Reviews for Spaceforce™: Rogue Universe


Try the demo before playing

britishlad | May 23, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game looks like a fun game but sadly the game was clearly either rushed or unfinished. There are a huge number of bugs which make this game frustating and tedious to play. Great idea, Elite and Frontier clone, games that everyone wanted to see resurrected on PC, but this game just failed. If developers just spent more time on fixing bugs, it would be perfect ! This way - disappointing. Pure idea is perfect, trading, combat and upgrading - that is what every fan of legendary Elite wants. Even when patch was released recently, it did not fix this game. There are even some new bugs after it ! Often game should be reinstalled so that some bugs disappear. That means playing from beginning, and it is frustrating if you reached certain level. I do not like when game is released before it is even finished. This one is like that. Gamers expect and wait for this kind of games for very long time - they are all disappointed now, unfortunately including me also....Try the demo first before buying


Glad I took a chance

jonvondom | May 23, 2013 | See all jonvondom's reviews »

I bought this somewhat on a whim since the price was right and the gameplay looked fun. So far so good. The graphics are actually very nice. Space looks great. the ship models are interesting look fantastic. Characters in cut scenes are....odd, but of no concern. The controls are tight and feel responsive. Space combat controls can be tricky in these kinds of games, but Space Force nails it. The game has a LOT of missions and the combat is fantastic and at times white knuckle tense. For such a low price this is a lot of game.