Reviews for Jurassic Park: The Game


It's interesting

JohnGirth | Aug. 28, 2015 | See all JohnGirth's reviews »

This was my first episodic graphic adventure game. I didn't know this was going to be a story based strategy based game, I was expecting more first player combat action. I would recommend you to search up this genre of gaming if you have not come across it before making a purchase. Don't buy it if you're only just buying it because of the movie franchise. But if you enjoy this type of game play, you will really like this. I've been on this for a short time so can only comment on the first few chapters of the game. They've developed the main characters really well with excellent delivery of the story line which makes the game easy to engage with and keeps your attention. The graphics is really good and I love the build up to the main action, so when you actually get to see your first dinosaur, it's quite epic. Although this has a slow development, it's well worth the wait as the adventure develops quite well.


TellTale's Learning Project

Farenhiet | Aug. 17, 2015 | See all Farenhiet's reviews »

Before the emotional workouts and narrative spectacles that TellTale brought to their current games, and after the classic adventure-game puzzle solving and slow-burn dialogue of their old games, Jurassic Park was made. With TellTale trying to transition away from more conventional adventure game tropes and mechanics and bring on the more engaging narrative and emotional elements, what's contained within is watered down elements of both. There's no interactivity to the narrative, so there's no real engagement in the narrative beyond unimportant dialogue options. There's more old-school puzzles to solve, though they serve no function in the story so they feel like filler in between cutscenes and what are some of the worst QTE's from TellTale. Un-honed and overused, the QTE's fill the bulk of the action sequences and don't do much to make the player feel in the moment. The story itself is written decently, with an interesting bunch of characters and a respectable amount of dino encounters. The player switches between playing the different characters, though this idea was flimsily implemented with many characters sharing different motivations. The end result is a loose player identity to the characters, and a player that likely cares less them. Jurassic Park might interest hardcore TellTale fans wanting to experience the companies growth, but it just hardly makes a mediocre game.


not so good

andreacdc98 | Feb. 24, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

Jurassic Park The Game is a game that is supposed to be just like the movie, but I think it is not similar. The game has good graphics, nothing special, the art style is similar to the movie. The soundtrack is basically the same the movie uses, but it does not make the game more intense. The gameplay is not so good, it is really hard to control your character, it is not a pleasurable experience. Overall, the game is like the movie in the visual and sound, but not the story, since a lot has changed from it. Anyway I recommend this just to the fans of the original movie, since they will have fun playing it, but not those who have not seen it.


Not best from TellTale.

Furrek | Feb. 23, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

If you have played already The Walking Dead or other more popular TellTale's games then be prepared for disappointment. Why? Well, you can see that it didn't taken the best from Jurassic Park universe. There could be more and done better. It's probably one of worse TellTale's games. Maybe it's universe fault, since I'm not really fan of dinosaurs? Or because of too many QTEs? If you are only fan of TellTale games then you will probably have not as much fun but if you love Jurassic Park - that's another story, mostly because of familiar faces from movie.


Both for fans of The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park movies

RakuPL_Markolf | May 14, 2014 | See all RakuPL_Markolf's reviews »

Investigate incident in a Jurassic Park and don't let yourself eaten. Ok let's quickly sum up: You like TWD? Yes? Ok... You like dinosaurs? Yes? That is good... You like Jurassic Park movies? Aslo yes? Well that's great. You will surely like Jurassic Park The Game. Don't worry about QTEs if your not too dexterous. You can repeat them as many times as you need. So it's still a good adventure game for those who prefer point and click titles. Just try it if you answered yes to all questions.


Worth your time

Gestafar | Feb. 1, 2014 | See all Gestafar's reviews »

For Telltale's first game this is quite good compared to some of their newer games. Overall the game it has a well written story line for a sequel to the original movie, it does not have any characters from the movie though. This game easily will have 5+ hours or more depending on your choices. Unfortunately Jurassic park is not quite what it seems. For starters this game is primarily a QTE type of game where most of the time you can spam the any button without consequence. As well as Dialog choice where very few will impact the game in the end if at all. Sound and graphic issues are rare but when they do appear they can be game breaking, Most notable for other users is that QTE are sometimes invisible and it is unknown what buttons to press. Once again Jurassic park is a good game it just does not meet up to today's gaming standards, the game feels more like watching someone else play rather than yourself. If you like lore and story telling though, then this is the game for you.


The Saturday morning Jurassic Park cartoon that never was

sheldipez | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all sheldipez's reviews »

Jurassic Park is a game which was designed to be episodic but instead all four "episodes" ending up being released together at the same time, when you buy this you get the whole package. JP was Telltale’s first game in a new direction after a long period of traditional point n click adventures, their main inspiration being the game mechanics of Heavy Rain, meaning that it’s best played with a controller (plug in a wired 360 controller and all the onscreen prompts change to the buttons of the xbox pad). The result is a game that is heavy on quick time events but never feels annoying (I was done with Heavy Rain before Heavy Rain was done with me – Jurassic Park is short and doesn’t outstay its welcome). The story is centred around a team that is sent in to retrieve the can of dino DNA that Dennis Nedry failed to deliver in the first (and best) movie and the other, unseen, park staff that were trapped on the island (always was strange how a massive multibillion dollar park was ran on a skeleton staff!). A lot of negative reviews where thrown about by critics but I’ve always thought they were too harsh, it’s essentially a Saturday morning Jurassic Park cartoon (all the characters are in the TellTale animated style) with a ton of nudges towards the movie we all love. You can see what they learned from this experience and we have The Walking Dead because of this. Recommended.


