Reviews for The Walking Dead


A Telltale to stand the test of time

phoenixwarrior0 | Oct. 10, 2015 | See all phoenixwarrior0's reviews »

This game is arguably one of Telltale's best game. As always, the choices you make mainly come from your moral viewpoint, so each story is different for each person. Clementine, the #2 character in the game, is someone your character has to protect and you the player just can't help but love this girl. She also helps you think of the best things to do in the choices you make, as you know your choices will affect her. The story this game tells no matter what choices you make is a great one. Partly because the bigger plot-points always stay the same in Telltale games but it is always very interesting on what you can change, and I feel that The Walking Dead gives you the most freedom in that regard. If you have played the later Telltale games and can get past the limited gameplay it provides and enjoy watching a story unfold which you affect then you HAVE to play this. This game is something that everyone should play. There are so many characters that you will love (and possibly hate) and seeing everyone in a zombie apocalypse trying to survive really makes you worry on who you can save and who will die. This game is one of Telltale's best - arguably their masterpiece.


Excellent characters and exciting sequences

Legolas_Katarn | Oct. 6, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

A very well written game that focuses on a man, Lee, who is on his way to jail when zombies begin to attack people. He meets and decides to protect a young girl names Clementine, the game focuses on their relationship with each other and with the people they meet. The characters that are with you the longest each get a complete story arc, and while they might not all be likeable, each makes the game better. The game focuses on telling a good story with exciting sequences rather than having a focus on puzzles, a change I am happy to see games like this make. The use of QTE events work very well in this game either for attacking a zombie or to quickly interact with objects during a tense moment. The only negatives for the game is that your choices don't really make a difference in the things that happen except for two points in the game, and it can be fairly obvious to know that certain characters are going to die. The dialogue choices made during conversations can make a very big difference in what is said and with how people treat or interact with you later, although the overall story will not change.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is awesome.

PlayTyrant | Aug. 28, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

Best game of it's genre I've played, and it's hard to tell. Here's why: The Walking Dead is a mixture of graphical novel with point and click events (though you can play with controller, as I did) and action. Not much action, don't expect you character going on the street killing zombies, that's not what this game is about. This game is about taking decisions, all the time. And that' why I give it so much score: the decisions are tough, you emphazise a lot with the characters and it's really hard to believe how realistic the characters behave. I had a couple of problems with the mouse showing up on screen, but other than that tiny issue, the game works great even in max settings. Visually it's beautiful. The comic style hooks you, where others fail. I highly recommend buying this one, when you start you won't be able to stop until you reach the end (and then you'll start again).


When TellTale Got It's Groove

Farenhiet | Aug. 17, 2015 | See all Farenhiet's reviews »

After attempts to elevate the adventure game genre to a more engaging, emotional ground, TellTale finally hits. Hard. From the moment the game starts in the first episode players will understand how much input they have in the story, and how each action in the game is narratively driven. The relationship and interactions between the player and other characters is very well done. Beyond a character in the first and second episode, the player meets everyone at the same time the main character does. This does a great job at building relationships and even chemistry between the player and the supporting cast, and this is crucial for the narrative to function. It allows the player to be invested in characters and have more complex feelings for others, which all factor in when the game forces you to make a decision involving all the people you've been spending time with. The decisions don't actually have a great, story changing effect. They usually have minor effects and none of them lead to a particularly different experience. This doesn't matter, as the weight and the intensity of the decisions are felt when the player has to make them. This is what makes them so effective. With five episodes full of content and a hearty amount of life-and-death drama between excellent characters, The Walking Dead is one of gamings best narrative experiences that everyone should try at least once.


The best of Telltale.

Furrek | July 23, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

When I think about adventure games I think mostly about mystery and crime themes. Or fantasy. But zombies? Yeah, that's a great idea. Most of you probably know The Walking Dead - there are comics, there are tv series. In my opinion, The Walking Dead game is the best of all of this. You don't need to watch tv series or read a comic to enjoy this game. Hah, it's even better if you don't, but probably 90% of gamers or zombie lovers already did that ;) In my opinion, The Walking Dead from Telltale is what I truly can call an adventure game. A modern one. In past we had lots of great adventure games. But in modern gaming... not really. Buy it, and play it, because it's a truly masterpiece of adventure genre.


Interesting and inmersive

PlayTyrant | July 10, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

This game is a mixture between graphic adventure and a horror game, but its brighter side is the story. It's very inmersive, you'll find yourself internally debating in quick decisions that will determinate your destiny. It's as cool as that. Also, the visuals are very good, the comic-style feels great even if you're not used to it at first. Get it!


A memorable story

bibboorton | July 10, 2015 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

The game that rebooted the Telltale formula. It's an example of how well episodic video games can tell stories if done right. Of course, with all episodes released, you won't get to experience the community that forms around the "wtf happened there" or "what do you think will happen next" conversations, but nevertheless, The Walking Dead Season One offers a great story with the perfect payoff. It's basically a point-and-click with a much better pace, so don't expect much action, but it's a great game to spend your weekend on. It's like watching a movie, but better.


Great Story & Puzzle game

tixepower | July 9, 2015 | See all tixepower's reviews »

For what it is, it's great. That's why such a good score. This is a story being told to you in an interactive way, xbox controller is the best way of playing it on pc. There are some simple puzzles and quick time events, but the story is so good that it doesn't matter. If you are busy working everyday and just want to relax for a few hours, this is the perfect game for that.


Awesome game

mktzz0 | June 14, 2015 | See all mktzz0's reviews »

‍ ‍In my opinion, this game is just awesome! Yes, there's a simple gameplay, simple quests in the game. I reccomend this game to people who like story of the comic. Everything you do impacts the future of the game. Just imagine yourself in the place of the protagonist, what would you do at the moment? Sometimes it's too difficult to make a choice in the dialogue. Very hard to make a choice when you need to help two people who are caught by walkings, but you can only help one... ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍Here you meet a little girl, Clementine. You think "Oh, another problem...". But later, you see this isn't just a little girl who studies in the first grade. This girl is even stronger in spirit than tough guy with steel muscles, she is wiser than many of the survivors. Here you set a major task to defend her at all costs. ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍The ending... It's hard to watch. But I won't reveal the plot. Occasionally in the game take place absurds, but i'm ready to forgive the developers for such a story and incredible cast. I totally recommend , very good game, with unique gameplay


Amazing game

Mamaguevos | June 10, 2015 | See all Mamaguevos's reviews »

Well, I think this story is very interesting and fun to any person in my opinion I loved the game but had no alternative options was always a story, however the two if you have other stories, this game is 100% good I would recommend anyone wishing to play has good gameplay and if you're wrong can remedy restarting now.


A tearjerker, this is what the game is based on

NosenadaXY | June 8, 2015 | See all NosenadaXY's reviews »

Well, the History it's amazing, but you'll feel in love with Lee, the main character, but the game plays with your emotions (that was what they did to me, the game it's really simple by just clicking options and sometimes you have to do things fast because it can kill you and you'll have to repeat the scene where you died, but the game it's specially history and explore, just that, but the game in fact was really fun to me.. PS: this game don't have alternative options (an alternative story), for that reason I recommend you to buy the second one that has an alternative story and then, when the team of telltales release the third season, you should buy it, because you will take a looong time to finish playing it at all (100%)


Fantastic Game!

KrimsonAce | May 16, 2015 | See all KrimsonAce's reviews »

No other game has made me feel regret, shame, or even a real emotional attachment to the same degree that TWD has. I had an amazing experience - I made choices that I ultimately regret, that I wished I could go back in time and un do. The characters feel real, the choices impactful, and the gameplay truly fantastic. It has a couple of hiccups, specifically two instances in which the gameplay direction was confusing and took much longer to resolve than it should have. Overall, however, the game is incredibly - it had me on the edge of my seat, and it is a story telling masterpiece.


Emotional, sometimes even shocking

Dami90x | May 2, 2015 | See all Dami90x's reviews »

First of all, I would like to say sorry myself that I didn't played it before: - Hey man - Yo - Sorry I didn't played it before but I had a lot of hard work to do - Maaaan, do you know how much you lost? Okay I forgive you, but just because you are me. Now I can say with clean heart, this game is showing that even nowadays graphic in games doesn't has to be ultra realistic to be beautiful, graphic in this game is true art. There may be a little boring situations in game but don't worry, that means that something big gonna happen, it's good time to get wipes because you will cry not once but you won't regret it. Every character in this game has own story and in one moment they all getting together making big one. It's very easy to get into it emotional, you can get the feeling of sadness or happiness depending on your choices(you won't always know if it will have good or bad effects) like it was in your real life. Sometimes situations need good reflex to make story more tense like: "Oh, I'm just gonna sleep on that soft sleeping bag after hard wor ... OH NO .. ZOMBIE EATING MY LEG, HELP!". I'm not a big fan of telltale games but this one is very good and I would like to recommend it to every person with empathy to take a dive in this emotional river, because it isn't just a regular game, it's art.


The walking dead is a great interactive story

LonM | April 19, 2015 | See all LonM's reviews »

The walking dead is a great interactive story. I've never read the comics or seen the tv show, but I really enjoyed this game. Given the nature of this game, you should know that the narrative in this game is really top-notch quality. I've only seen one of the endings at the time of writing but the story line I followed was great. The design and stories for all of the characters are also very good. The design of the game, in terms of how choices are laid out is very good, and the point-and-click method helps to keep a high emphasis on the story. The highlighting is also good at preventing "click everything until it works" syndrome, which I have seen in other games. I found that this game has a good balance between "leaning back" and watch the events unfold, and the actual interactions the player makes. When needed, the keyboard controls for movement work well, although in certain scenes I did find that the map's camera angle meant that ties between "W for forwards" and actually moving forwards was a bit off. The graphics in this game are really nice, following the style of the comics, but still managing to be three-dimensional. Some of the graphics could have been made at a bit higher of a resolution though, especially the ones that you'll get close-ups on. The music and sounds in this game are very good in terms of ambiance, and the voice acting is also very good. This is important in a game like this, and telltale did a good job choosing voices. This game is definitely worth a buy if you want a good story, and I'm sure you'll love it if you are already a fan of the walking dead.


From a fan of everything Walking Dead

gmecca | April 8, 2015 | See all gmecca's reviews »

I have followed The Walking Dead comic for years and was definitely looking forward to a worthwhile Walking Dead game. Telltale has done an admirable job bringing The Walking Dead into the gaming realm, departing from the comic's story with a new group and following them during their own struggles dealing with the zombie apocalypse. The most important aspects of The Walking Dead, whether it be the game, the show, or the comics, has always been how each character deals with the struggles of the zombie apocalypse. Telltale does a good job developing each character's attitude and keeping it fairly consistent throughout the course of the story. Unfortunately, sometimes that falls into the realm of some characters acting more like caricatures than actual people which makes their actions predictable, and the story sometimes suffers because of it. Overall though, the story is strong, the character's personalities are varied, and it makes for a very interesting experience. Decisions are the hallmark of the Telltale gaming experience as you guide the story and your character's attitude toward the events and your fellow survivors. Overall, after playing several of the Telltale games, The Walking Dead has some of the weakest choices. You can play the game as a complete jerk or a saint, but I didn't feel like the decisions were particularly hard to make once you decided how you wanted to play your character. Still, the story is compelling enough that it helped make up for so-so decision making along the way. There are also a few stereotypical video game mistakes. One particular moment that stood out was when the characters were hiding behind a fence and needed something from the other side of the fence which was CLEARLY in arm's reach, but for some reason they wouldn't just stick their arm out and grab it. Unfortunate from a suspension of disbelief standpoint, but not a deal breaker for enjoyment. The Walking Dead set the bar for story-driven gameplay and Telltale has consistently raised that bar along the way. The Walking Dead still stands the test of time and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys The Walking Dead TV show or comic, or just a good story.


An incredible journey

AcidApocalypse | Feb. 24, 2015 | See all AcidApocalypse's reviews »

This game takes you through quite a journey. The episodic format works to create a pacing that would leave the game at risk of boring players if lacked. There is action and tension and a plot to really believe in. You go on an emotional journey with all of the characters, whether it's a positive or negative one for each depends on you. The unique and lovable art style does nothing but make the game that much better. It helps to create a tone and feel unlike other games. Overall, this is not a game to be missed.


A truly memorable game

mrignuf | Feb. 24, 2015 | See all mrignuf's reviews »

What makes this game great is not it's graphics or necessarily it's simple gameplay mechanics. It's about your actions and how others around you are effected by those choices. You will often be thrust into making tough decisions with no clear "good" or "bad" options. You must live with the results and their consequences, no matter how gut wrenching they may be. The gameplay outside of dialogue options is rather shallow, but this is not the focus. Normally this would be a negative, but the writing and character development is so strong and I believe that's what truly makes this such a memorable experience that any gamer would enjoy.


An emotional journey

Lorddyran | Feb. 24, 2015 | See all Lorddyran's reviews »

This game is, frankly, amazing. Every choice you make feels like it has weight, and you'll find yourself agonizing over every decision. The story is engrossing, the characters are well-realized, and the situations are insane. Just don't play it twice.


A true breakthrough in story-telling

WolfeClawz | Feb. 23, 2015 | See all WolfeClawz's reviews »

Telltale games continue to deliver incredible titles using their trademark engine, and The Walking Dead was one of their first games that really helped them make a name for themselves in the games industry. The Walking Dead, whilst not entirely related to AMC's TV programme, still gives players a real experience to look forward to, with the point and click mechanic going hand in hand with it's in-depth (and tragically beautiful) story line. Players are forced to make decisions, literally giving them choices between life and death when they thought everything was going just fine. Due to this formula working perfectly for the post-apocalyptic zombie setting, The Walking Dead deserves a place in your games library.


Still Worth It

emptyhaven | Feb. 22, 2015 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

It's been quite some time after this game's release, and since then it's influenced a lot of games. The episodic format of this game has been adopted by a lot of other games, and the gameplay has inspired other adventure games, most notably the recently released Life is Strange. The story is still strong and you can still see cosplay of the characters, precisely because the story affected them so much. This game hasn't lost any of its edge after all this time. If you're only getting this now then I wish you the best and the most fun.


Adventure game re-imagined

KingTed | Feb. 9, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

You are Lee Everett, a guy who was going to prison when the zombie apocalypse occured. While searching for help you, you've met Clementine, a little girl that got separated for her parents. This is how your adventure start. Protecting Clementine, you must find other survivors but it won't be easy to keep your group stable. Tough decisions must be made and there is no way to predict how each one of your companions will react to your choices. That's the game's strengh. The story is really good and keeps you captivated through all the season. Gameplay-wise it's a point and click game. You search for useful items in the areas you explore and use them to "solve" problems. Yeah there are no puzzle here per se, but each situation act as one. Walking Dead shows how modern adventure games like Quantic Dream's Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain can be done right. It's a must have.


Amazing, better than the series

andreacdc98 | Feb. 6, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular series about zombies in the last years, so they have made a game about it, which in amazing! The game has a really great story that has decisions to be made by the player, making it a very intuitive game, where the player feels that he makes part of the whole game. The graphics of the game are really good, but they are a very different kind. The sounds in general are excellent, making the game more intense. The gameplay is also very user friendly. I would recommend this to all the people who enjoy the original series and of course, to the zombie apocalypse fans out there, who would enjoy playing this.


Amazing ! The best Telltale game ever

garocco | Feb. 5, 2015 | See all garocco's reviews »

For me it is without any doubt one of the best games I ever played in my entire life . Filled with mystery , suspense, and moments of doubt . The game can easily fully immerse the player in the plot , making him feel guilty about decisions taken and create a strong emotional bond with the characters. Some moments are even extremely shocking and leave many outstanding players thinking "My God " !! The game has nothing to do with the TV show but can be even better , engaging and intuitive. I totally recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of this zombie games without any doubt one of the best choices to make .


An amazingly gripping story

Gugi | Jan. 28, 2015 | See all Gugi's reviews »

This game is amazing, the story is extremely gripping and emotional. The gameplay is a point and click adventure and feels a bit plain at sometimes. But i personally think it fits perfectly with the zombie apocalypse theme. The walking dead is an amazing tale that tells the story of Lee Everett. The game is not focused around the gameplay, but around the story. This is the most gripping story in a video game i have played in years. Gameplay The gameplay is plain and simple, it's just a point and click adventure game. Even though some people might not like this rather slow style of game, i think it fits perfectly with the zombie apocalypse theme. What i liked The story in this game is simply put, amazing. When i was done with the game i was completely speechless, all i could say was "Wow....." The characters feel alive, cause they are so well written and acted. You don't like a character, you LOVE them, and if a character does something against you, you hate them with a burning passion. You feel like you are there, and you are experiencing every thing that happens. If you are looking for a game with a gripping story, then i would definitely recommend The Walking Dead.


A bizarre combination of variability and inevitability

npiersma13 | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all npiersma13's reviews »

Let's be clear on something: this is a game you play once. That's not because it's a bad game. I loved every minute of it. It's simply because it's a story that can only be told once. While advertised as a choice-based game, The Walking Dead is not truly about choice. In the end, the story will be more or less the same. You are constantly forced to make split-second decisions and in some cases choose who lives and who dies, but the core plot is still the same. Where this game truly shines, however, is in the way it portrays those choices. In a world where every decision seems meaningless, do our actions truly matter? This game is not about over-the-top action or gore or even horror. It is a story, and a beautiful one at that.


TellTale Games Does Not Make Good Games

mikenotcaptain | Dec. 4, 2014 | See all mikenotcaptain's reviews »

TellTale Games tells incredible stories. It is in their name, they "Tell" an amazing "Tale". They by no means make cutting edge innovations in the gaming industry. They do however do what they do best and take you on an adventure. You play the role of Lee, a history teacher who was destined for prison for killing a senator. The rise of the dead knocks you out of the hands of the law and the first person you find is Clementine, and that is where the greatness of the game begins. It begins with your relationship with Clem. This game takes you on an emotional roller coaster that the Walking Dead show cannot, because you are making the choices. The Walking Dead game is almost perfect, the only criticism I have from my experience is that it is secretly linear. Yes, you are given choices, but your choices always lead to the same destination. I understand why this is production-wise, but I felt at moments that I was powerless to choose the outcome. Otherwise, this is an amazing experience that I would suggest to fans of the Walking Dead show and non-fans alike.


Brains, all over the place!

Rinkashikimo | Oct. 28, 2014 | See all Rinkashikimo's reviews »

This was the game that showed me a little about myself that I didn't know. It puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and makes you make decisions that you wouldn't even dare make in the real world. The story line is amazing and the characters are all (and I mean ALL) very well made, both their animations and their voice acting that is. This game is huge when compared to other point-and-click adventure games and it really shows the struggle of a group fighting for survival on a world where the enemy should be the zombies (but are the other humans). It is also the first game that made me cry at the end, it's really an amazing experience.


