Reviews for AquaNox


Somehow not loved when it was released.

Furrek | Jan. 14, 2016 | See all Furrek's reviews »

I don't remember people talking much about this game. To be honest, even I didn't completed it even after many years. Still, that doesn't mean this game is bad, no. It's really good. With interesting story, nice mix of rpg and simulation game, with graphics that was really great looking back in time. There was just one thing that could keep away people from this - movement. It's not the easy one, even it's kind of not normal, but once you get used to it you will truly enjoy this game. If you enjoy games which take places in unusual environments, like underwater in this one, then you will love it. Give it at least a try.


Another perspective

markegiani | Oct. 23, 2014 | See all markegiani's reviews »

This game is definitely different ! It's a combination of multiple genres and that is the greatestadvantage of Aquanox. If you like space adventures, you will be intrigued here as the story unfolds. Here you can shoot, drive, upgrade your ship, travel, interact with lots of characters, sell, buy etc. You name it. Unfortunately, audio/visuals are mediocre and the game is a little bit hard. If you bypass these, you're in it and there will be a lot of ground to cover.


Great futuristic sub-marine RPG-FPS

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Yes, I know it sounds weird, but in Aquanox you control a submarine and do all the fancy Han Solo stuff (smuggling, fighting, cleaning up debris) underwater. In a well executed cyberpunk-ish future world you play as a submarine captain (freelance, lone wolf, just wants to get payed, etc.) and you are starting from rock bottom (literally) to rebuild your fame and fortune by taking odd jobs and upgrading your submarine to be able to take even better paying jobs. The game presents you a well thought-out world and an OK story (maybe the conversations just seem dated by now, but it could have used some extra effort). The game is a classic for all those who would like to wander around in a different setting and see some unique ideas. It is also recommended for people who love science fiction since the world is deep (har-har) and atmospheric.


An often overlooked solid game.

mrmotinjo | May 22, 2013 | See all mrmotinjo's reviews »

The sequel to the old (but gold) Archimedean Dynasty, Aquanox was, at the time, the only game to use all the gimmicks of the then-new GeForce 3 video card. Sadly, that's pretty much all people remember about it nowadays. Interesting story, conveyed through lengthy (and slightly cheesy) inter-mission dialogues, combined with a very unique setting (underwater futuristic submarine combat) and a choice of various vessels, weapons and gadgets made for a rather solid atmosphere. The music, while not really being everybody's cup of tea, really helped accentuate the fighting and setting the overall frantic atmosphere of the game. Enemy AI is rather unforgiving, providing a solid challenge throughout the missions, and the missions themselves provide enough variety to keep them from becoming repetitive. It being one of the cheapest games GMG currently has to offer, it has my recommendation for being, in my opinion, a rather solid and unique FPS.