps where you build up your base with the goal of destroying your opponent’s unit producing structures. Every province has its unique battlefield though depending on how the campaign goes you might find yourself fighting repeatedly on similar maps. The game also comes with a custom game mode and the ability to customize the appearance of each faction. The game still looks pretty good and its really awesome to zoom in close and experience the action firsthand. The game is completely standalone though you in multiplayer you can only play the two new races (for the other five you will need the original Dawn of War and Winter Assault). Overall a great game and a must-have for any Warhammer 40k or RTS fan.