Great experience.

Eperiod | Oct. 15, 2014 | See all Eperiod's reviews »

TellTale's engine has greatly improved. The visuals are great, but you still get the occasional "hiccups" with character models and animation. That said... the story is phenominal. Every episode had me on the edge of my feet. The voice acting and character development is spot-on, and the progression is smooth. The sound design and soundtrack really pull the whole experience together, with chilling gory sounds when someone gets attacked to the shrills of the music when something's wrong. A must-play for fans of point-and-click adventures. With all the episodes ready to go, you can dive right in. Don't have any expectations that this has anything to do with the show or comic books, this is a stand-alone experience, and a great one at that.


Emotional rollercoaster.

winsquare2 | Oct. 6, 2014 | See all winsquare2's reviews »

The greatest adventure game with the greatest story.Here's why. The comic book style graphics of the game were good.It managed to highlight the characters expressions and emotions.The game also managed to catch the father daughter dynamic of the games protagonists, Lee and Clementine.And of course,the decision making.The game forces you to make important decisions thus creating your own story.In my opinion, the decisions were really hard and more than often I could relate to any of the characters in the game.Each character's story was well written and when I reached the finale, I couldn't help but just feel empty inside. Overall, the game's powerful story-telling combined with the many difficult decisions the game forces you to make certainly makes it a game worth buying and experiencing.Sale or no sale, you just have to play this game.And then cry because of the amazing story.


Fantastic Story-telling

swordmaster56 | Sept. 28, 2014 | See all swordmaster56's reviews »

An absolutely fantastic story. It never gets boring and there's little negative to say about this game. The really only negative is the choice system, which manages to be both amazing and disappointing at the same time. While you are unable to alter the flow of the story and you're pretty much going to experience the same overaching plot every time, it is amazing how even seemingly insignificant choice like a simple dialogue options in a trivial conversation is sometimes remembered in latter episodes. An absolute must-play for every fan of good story-telling who can accept that gameplay is rather limited.


Fantastic game

JNKRedsox | Sept. 4, 2014 | See all JNKRedsox's reviews »

This is my second TellTale Game so I knew what to expect from them. From the moment the game started, it had my attention. TellTale really knows how to tell a story. You instantly get attached to the characters and when they die, you feel like you have lost someone very close to you. It is very saddening but engaging since the very beginning. This game is definitely worth a play


Amazing game

Gagi114 | Aug. 27, 2014 | See all Gagi114's reviews »

Ever played an RPG and wondered what would have happened if you had made a different decision? Regretted it? Then this game is made for you. With short episodes and many checkpoints you can easily load the game and play it differently, and trust me, it's got a lot of replay value. It will leave you breathless. This is TellTale's masterpiece. Maybe best game on the market at this time.


A sad, but memorable experience

TheTwerkBot | Aug. 26, 2014 | See all TheTwerkBot's reviews »

This game is impressive! Even though I played both, to tell you the truth, this is what I preferred more. The story is more serious, sadder and heart aching. Lee is also the best character in walking dead! Graphics: Seems decent, but really kind of beautiful Sound/Voice Acting: The sound does inflict the emotion of sadness in you, and the voice acting is really good!


Best of stories

damaffin | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all damaffin's reviews »

The Walking Dead game was at start a great idea. People enjoyed the series and loved the franchise, so they wanted a game. The game was made and it was great. The best thing about this game is the story, in which every choice the player makes has an impact on how things go. This one move has made it an enjoyable game and it has attracted many gamers of all ages to it. The gameplay is also rather interesting, but in my opinion a bit bland at some places, as it gets repetitive to find things after a while. But that one thing didn't stop me from having a good time and I recommend it to anyone who feels like a great story is worth something.


A phenomenal storyteller.

SolarPhantom886 | Aug. 13, 2014 | See all SolarPhantom886's reviews »

The Walking Dead: Season 1 was a much better game than I was expecting it to be. It is the story of Lee and a young girl names Clementine. Both of them were thrown into this changed world and forced together by terrible circumstances. Together they journey across the southern US in an attempt to find a safe haven from the horrors of what the world has become. This game has some wonderfully written characters, and a heart wrenching story with surprises at every turn. You will constantly be surprised by what these people do and how Lee and Clementines story unfolds. It is truly fantastic and a must play if you are a fan of zombie games.


A nice game

Diesertyp | Aug. 13, 2014 | See all Diesertyp's reviews »

I relay like this game the characters are very well done every single one of them has it's own personality, what i like most about the characters is that they never forget what happened in the past. The only thing i don't like about this game is that most of the choices do not have an heavy impact on the end result. In total i can just recommend buying it.


One of my favorite games ever

xPsych0s1sx | Aug. 13, 2014 | See all xPsych0s1sx's reviews »

I'm a huge fan of this game series because it has such an amazing story with simple but fun game play to go with it. This is one of the few games where I ever really felt a connection with the characters and felt sad when they died or got hurt. The game is basically a point and click game with choices thrown in but every choice you make is very important at one point or another through out the game, it can change anything from a person living or dying to items you take. There are times where you have to react quickly or you can be killed or something you don't want to happen might. The graphics are cartoon styled but it goes well with the game. The game play is quiet fluent and works well with this type of game. Everyone should play this game at least once because it is very emotional and it shows how you would react in difficult situations, buy this game. You won't regret it.


An Unforgetful Experience

Alinasser | Aug. 12, 2014 | See all Alinasser's reviews »

A Master piece Story: By far the strongest aspect of the game as the story will affect you like no other game - or any other thing actually - ever did. The characters are alive and while you are making your own story. you will feel every second of it. 10\10 Graphics: The cartoonish kind of graphics is very fitting for a tale telling game to take the edge of the goriness and all the characters and world feel and look amazing. 8\10 Sound: CRAAAZY good. the voice actors have done an amazing job and the background music is very fitting to the theme. 8\10 Replayability: You decisions alter the course of the story but not the ending. So I'd say it can be played twice. 6\10 Game of an ERA 9\10


It is a masterpiece, it's The Walking Dead!

Suppression555 | Aug. 11, 2014 | See all Suppression555's reviews »

"I have very little of you know people, but I can definitely tell you, if you all will be the same as now, your little girl will not last long. "© 3 times pass, and I swear not lost interest. The main feature of the universe of "The Walking" have always been emotional, interesting and memorable characters and, of course, fatal changes in the fate of the characters. And all this in the best light is revealed in each of the five episodes. A small section of the criminal's life Lee Everett and restless girl Clementine was so eventful that echoes their long remain in our memory. We sympathized, hoping for a happy ending and all the while holding my breath, walked with heroes together on the fragments of the civilized world. Pleased, sad, horrified, and even cry with virtual people - probably someone does seem strange, but that is how time passes for "walking." The game is a masterpiece - because the drama, because that setting, because the plot, because the dialogue because - movie. The Walking Dead proves that good, intelligent cine story can be written for the interactive art form and at the same time to take the soul of millions of players around the world. 10 out of 10 bites.


One of the few enjoyable Zombie Titles

LunarMemories | Aug. 11, 2014 | See all LunarMemories's reviews »

Normally I dislike the Zombie genre, but The Walking Dead combines decent story line with a simplistic action. It is like watching a TV show that you can interact with... This isn't the "greatest" game, but it is worth the money in my opinion... Very grim story, for those who do not know, going into the title...



kurfgiez | Aug. 11, 2014 | See all kurfgiez's reviews »

If you like enjoy story-telling based game. This is the game you are looking for. You’ll be forced to make decisions that are not only difficult, but that will require you to make an almost immediate choice. Not a big fan for walking dead series , but this game is making me feel amazing enjoyable.


Absolutely Awesome. Go & Buy It Now...

DBOT187 | Aug. 10, 2014 | See all DBOT187's reviews »

The game that started it all, and the game that put telltale on the map for new age adventure games (which is really a bad thing because season 2 has nothing on season 1) Awesome characters, gripping story, decent length for each episode and you care about each and every one of the characters.


One of the best story-driven games I have ever played.

skeibereiber | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all skeibereiber's reviews »

I have no complaints for this game. The story is absolutely superb and the gameplay is simple but immersive. Every decision you make impacts the story line in a big way and makes it sometimes difficult to make tough choices. That tied with the amazing voice acting and great character progression makes this game simply a gem in story-based games.


Clever story and few QTE's

yngdr | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all yngdr's reviews »

The story lends a deepening sense of connection to the characters. It has a few quirks, but the few hours that I have played have been memorable and fun. Except for a few QTE the game is mostly an interactive novel to be enjoyed. graphics are decent and the sounds are not too awful.


Powerful and exciting

shaunmcp | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all shaunmcp's reviews »

Having not watched the Walking Dead show, I was pleasantly surprised the story in Tell Tale Game's iteration was unrelated. That said, The Walking Dead lives up to all of both the gaming community and show watching community's hype. The story is truly engaging and at times very tense, the decisions very powerful and the characters well written. It WILL cause tears at points, and I was very pleased with the length, which was long enough, but did not outstay it's welcome. A very tight, well designed experience. My only complaint, which is minor, is that some of the "puzzles" may be too easy. But the clear focus of the game is the story and narrative choice, and in this respect it knocks it out of the park. Fully recommend.


Emotional Rollercoaster Ride, Prepare yourself

minoru09 | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all minoru09's reviews »

From the very beginning until the end, The Walking Dead never stop being an emotional rollercoaster. You come to know the characters, slowly you form bonds with them and finally you feel what they felt. So many interesting moral choices that affects other characters so you must choose carefully what to act. Great adventure game with fantastic storytelling.


Amasome made zombie game

lajvjjajajaaaa | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all lajvjjajajaaaa's reviews »

The Walking Dead is a Telltale Games game. When I say Telltale Games you should know what it will be. Every game they make is awesome. In this game you begin as prisoner in a car with two policeman's, the driver runs in to someone, the the only survivor are you. The one you crushed in to was actually a zombie who tries to kill you, but fails. Later the game you meet with a little girl which parents are dead and take care of her. As you play you meet friends and foes. The game shapes with the choices you made, kill or let live, abandon friends or not. The game is one epic piece of diamond. The graphics are cool and the gameplay is really smooth.



PrimalHunter779 | July 31, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

This will be a short review, because there's not too much about this game I can say that will not spoil this game. Based off Robert Kirkman's critically acclaimed 'The Walking Dead' comic book series, this game is a point-and-click narrative adventure; you control a character named Lee, who has to fight to protect a young girl named Clementine in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Told over five episodes, TWD is played out like a typical point and click adventure; click on items, click on dialogue bubbles and click on areas to make Lee move. You'll rarely be in direct control of the action, but this is a strength rather than a weakness. You're a viewer of a cinematic masterpice, along for the ride, who chooses Lee's every word and makes every decision for him. The decisions you make will affect your relationships with other characters and ultimately affect the way Clementine views you and acts the way she does. The voicework and visuals is phenomenal, and allows you to experience the game just the same as a film or a television series. The story is brilliantly told, and you'll find yourself genuinely caring about the characters as events unfold, which is a damn marvel in today's gaming industry. The Walking Dead is a unique and entertaining game, with emphasis on narrative and character development unlike any other game I've ever played. You'll remember the ending long after you finish the game, which only serves to demonstrate the quality writing exhibited by Telltale. 10 / 10


One of The Best Story-Telling Games In Video Game History

mrminecrafter1 | July 25, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

The zombie theme is a bit saturated, but Telltale has made it better. The story is based around Lee, the character you control, who is forced to fight off the zombie apocalypse while protecting some little girl who happens to save his life. While the zombies are a danger, the people who you meet are even more dangerous. Choices you make tremendously impact the storyline and also affect how other characters view you. One of the best stories in gaming history. The visual fits the game nicely and doesn't draw attention away from the gameplay or story. Gameplay consists of dialog choices, QTEs, and the occasional shooting. It's not too great or bad but the main selling point is the story. The controls are a bit wonky and the camera is a bit weird, but it still is playable. The soundtrack is fantastic as well as the sound design for the zombies for example. Overall this is one of the best games out there.



jennabecca | July 21, 2014 | See all jennabecca's reviews »

This game looked and felt really spectacular. While it's a little hard to say it's "the ultimate game" simply because it doesn't have a lot of replay ability (for those of us with small attention spans at least), it's actually pretty cool to see in action. The choices you make are so crucial, and seeing what they end up doing is even more insane.


Peerless Point & Click

884okeoJ | July 2, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

I'm not a watcher of the Walking Dead show or a reader of the comics, so when the video game came out I was apprehensive, However, after I had heard almost universal praise, I knew I had to try it. What I got was one of the most emotionally deep, soul-crushing gaming experiences of the past few years. The story is a gripping one, telling a tale of a man and a young girl struggling to survive in a zombie-infested world. Riddled throughout are tough choices you have to make which permanently alter the trajectory of the story. The five episodes of content allow for you to connect with the characters, making it even more devastating when they inevitable die a horrible death. With unexpected twists and turns over the course of the game, the Walking Dead is a fantastic game that anyone should play.


One of my favorite games

RGsSeveredHand | June 22, 2014 | See all RGsSeveredHand's reviews »

I have never really liked point-and-click games as it always feels like you have so little control over the game. Fortunately, The Walking Dead is different, where every decision you make can have repercussions later on in the game. Many of the decisions are tough ones, and as an avid watcher of the TV show, this ties into The Waking Dead universe very well. Each of the six episodes is well written and the story leads up to an epic and emotional conclusion. It is a game I will remember for long time.


Highly engrossing and utterly refreshing

cannibalwombat | June 10, 2014 | See all cannibalwombat's reviews »

I've never been one for point-and-click adventure games, but boy did I love this one. The interactive elements are very simple and not executed with particular panache, but that doesn't matter! This game is all about the story and the characters. It's paced incredibly well, and not just by virtue of its episodic structure. I played the whole game from start to finish once it had all been released and it was gripping. I found myself really caring what happens to the characters, and whilst I gradually realised that actually the decisions you make don't make a massive difference, I still thought carefully about each one I made. The events are constantly surprising, the losses hit hard, it even brought me to tears at one point towards the end! This game is a real experience and one I would recommend to anyone with the vaguest taste for video games and the capacity to use a computer!


One of the best stories out there

romenjack | May 25, 2014 | See all romenjack's reviews »

If you are looking for an action game with lost of zombie killing and explosions then don't bother with this one. What this game dose is tell the story of a man trying to survive and keep a shred of his humanity. This game drives home the narrative and the game is basically one giant conversation giving you multiple options on what to do. It also has one of the best moral choice systems ever in a game. you don't get good points or bad points and the right choice is not always obvious, most of the time it isn't. but for every choice you make there are consequences that carry over to the following chapters. However where the game fails is in the actual game play. The controls are hard to use and the camera angles can make it confusing to move around. the graphics look just like a comic book's and sometimes can even look odd. however this game does what it sets out to do and that is telling a gripping story that will have you wanting more.


Zombieworld Drama

AkiMatti | May 19, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

Make choices as you navigate through a story of people trying to survive in a world where zombies have taken over. Do not expect as much zombie killing as relationships, speculation and tension. This is an adventure game. A modern point-and-click. And well executed.


Take a walk in to the undead world

RakuPL_Markolf | May 14, 2014 | See all RakuPL_Markolf's reviews »

Yes altough you have to make some decisions in the game, it is still quite linear. But there are three things that make it very good game. First the story, second atmosphere of fear what will happen in the next hours and days. And the third... ZOMBIES!!! :-) Welcome to the Walking Dead!!!


An Adventure to Remember

BlowitAllUp | April 21, 2014 | See all BlowitAllUp's reviews »

Point and click adventure games like these rely heavily on character development and story. The Walking dead does these very well with a lot of timed decision making and quick-time events. It is difficult to find flaws with this game and is definitely worth spending time on even if you are not a fan of the tv show series. It's a casual adventure game compared to others in the same genre, meaning there are no difficult puzzles of the like at all. Nonetheless, enjoy the memorable adventure.


Unique game!

Asmo2 | April 17, 2014 | See all Asmo2's reviews »

I don't like adventure games (like rpg and strategy), but i started play The Walking Dead (watched drama) and I'm surprised. Lots of hard and emotional decisions makes this game very unique. TWD is based on a comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman. Game is about a small group of survivors trying to find safe place to life/survive. They fight against walkers (zombies) and others survivors. If you like "zombies" comics/books/movies this game is a "must buy".



MarakujaSRB | April 17, 2014 | See all MarakujaSRB's reviews »

Extremely good game with an amazing story. The choices you make in this game are some of the best in gaming,same goes for the emotional impact of the story and those choices. This game has one of the most, if not the best story in all gaming. You will not regret buying it.


Hit me like a truck.

morzsolt | April 16, 2014 | See all morzsolt's reviews »

The thing is about The Walking Dead, that it toys with you, like a bear toys with a salmon in the river. It's a beautiful piece of ART. The game looks like a graphic novel, but still has the graphics that makes the story serious. It goes like this: You start to chat with the folks you come across, it's peaceful, everything is fine, and the zombie apocalypse feels so, so far away... and a moment later you start to cry, cause one of the characters that helped you along the road is being chewed up by walking corpses. It is so emotional, that you can't avoid the feelies at least once in the game. The only cons I can say about it, that sometimes the controls were not perfect, and the game itself doesn't have a revolutionary idea behind it if it comes to the mechanics, but with a story like this, you won't care.


One of the best gripping stories...

Caspernomnom | April 16, 2014 | See all Caspernomnom's reviews »

This game overall has one of the best gripping stories ever. Had you waiting for more as each episode released and came to the market. Some might be disappointed in the game play because it's not your normal run and gun shooter. Although it is simply one of the best games I have ever played. Beautiful masterpiece that Telltale put so much effort in. This is the game that will definitely pull on your heart strings.


Heart wrenching

Funtaine | April 16, 2014 | See all Funtaine's reviews »

When you sit down to play The Walking Dead season 1, you either have no expectations or you base them on your knowledge of the universe. As a fan of the comics but a detractor of the television series, I had mixed feelings going into this game. I was not disappointed, in fact, the game went beyond my expectations and I prefer it even over the comic I have read for years. The gameplay is not adrenaline pumping. It's mostly calm except for a few action scenes, it lets you enjoy the carefully crafted areas and keeps focus on the character interaction. You form your own playstyle as the lead character Lee, from who you side with to how you treat your deuteragonist Clementine. Except for a few minor glitches and bugs, this game is fully enjoyable. I'm giving it a 92 rating, because it fulfils all my desires except one: It has some bugs and those annoy me, but do not ruin the game. I would recommend this game to anyone interested in zombies or just adventure games.



