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Forgotten classic!

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Chaser seems to be a forgotten classic as not many people have played it and the company made were not exactly a high profile company. The game resembles Half-Life in many ways and often betters it in a lot of places. I really loved this games in the earlier parts, but as it wore on, the warts started to show and left me frustrated. Perhaps the part of the game that really made me aware that pursuing greatness for this game amounted to chasing its tail (forgive the pun) was the underwater level. In this level you pilot a small sub through a sunken shipwreck. Your way is lighted by yellow lights that change to blue as you pass through them. The level looks very nice, buy you have no way to renew your health or armor which is repeatedly worn away by turrets that fire at you. You can destroy the turrets with your weapons, but I found that the alternate fire is almost useless, and if you don't rely solely on your primary fire, then get ready to look at that load screen! But even worse is that this level is huge and very difficult to navigate. Once you get through it you breathe a sigh of relief only to realize that the next level is more of the same. Uggh! Another problem is that Chaser requires you to crawl through some tight places in which you need to find just the right combination of jumping, crouching, and forward movement. You can end up spending many frustrating minutes that seem like hours trying to get through these places. Why Chaser's developers seem to think such ordeals are fun is beyond me. Whilst the game has a fantastic soundtrack and the sounds for guns are good the voice acting is terrible espically from the protagnist! Chaser's combat seems to have been developed so as not to be too easy, and it seems to be well balanced in the first half of the game or so. However, from there it gets very difficult. In many places you get killed by being hit just once! It's as if the developers decided after finishing half of the game that it was too easy and decided to make up for it in the latter half by making it much more difficult. Also while the game have some boring and tedious levels others have some amazing set pieces such as running through a space sport with no weapons, escaping from a prison and my favourite is running through city whilst debris (from a space station you just escaped) smashes through the buildings The graphics are a bit dated (exept for the water effects they still look amazing!) If you love sci fi first person shooters give this a try