Reviews for Sam & Max: Season 3


TellTale at its best.

pswan77 | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all pswan77's reviews »

I flat out loved season 3 of Sam & Max. The story was fun, the writing was mostly fantastic, and the puzzles were interesting. S&M is comedy and it is packed to the brim with jokes. A few miss, but most hit and there are some really big laughs. Every episode has a very unique style to it and the story is constantly changing and its unpredictable. I highly recommend to all adventure fans!


A Great continuation!

MrScavenge | July 16, 2013 | See all MrScavenge's reviews »

Have you played this game yet? No? Then get your hands on it, put on your thinking cap, grab some soda and a bag off chips cause you'll be spending your entire weekend on this game. Telltale is the current king of the "Point and click" adventure game genre, there is no doubt about that. After being blown away by their latest game "The walking dead" i decided to give their earlier games a try. Turns out i was buying a game that landed on my top ten. "Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse" is a hilarious adventure game that has 5 episodes, all of which end on a cliffhanger so you'll always be wanting to play the next episode. This game is a "point & click" game which means it's gameplay consists of puzzles that make you really think and are as satisfying as ever when you figure them out without looking up a guide or follow a walkthrough. It's true that on some occasions you end up in the horrible "Point and click circle" of trying everything with everything. But it's not the gameplay that keeps you engaged oh no! It's the great and hilarious characters, the story and the incredible sense of immersion. You won't be able to pull yourself from this game unless you possess great willpower. 88/100 /MrScavenge


Season 3? Yes please.

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

A monkey alien destroying the world. Stinky's redone into something out of a beach-side motel room nightmare. That is the opening of Sam and Max's glorious third season, and it lives up to all expectation. The writing, as in the first two seasons, is still worthy of a late-night comedy club, the way the series is meant to be. Telltale continues to astound. The graphics maintain the same as the rest of the series. In the gameplay department, the third season begins to drag on. While it maintains to be exciting and fun, the repetitive click'n'go puzzle style starts to drag, particularly in later episodes. They go from one to one to taking a week break until you begin the next one in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed with tedium and giving it up. The developers seem to have taken note and have begun throwing in other puzzles in order to keep it captivating. The series maintains it's charm throughout.