Esikimo | April 15, 2014 | See all Esikimo's reviews »

At first i was skeptical about buying The Walking dead because I really never played a point-to-click game. After playing for about 30 minutes I was already really into the game and did not want to stop playing. In this game you will feel like the choices you make matter which is fun and heart breaking at times. The gameplay is okay, but what makes this game great is its story. This is the first game that had me almost in tears. So in The Walking Dead Season 1 you play as a man named Lee Everet. He was convicted for a crime and on his way to jail and then the story begins to unfold. Lee is around to protect a young girl named Clementine. Clem was waiting for her parents to come home, but Lee knew better and promised her on thing. That one thing is that he would take care of her. After playing trough this game I was amazed, sad, and intrigued. This game left me thinking about the story for days. If I were you and I liked adventure games with strong story behind it and don't mind the point-to-click I recommend this to you. I give this game a 95/100.


Gripping story.

kieguru | March 17, 2014 | See all kieguru's reviews »

An absolutely stunning game. I really never thought I would get this emotionally invested in a game until I played this. You come across some very tough choices throughout the chapters that enables you to craft your own narrative. Many times I found myself questioning the actions I took, debating whether or not it was the right thing to do or if I should have taken another path. It is one of those games where you really find it hard to stop playing because it always leave you wanting more.


Great story, meh gameplay

UltraJake | March 8, 2014 | See all UltraJake's reviews »

I realize most people aren't buying this specifically for the gameplay, but it's certainly something a game should work on. It's mostly just moving your mouse around until you see a white circle and/or QTEs. There are a lot of choices to make that have smaller effects on the story as time goes on. The voice acting is pretty good and the characters are diverse; there are assholes, there are cowards, there are leader types, etc.. and they stay true to this character. Naturally this will mean conflict, and you happen to be the man that gets in between this. They remember how you side on issues and deal with things for future reference, so they'll have some things to say or will act a bit differently depending on these actions. While these do make a difference, the differences are not quite as great as one would hope. Hopefully this is improved in Season 2. But if you have an interest in Season 2, you'll want to play this so you get to have your own personal touch on the story.


Hands down one of the best games ever made

xborcx | March 4, 2014 | See all xborcx's reviews »

This game is something special. Games have no doubt always been entertaining, but this game is a clear case for blurring the line between just being a game and being art. The fact that you and I are going to take away a different story through our play throughs and be able to have an engaging conversation about that is just stellar. Add to that the game itself is fun and a really amazing story, you have yourself a winning combo and its something that everyone should check out.


Reviewing Dead: Season 1 -----> Buy it or Not?

koticpaxx | Feb. 13, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »

"Lee! Lee!" "It's okay Clementine, I'm here for you" <Insert Emotional Subject Here> Wow. What a ride. WD has been quite a thrill for me, with such an awesome, compelling story that really gets to you. The gameplay isn't all that *SHABAM*, but it does mix it up a bit, changing from the dialogue choices, critical moments, running/fighting sequences, and I appreciate that Telltale Games did that. Now this game is mostly story-driven, so I'll focus more on that. To briefly sum it up, you are Lee, a man convicted for a crime that was out of his territory, who stumbles upon a little girl named Clementine. Together, you will face atrocious and traumatic events that will forever alter your lives. The only thing that keeps you tethered to sanity is each other. With many episodes to play throughout, Telltale game's unique way of how choices affect your gameplay is truly the many things that makes WD such an amazing game. In conclusion, Walking Dead:Season 1 is a beautiful piece of work that Telltale Games has really put much effort into. With such an epic masterpiece, buckle your seatbelts, kids, we're going on a feels trip.



Arteus | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all Arteus's reviews »

This game sets out to tell a story and it succeeds in every possible way. This is my personal GOTY for 2012 by far and I can't wait for future seasons to expand upon the story. The emotional connections that you build in this game will keep you on the edge of your seat almost constantly, the tension is incredible. The art style is made to be reminiscent of the original comic series and Telltale nailed the aesthetic to a T. The only flaws the game has are a few bugs that ended up being ironed out in patches anyway. Purchase this game, it's a good 12 hours of absolutely phenomenal storytelling and you won't regret it in the slightest.


A piece of heart!

Albys66 | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all Albys66's reviews »

One of the most emotional games ever tried in my long career as a gamer. TWD is the future of entertainment, you and only you are the real hero of the story, and the characters of the same live or die depending on what you choose, the forks that entrances. And all of this provides a level of involvement scary. Against this background, in this splendid product of Telltale, it should be recognized a limited possibility to explore, and the interaction is possible only when it has been decided by the programmers. But the whole thing never sounds forced nor limiting, thanks to the excellent art direction. The twists and turns and the psychological depth of the humans are both cinematographic level.Il game hits hard even without the use of 3D graphics and a thousand special effects. You return to the narration pure pleasure to turn the page (in this case, the screenshot ) and see what happens and what we combine it with our "victims". Longevity is very good, over 20 hours. No bugs to report, rescues that work very well and graphics that, despite the apparent boards comics for simplicity, expressiveness of the faces gives a really fabulous. Do yourself a favor, buy it! And do not tremble too much in front of the forks, you could die twice!


Definitely worth buying

Kwydin | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all Kwydin's reviews »

The game is definitely worth every penny. It has a great story line that holds the player before his monitor wanting to know what happens next. Music is also well fitted into this so it holds just the right tension. As well as that perfect comic like graphic. A bit of shame is that no matter what choices you make, you will end at the same conclusion of each chapter, with only minor differences. Would be nice to have a choice that could change the ending outcome. Overall one of the best story based games I've played.


it was like being a part of a good book

damienjameswebb | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

with every second of this game, every instalment, i was at the edge of my seat. i never knew what to do or how to react and it all felt very real. i learned a lot about myself and what i would do in those situations. i would definatly want to play it over and over to try and figure out the different ways things would happen. the graphics are nice and they remind me very much of the graphic novel (even if it feels a little too cartoony). i did like how they used some characters that were included in the books as an almost back-ground story type thing. the gameplay was an interesting mix of QTE and point and click adventure, and it worked very well with the kind of story telling it was doing. all in all i would love to play more kinds of games like this. it's visceral and exciting without having to do the cop out of a FPS/RPG like every other modern game these days.


Terrific Storytelling

H4ZD4M4N | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all H4ZD4M4N's reviews »

The Walking Dead is a game is based purely on story, the development of the characters and the bonds you form with them. I've never bought a game from Telltale Games before but seeing all the hype this particular title was getting along with me being a fan of the TV show anyway convinced me to give it a try. I am so glad I did. The storytelling in this game is nothing short of a masterpiece. By the end you'll feel like you know these characters inside out and you'll be dying to know what happens to them next. You really become immersed in this world and that is what it's all about. You'll have some very difficult decisions to make through this game - choices that will affect how the rest of your adventure pans out. It's this personalised feeling to your story which I think really solidifies it as one of my all time favourite games. That being said, The Walking Dead is primarily an interactive story. I've heard people say they don't even consider it a game. There is the occasional puzzle to solve (they're usually pretty easy) and you're constantly making decisions and interacting with the characters throughout, but I can see why some people may want to see more from the gameplay side. Luckily for me, I'm not one of those people. Overall, this game surprised me in the most magnificent way imaginable and I cannot recommend it enough. Buy it!


My favourite game

silviapuiu | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all silviapuiu's reviews »

The Walking Dead game is my favourite game, from a lot of reasons. The story is very interesting, related to the well known comics books. Gameplay is easy, but this does not make the game less challenging. In my opinion, the challenge consists in the characters you become to love and have a relation with. You like them or hate them, but all characters have personality and do provoke you a feeling, bad or good. Clementine is my favourite character and her relation with the other characters. It is a game that I want to have hundreds of playing hours, because you are a little disappointed when it comes to the end. I love it!!!!


Heart Felt

chataolauj | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

This game will make you sympathize fictional characters as if they were real. The choices you make affect every single character in the game, so it's always to think before you choose, but it's hard to do that. You get to pick which dialogue to say, but you only have a certain amount of time to pick. How much time you get to choose your dialogue is based on the situation. For example, if it's a heated situation between two characters, you have to act fast of course, so you'll only have about 3-5 secs to choose a dialogue. You won't even have time to think about it. There's not much of zombie killing in this game because it's more about character interaction and relationship building. It's one of the best games out there, even if it's short and you don't get to kill a lot of zombies. It's REALLY a must buy no matter what you think about this game.


This game is a work of art

Matlair | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all Matlair's reviews »

When I first saw let's plays of this game on youtube, I thought to myself "I would never play something like this!". But I was wrong. I played it later and I played it A LOT. I have never seen a game like this before. When I play single-player games, I always pay more attention to the story then the gameplay and this game was made by storytelling geniuses. This game even got me to watch the TV Series, which I like very much and I'm a big fan of the whole "The Walking Dead" universe. Instant buy for anyone who likes a good story with the addition of decision making. This piece of art will blow your mind.


One of the best.

UnknownDepth | Jan. 17, 2014 | See all UnknownDepth's reviews »

This game has one the best stories i ever seem in a game.This game actually make me feel sorry for the people that die. I had to make lots of hard choice in this game.That made me regret or feel sorry for the aftermath. This game will make you happy an sad. This game is one of the best. So give TWD a try and you won't regret it.


Engaging Storytelling

Catlegs | Jan. 15, 2014 | See all Catlegs's reviews »

While I'm not normally one to choose games that focus so heavily on story and character development this game was a more than pleasant surprise. Having heard of both the series of books and television programmes that occur in the same universe as the games my interest was piqued. The familiar point and click adventure style game that has become the trademark of Telltale Games was a familiar sight but the concept of episodic gameplay chapters was not one I've personally encountered. The game taking you through the trials and tribulations of a small group trying to survive in a world overrun by undead has become a cliché unto itself in recent years, but with a gameplay format that does focus so much on player choice as well as character dynamics feels a lot fresher than the sometimes stale genre. This is a game where immersion and involvement are truly rewarded, placing yourself in the shoes of the protagonist and living through the, sometimes tough, choices pays dividends as opposed to a more distant approach that other games normally elicit. From a technical standpoint the game isn't revolutionary, it is a point and click format similar to other Telltale releases but that doesn't detract from the story that is told through the medium. With respect to the visuals The walking dead is a pretty game, with it's pastel and muted tones reflecting the comic book art-style that inspired it and doing a good job of maintaining a style that is visually appealing without trying to force realism or absurdity. The Walking Dead was game that was a pleasant surprise and I'd say worth a buy if you enjoy exploring stories and getting involved in characters. Just don't expect it to wow you with gameplay or challenge, it's an interactive story with branching choices and minor puzzle solving. The real challenge of the game lies in you making the tough choices for yourself


Just Superb

smajor92 | Jan. 14, 2014 | See all smajor92's reviews »

This has been done perfectly, TellTale Games have found the formula for a perfect story driven game where you are constantly on an emotional rollercoaster. If an amazingly strong story is your thing then this is a must have!


Hard choices, THINK FAST!

toasterflakes | Jan. 10, 2014 | See all toasterflakes's reviews »

this game is deep and i mean very deep. your choices does affect how the game plays. its like a Japanese dating sims but with zombies! as well as other things that makes it unique(just saying to make comparison grounds on multitude of decisions). this game will make you think thought even about your moralities. because in here one hesitation and people will die.(i have learned this the hard way and lost good people). overall the point and click system in this game suits it very well and i would say buy it the story and weight of decisions makes this game very good for all types of gamer's. the only con is the one you make in the game


the most powerful story ever in a game i played

madxskillzxgame | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all madxskillzxgame's reviews »

now besides the story it is a point and click game which would make you think the gameplay is boring but it is really interactive you press something to do the story is amazing the games strong point by far the story is so good i felt for the characters during the first episode and things that happen will actually affect you there where points where i wanted to cry is how good it was and the music is great really works well and affects the mood.


Phenomenal Story

Percyro | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all Percyro's reviews »

I was a bit skeptical going into this game at first because of the style. From the pictures it is obvious the art style is based off of comic books, so if you don't like that, this game might not be for you. Also the game uses a point and click system to select object to look at or interact with. There is also walking with WASD, but basically the whole game uses those four keys and the mouse. That aside the game is great. The story is fantastic. It is very moving and there are plenty of parts that require making hard decisions, quick decisions, and more. I find myself attached to the different characters and some decisions are really hard. If you are looking for a game with a deep story that is intense and emotional, look no further. This is the perfect game.


Amazing and moving experience!

Subj3ctLambda | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all Subj3ctLambda's reviews »

The Walking Dead truly surprised me, as I found myself sucked into this "Walker" infested world and not wanting to leave! The main reason I can give is the development of the characters, As Lee, our protagonist, journeys through the game, he meets many people - all survivors just like him! However, there is a certain relationship maintained between Lee and the others, and the slightest error of words could turn things sour! "Loyalty" may be thrown around a lot in the game! There may come a time you need aid, and the number of friends you have may matter! Your decisions not only have the ability to piss people off, but also cost their lives! Even though the Zombies are the enemies here, you will be surprised how many of the crew are killed by the living! The game at times may feel like a movie with the number of cutscenes! But the thing that moved me the most in this game was Lee's relationship with Clementine! She will be at your side pretty much the whole game, so you will be put into difficult situations when she asks you about your family, your dark past, the fate of her parents, the act of killing and other difficult questions! Clementine will remember what you say and it may be apparent in Season 2(the sequel)! All I can say is, just buy it! You will truly regret not playing such a wonderful game!


Be careful with your choices

leodiblack | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all leodiblack's reviews »

The Walking Dead is a game where eating a sandwich can kill someone you care for... Well... not exactly a sandwich, but indeed is a game where every choice you make counts. This particular title will drag you into a world where you must be conscious about the things that you say or the things that you do. Is a game where you can't be careless about details, where the ultimate goal isn't protect yourself but others, the ones that are with you, the ones that you care. The Walking Dead is a masterpiece from TellTale Games, remember, don't be afraid of the dead, be afraid of the living.


Great Point & Click Story

TPCGorillaMunch | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all TPCGorillaMunch's reviews »

Great game that involves you making decisions that will impact certain events throughout the game. The gameplay is just pointing and clicking to solve puzzles. The art style looks awesome and really suits the game along with the soundtrack. The story is the best thing about the game and has plenty of brutal and sad moments. The game doesn't have much replay value except if you want to replay the game and make different choices to find out what happens. Overall an excellent game, definitely recommended.


Point. Click. Remember.

beltmatt_usa | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all beltmatt_usa's reviews »

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of the show. I have watched all three seasons, and it took me until I finished the last season to figure this out. It is full of inconsistencies and I just flat out dislike it. This game, however, is different. The story is O-Mazing. It is easy to get hooked and is beautifully done! The only way I can describe the game play is that this is a "choose your own adventure" book turned game. Really a point and click. Sounds lame right? I know! That is what I thought when I started. It really is fun! Promise!


Amazing all around.

danymora131 | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all danymora131's reviews »

If you haven’t played this game, I don’t understand how it hasn’t been spoiled to you. This game is great journey where every decision you make changes the way the characters see, talk and respond to you. The story is simply amazing. The gameplay is that of a very simple point and click game, but probably the best point and click game ever made. The art style of this game is also the best I have seen in probably all the games that I have ever seen in any video game ever. Seriously you could pick this game and 400 days (which is DLC) for about $12-15 on sale, but it deserves to be bought at full price.



maddocks2379 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

i picked this up purely on reviews and internet chatter, im not a big fan of point and clicks like strong bad, sam and max nor am i a fan of the series, very boring and slow, but this game was great. The thing that makes this game is the way your choices affect the story and the way people react towards you, plus you have to make some very tough decisions. probably is in my top 10 games of 2013, but still im not interesting in getting back into the series


Something Everyone Should Experiance

bwrussell | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

If I had to describe The Walking Dead in one word I would say "Brutal". While this sounds like a criticism it is anything but. It's brutal, raw, and unbelievably good, but more on this later. The pacing, with incredibly tense moments (the truly amazing thing is that there are probably more tense dialog exchanges then action moments) juxtaposed with gut wrenching loss and tender hopeful moments, is masterful. The fact that critical decisions must be made (or not made) quickly works terrifically and is completely immersive. On a whole the conversation system is one of the better ones out there. Almost always you can tell from the prompt the content AND tone of the response which most systems fail to do. The characters are believable, varied, and deep but there were a couple times you could see your previous interactions with the person causing some seemingly out of character moments. Overall the mechanics and graphics, combined with a minimal but very effective soundtrack, are superb. Now about the feelies... While I don't want to get into what is and isn't a game, this most certainly is a game but the goals are just different then you may be used to. There are no points, there is no winning. This is the mindset you need to be in when going into this game. If you are unwilling to let your guard down, unwilling to feel, unwilling to actually immerse yourself in the story and live with your choices then you will walk away disappointed. This game is really a pure RPG. It doesn't need all the typical mechanics because that's not what defines a role playing game. I can not emphasize enough how much you can get out of this game if you are willing to lose yourself in it and make the decisions that feel right in your gut and heart, not the ones you think will give you a better ending. Once those decisions are made you need to live with them. You will second guess them, you will wonder if things would have turned out differently, and you most likely will come to regret something you did or said. That is part of why I led with the word "brutal". There are hard, nearly impossible, decisions that you have to make and live with in mere seconds. If you play this game and don't strongly feel at least some emotions, if it doesn't wear you down and weigh on your thoughts, you are not tough, you are not cool. You are short changing yourself. You are missing an opportunity to learn about yourself. As gamers we are constantly told our hobby is mindless entertainment, with little or no redeeming value. The Walking Dead is ready to prove that wrong, if you'll just let it.


best from the fourth person perspective

gwynplaine | Dec. 4, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

The puzzles aren't as deep or taxing as most point and clicks but the mechanics aren't too shallow. It's not wholly worth playing for gamers who like "gameplay" but it's perfect for the non gamer in the house and to watch over their shoulder when they are playing to soak in the story and help out when they're stuck. The animated comic look is really unique and probably the most well done part of the game. Cell shading has been done before but never this good. If you like the walking dead - either the comics or the show then it's for you, obviously. If not, and you like zombies, it's a good starting point to jump into the series.


Story First

Winklers | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all Winklers's reviews »

Many consider this more an interactive movie than a game, it probably has as many mechanics as a point and click. The gameplay here is an improvement on Telltale’s previous games such as Jurassic Park. In regards to graphics, there is nothing too intensive here but it fits well with the world created. In this world you're essentially walking between cutscenes; discovering the characters, solving some puzzles and moving the story forward as you go. Rather than pulling you out of the game with these cutscenes it draws you in by putting you in the position of making the hard decisions. While this doesn't give you much control over these parts of the game, it does give you some control over the story through your choices made, which here is the highlight along with the characters created. Splitting the story into 5 episodes is an interesting idea meaning you can take a break between each part of the game and go into the next with some anticipation of what is going to happen next. I found each of these episodes to each be 2-3 hours long so you get your money’s worth, especially when on sale.


