Reviews for Puzzle Agent 2


Nice one!

RicBac | July 7, 2013 | See all RicBac's reviews »

The puzzles aren't as fun or hard as in the first Puzzle Agent and are bit recycled through out the game. But the lovely atmosphere of Scoggins is there and the characters and story is too. If the story and atmosphere is first priority and puzzles second, I can only recomend it.


Not as good as the first

Vahgrant | June 9, 2013 | See all Vahgrant's reviews »

I had tons of fun playing the first Puzzle Agent, it was fun and refreshing, so I expected kind of a lot from this sequel and obviously I was disappointed. First of all, the game takes place right after the events from Scoggins with our Agent realizing that not all of the mysteries were solved, so he decides to go back to this small city to put an end to the case. The game is similar his predecessor in terms of ambiance and humor which is kinda cool but it's also similar regarding the puzzles, way too similar. The puzzles are mostly some kind of rips-off of the first game, only a few are actually new and that is the main problem about Puzzle Agent 2, there is almost nothing new. So if you liked the first Puzzle Agent mostly for its storyline, get it now, on this side it's not disappointing and it lives up to the first game. However if you liked the first game for its puzzles, give it a try but do not expect much from it


A flawed sequel that almost gets it right

Harbinger_87 | May 29, 2013 | See all Harbinger_87's reviews »

"Puzzle Agent" convinced through quirky atmosphere and mind-boggling logic-puzzles, but it left some plot-threads untied. What happened to Isaac Davner? What are the Hidden People? Did Nelson's imagination play tricks on him? Or was there more to the whole Scoggins-affair than Nelson Tethers could deduce by the end of the first game? In "Puzzle Agent 2", Nelson returns to Scoggins to find Isaac Davner, who disappeared before the events of the first game. "Puzzle Agent 2" brings back a lot of the strange townsfolk, locations and logic-puzzles, while also keeping the pervasive atmosphere, the subtle humor and the awesome writing. Sadly, there aren't a lot of new places to explore. "Puzzle Agent 2" feels a bit like it was hacked together from leftovers from the first game. En plus, it feels considerably shorter, although it packs it's short playing time with a lot of content. The story packs a few nice twists and turns and Nelson gets more possibilities to shine as a character, which is quite nice, considering that he is quite a likeable guy. The biggest problem is the conclusion of the story, seeing that a lot of plot threads are left rather unresolved. Maybe this is because the makers are hoping to publish further entries in the franchise, but it leaves you a bit unsatisfied. Still, if you played the first one and liked it, you'll like "Puzzle Agent 2", too, since it's basically more of the same. Which is a good thing in this case.