More of An Interactive Movie Then Game

Stuman31 | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Stuman31's reviews »

I am not a fan of the Walking Dead TV Series. I find the characters extremely unlikable. However this game is completely different. The characters are interesting, the graphic style works, and the game is enjoyable. Go in realising it is a interactive movie more than any kind of challenging game. Though that doesnt take away from it, interactive movies are really becoming a genre of their own, with this right up the top of the pile


A fantastic experience

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

This is one of the best RPG's I have ever played. Though it lacks the traditional RPG aspects such as side quests, loot, equipment, and free roam, it is heavily centered around story, dialogue, and literally every decision you make affects the world around you. You get many hard decisions in your journey to survive such as deciding who lives and who dies, what to do, where to go, and how to kill an enemy. Each action has it's own set of consequences and you will be enthralled in the storyline. This game was done perfectly, even during it's minor set backs that are in traditional RPGs. I strongly recommend you buy this title!


An excellent, polished game

djlim | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all djlim's reviews »

Having got this game on sale, it has been quite possibly the best value game I've ever played. The Walking Dead is fantastic adventure game, and Telltale has definitely revived this genre. Occasionally the graphics got a little strange and it did frustrate me. But the art and style in this game is top notch. Plot and character development really elevate this game to GOTY status, and there are moments which will take players on an emotional roller coaster. The replay value is alright, but the plot progression is relatively linear, and it is simply the sidestories which can be altered. This is mainly what kept me from giving this game a full grade. I highly recommend this game, but I also suggest avoiding 400 Days. The Walking Dead is a better game played with just the five main episodes.


Story Telling At Its Finest!

TrainRain | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all TrainRain's reviews »

I'm no fan of point and click adventures, neither am I a fan of the Walking Dead series, but this game is still one of the best games I own. Never before have I played such an emotional game where you actually feel involved in the story, it is so well written and executed. Your actions really affects the game in more or less dramatic ways, something that makes decisions even harder and more emotional. A zombie apocalyptic story at its finest!


A Brillaintly Told Storyline In a Brilliant Game

13th | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all 13th's reviews »

I'm not a huge fan of point and click games in general. But I am a fan of the Walking Dead series so I was happy when I found out about this. And even happier that I played it. This is one of the most immersive games I have played in a very long time. I felt for all the characters in the game and this is also one of the very few games that has ever made me cry because of the storyline as it was just so well told. Every choice you make as you progress through the game also have a part to play in the game. The decisions you make could be as simple as deciding who should get what to eat or who should live or die. Might sound easy but when you really get into the game and develop feelings for the characters in the game, you will soon learn it isn't as easy as you might think. Everything about the game is just done to perfection and it is one game I feel everyone should play at least once so they can experience a brilliant bit of storytelling


TellTale at their best

sheldipez | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all sheldipez's reviews »

So good I've experienced it on three platforms (PC being the superior, yet still buggy, version). I'm a long time fan since Bone but TellTale have really moved onto another level. This is the kind of game David Cage wishes he could make and TellTale team pull it out of the bag at a fraction of what Heavy Rain dross cost. Season 2 is going to be tough challenge but if 400 Days is anything to go on it has a top new eclectic group of survivors to play with.


Worth you time

lemeure | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all lemeure's reviews »

This is a great game, the story is one of the best I have ever seen in a game, But the whole experience is nearly ruined if you have seen any gameplay other than the first episode. There is little meat to the gameplay, simple puzzles and a few quicktime events speckle the experience, but the main attraction is the interaction with other characters, you are often given 3 dialogue choices, and the option to remain silent. Few games offer silence as a choice, but here it remains as a justified one. A few graphical and save issues save this game from being perfect, but get it since the issues are minor compared to the game as a whole


A worthy addition to the brand

speshalmon | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all speshalmon's reviews »

The Walking Dead, in the comic, show and now game are not about zombies, but what we make of impossible situations. Do we become the monsters we so very much fear or do we hold on to our humanity for as long as possible? That is what makes this game so compelling because it perfectly captures the choices that go into that question and confronts you with them in a way you will never see coming. One of the best Telltale Games and one of the best video games I've ever played.


An emotional adventure through a zombie apocalypse

commanderhavoc | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

If you're familiar with both the comics and the TV show, then you pretty much know what to expect from this episodic game series. The story and characters are some of the most well written I've ever seen in a computer game and the actors do an outstanding job in their performances and the music also adds up to the atmosphere with some sad tunes that gives you that sense of that things may never ever go back to normal. Its not exactly a point and click adventure game, even though there are some minor puzzles and dangers here and there, it is about the choices you have to make during a zombie apocalypse and how far you are willing to go in order to survive. And anything you say and do will affect what happens in future episodes and also what characters will live or die throughout the game, believe me, you will be forced to make some pretty tough and emotional choices that will make you cry your eyes out.


The most immersive zombie experience ever

Haydarberg | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all Haydarberg's reviews »

As a player who never felt comfortable playing point and click adventure games, I believe it is an understatement for this game to classify it just as such. Walking Dead is an immersive gameplay experience where you are more than playing a game; you become part of a movie. As a protagonist who is a foreigner to this new world, you need to both look after yourself and your little sidekick thorughout the story. The characters you come across feel as if like they are alive and the choices you make do haunt you for a while when you face the consequences. The visual elements are astounding and both the soundtrack and the voice actings are perfectly in harmony with the story. Definitely worth your money if it is the story that stands out for you in a game.


One of the best games of the year!

GoldenSaint | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all GoldenSaint's reviews »

Even if you are not a zombie fan you owe it to yourself to play this game. The story is so good and is very moving. As this game is an classified as an adventure can it is a point and click game there so there is interaction from the player but not like a FPS its more like a movie that you play in. I really recommend you play this game. The experience you have from playing this game is one that doesn't really exist anymore in very many games and that is engagement and love for the characters.


More like the walking feels

danielesq | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all danielesq's reviews »

If you haven´t bought and played the walking dead yet you are missing out. Now this is more or less a click and play movie with zombies trying to eat your face, and that just great your choices leads the story on and only the most stone cold people can go through it without a tight ball of emotions trapped in your chest. The good: Everything, there is a reason for all those Game of the year awards The less good Some things are hard to figure out at least i had a few problems in the beginning, google helped me 1 or 2 times. The walking feels, buy it, play it.


Tell Tale Games Breaks Out

BavarianGod | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all BavarianGod's reviews »

The adventure game has been out of vogue for quite some time. While several excellent point and click adventure titles have been released during the new millennium nothing has really broken into the mainstream. Telltale Games has been steadily releasing adventure titles with modest followings. Their newest title, The Walking Dead, capitalizes on the popularity of the both Robert Kirkman's comics, which the game is actually based on, and the TV series. Telltale's previous attempts at basing games off of popular media franchises haven't exactly set the world on fire but since we are in the midst of a zombie zeitgeist The Walking Dead is poised to bring the adventure game back into the public eye and possibly raise it from the dead. The Walking Dead fits into the comic canon and features cameos from popular characters but it's real focus is on original characters. You take control of Lee Everett, a college professor who has been convicted of a serious crime and beings the game in the back of a cop car. The car swerves off of the road when the officer at the wheel nearly hits someone. Lee finds himself cuffed in a ditch where he first encounters the undead. After escaping from his cuffs and surviving a near fatal encounter with a walker Lee stumbles into the home of Clementine, an eight year old girl whose parents left for Savannah prior to the onset of the zombie epidemic. Her innocence juxtaposes Lee's dark past and she is in many respects a source of redemption as Lee takes it upon himself to protect her and help reunite her with her family. Along the way they the duo runs into a colorful cast of characters that join them in their quest for survival. The relationship between Lee and Clementine carries the experience. Clementine herself is very likable and despite her age she never comes off as too needy or whiny. Lee himself comes off as sympathetic and cultivating his relationship with Clementine is an emotional investment rarely found in games. Where The Walking Dead's tale succeeds is in its focus on the dark side of humanity rather than the danger of undead flesh eating cannibals. At times it can be brutal and gut-wrenching. There are conflicts within your party, conflicts with bandits and clashes with other survivors. These situations are more compelling than facing off with walkers and offer an appreciable degree of moral ambiguity, generally culminating in a brutally nihilistic resolution. This moral ambiguity is important since most of the gameplay in The Walking Dead centers around managing your relationships with those in your party. Members of your groups almost always have dissenting opinions and it breeds conflict. During conversations you get to choose how to respond and unlike other titles that allow you to voice the protagonist and make choices, The Walking Dead features a timer that prevents you from analyzing your decisions. It keeps the tension up and the conversations flowing naturally. Who you side with and what you say determines how close you are to each person and can ultimately affect how they react in future scenarios. If a character feels that you have their interests in mind they will back you and those who you oppose may become hostile to Lee. While this sounds great on paper in practice it's not as exciting as it seems. The problem is that in spite of giving you a lot of decisions to make, The Walking Dead doesn't change much in terms of it's narrative arc. Some scenarios ask you to make a choice that to save one character causing the other to perish. These two characters generally serve the same role in the plot and there isn't a compelling reason to see both scenarios play out since you won't see any noteworthy additions to the experience. You see the same locations and partake in the same scenarios and puzzles. You as the player have little overall influence on the the narrative and the experience is cheapened by attempting to take another approach on a second playthrough since it becomes apparent very quickly how inflexible the game is. With it's episodic release schedule, it's wholly understandable that The Walking Dead doesn't feature a massive branching narrative but it would have been nice if the path you take to the conclusion of each episode could vary. As it stands there isn't much replayability in The Walking Dead. Puzzles and gameplay in the Walking Dead are rudimentary, some sequences have you aiming a weapon to take down a few walkers, quick time events are sprinkled throughout the game's five episodes and DLC and there are only a few puzzles. While The Walking Dead gleefully avoids the obtuse puzzles that characterize many point and click games it's simplicity can be off putting to veteran gamers. Puzzles have very apparent solutions and often the only objects you can pick up are the ones used to solve a puzzle. Having a few red herrings or multiple solutions to a scenario might have made these sequences more rewarding. Recently, Telltale also released a new Walking Dead DLC titled 400 Days and it bridges the gap between the first and second season of the game. It opens with five vignettes that center around a diner that you can play through in any order you desire and closes with an epilogue that ties these sequences together and teases what is to come. These vignettes provide the back story for five new characters and generally distill The Walking Dead to it's most pure and compelling elements. Each sequence involves drastically different characters from different walks of life forced to make nightmarish choices. These choices are generally as grim and gory as anything in the five primary episodes, and in some sequences there is an appreciable amount of suspense and tension. The whole experience will take you and hour and a half to see through at most while the other episodes generally take more than to complete. The epilogue also ends on a rather lukewarm note but it does ramp up the anticipation for Telltale's followup season. Taking inspiration from it's source material, The Walking Dead features a cell shaded look that turns rather modest tech into something that is very pleasing on an aesthetic level. Characters emote with a slight cartoonish level of exaggeration that does a commendable job of selling each character's performance. The voice acting itself is strong and really brings the relationship between Lee and Clementine to life. Orchestral sounds also interject the drama to intensify the proceedings. The overall presentation does suffer from some awkward scene transitions and some really ugly textures. These flaws are noticeable but do little to detract from the experience. While The Walking Dead has it's fair share of flaws it may very well be the game that helps shine a light back on the point and click adventure genre. The way in which it capitalizes on human drama and making revolting and stomach churning choices demonstrates why there is still a place for adventure games. It's unfortunate that the illusion of choice in Telltale's blockbuster is so paper thin. Gamers who replay The Walking Dead from the start will find themselves with the same experience featuring different faces fulfilling the same duties as their counterparts. The lack of any kind of challenging or clever puzzles is disappointing since it makes the primary mode of gameplay simply making dialogue choices. Despite falling a bit short as a game, The Walking Dead is a tour de force experience—a sanguinary saga is worth partaking in for gamers and non gamers alike.


The best story-driven game of all time

Kordas | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all Kordas's reviews »

When you hear about zombie game, you're probably thinking about Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil: games when you slaughter thousands of zombies and you have fun from it. But "The Walking Dead" is not another zombie shooter. It's not even zombie game. Yeah, it has zombies in it, but like the great comics the game is based of, they are just reason tu push story. They are not central focus of the game, human nature is. Mr Kirkman said when releasing Issue 1 of his comic series that he doesn't want to scare anybody (although if he manages to, that's great), but he wants to make people think who they'd be in the face of the extreme situation. This game lets players find out even more if they would be able to hold on to humanity, or maybe pure survival would be only thing that matters for them? 5 episodes we are getting in this price are roughly 10 hours, but the experience is unbelievable with every minute. If you like happy endings, this game probably is not good for you. Very little things end perfectly in "The Walking Dead". Story is amazing and for that alone, it deserves a golden medal. Artistic design, inspired by work of magnificent Charlie Adlard who draws for comic book, is beautiful, and although technically graphic engine is quite old, it still looks great, considering that the game is based on graphic novels. Gameplay in this game is very simple, it's combination of Quick Time Events, dialogues, cinematics and very simple riddles. Player can influence the story in every dialogue, and though most of these choices have very minor meaning, it still feels like it's your story. Voice acting is also outstanding - all cast memebers have done their job very well and gave the life to their characters. Now I can't wait for Season Two!


A worthy zombie addition

killustrator | Oct. 22, 2013 | See all killustrator's reviews »

I hesitated to purchase this game, when I was told that it was more-or-less an adventure game with little action; however, I have come to differ, while I noticed two flaws that I will discuss in a moment, the Walking Dead was an adventure game about choices and relationships with human beings during a zombie outbreak, and it even had action in the form of button mashing and targeting with timers in-game. The relationship between Lee and Clementine was undeniably touching and I could relate to nearly every character in the game and my choices were often driven by my very own emotions and my drive to protect Clementine, at all costs. The only two noticeable flaws where that my choices often didn't alter the dialogue of the game; for example, I had Lee be honest by denying that Clementine was his daughter when prompted by other characters in the game, yet they continued to call her my daughter throughout the story. There was also one graphical bug in the last, major city, but it didn't hinder game-play so I only have minor, superficial complaints about it. If you hesitated about purchasing this game, hesitate no more...unless you were a kid who hated Choose Your Own Adventure books or Goosebumps growing up, then don't bother to get it.


Zombies! Worth your time

lightlurker | Oct. 17, 2013 | See all lightlurker's reviews »

This game is good, the story telling is better than I have seen in most. That being said, its not a fluff piece. So this isn't the game you kick back with on a sunday afternoon, this is a game to played with the lights on and with reflexes sharp. Those life (or rather game) changing options can come at you with the speed of a car and you better be prepared. This keeps the drama tense and the viewer on ones toes. If that sounds interesting, I recommend you get this game, even if you don't like zombies, as the story telling is the key aspect.


Not a Graphic Adventure

el_pelado95 | Oct. 15, 2013 | See all el_pelado95's reviews »

This game is NOT a game like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Gabriel Knight or Leisure Suit Larry. This is an Interactive Movie. But, it is a perfect interactive movie. And one of the best of all time. The story, the characters, the enviroment, the music, the sounds effects, everything of this game is perfect. You will love Lee Everett and company. And you will cry at the end of the game (it is a fact). The only bad thing is the "choice selection". You cant change the main story of the game with your personal choices, but you can see some small changes that make you feel important. A great experience.


Excuse me, Sir, your brains are showing.

rahnborshko | Oct. 14, 2013 | See all rahnborshko's reviews »

Point-and-Click adventures have had a difficult time finding a modern audience over the past decade. However, the folks at Telltale games have created something special that have put Point-and-Click adventures on the map again. The Walking Dead boasts an amazing story that is tailored by your decisions. The amount of endings is staggering. What makes the game work is its mature theme that doesn't hold back any punches. You may have heard it before how games try to hit your emotions yet they never fully deliver on that end. This game, however, fulfills that goal on multiple levels (As a side note, I have never felt a strong character bond to any video game character until I played this game...its that good). There are, however, some technical issues. Between scene transitions, there are slight frame hiccups. (I had this problem but others may not) After you complete one of the five episodes you may notice when you start the next one, your game doesn't continue with the choices you made in the previous episode. There is a way around this if it does happen to you, but it can get annoying. Other than these technical difficulties, the game is solid and should be on your radar.


Gripping narrative

MacTomas | Oct. 12, 2013 | See all MacTomas's reviews »

Tired of saving the world for the hundredth time? Not convinced by constant happy endings? That's exactly my approach to the storytelling – I'm rather into narratives where everything goes wrong, one has to choose between equally horrible options and doubts about them come later, when you already feel to have left the situation behind. That's what you can expect from The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. The power of the game lays in complete immersion. Although there is little of actual control over the protagonist, Lee Everett, the countdown of the few seconds given for every choice makes the player feel the danger and toughness of a situation. There are no complicated riddles nor nearly-impossible reflex challenges to be found, yet the simple actions implemented to the narrative are enough to enter this virtual world. On the other hand, the graphics didn't astonish me. Their style will be perfect for fans of comic books and should grant decent look even after a few years, but they are not anything to take pride of. Anyway, on no account can the artwork be treated as a drawback. Next, no tune made it to stay in my memory, but I would say they got merged with the whole experience. The soundtrack adds a ton to the emotions the player lives through. I would hand no special reward to the composer, yet without his work the story would not be anywhere close to its strength. I have to note that the game is rather a one-time experience. It leaves one with many questions about the rightness of their choices, but it is not worth to say 'check'. Another way of surviving zombie-apocalypse, does not leave expected mark on the plot. An alternative provides most of the grimness of chapters, but only as long as we still can be surprised. Everyone loves a good story, don't we? Therefore – I highly recommend to pick this... unforgettable experience. Looking at the title as a game leaves it with quite a few drawbacks. The story set the bar really high, and although rest of ingredients are decent, they simply cannot compare. However, I guarantee, you won't be playing a game. You shall be taking decisions, worrying... and feeling relief as if you were there.


A masterpiece.

shak209 | Oct. 9, 2013 | See all shak209's reviews »

What can I say about The Walking Dead? Just like the TV series, it is a masterpiece. At first I thought this was just an ordinary point and click adventure game, but I found it is way more than just that. It's simply one of the best games that I've ever played. Good job on that Telltale. The story is immersive, it gets into your soul and plays with your emotions, and sometimes it even makes you cry like a little baby. It has one of the best character developments I've ever seen in any game before. The game adapts to the choices you make, so for example, if you choose to save someone, you're stuck with them for the rest of the game (unless they die or leave). The visuals are cartoonish and really fits the style of the game, since it's based on a comic book. That way it gives you the feeling as if you were reading the comics, but you can choose to make your own decisions. As I said before, this is one of the best games I've ever played, you should play it too. Can't wait for Season 2.


A fantastic game with the utmost masterpiece of a story!

BubbaSquare | Oct. 8, 2013 | See all BubbaSquare's reviews »

This game should NOT be missed by ANYONE! The fantastic story, and choice-aspects of the game make it one astounding masterpiece. One could argue this game is one of the bests of Telltale's library. The characters, plot, and art design make this an amazing game that will suck you right in, and make it impossible to quit in the midst of one of the episodes. The only downside is when you first realize that most of your choices do not matter in the end-game, which is somewhat of a disappointment, but should NOT ruin the game experience as a whole. Buy it and have an amazing time!



nomis77 | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all nomis77's reviews »

I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and zombies in general but I went into this game expecting a lot after hearing it game called a masterpiece and absolutely stunning and so on. I was not disappointed. This game IS a masterpiece. It has characters you really care about, moments that will absolutely horrify you, stun you, amuse you and more. This game plays on almost your full range of emotions. The times you have to make decisions is actually a struggle, these decisions matter and they are difficult and chances are you will second guess yourself. I guess what all this comes down to is this game is as about as real as a game can get, which makes it a truly incredible experience.


Fun game

korlen | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all korlen's reviews »

This game tells a really good story. I like you can choose different outcomes. I like that except seeing cut scenes you can choose what to say and if your not careful it could have a bad outcome. When i finish the game it made me want to know what happen to characters. This game i would play over and over again. Also it has places just like the TV show. So when your playing if you watch the TV show you will remember the area from the show.


Just stunning

rjb789 | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

Telltales "The Walking Dead" does everyhthing right. It blends like able character in with a stunningly hard hitting story line to create one of the best games of not just this year, but of all time. The story follows a young girl called Clementine and a guy who was going ot prison before the zombies attacked called Lee Everett. The two characters both have interesting qualities which help tomove the story along in an appropriate manner. The story line is an emotional rollercoaster. It ha my crying, laughting, fuming, but most of all feeling for the many characters you meet along your way. It truly is a masterpiece of story telling in a game an a real contender in the argument that games should be considered as art.


The Greatest Interactive Fiction

Qwertyfour | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

The Walking Dead is in all senses an amazing game, but it doesn't follow the trope of regular games. It's a point and click and so linear, yet so great. It's obvious that the developers used their licensing very well, because of how each scene is created. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great story driven game, because this game is only story. One of the highlights of this game is that it shows you your major choices and how it stacks up against what other people chose (and you see how the player is a white knight, haha) One personal issue I had was with saving. I lost all my choices and progress so I had to restart, but it was worth the wasted time.



stitch123 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all stitch123's reviews »

Walking Dead is more like interactive movie than game, but if you don't mind, you will sure enjoy it. Story is awesome! Full of twists and emotions. You can choose your answers and that changes story little bit. You must often choose whom you'll save and who'll die, because you can help to only one of them. Only one bad thing is that it has just one ending, but that ending is otherwise great. You don't have to even know Walking Dead comic or TV show to enjoy this masterpiece!


A great game that every and anyone can and should play.

asiersua | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all asiersua's reviews »

Definitely, one of the best games I've ever played. Sure it's slow, sure it's not an epic action game with the best graphics or the coolest gameplay ever. But it reached me. It reached me deeply. I'll probably play it again sometime in the future, just to see how things go if I make different decisions. I'm happy with the ones I've done during my first playthrough, though, but it might be interesting to witness another kind of story. The game gives you so many options, you'll be wondering what to do half of the time. If you follow the series, or even if you don't know much about them, the game is great. I'd recommend it to everyone.


A touching story and choices that actually matter.

Yahmig | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all Yahmig's reviews »

This is the first point'n'click game I've ever played because I don't enjoy this kind of game, but this one was a delight. I thought it would be one of those games where you're asked to save the world by choosing the ending A or B, to make you think your choices matter while they don't. I've never been more wrong. The game takes place at the beggining of a zombie apocalypse. Within the first minutes you realize that you have to make a lot of choices (wether they are trivial or extremely important) and you are a real part of the story and not a mere spectator. This is one of the two things I loved in this game : choices. This isn't just a feature of the game, created to make the playtrough less boring, it is actually a huge part of the gameplay. All the decisions you make are remembered so you have to be careful not to randomly choose between the different options. The second part of the game I loved is the story. Unlike the other zombie games, this one has a touching story, focused on the main character Lee, the girl he rescued, Clementine, and all the characters they'll meet during their journey. Your choices will change the story, and have an important impact on your allies and ennemies. In conlusion : If you're looking for a game with a great story, regardless of its gameplay, "The walking dead" is a wonder you must play. In this game you won't be bored during cutscenes and dialogs because YOU are the main protagonist and YOU decide what is going to happen.


Amazing storytelling

DanJamesStone12 | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

I'll just start off by saying that this game has some absolutely amazing storytelling. As a long time fan of The Walking Dead TV series, I was thrilled when I heard that a game was being made for it! The unique art style is awesome, the gameplay is nice and your decisions really do count, could not recommend enough!


An Illusion.

Osidius87 | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all Osidius87's reviews »

The Walking Dead has a fantastic story that's marred by the illusion of choice. If you go in expecting a great story that's exactly what you'll get. If you go in expecting a great story that you've essentially controlled then you'll probably end up a little disappointed. That said, the voice acting, art style and gameplay are top notch. If Telltale broaden the new season it could be absolutely mind blowing.



Asrafil | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Asrafil's reviews »

After the horrible Jurassic park game, telltale has delivered its best game to date. While the interaction suffers with the focus on storytelling, the sacrifice is worth it. The story told in this game is gripping and it will keep you hooked until the end.


Great story, great atmosphere

CyanFTW | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all CyanFTW's reviews »

This game is probably one of the best adventures of the last 10 years. It has an epic story with super plot twists and great characters. The gameplay is good, but could be more challenging and a bit harder in my opinion - especially the the puzzles. Apart from that, the decisions you made should have bigger consequences. Although The Walking Dead has its few negative points, it is still one of my favorite games of all time because it still makes you think about it a week after you have finished it.


Absolutely best story told in PC gaming.

Morn66 | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all Morn66's reviews »

This game is worth every single penny spent on it. The story is probably best ever made on PC platform. The characters feel real and after first few minutes the player starts to identify with the main character. I cant really think of anything negative about this game except... the choices. Thats a pity the choices a player makes during the story (yes, a story, not a game) do not affect further events. But this is but a small con to this beautiful story with really sad ending...



PfantzyPantz | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all PfantzyPantz's reviews »

A perfect use of the source material, and one of the few zombie games that I really enjoyed. The story is top tier, great characters, great setting, great music, great style. It's got it all. It'll make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, really is a must buy.


Simply brilliant.

Bobafett2k6 | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all Bobafett2k6's reviews »

(review also on my Steam profile - Bobafett2k6) Right, what can I say? As a fan of The Walking Dead TV series, I was looking forward to playing this game and bought it on sale once all of the episodes were released. I'm glad I did because waiting between each episode would have killed me, I enjoyed this so much! I'm not normally a fan of this type of game but It's a brilliant adventure, I used the Xbox 360 controller and it worked seamlessly, the art style is great, the voice acting is great, the story had me immersed in it from the start and every decision has its consequences, to the point where lives depend on your decisions. 10/10 and easily one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've had in recent years.


A Game That Pleases The Comic And Show! [Master Piece]

Roydo | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all Roydo's reviews »

Im a huge walking dead fan i have read all the comics and watched all the seasons and played this game more than once. This game hits it in all the right spots. Walking dead in general is all about survival and since Robert Kirkman [the original creator of walking dead] over viewed this game its no doubt that the game was in fact going to thrive. Anything walking dead is usually looked over by Robert Kirkman thats what makes them sooooo good except for the activision walking dead that was a disgrace to gaming. Anyway, this game plays like an interactive movie much like heavy rain which i dont mind, but what makes this game stand out is that all decisions made will be reflected in future episodes! even in season 2! This type of gameplay captured audiences and made telltale on the mainstream and you will get blown away by the powerful story! Overall the game is one of my most favorite game i have ever played. We Are The Walking Dead!


The full emergence into a World of Dead Flesh

KomoMax | Sept. 1, 2013 | See all KomoMax's reviews »

Extremely well made and moving game. It catches you right from the opening scene. One of the best Zombie titles out there and fantastic story, which reacts on how you play. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with this game. It's just great in every sence. That's a 99 from me.


Great Zombie Adventure.

kai246 | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all kai246's reviews »

I am into games with great stories, and this is just one that blows me away, every one of the 5 episodes provides me with shocks and memorable moments. You grow attached to each character you meet as each person has there own way of surviving and personalities. There's not a lot of game play to talk about and when there are a few puzzles, they are relatively easy to do. Having said that I didn't come in to this for the game play and neither should you.


Basically an interactive novel converted into a video game.

Caputalis | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all Caputalis's reviews »

The Walking Dead is one of the greatest games I've played in the last year, not only because of its unique, refreshing visuals, or even the brilliant characters and story, but for its amazing replay value. There are so many ways you can play this game; Good, Evil, Neutral, Angelical, Insane, or you can just be a dick to everyone. Its the way you can change the story through different decisions you make every other minute that sets this game out from the rest. Aside from this, the characters themselves have been given a great deal of depth, and will actually remember things you've told them. You find yourself growing attached to certain characters, and growing to hate some others. In all, this game is a great game, even to play just once, and I'd high recommend giving it a try.


Adventure 2.0

lingocode | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all lingocode's reviews »

This game has a lot to offer: an engaging story, good voice acting, replayability through various choices. This is less about puzzles and more about choices - interacting with the world as a character rather than collecting objects to progress. Action parts are not too complicated - they are doable and automatically replayable. In many ways this gameplay style, combined with the impact of choices, reminded me of The Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit - a good old game also with various timed choice elements, except here there is not always a "right" way to play. Extremely engaging, extremely real. This breathes new life into the genre and will hopefully attract new fans to the artistic side of computer games.


Telltale nailed it!

BEEFSTEW | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all BEEFSTEW's reviews »

After buying the season pass when the content was episodic, the wait for the next part of this game was torture, I am jealous of anyone who hasn't played this game yet simply because I'd love to play it again with without any knowledge of the story. If you are not interested in story driven point and click game play this is not for you, but the simplicity of the controls and the ability to use the XBOX 360 controller seamlessly opens this up to an audience that doesn't have to be well versed in fast paced, precision gaming. Instead of the usual blockbuster style stories in games this is more likened to watching a TV series in which you control the dialogue and actions of one character (Lee Everett). The graphics aren't amazing but yet are not a hindrance and never does it disconnect you from the game that it is of cel-shaded style. The sound and visuals even have the ability to ramp up the tension when it wants and does well to adequately portray the dangerous world of a zombie apocalypse. The choices of dialogue influence the way other characters react to you, how scenarios play out and most of all are remembered by the game and can come back to bite you! Your actions can literally mean life or death for some of the cast. You really start to feel for the characters or sometimes despise and it is a real testament to the love Telltale Games put into this how emotive you could become playing a video game. The slight disappointment I had is how some parts of the story do have to happen no matter how you play through, but that is just a small blip on what is a wonderful experience.



Xillion | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all Xillion's reviews »

You play as Lee-everett. The world is facing a crisis with nearly everyone turning into zombies. Your job is to protect Clementine from any harm. You make all the choices (which is my favorite mechanic in the game). The game plays more of a visual novel but is still worth it for the story. The art style is really unique. Overall, i highly recommend picking this up along with the 400 days dlc.


Clementine? Where are you, Clementine?!

Guardian412 | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

The Walking Dead is one of the best example that if you can tell a story well with interesting and well developed characters and good dialogues, everything else can be a secondary element, even the gameplay. TWD is not really an adventure game, but mostly an interactive movie which is told extremely well. The episodic presentation is great, so as the cartoonish cell shaded art which is giving an excellent atmosphere for this game. My only problem is that the choices are too illusive and doesn't have real effect on most parts of the game. Yes, some choices has interesting effects, but most of them are just an illusion. But if you can accept this, you'll definitely enjoy this five episode long story. Honestly, after the hype this game got, I didn't want to like it at all. I don't like overhyped and highly praised games as most of those are just a well created marketing campaign with a zero product behind them. But The Walking Dead is one of those rare examples which completely deserves all the praising, all the awards, all the hype. It's one of the very rare examples where you can and will love the main or even the secondary characters. All their motives are clear, all their dialogues are fantastic, all their emotions are so real. I highly recommend this game to those who can enjoy and love character centric stories and a great storytelling as The Walking Dead is one of the finest in it's genre.


One of the best Adventure titles in recent days

Gseff | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all Gseff's reviews »

The game is more of an interactive novel than a game, it doesn't require you to button mash or create unique combos to dispatch your zombie foes. The Walking Dead game just requires you to take yourself on the journey of the storyline, brilliantly done with some of the most well written characters and dialogue sequences since Monkey Island and Dragon Age: Origins.


You don't just play the game, you experience it

Daishij | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all Daishij's reviews »

The Walking Dead is a beautiful game and it's one of the few games that manage to drag you into the world and create an emotional bond. It doesn't have photorealistic graphics, instead it uses a cartoon-ish graphics style, which I reckon to be very appealing (even though it sometimes feels a little bit unpolished). The story telling and the characters in the game are definitely top notch, especially the choices one has to make are emotionally touching, which I've never experienced in a video game before.


The Walking Dead

extremewonton | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all extremewonton's reviews »

The story is very well done. Overall an excellent game. I would not say it is a "game" but more of a interactive story. One of my top favorite games for sure.


Great adventure game without stupid puzzles

Fichox | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all Fichox's reviews »

Finally some great adventure with bigger emphasis on story than on very hard and illogical puzzles that include searching for many differnet objects on the screen. Many other adventure games have great story but the story sometimes fades away because of the puzzles. In Walking dead that's not the case. This games is focused on it's biggest streght (story) and every other element of the game is put in the background. Puzzles are very easy and if you're new to the genre there is difficulty that's showing you everything that you can interact on the screen so you can focus and enjoy the story and dialogues. Dialouges are main part of the game in which you choose between 3 different answers. This answers than change the story you play. The story is not changed dramaticaly based on your answers but it's changed enough that you feel that you're the main protagonist of this game. Thank's to that you sympatize with the protagonist and other NPC's that you encounter in the game. While almost perfect, the game has some tehnical flaws like: graphical bugs, interruption of dialogue between NPC's so you can miss some important thing.


You'll have heard about this

RadiatorFanboy | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all RadiatorFanboy's reviews »

It's difficult to write something that says something different from everyone else. Well thought out characters and a story that you are never sure of what direction it can go which is great as is keeps you on edge and quite invested into the characters. I started playing this after seeing reviews and a lot of acclaim both from "professionals" and users, I would agree with most people that is was a creation that involved dramatic issues like children and exposes them to the horrors of the world. Although it may not be the "game" experience people want it is an experience non the less that I do recommend.


For anyone that enjoys an excellent story

FearlessHobo | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all FearlessHobo's reviews »

If there were ever a game that could tell a better story than a book, television show, or movie... THIS game would be it. This game will keep you entertained, taking you through a wide range of emotions, and leave you wanting more.


An experience to have.

ian0delond | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all ian0delond's reviews »

Not really a game, more of a interactive movie. The actions are really limited and the choices you make are the half of The Walking Dead. Because the choices are never easy. You cannot be block by the enigmas, almost disappointing for a Point n’ Click. There is QTE in it, sad in a wrong way. But whatever the rest is just so good. The graphics are not mind blowings, but it doesn’t affect the experience. After finishing the first season I had a feeling in my guts that I rarely have. The second episode is probably the best of the season in my opinion, but the season does not have a bad episode. The Walking Dead is a great experience to have.


Great Game!

borgiswa | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all borgiswa's reviews »

Until I started playing The Walking Dead, I didn't have a very good relationship with point and click video games. The ones I played had a mediocre story at best, and there were no significant action segments to keep you involved. The Walking Dead changed my opinion. The game really immerses you within the story - and the story is not one to be missed. It also throws enough action at you so that you do not feel bored. I look forward to Season 2!


Great Game!

friendbear | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all friendbear's reviews »

This game is the best 3d game about zombies I have ever played. The into is descriptive in the best way possible. The story is mysterious enough to not give everything away, but still keep you wanting to learn more about the character. Its very interactive and the user can choose what happens. There are lots of endings and this is the perfect game if you every want to play an exciting adventure game. Its a good story, great background, great soundtracks, and generally a good game. However, the concept of this game (zombies, fighting zombies, guns, etc) is overused.


The best adventure game I've played in 35 years!

jdwohlever | July 31, 2013 | See all jdwohlever's reviews »

Just finished the game "The Walking Dead" by TellTale Games. Link: Wow. first game I've ever played with that much emotion and character. Almost made me cry at a few parts. Amazing game. And some people think games will never be as powerful as books or movies, pah! Try playing this game and seeing if it isn't as good or better than a lot of movies an books out there. I spent almost twenty hours on an amazing story that cost me $15 Show me a movie that can give me twenty hours of solid entertainment for $15. Thinking of getting the DLC "400 Days". It's only $5. I hear they are going to make a season two of this game. I'll definitely pick it up when they do. I can not recommend this game enough. However, not for little kids, as it has a lot of adult decisions and situations. No nudity, but the subject matter (Zombies), the story, and the violence are pretty gritty. Also the language can use a lot of 4 letter words at times. My advice if you've never played it? Stick with a decision once you've made it, even if it's a bad decision, because all decisions in the game alter the game, and everyone makes bad decisions, and in this game a bad idea can turn out to be a good idea later. Can not wait until Season 2!



jdwohlever | July 31, 2013 | See all jdwohlever's reviews »

Just finished the game "The Walking Dead" by TellTale Games. Link: Wow. first game I've ever played with that much emotion and character. Almost made me cry at a few parts. Amazing game. And some people think games will never be as powerful as books or movies, pah! Try playing this game and seeing if it isn't as good or better than a lot of movies an books out there. I spent almost twenty hours on an amazing story that cost me $15 Show me a movie that can give me twenty hours of solid entertainment for $15. Thinking of getting the DLC "400 Days". It's only $5. I hear they are going to make a season two of this game. I'll definitely pick it up when they do. I can not recommend this game enough. However, not for little kids, as it has a lot of adult decisions and situations. No nudity, but the subject matter (Zombies), the story, and the violence are pretty gritty. Also the language can use a lot of 4 letter words at times. My advice if you've never played it? Stick with a decision once you've made it, even if it's a bad decision, because all decisions in the game alter the game, and everyone makes bad decisions, and in this game a bad idea can turn out to be a good idea later.


One adventure you don't want to miss

zipnox | July 30, 2013 | See all zipnox's reviews »

The Walking Dead is a game that will eat away at you for many hours, it's an adventure game set in a post apocalyptic setting where most of the human population has been turned into mindless zombies. This game is very well thought out and played in an episodic setting, the choices you make during your playthrough carry over between the episodes and changes the outcome of certain events and dialogues. The characters are truly well made, you will start to care for your friends and loathe your enemies, the soundtrack is great and the voice-acting is stellar. The game is made with a comic book look that works perfectly for the setting. The only downside to the game is the somewhat clunky movement, but you get used to it after a while. This game is fantastic, I'd recommend it to you even if you never liked adventure games. It's not your every day point & click.


One of the Best Story Games out there!!

sakke31 | July 27, 2013 | See all sakke31's reviews »

I enyojed The Walking Dead to every last bit of it. To talk to everyone and hear there version of the situation, is a really "fun". I think that best bit of the game is the story and the characters. The Walking Dead is a point and click adventure. If you have played Back To The Future The Game(also by TellTales) you will be familiar with the gamelpay, but Walking Dead. Thogh Walking Dead is much more improved and more "Open World". I had some problems with the game (Haven't heard that this have occurd for anyone else). My game didn't save my choice, and in a game that is some what based on the choices you make. But it didn't have any more glithes what i could see. so i think every one who loves a good story with wtf?! moments. WORTH IT


Great adventure interactive

Everton1992 | July 26, 2013 | See all Everton1992's reviews »

The truth exceeded my expectations. There is an adventure game, but rather an interactive adventure, which is based on a story well spun, making that change in the course of the game and where you get involved in the characters as part of them. An ending that left me perplexed, although had notions of what it would be, but being there, was speechless and perplexed by what happened in the final scene. Recommended? Of course, if you love games with a good story. Technically meets? In part, it saves the artistic style comic style, but it's a game that's graphically poor. And Season two will meet expectations? This is where comes the dilemma, and I doubt not comply with the first, but the wow factor and the end of it will be remembered for long. Telltale Games Great job, and thanks for providing one of those games you remember every time you read or let's play.


An actual adventure game that is fun.

MichalM | July 25, 2013 | See all MichalM's reviews »

TWD was actually my first ever adventure game with such a interesting world and characters. Maybe that's why it was my Top 1 game of 2012. TWD is somehow based on a comic-book created by Robert Kirkman, BTW he also is one of the directors of very popular around the world TV show The Walking Dead (Season 4 is coming soon, yay!). Back to the game, graphics are okay, Telltale games uses they own engine that already was in use in Back to the future episode game series, it's okay and actually it fits very well with the whole world in the game, not too much colors but enough to make a good look of the enviroment. Sounds are okay, voice acting is perfectly created. The game itself is for around 10-11h, most of them are talks or some kind of rail shoting or running sequences. But if you are a fan of TWD franchise overall, you have to play it, Forget about Survival Instinct, buy this. It will make your day.


A tale that you will enjoy.

ADUAN | July 24, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

A tale of a man who struggles along with a group of people, as well as taking care of a child he found might not sound like the greatest game, but Telltale's The Walking Dead manages to do it. They managed to capture the feeling of being trapped and forced to work together in a zombie apocalypse well. With characters that you will love and character that you will hate, this is one of the games that you will need to play.


Revolutionary Concept

Alexanderzx360 | July 23, 2013 | See all Alexanderzx360's reviews »

This games takes all the things we knew about Point and Click adventures, changes it, and makes it a perfect game that anyone, even people who is not a fan of The Walking Dead or Point and Click Adventures, will enjoy. Worth it every penny


Great Story, but the concept of "Choices" is a Little Misleading

Azralynn | July 22, 2013 | See all Azralynn's reviews »

So, I'll start off by saying I loved the game throughout my entire first play-through. The characters, the story, and the dialog were great. The adventure was awesome - it's a point and click adventure style game, so there's a lot of cut scenes, which I enjoyed. The idea of the choices was really appealing to me and I thought carefully for each decision that I made. However, after completing the game, I went back and started a new game, only to realize my decisions weren't as important as I had thought they would be, so much so that it wasn't worth completing a second time. The game is enjoyable, and well worth playing once. It was a worthwhile purchase, and I will for sure be buying the next one when it comes out.


TellTale Games with another point-and-click winner!

F4T4LV0iD | July 22, 2013 | See all F4T4LV0iD's reviews »

With the success of The Walking Dead TV series, it was only a matter of time before video games would capitalize on this, and thankfully Telltale Games got their claws into this series. With previous point-and-click winners such as the Sam & Max series and Monkey Island, I was a little wary of how they'd handle the gruesome and serious aspect of The Walking Dead world. They hit the nail on the head perfectly. The storytelling is great, the character progression is spectacular and the whole atmosphere is epic. It's games like this that are re-paving the way for Point-and-Click adventure games once again, and a bonus is you don't have to be familiar with the show at all to jump right in and enjoy this game. You really click with the characters in this game, and there are times when you have to make some really tough choices that may or may not come back to haunt you. This is the epitome of modern-day point-and-click adventures and you should do yourself the favor of playing this excellent game.


Excellent game

udolpho | July 22, 2013 | See all udolpho's reviews »

This is the first point and click adventure game I've played for a while, and it really is an excellent episodic game. The storytelling is superb and you become heavily invested emotionally in the lives of all the characters, especially Clementine. Can't wait for season 2!


Game of the decade

logicbomb | July 20, 2013 | See all logicbomb's reviews »

The most fun I have had playing a single player game in forever. When you finish it and look back and say why did I enjoy that so much? All I did was a few simple puzzles and made some decisions. The story is amazing and the choices you make shape your story. Though it's not as drastic as they make it out to be, it's still fun to play back thru and change your choices to see how things play out. Great game that is a great deal at $25 and a steal at the sale price I am sure most people will pay for it.



HowieGaming | July 18, 2013 | See all HowieGaming's reviews »

I absolutely LOVED the story in this game. All the choices that you make throughout the playthrough definitely make you feel more attached to all the characters. Your choices impact the events that happen in the game. The game is filled with funny moments as well as absolutely heart wrenching moments. Even if you've never been interested in the Walking Dead (like me before playing this game), please try it out. You won't be disappointed! You need to buy this. It's amazing.


Definitely play at least once

hajalie24 | July 16, 2013 | See all hajalie24's reviews »

I really liked this game. There's not much gameplay, but a lot of story. A lot of the time you'll be trying to solve obstacles in your way, and you'll also be making a lot of moral decisions. Whether to do this or that, save this person or the other person, or just straight up kill someone. My only problem is your decisions don't really change the story much, in the end the outcome is going to be the same.


Excellent story, bad gameplay

mugaro | July 16, 2013 | See all mugaro's reviews »

Pros: The story is very good and worth paying attention to. Great voice acting, it branches off and gives you game altering decisions (save someone's life or let them die impacts the rest of the game, siding with someone or against them impacts their mood later). I grew to hate most of the characters (except Clem) for whatever faults they showed, but ultimately they were showing human faults. It was some good story telling. The voice acting is great, the actors don't read off the script so it definitely showed some depth. Cons: I hate the gameplay. Every room makes me examine the lock, search for keys, talk to someone about the keys, then pick the lock, go through some button smash to get the door open. Just play the game for me. Stop making me aim the reticule for shooting people in certain areas. I hated looking for some clue in a dark room, it just got in the way of the story. Most annoying of all was when I knew exactly what needed to be done, but I had to solve the puzzle in the exact sequence they wanted me to to advance to the next area. The gun shooting was interesting in terms of story telling, but not any fun to actually do. The gameplay was a huge turnoff, I wish it was less interactive and did everything for me, like a real TV show. I'm not even trying to sound like lazy, the gameplay isn't interesting enough that I want to do it, it's tedious and annoying. Overall, if you like good storytelling, you'll like this. I've never seen the TV show, but playing this made me add it to queue on netflix.


A Surprisingly Delightful Game. NOT a shooter!

Kremlin_Krusher | July 16, 2013 | See all Kremlin_Krusher's reviews »

To be clear, this game is not a zombie shooter (although there are points in the game where you get to fire a few guns). This a game where you make decisions that will affect your gameplay later down the road. At first I was disappointed that this game was not a zombie shooter, but then came to be glad it wasn't so. The Walking Dead wasn't meant to be a zombie shooter. This game and the show are about telling a story. And this game has a great story to tell. I'd recommend that you pick up this game for the story alone. This game is like the show, bad things happen and you'll have to make hard choices. That will help or hurt you later in the game. Gave it a solid 83 because it's a great story but there are certain points that are fixed and I did not like that I didn't have the option of perusing that path.


A Masterpiece in Game Storytelling and Player Involvement.

IcemanO11 | July 16, 2013 | See all IcemanO11's reviews »

The Walking Dead has been one of the few adaptations in recent history to equal or even surpass the media which spawned it. Lee Everett is a character which may or may not grow on you, but the choices you make as Lee are what will define your perception of both him and yourself. This is what makes the Walking Dead so interesting. Occasional puzzles and gunplay break things up, but the choices are the real test in what you are prepared to do. No spoilers, but you will have to make some very difficult choices along the way, and the sense of loss that you feel is palpable, after building up the history which makes the game so appealing. The only real flaw in the mix would be that re-playability is a bit scarce. The only draw being that you can see the results of other choices, but the path itself that Lee must follow is set. If you like a story... Play it. That's it.


One of the most intense experiences in videogaming

darkyhbk | July 15, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

The Walking Dead is all about storytelling. It features complex characters placed in impossible situations, it's all about tough, quick decisions and it is, ultimately, a study of human nature and behaviour. The gameplay is very simple and straightforward, using an intuitive interface to have you explore environments and collect items, and solve a few, very easy puzzles. These alternate with action sequences with quick time events, targeting a place on the screen quickly, or some shooting. All this is very fast paced and created an atmosphere like few games ever do, but it would still be nothing without the wonderfully written, superbly acted characters. The writing is spot on, and the fact that it has almost no link to the TV Series is a very good thing, allowing development in another direction. The music is perfectly dosed and chosen, and the graphics are cartoonish, but fit the game really, really well. In a nutshell, TWD is a fantastic experience for any gamers, and of course a delight for TWD universe fans.


The new benchmark for Story Telling

lkRaven | July 13, 2013 | See all lkRaven's reviews »

I was never really interested in this game first. But I heard lot of good things about the story and decided to get it off the GMG sale and I am very happy that I did. The graphics is very different from other main stream games and the game play is elements are simple. The fact that there is a timer for each dialog option forced you to be 100% on attention to thing happening in the game. But the real star of the show here is the story telling. The characters, voice acting and the development of the story all culminate into one awesome package. The game adapts to your in-game decisions and the story is presented in a way that has never been experienced in a game before. I wish I can tell you all the cool things that affect the story and how it develops, but that would force me into spoilers which would ruin the experience. Verdict: Get this game no matter what genre you like, this is a one of a kind game.


Benchmark for Episodic story telling

lkRaven | July 10, 2013 | See all lkRaven's reviews »

I was not much excited about this game when it initially came out. However the positive reactions to this game wanted me to try it out. Then I found this for a bargain on GMG and I immediately fell in love with it. The game play although somewhat slow is very immersive. The graphics have the cell shaded cartoony look that looks really cool and there aren't many games that have this kind of art direction.But its none of this that propels the game beyond good games into greatness. Its the story and how its being presented. I cannot explain much without giving into any spoilers. Therefore I will keep it short. Its the benchmark for episodic story telling from now on.


A worthwhile experience despite being barely a game

spdrmnfn | July 9, 2013 | See all spdrmnfn's reviews »

This game is just so unique in that it succeeds as being an engaging interactive experience but fails in providing much in the way of fun gameplay. I liked "The Walking Dead" like I enjoy a good TV show. The story is gripping and the characters are meaningful. This game should definitely be a experienced by everybody. It's just too bad that the game couldn't maintain a consistent level of quality throughout the entire campaign. Some moments were very slow and some lock and key sequences got very tired. There was little challenge in any parts of the game and you don't really get that satisfaction from completing any of the tasks. I feel like that's what really separates video games from other mediums of entertainment. The other small complaint is that decisions don't really change much of the game other than immediate outcomes. There are no branching paths and no permanent consequences other than stats at the end. I don't mean to rail on the title so much. It's still worth playing for all the same reasons you'd want to read a good book or watch a good movie. I just think it could have been even better with a little bit more "gameness" infused.


Amazing point and click adventure

sonarctica | July 9, 2013 | See all sonarctica's reviews »

This is a great game if you love story driven games... this game isn't just about killing zombies like every other zombie game out there, it's about the characters in it and how they develop. One of the best games out there in my honest opinion, well worth the money.


Best game of 2012

spycid | July 8, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

This game got the maximum number of awards for one reason and that is gripping and strong storyline. In the age of graphics and gameplay oriented games, Telltale seems to do the unthinkable by making a strong game adapted from comics and inspired from tv series. This is a must play for all gamers as there is a reason this game is called the best game in recent memory.



victoreassis | July 8, 2013 | See all victoreassis's reviews »

I'm feel like the character in self. The game do the job with amazing immersive story. The first adventure game I played, and there will be more after this wonderfull experience.


An Amazing, but Simple Adventure

greendayrulestc | July 7, 2013 | See all greendayrulestc's reviews »

It took me a while to actually begin to boot up The Walking Dead. I purchased it back in December, but could never get around to it. Boy, do I feel stupid. Right when you start up The Walking Dead, you're in a police car, accused of a crime you may or may not have committed. It's a great start to the game, as in the apocalypse, your previous life means next to nothing. Then, the gameplay begins, you're just shot into the world when the police car swerves out of control. You have to figure out how to break out of the car, and this is where the "adventure" part of the game begins. While puzzles are fairly simple throughout the game, that's not what you're going to be caring about here. For the most part, you're going to want to explore every detail about the characters. Instead of just solving the fairly simple puzzles, you want to talk to all the characters, to get every bit of dialogue. My only gripe with the game is a typically TellTale problem, lip-syncing. Oftentimes, it's off, but it's overshadowed by this awesome story.


Story is Amazing

stormbakker | July 7, 2013 | See all stormbakker's reviews »

The story in this game was so good, it overcomes the gameplay problems. You will get attached to characters and it will make you sad when you have to make touch choices. Only negative that I found is the gameplay itself can be tiresome at times. However the story keeps you motivated and going. Sometimes clues can be kind of annoying to find. As a point and click adventure, it holds it own. I'd give it a 10/10 on story and an 8/10 for gameplay. A must buy for anyone who wants to watch/play an amazing story.


A story not a game

SethGrey | July 7, 2013 | See all SethGrey's reviews »

The simplest way I can review this game is by stating that it's a story rather then a game. Granted how exactly the story progresses is up to you and the choices you make. I'm going to try to keep this spoiler free since obviously spoilers ruin the point of this game. Walking Dead is a interactive adventure story where you take on the role of Lee, a convict is convicted of the murder of his wife, but when the Zombie Apocalypse hits he gains his freedom into a whole new cruel world. While there isn't really that much game-play the story makes up for it. It's a deep and compelling stories with interesting characters, and while it's not always obvious on your first play-through even small choices can have an effect on who lives and who dies. The art style almost feels like a comic book style art, which works in the games favor. The style helps to easily portray character's emotion and feelings, and it also means computers that don't have the most power can still run the game rather smoothly. It's definitely worth a play through if the ending hasn't been spoiled for you, and even if it has, well you can always carve your own story in the game, but it's hard to give this game a number rating, just remember if you're not into deep compelling stories this game likely isn't for you.


A really thrilling game

Robster99 | July 7, 2013 | See all Robster99's reviews »

some of the parts where u have to act quick i get really scared and freek out and its hard to pass but most of all i like how u can pick what u want to say and choose what kind of person u want to be.


Probably one of the best stories in any game

grunts00 | July 5, 2013 | See all grunts00's reviews »

I absolutely LOVED the story in this game. All the choices that you make throughout the playthrough definitely make you feel more attached to all the characters. Your choices impact the events that happen in the game. The game is filled with funny moments as well as absolutely heart wrenching moments. Even if you've never been interested in the Walking Dead (like me before playing this game), please try it out. You won't be disappointed!


Gaming as an artform

ConorEngelb | July 5, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

The absolute best part of this game is the story. It elevates this computer game to a work of art, playing on your feelings and really testing your moral centre. Within 10 minutes of starting the game, I had to pause and walk around the house for another 10 minutes, contemplating how I was going to react to the situation in-game. And I still don't sleep well as a result of it. No other game, to my knowledge, tests your morals in this way. A+ writing, definitely worth picking it up.


Choose your own adventure!

Arthmael77 | July 5, 2013 | See all Arthmael77's reviews »

This game reminds me of the title's namesake. I remember LOVING these books as a kid. It made me feel like I had control over the story. Due to this nature, it creates the ability to play the game over and over, which isn't typical for most games these days, especially story based ones. I'm already on my third play-through, and I'm loving finding little things I didn't see before. The voice acting is great, and most of the characters are interesting. The only draw back for me at times, is you don't have true full control. Some activities you are forced to participate in, even if you're dead set against it. Especially with multiple play-throughs, I try and really push things in one direction, but to no avail. There are minor issues like the talking being out of sync, but it is rare and doesn't take me out of it too much. I remember noticing the same stuff with cartoons I watched as a child, so I just take it in stride. Overall, it is one of the most enjoyable video game experiences I've had in a long time, and I am so looking forward to Season 2, and the newly released episode.


I will protect her no matter what...

Pradlik | July 4, 2013 | See all Pradlik's reviews »

Clementine really is a character you'll love like being her own parent and this will make the experience from the game even stronger. Walking Dead itself is more like a movie than a game. You just decide about some situations and characters and collect just few necessary items for progressing. However the story is the strongest in zombie genre and maybe among all games, so I can only recommend.


Awesome game, MUST BUY!

Shady15 | July 4, 2013 | See all Shady15's reviews »

I heard so many people talking positive about The Walking Dead that I had to try it out. So I bought it with a nice discount at Greenmangaming. The install worked great, just add the key to Steam and install the game. The graphics look pretty good and are in a comic style. The voice acting in this game is also amazing and in combination with the excellent story telling, this game really sucks you in to The Walking Dead. Since the game is all about story, I won't talk about it, since I don't want to spoil. When I played I just want to keep playing to see what would happen in the next episode. The story adjust itself by the choices you make, though some events will always happen, no matter what choice you make. That is the reason I dont give the game the full 100 points. The game contains the entire first season with all 5 episodes. If you like a good story, The Walking Dead, poin and click adventures, comics, then this is the game for you!


Terrible gameplay is justified by fantastic story

kubqo | July 4, 2013 | See all kubqo's reviews »

Walking Dead is zombie adventure by Telltale games based on the comics. First of all, the thing that differentiate Walking Dead from other zombie franchises is that it focuses on human relationships rather than zombie killing. This game succeeds in doing so and in a fantastic way. You face a lots of moral choices whether you are time limited or not. However gameplay is bad even for an adventure game. Puzzles are either simple as taking a lollipop from baby or you just have to try loads of combinations. Also, my Q key still has not forgiven me for abusing it during many quick-time events. Replayability can be disappointing as well, because you figure out that the choices you made, were not that important and outcome is quite similar to the first playthrough.


Truly amazing game.

sixfeet | July 3, 2013 | See all sixfeet's reviews »

The greatest, heart wrenching and visceral story ever delivered through game. More than a game, especially seeing as it is basically an interactive story with your control limited to moving the character, interacting with characters and objects and a few quick time events. You play as Lee, a man that is trying to find redemption through taking care of an adorable child called Clementine through a zombie apocalypse. Meeting many characters from deplorable, to truly heroic to totally conflicted. No game will ever have you demonstrating such a rainbow of emotions, including ultimately with the decisions you yourself make in order to survive and protect Clementine. Utterly amazing writing.


I cried like a little girl

anto103 | July 3, 2013 | See all anto103's reviews »

Probably one of the best games I've played this year. I've never had any interest in The Walking Dead series before this game.


Character-driven Brilliance

TCass29 | July 3, 2013 | See all TCass29's reviews »

The Walking Dead is an interesting game purely from a gameplay standpoint. It's a 3rd person adventure semi-point and click "puzzle" game...with zombies. The focus of the game is to get to safety and foster relationships among your group of travelers. This is where the game shines. I have never felt such a connection to a video game character as I do to Clementine. A game that can evoke such raw emotion from you is a great game...and this does that.


Warning Hard choices

simodeso | July 3, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

As the title says, if you don't like to make hard choices well.. this game is not for you! :) For me is the best adventure game that i ever played in my life.. it's more than a AAA game it's pure awesomeness. Great story and super ending that makes you cry a bit :) At the ending of each chapter you will see a graphic of what choices did the other people, so with this game you can have an idea of the feelings and ideas that have the videogamers. ( be prepared in case of a zombie-apocalypse) They released a dlc today that i'm absolutely going to play :) so give a try to this awesome game you won't regret :)


Best story driven game I have ever played

Denair | July 3, 2013 | See all Denair's reviews »

Over the years I have come to appreciate a great story that goes along with the game play. Sadly, that is very rare. Then comes along this game! The story drew me in and it was the only game I could play until it was done. I spent so many long hours just sitting at the computer exploring and making my way through the game.


Best story driven game I have ever played

Denair | July 3, 2013 | See all Denair's reviews »

Over the years I have come to appreciate a great story that goes along with the game play. Sadly, that is very rare. Then comes along this game! The story drew me in and it was the only game I could play until it was done. I spent so many long hours just sitting at the computer exploring and making my way through the game.


Emotional Powerhouse

DocNuka | July 3, 2013 | See all DocNuka's reviews »

The Walking Dead has one of the best stories in a game. Ever. The story Telltale has crafted is emotional, and in every episode the story is impressive. There is no humorous bits, just nonstop bleak zombie fiction which manages to immerse and invest the player deeply in the story. This makes character deaths all the more heartbreaking, and the story all the better. There are multiple choices to make in each episode, and unlike many games they actually matter, instead of just saying "You're bad." or "You did the good thing." Almost all of the choices you make aren't black-and-white decisions, every choice has equal merits and is equally plausible. However, there are some graphical hiccups even on the PC, and some of the textures can look a bit off. However, unless you are an extreme graphic-phile, this is a must-get game for anyone wanting an incredible story. You don't even have to have watched the TV show, as I hadn't, and I still found it incredible.


Not a fan of zombies? Don't let that deter you!

GNordell | July 3, 2013 | See all GNordell's reviews »

Damn this game is hard to put down! Each time a new episode comes out, I play through it immediately. I bought the game for $15 and after the final episode, will have put in about 15 hours. Considering I'll play through it again with different choices, I'd say it's a hell of a bargain. If it ever goes on sale for less, but it immediately!! It might not be everyone's cup of tea. It can be slow, but it's always entertaining. Give it a shot! I can't believe how many times this game has actually made me feel such strong emotions for decisions I make impacting fictional characters. It really messes with your sense of morality. Sometimes I want to mess around with it, but my conscious stops me. How many games do you know where your conscious stops you from making poor decisions!? Truly an outstanding game!


A Gaming Experience Not To Be Missed

BelowTheSun | July 2, 2013 | See all BelowTheSun's reviews »

Telltale has struck gold here, pure and simple. The Walking Dead is the most involving, emotional, and satisfying game I have ever played. I've seen a lot of debate online about whether this actually qualifies as a game (which it does), since the gameplay is minimal, but I'll ignore all that, and focus on the game itself. The Walking Dead dumps you in the shoes of Lee Everett, in the back of a police car on the way to jail, when the zombie apocalypse happens. Saying much more other than Lee finds himself looking after an orphaned young girl and joins with a group of other survivors would spoil the joy of The Walking Dead - the story. The gameplay is incredibly basic. You point and click at things. Zombie encounters take the form of quick-time events, and conversations have a Bioware-style choice of several options. But choose what to say quickly - take too long and Lee simply won't say anything, and the characters in-game will react to that as a valid dialogue choice. These conversations are definately the focus of the game. They're well-scripted and well acted. Every character has multiple layers, they're all interesting in their own right. If you have a soul you'll become attatched to these characters emotionally - personally, the ending of this game is one of the most emotionally devastating things I have ever seen. I can't stress enough how good the writing is in this game. Anyone that likes anything good will like this game. Graphically, The Walking Dead takes most of its inspiration from the comic books of the same name. Other than small cameos, the story does not focus on characters from the comics or tv series - instead, Telltale have created a group of new characters that fit seamlessly into The Walking Dead's world. This is a very pretty game. It doesn't have the huge, realistic worlds of an Elder Scrolls game, but the art is excellent and fitting to the overall mood. This is not a game to be missed.


Very Good Story, Nearly Non-Existant Gameplay

ghmoose | June 28, 2013 | See all ghmoose's reviews »

Honestly, the title mostly sums it up. If you've played many dialog heavy RPGs, imagine those without that pesky gameplay portions. All dialog, all the time. OK, not quite, there are brief interludes of shooting and fairly lightweight adventure sections that are approachable and serve to communicate the story nicely. There's also the occasional QTE - "press this button now, no, press it more!" - which I could do without but aren't used so much they annoy me terribly. I thought there were a few too many discussions with timers as well. That being said, I think it's a good modernization of the adventure game genre, and it's about time that happened. Make no mistake, the story is a good one. Very engaging. The worst thing I have to say about it is that some of the dialog broke my engagement with the game because there were a few options where I couldn't really express my desires accurately. Also, it just doesn't branch as much as I'd like so the replay motivation just isn't there. My score reflects the plot almost exclusively - which I think is only appropriate because my favorite adventure games have been more 'interactive fiction' than 'game' to me anyway.


Pure awesome

akasam | June 26, 2013 | See all akasam's reviews »

This game is really great. Ive watched and read the walking dead series so this was a must have for me. The game is extremely good in its storytelling and execution of events that change game play and of course the voice acting, Telltale is awesome and everyone should at least experience this game once.


More than a game

Eravital | June 24, 2013 | See all Eravital's reviews »

The Walking Dead is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. A beautiful story that changes depending on your own choices. It has some of the most emotional and tense moments you'll find anywhere, even compared to movies and books. The graphics is similar to a comic but still manages to make the characters real thanks to amazing voice acting. If you are even slightly interested in the concept of a zombie survival game. Then you have to play this.


A real gamebook in the walking dead universe.

zhack075 | June 24, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

I didn't know what to expect from this game the first time I launched it but the reviews where true, this game is a masterpiece. The story takes place in the comics universe, for those who don't read it, basically, everything takes place near Atlanta right after the zombie apocalypse started. As in the comics, the zombies are only here to create an atmosphere in which human relation become much more complex as humans become much more dangerous than the dead. I'm not found of point'n click games, yet I really enjoyed playing this one. Eveything is dynamic, no days spent trying to combine items to find the solution, the game is simple and focuses on character and storyline as every choice you make impact on the following events during the game. To sum it up, this game is much more like a gamebook than a point'n click. Pros : very great character, epic storyline, simple but really deep, great replayability. Cons : The only point I would mention are the graphics. Even if they are mostly great, they are sometimes messy and some visual bugs happened sometimes but in general everything's fine. If you like point'click or if you want to play a great story driven game, go ahead, this game is trully a masterpiece.


GOTY for sure.

silentshade | June 21, 2013 | See all silentshade's reviews »

One of the best stories in a game, makes you feel for the characters and regret your hard decisions even though you know in your heart it was the right choice. Speaking of the right choice, the right choice is to buy this now!



Kaminda | June 17, 2013 | See all Kaminda's reviews »

Great game, amazing story with characters you care about and want to protect. Don't be put off by the point and click gameplay like I was at first it's a perfect way to tell an engaging story.


Telltale's Most Engaging Game So Far

thegaminglyfe | June 17, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Telltale has released some amazing point and click games. Some of them are better than The Walking Dead, but none are as immersive. The Walking Dead sucks you and keeps you in the world of Lee Everett. You start the game in the back of a cop car and immediately the game sucks you in and makes you wonder why your character was arrested. There are lots of different characters in the world, each with their own personality and views on the zombies. When you talk to people there are multiple choices of what to say and everything you say matters. For example, no spoilers, if a character talks to you for the first time and you freak him out with what you are saying, he might keep that image of you. And later on in the game if you need his help, he probably won't give it to you. As for the combat, there's not much in place. Mostly click on the knife and then the zombies head. Hit a button or 2. But it's still very cinematic and fun to watch. The graphics look nice, just like the comics and add to already amazing mood and atmosphere of the game. Same with the top-notch sound. The voice acting isn't perfect but it's amazing considering how bad it was for some Telltale games in the past. Highly recommended to anyone who likes story development as a big aspect in the games they play. And if you're sick of all the shoot-em-up zombie games and want a game that really focuses on what it's like being in the middle of a zombie invasion.


Waiting for the second season

MarcoCav | June 17, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

The Walking Dead is an interactive adventure set in the fascinating and desolate world of Robert Kirkman, made famous by the television series. Thanks to its powerful story and gameplay experience with a strong emotional charge, the Telltale's game really deserves to be lived.


Somethin beautifull!!

Matis221 | June 17, 2013 | See all Matis221's reviews »

The storyline, gameplay, comic-style graphic. Everything in this game is awesome. The way how story goes, your choices, very difficult choices. The zombie apocalypse never played so hard on our emotions. This game is perfectly prepared adventure game in Telltale Games style. It's just epic, everyone must play it. It can't be described in words, you have to see it with your own eyes.


Walking Dead Is A Great Zombie Adventure

ravestar | June 16, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

I had never watch the TV series or even read the book. So this was my first exposure to the Walking Dead. At first, it was kind of boring, but things really started to become interesting after the first plot twist. The characters are well developed and likeable. Obviously this is a zombie game so the main mission is to fight zombies and look for resources. The Walking Dead Game is a great story about choices and characters. Decisions you make in the early parts will come back to help or haunt you later on. The excellent storytelling carry the game through the average and basic gameplay. The presentation is realistic with quality voice acting and facial expressions. . If you love zombie and adventure games, this is a great buy for the price. I'm now a fan of the series and look forward to the next installement of the game.


Not like any other.

Liverpool1971 | June 16, 2013 | See all Liverpool1971's reviews »

I’m a zombie games fan, so i’ve had to try this one out. And… WHAT?! I was simply in awe. The game surprised me. It’s not like any other zombie game I ever played. It seamlessly integrates the story into the big picture of TWD comics. I thought that the point and click adventure may ruin the experience and I was wrong about that. The action scenes are great, voice acting is perfect, comics alike graphics are the best. I recommend it if you want to play a story driven game, in which all the choices you make have consequences. You choose who lives and who dies.


One of Telltale's Best

Fluffy_McFluff | June 15, 2013 | See all Fluffy_McFluff's reviews »

The visuals in The Walking Dead are presented in an attractive, stylized manner, but Telltale has proven - time and again - that there is more to a great game than fancy graphics and making (yet) another zombie shoot-em-up. Telltale exceeds in storytelling, engaging the player, and making you care about the character your control, and those they interact with - you sympathize with their suffering and hardships, having seen what they have seen. You have the opportunity to see situations from different perspectives - understanding that someone who is pointing a gun at you may not be interested in harming you, they may just be frightened in a world gone completely to hell.


Do not miss this one

roberz | June 15, 2013 | See all roberz's reviews »

This is by far the game with the most engaging story development I've encountered in quite a while. You will feel sick, sad, frustrated, bursting with joy, surprised, angry and most importantly incredibly rewarded. There will be puzzles, quick time events and alot of dialogue. Hard decisions which just might make you feel disgusted by both yourself and your fellow survivors are quite frequent and will leave you wondering if you really did the right thing, I know I spent a fair bit of time contemplating my decisions, surprised of what I chosed. This isn't your run of the mill zombie slasher, so keep looking if you are out to blow off some steam killing walkers.



dragonzordx2 | June 14, 2013 | See all dragonzordx2's reviews »

Great game, highly recommend for everyone. Good gameplay with an awesome story to go along with it!


Excellent Side Story

lolnuts | June 14, 2013 | See all lolnuts's reviews »

As many others I enjoy the TV show and decided to try this game out. It's not your average fps or anything like that, but more of a story telling game. You get to make choices and people will remember those throughout the series. There are a total of five episodes each about two hours long except for the fourth which is three to four. All in all a great game. Never hesitated to buy it!


Very good!

Plasros | June 14, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

This has to be one of the best stories in a game that I've ever played. While the characters are very average, they are just regular every day people, the interaction you have with them creates an attachment, and emotional bond that you can't have with film or books. This is the first game that has had me tear up during its saddest moment. So because of that alone, this has to be the best, most immersing story I've ever experienced in a game. This is definitely worth playing.


Survival Horror done right

mhussong | June 14, 2013 | See all mhussong's reviews »

When I first played this game, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. With a dynamic story stretching 5 episodes, each of your actions effect the outcome of the game. Fantastic storytelling and simple game play make this a game that anyone from a casual enthusiast to a hardcore gamer happy. Play this game!


Best point and click adventure ever

lok0812 | June 14, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

I am never a fan of point and click story game but I am a huge fan of Walking Dead so I decided to try this. The storyline is topnotch similar to the TV series. It describe the event prior to the TV series and see the world turn into apocalypse in the eye of your character. Decisions must be made by the player to sometimes sacrifice a group member. Relationship and bonds can also be created when you save a certain member more than once or do them a favor. This game expands on 5 different episodes with each episode being around 2-4 hours a piece. This is definitely the best point and click adventure game even if you don't enjoy game of this genre. If you are looking for a great storyline game, this is it right here.


Great Story

skydragon33 | June 14, 2013 | See all skydragon33's reviews »

The Walking Dead from Telltale Games is amazing. The story and the choices you make are meaningful. Even though adventure games are not my type of genre that I usually get into, I'm enjoying it. I bought it here for $3.50, which is a great price to get it. I highly suggest to buy it so, you won't forget an experience like you have never before!


Fantastic Game

DoktorZaius | June 13, 2013 | See all DoktorZaius's reviews »

The Walking Dead is a well-written, well-voiced and nicely animated game that hits you hard and never lets go. You play as Lee, an interesting, intelligent character, and once you take the reigns it's largely up to you who he is going to be. Are you going to be ruthless, or compassionate? Are you hopeful, or cynical? Before playing The Walking Dead, I had no experience with adventure games of this ilk, where you click on things in order to interact with characters and objects in the game world, and to advance the plot. While it's not the most exciting way to play a game, it works here because this game is ABOUT the characters and their journey, something that shines through here throughout. The story features many interesting, likable characters along the way, some of whom will die. If there's one hard and fast rule in The Walking Dead universe, it's that you have to be ready at all times. Also, don't let yourself get trapped. And you should also always save your last bullet, just in case. Alright fine, so there's lots of rules in the Walking Dead verse, but the best way to figure them out is to go start surviving on your own. Good luck out there. You're going to need it.


Don't miss this game, whatever you do

darklyfallen | June 10, 2013 | See all darklyfallen's reviews »

Let's make things straight - I'm not a fan of point-and-click games. Telltale has released some mighty fine games - l've watched people playing them, but can't bring myself to do the whole "click on this, drag it to use on that". However, l am a fan of the comic series, and this game was on sale, so l picked it up. And l was absolutely stunned. The gameplay is fun - it's not what you're expecting, it's something different, but it's great. The story is fantastic and the dynamic choice/response system is implemented really organically, so it feels a game being tailored to what you choose. The game focuses on the people - the zombies are window dressing. They're the narrative framing device and the characters really shine through. This is the future of games - deep, fun, intuitive, and with great storytelling.


An unforgettable story

kalil | June 9, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Do not think about graphics, or shots, even in an open world in which to move. Now, if you're looking for a powerful story with great decision making, this The Walking Dead is what you are looking for. A point and click mechanics, with some degree of exploration, but mostly well designed characters in terms of their background and history that fits perfectly into each role. Winks some comic book characters, which are enpequeñecidos agredecen but by the protagonists of the game, including two to emphasize Lee and Clem. This story is about their relationship, about how to teach and help a girl who lost her father to survive the zombie apocalypse. History may not get hooked until well started the third chapter, but I said that if you run up to him and you will not stop until I finished. Let yourself be enveloped by the story, explore relationships with each character, the heart decides, and let yourself be carried away by the music and the sound of the game. I assure you if you get to the end, will not forget the experience.


The best "Zombie" game there is

TCass29 | June 7, 2013 | See all TCass29's reviews »

This game is incredible. What I love about it is that it doesn't suffer from what a lot of zombie games suffer from which is massive throngs of zombies that you have to mow down to get to the next area. This game focuses MUCH more on character development and plot and uses the zombie epidemic as a means to progress through that story. I bought this game when it came out, and I found myself anxiously awaiting each installment. I played each right when they came out and was not disappointed by any of them. The character development in this game is almost unparalleled. I've never felt more of an emotional connection to a video game character than I did (and still do, I suppose) to one of the main characters of this game. If you like story and character development, you have no reason not to buy this game.


So it's a Zombie Game Right?

beastofshadowX | June 6, 2013 | See all beastofshadowX's reviews »

This is the mentality I went into TellTale's The Walking Dead with. I had heard nothing about it nor had I seen the TV show or read the comics of the same name. It's is a slow burn at first playing as a man named Lee Evans, a history professor in the back of a police cruiser heading for a jail sentence with a talkative elderly officer for a driver. Over the course of the games 5 episodes you will meet a cast of diverse and well realised characters along with becoming a surrogate father figure for a small girl as you and they try to survive in a world where the dead have risen. None of this is particularly unusual and you will follow the group as they go through the zombie genre tropes of holding fortified positions against the horde, scavenging for supplies and struggling against other survivors. What makes this particular variation engaging are the cast of characters, their struggles, their sorrow and their hope. The main gameplay aspect comes in the form of some basic adventure game puzzle solving and the occasional quick time event or other one of sequence. It works but isn't very entertaining and in one particular instance is actually very frustrating. The really meaty part of the game comes in the form of dialogue choices and character interactions along with certain set piece decisions that are affected by preceding choices and how certain characters view you in light of those choices. I can't really say much more without possible spoilers so I won't. Despite being in a cell shaded comic I found the character to be some of the most real in terms of facial reactions and ooze humanity and charm. To sum up The Walking Dead is a game about people, fantastic narrative filled with likeable characters, gut wrenching choices and enough joviality to give a sense of realism to the situation and the cast who have to face it only let down by some very average gameplay elements.


Amazing storyline

Raiyne | June 5, 2013 | See all Raiyne's reviews »

The walking dead game has one of the best stories I have ever encountered in a game. The characters are believable and you care about the consequences of your choices. Every decision you make impacts the story in a different way. This keeps the game entertaining for multiple playthroughs. This game is a nice refreshment from all the zombie shooters out there. I am sure you will not regret buying it!


A niche game that's story forced it into the mainstream

BTerran | June 4, 2013 | See all BTerran's reviews »

Telltale Games appeals to people who value story over actual gameplay and usually that lends itself to a niche audience. The Walking Dead is the exception, not because it fundamentally breaks that formula, but because it tells a tale so gripping and immersive that people will gladly play this from start to finish despite its shortcomings in other areas. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: the gameplay elements are lackluster. The game will occasionally prompt you do execute a combination of point-and-click maneuvers and tasks that don’t require too much more than rapidly pressing a single key, followed by hitting a different key. There will be puzzles for you to solve along the way, but nothing that greatly taxes your memory or problem solving abilities. If that sounds like a deal breaker to you, then it will unfortunately be your loss. In The Walking Dead you control Lee Everett, a university professor with a complicated past that finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If you’re a fan of the series, you probably already know the details, but for a genre that has been done extensively, The Walking Dead brings a very personal element to it that makes you feel for the characters trapped in this situation. It helps that this game tries to tailor itself around your choices. Lee will react to situations how you feel is best and while how much your choices changes the plot is somewhat debatable, his actions will impact how people feel about him. The supporting cast is likable and varied, with each character having believable strengths and flaws. You’ll find yourself hesitant to make certain decisions for fear of how others might judge you because the game does an excellent job of making you care. It’s a storytelling experience that’s rare – not just in games, but in general – and that’s why it’s received the level of praise that it has.


A journey not to be missed!

Cakefish | June 3, 2013 | See all Cakefish's reviews »

With a storyline better than most blockbuster films and a believable cast of characters that you actually care about (and some you will despise) this game is easily one of the greatest games I've ever had the pleaaure to play. The ending will just blow you away and stay on your mind for a long time afterwards. I haven't come across a game which has such brilliant voice acting since Portal 2 and this is helped along by a fantastic, emotional script. A masterpiece in video game storytelling - this has set the bar for years to come. I'm not usually a fan of point & click adventure games but this game should be experienced by anyone and everyone - no one should give this a miss. A thrilling journey where your decisions directly affects the characters and events happening around you. Tons of replay value and a lengthy adventure from start to finish. Minor technical glitches aside, this game is perfection.


You clicked on this game but have no idea what the hype is about

Pitchdown | June 2, 2013 | See all Pitchdown's reviews »

You are me before I picked this game up. Countless websites, forums, awards, and they all praise this game. What is this game about and more importantly, how the hell does it play? FPS? Side-scroller? Are all the screen shots just shots of in-game cutscenes? All of the screen shots are of the game as it is being played. The entire game is about your own personal decisions in the heat of a moment, and watching the outcome unfold in front of you. You choose one of many options and watch it play out. How does that sound fun? It's fun because you regret your decisions. The choices you make have immediate and long-term consequences. You hate yourself for letting that one person die. You can't find a good solution for that one problem. You feel incredible for coming to the rescue of that supporting character. You feel. The game takes away the mechanics and leaves only the most important thing: your attachment to the characters. Do not pass this game up. Don't dismiss it because there's no multiplayer. Play this game, and you will come away feeling like you just watched an entire season of your favorite show, and no one else knows about it.


One of the best adventure games of all time.

sheogorath98 | June 1, 2013 | See all sheogorath98's reviews »

Full of action, a great story, and smart engaging characters, The Walking Dead was my number one game of last year, as well as my favorite member of Telltale's all star line up. My one issue with it would have to be that the controls were a bit wonky at times, but that is because I play inverted and there was no option for inverted mouse in the game. If you play like me, don't let it ruin your experience. Enjoy the game for the story and the characters.


Story-Telling at its Finest

ConorNZ | May 31, 2013 | See all ConorNZ's reviews »

The Walking Dead is a terrific story-telling adventure in which you influence how the plot pans out. Telltale Games has created an emotional tale with great characters to make this a most memorable experience. Would definitely recommend.


Episodic adventure

onewinged90 | May 28, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

This is a game with zombie but beware, it does not contain any guns as it is not a shooter game and instead it is a great adventure game with deep storyline. At first the game was released separately, in episodes form and it could take more than a month for it to be released but it's finally here in full package of season 1. Every decision you made in the game matters, from making dialogue choices to saving a particular character in danger. And save are carried on to the next episode. You can make different decisions on multiple playthroughs thus increasing the replay-ability. This is a rare gem that won game of the year award in 2012, and a game you must get if you're burnt out by the overwhelming numbers of shooter games recently.


Spectacular, the REAL Walking Dead

harrykirkby | May 27, 2013 | See all harrykirkby's reviews »

As you may of seen, there are multiple games titled 'The Walking Dead', however this was the one that kept me gripped in. I love the fact you can choose every single individual piece of how the life of your character pans out, and that you can choose who to save and who not to. Really makes you feel more intrigued in the game and wanting more. A rare 100 from me.


A Must Have Point n Click of the Generation

BlowitAllUp | May 26, 2013 | See all BlowitAllUp's reviews »

Don't expect this game to be overrated, because it's not. Go into this game expecting a great story adventure and you will be satisfied. If you were a 90s pc gamer like me and craving the genre, this is a great place to start. Hell, it's a great place to start for anybody. The voice acting is good enough to make you emotionally attached. Choices you make in the game become more difficult due to this, and that is a good thing. Puzzles play a large role in point n click adventure games and they do exist The Walking Dead, but are never frustrating or so easy to induce boredom. I recommend playing all 5 episodes in one sitting for the best experience. Although it will take you about 10-15 hours.


Wonderful experience

Stebsis | May 25, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Telltale has made their masterpiece. This is a game everyone should play and experience, no matter how much you think this isn't a game but an interactive movie. Walking Dead is an emotional tale of a convict and a girl who just try to survive. You make some really hard choises, often times on a timer and you need to act fast, but if you don't have an answer, you can just stay silent, not every situation or question have an answer and it's a viable route to take. Walking Dead gives you control of so many peoples lives, and it's up to you and the choises you make who lives and who dies, but it's still not always that simple. In the end you might have no one, or you might have majority of them with you. This is nothing like watching the TV show or reading the comic book because it's your choises who make the story happen. There are characters you like and want to have them to the end, or characters you might hate but when the end comes it might be hard to make that decision. I urge you to play this game, this is an experience no one should miss.


Wonderfull adventure

Strugackij | May 22, 2013 | See all Strugackij's reviews »

This is really story-telling gem, with suited graphic, interesting characters and good dabing. Once you start this game, you really want to know what is next. It´s like great interactive TV series. And maybe it's main weakness. When you look away all it's attractivity you realize that no matter what you choose, what decision you made, there is only one ending and only one main story line, which is shame. This great game has even much more potential. It's not a perfect game (no game is), there is only little replayability when you know how this game end, but still you'll fall in love with this gem. You still don't own coppy of this - than go and buy it, it definitely worth every cents. There are also some sound issues, run in compatibility mod (win 98), and maybe too much quick events for me. But all of this doesn't matter, there is wonderful and amazing story line, super characters - you'll hate them or love them, and you'll take care of them, or want them to kill. So yeah, I recomend this game soo much through all of it's weaknesses. And sorry for my english.


Great story, but too poor gameplay

Cavalieroscuro | May 21, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Walking Dead is a great visual novel, that is sure. Telltale made an entertaining game based on Kirkman's comic book instead of TV series, and this is very good. The game has its own characters and tells its own story, that is well-narrated. Clementine is one of the best character you can find here, but the game isn't good basically isn't a game. It's a visual novel, you can roam on the screen, interacting with a few items, completing quick time events when there are...and that's all. Is not a point and lick adventure, because there are no puzzles at all. Even the decision you can take have a very little effort on the final experience. But the story is good enough if you want to give it a try.


Great story in the zombie genre

Infiltrator | May 20, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

The Walking Dead is an absolute pleasure for the zombie enthusiast who also has some degree of maturity and intellect. What impressed me most of this game was its ability to, perhaps very unintentionally, teach the audience truly the consequences of our actions in this game and in real life AND the importance of simply being nice to everyone as best as you can. If you are truly paying attention, you can walk away from this game with these two lessons and be a better person in real life from playing this game. In regards to the graphics: great style, nothing was a turn off in this vein- although it did remind me some of borderlands without steroid muscles in terms of art. Bugs: yes this game has them and some wonky camera angles sometimes that throws you off here and there- but this I believe was made by a smaller design team and although it has that unpolished indie feel to it, it also has that great feeling of, 'we love our product that we worked very hard on,' feel too. The story: well, it has been a LONG time since I had the pleasure of a video game that does something right in terms of a story: a bizarre conflict where we test the characters and see how they would all respond in the worst and best of times. There is however no illusion that you the gamer are on a roller coaster ride and it becomes very clear that you are NOT in the driver's side, you are a passenger the whole way through to the horrible conclusion. This fatalistic outlook is key to this game, as it gives you the dread and somber morose feeling necessary for such a- piece of art in video game form. My only beef would be- episode 2 was way too predictable- pun intended...



Bolo | May 20, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

This game is amazing for anyone who love the Zombie genre. I haven't played a point-and-click game in a while, but it's amazingly easy and it feels and looks natural at most times. I love the fact that you have to make tough choices, who you want to save from death, to tell the truth or not. You get emotionally attached to most of the characters, and you would want to see this through. You can tell the game is developed for consoles, because of some graphical glitches, audio glitches and the controls. Don't fret! I could look past those tiny imperfections, because everything else is awesome! If you love zombies and an engaging story, you'll absolutely love this game. I can't wait for the next episodes. This game receives a 9/10 from me because of the story, comic-style graphics, music and characters. The game is very much worth its price too, that's good.


Great story

deiopa | May 19, 2013 | See all deiopa's reviews »

There isn't much to tell on the gameplay side because basically there is none. If you're looking for tough riddles you are at the wrong place. The action is mostly packed in quicktime events which are actually very boring, from a gameplay perspective. But the story in this game is indeed a masterpiece compared to the vast majority in video games. It is filled with tention but also touching moments just like in the TV series. You are Lee, a convicted murderer, who strumbles across Clementine, a little girl he decsides to care of. The girl immediately steals your heart and you will do anything to make her feel safe. So most of the time you will find yourself talking to other survivers and argueing with them. You have to pick sides on different opinions which will all affect the story. Mostly you have a limited timeframe to pick a dialogue option. Sometimes it's a little bit too short for me to read them all, since I'm not a native speaker. If time runs out, you just say nothing which is most cases not the best idea. On the technically side I have to admit that I've expierenced a few bugs and crashes. Nothing too bad, but sometimes a stupid bug can destroy the whole atmosphere. Overall the game is more like an interactive movie. If you are looking for a lot of zombies to shoot in the head you should probably stick with Left 4 Dead, but when you want to expierence a great story you can influence The Walking Dead is the right choice for you. You might wanna pay a price you would be willing to pay for a DVD of a whole season of an actual TV series you like.


Very surprise game

Kojomi | May 19, 2013 | See all Kojomi's reviews »

At first i thought it be kinda meh meh game, but yeah after few minutes and asking friends i bought it. What really surprised me that game managed to be interesting, good and really well made. I really liked that it wasnt typical shoot zombies and survive. Puzzles were actually challenging and choices you had to make really showed me how difficult situation can be when you have to act fast and quickly and your choice actually matters. I liked very much about characters in this game, their acting, expressions and feelings really got me through game monitor. Game managed to give me also suspense, what would happen next moment and who is going to die or survive. I really liked that you also had choices how you talk to different people and how you act some situations and how it affects you and others. If you really want to experience unique and good game with very very good story, try this. You wont be disappointed. This game is one of best and uniquest games i ever played in my entire life.


An emotional and gripping story.

fable2 | May 18, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

The Walking Dead video game from Tell Tale Games is quite possibly one of the best stories in any game to date. On the outside it seems to be a fairly simple point and click adventure, but once that adventure begins you will become immersed into one of the best stories you have ever played. What makes it such a great experience are both the choices you have to make all throughout the game, determining which character lives or dies, who gets what to eat, and overall keeping up the morale of the group, all while having to make choices that you might feel would be the right choice, but might also turn members of your party against you. Plus the time constraints you have to make these choices. While it may not be the yearly FPS or sports game everyone wants, nor a sequel to a triple A game everyone is looking forward too. The Walking Dead is a game that everyone with any interest whatsoever in an amazing story should play.


An exceptional story with fun game attached.

BobsYurUncle | May 17, 2013 | See all BobsYurUncle's reviews »

Most games leave story as an afterthought. The Walking Dead by Telltale, on the contrary, puts it to the forefront. As Lee Everett, you are challenged to use your wits and cunning to survive the zombie apocalypse. The story, voice acting and writing are all exceptionally presented. Beyond this you have a varied cast of characters which you will meet along the way. Some will become companions, others will be lost to the many hazards. The visuals do the graphic novels justice but there are times where some noticeable concessions were made. The game could have benefited from better facial animation but it still manages to deliver an amazing, heartfelt story. The gameplay of The Walking Dead varies in terms of player activity. Some episodes are more puzzle driven than others, which to me were the highlights. Others will have you sitting back as if you were watching a movie with minimal player interactivity. While this doesn't mean that it's not enjoyable, it would have been nice to see more gameplay in each bite-sized episode. The game will take you roughly 10 hours to beat with a moderately high replay value, just to see all the possible outcomes. It is highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of the graphic novels, television show or adventure games in general.


Best game story ever.

PedroCorn | May 17, 2013 | See all PedroCorn's reviews »

This game has the best story i've ever seen. It's so good i cried at the last scene of the game. The game mechanics are great providing you with simple yet challenging puzzles and offers you a variety of choices you'll have to make throughout the game that will eventually turn the income of the preceding chapter. The only flaw i found in this game is that there is only one ending. With the hundreds of choices you'll have to do through the game you would expect atleast 3 or more different endings, this made me feel a little bummed because the choices i made during the game couldn't change the ending in any way, although it changes the characters and general mood in the game. in conclusion it's a great game and worth any price tag it had.


A great narrative production

lucasart | May 17, 2013 | See all lucasart's reviews »

Adventure episodes that, despite an uninspiring gameplay and a series of puzzles easily forgettable, succeeds in getting the right amongst the best recent productions of the genre. Its success is mainly due to a script prepared and full of memorable moments, rich characters and a non-linear development due to the possibility of very large choice, a feature that is rarely addressed in the adventure genre. A little bit of disappointment surely there is, at the beginning we would have expected some crossroads more consistent, but we must recognize to Telltale to be able to give the same weight to our decisions and make us feel more responsible for what happens. The Walking Dead is a game that needs to be lived, the consequences of our decisions must be accepted and carried out even if you are not what we wanted, forgetting for a moment to be able to reload and change events. The important thing is to see the growth of the characters and the relationship that you create between them, that evolves and grows in a manner consistent with our actions. In this way, the experience is of the highest level.A great


Got me back in Adventure Games

jrod7405 | May 17, 2013 | See all jrod7405's reviews »

I really enjoyed the TV show and had already seen all the episodes for the season. So, after hearing much about this game i went and bought it - KNOWING that i had seriously given up on adventure gaming about 10 years ago because I had grown sick of them. Adventure games were boring and tedious. Nothing to shoot and endless puzzles to solve, bleh. Not that I am a kill em all loving gamer, but really I was sick of adventure games after an honestly falling asleep experience on the last one. Now, this game grabs you from the get go. I will admit, it's not paced really fast - my wife fell asleep on the first few episodes after realizing the searching around bits would lose the pacing of a TV show. Admittedly, there are some parts that kind of drag. Followed by parts that shock and frighten you. And the zombies are scary,yes, but it's the humans who are the scary part as you never know what is really going to happen with desperate people. If you get this game, it's well written and you will easily overcome any adventure game disdain you've had for years. Now I miss it. I've had to start a few other adventure games to keep my addition to the walking dead at bay. And lots of them here at greenman to keep me going until season 2 is out.


A great emotional experience.

MauroR | May 17, 2013 | See all MauroR's reviews »

I won't talk about the story since you must experience it by yourself ( and in a story driven game where the story it's the main part of a game spoilers aren't really cool). Let me tell you that this one of most emotional and well written game ever made. This is not a game, this is an experience that must be lived. I admit that when I saw Telltale as developers I've been skeptical at first but when I've started playing the game I told myself that they really made a great job and felt a little bit guilty for having doubts. Great voice acting, unique visuals and an emotional story make this game perfect, I don't say this often. If you like story driven game and being emotionally involved this is the game for you, so don't wait and stop reading, just buy it and let the game sucks you in.


A masterpiece!

Zharwyn | May 16, 2013 | See all Zharwyn's reviews »

This game is so worth it. Telltale did this right, it's a phenomenal game. The gameplay is a lot like a point and click adventure. It also has some quicktime events, but not too many. It's unlike a lot of adventure games and it won't let you get stuck on puzzles because they are extremely logical and simple. This is great because it keeps the player's attention and let's the player enjoy the story rather than being frustrated with illogical puzzles. The story is why you would want to play this game. You will love some characters and you will hate some. You will be the person deciding some of their fate. The choices you make have consequences, they change the outcome and tailor the story for you unlike many others. You might find yourself wondering if you could have done something different a lot, which might even make you want to replay the game again to see what happens if you "do or don't". But always remember there are consequences to everything you do. Whether you'll like it or not. Trying to please everyone might evem come and bite you in the ass in the end. The suspense in this game is incredible. You're always worried what might happen around the next corner or at the end of a latter or even behind that alley.. The tension, the atmosphere, sucks you in. The voice acting is top notch. The visuals are clever and unique, Telltale chose to go with the more comic approach which is logical because The Walking Dead are originally comic books. You might even run into a familiar face or two, whether it's from the TV series or the comics I won't tell. This game deserves all the hype it has gotten, it deserves to be played. Even if you don't like (point and click) adventure games, don't let this discourage you. The game is loved for a reason by all kinds of people. It is one of the best games I have ever played.