Just for fans.

TGAlan | July 5, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

This is a good game, it's great for fans of the JP series and a wonderful title to get stuck in and play. However, the game does have a few things holding it back. First of all the presentation fo the game, menu's, cut scenes and overall animation seem lacking, not so much stuck in the past but more along the lines of not very well refined. Secondly one of the biggest pitfalls about this game would have to be the QTE's (Quick Time Events) and how they are set out in the game. It's felt like less of a fun thing to do and more of a chore. A good example of how QTE events should be handled would have been Shenmue I and II. The visuals and graphics are very nice and I can't really fault them, obviously not ground breaking graphics but the theme fits and the atmosphere is spot on. The sounds are also quite nice, and if everything else was on par we'd be up for a great game. Overall, it's fun to play, it does have a lot to answer for but please try a demo or play at a friends house before buying, I wouldn't buy this again.


Too Many Quick Time Events

thegaminglyfe | June 21, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

The story of this game isn't that good to anyone who isn't a major fan of the movies. But if you loved the movies you'll enjoy it. The graphics are terrible and the game looks like the Back to the Future one. The art style doesn't fit in at all with a serious dinosaur game! The game sounds pretty good but the lip sync is horrible. The action isn't very enjoyable because it consists of too many quick time events. If you like the movies, you should consider getting this on sale. Otherwise just avoid it.


Dinosaurs everywhere

kalil | June 9, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Jurassic Park is not a game: it is a lot of cinematics mixed with Quick Time Events. That said, you can not expect much. And if: not much in this "game" HISTORY Being totally unaware of the world of Jurassic Park, I'll just say that the game is the formula of Heavy Rain. Do you play a single protagonist: there are several, and at some point in history were related to each other. Anyway, something happened on the island and escaped dinos, so our heroes have to get to a boat to escape, while trying to evade these dangerous creatures. The game is divided into 4 chapters, not an excessive duration (in total I think it took me 5 hours pasarmelo) without any replay factor beyond repeating the QTE to get a better ranking. This feature present in the game of Quantic Dreams, is not consolidated by a previous title drinker gameplay. GAMEPLAY Jurassic Park is many things: a survival game, graphic adventure, and an "interactive movie". The negative point is that no game is well made. Survival is zero, since we have no direct control of our protagonists, they have no health or to inventory. Enemies only appear in the QTEs, and there is never really likely to confront. As failure graphic adventure that misses the point number one of these: there is no difficulty in the challenges. All puzzles are solved using combinations of buttons that appear on screen, and while there are some very well made (like the roller coaster), are startling simplicity. Now, as "interactive movie" and noting Heavy Rain, there is nothing to note. Here things or do well, or you die. And very often the second pass, since the QTEs are really frustrating. Whether pushing a button at the right time, a sequence of buttons, or maintain a point in a specified location with the mouse, everything is either very simple, or very difficult. Simple, because sometimes we precionar buttons like crazy and the sequence is completed. Difficult, because doing things we do not have enough time, usually causing death or loss of punctuation. How to reduce this? to Trial and Error. We also have the possibility of establishing dialogues, Mass Effect style, however not generate any change in the game's plot, or at least in our relationship with the characters, then you can cry all on a crazy old woman and will continue to believe that dinosaurs "are good" (sorry for the spoiler, although it is of great importance) TECHNOLOGY In this section I'll talk about the control schematic. The he saw video gaming consoles is successfully realized the ease of commands. In the PC version is more different. The game only uses the classic settings WASD to move the camera during the "exploration" or perform contextual actions, and mouse for everything else. This sounds simplest and smallest, and most certainly is, but that does not hinder the experience in relation to their sisters desktop. Where once a button apretábamos now have to do a sequence of buttons which are more likely to fail because of time they give you. Sometimes (and this goes for all versions), buttons to press are "cold", or somewhere hard screen location. Obviously we can connect a joystick 360, but no idea if it improves something because the one I have used with an emulator obsolete. GRAPHICS Considered in a pitch "Retail" (store, or whatever), play their gruesome clavaun 4 modeled, but not fresh textures and some ugly environments. As a downloadable game less than 3 GB, looks pretty decent, despite some unrealistic animations even go unnoticed. SOUND Someone tells me that the Triceratops bull makes noises, the girl a Spanish Costa Ricahabla shoddy, and have no background music? The game, at least my version, comes folded in 3 languages: English, French and German. What do Spanish one is unlikely, as there is a challenge with your achievement / trophy in which we have to translate "you need to rest" (you need descanzar) INNOVATION Far to bring something to the genre, Jurassic Park is a mix of some of them. Although the idea was good and that we could get to have a great game, even at the level of the best, the execution leaves much to be desired, particularly full control over the actions of any of the protagonists. And that is the worst aspect of the game: with a proposal so interesting, the game falls very low in many things, imagine it running through the jungle trying to avoid the dinosaurs and then complete a puzzle that requires all our skill explorative. It's like when you fill a game and it Hype suck. CONCLUSIONS The narrative hook, yes, but it's only truly positive in the game. If you give it away because you made a good investment between November 23 and December 12, worth it, but, avoid it as you can.


Amazing sequal to an epic movie!

jbrown87 | May 19, 2013 | See all jbrown87's reviews »

Telltale games really did a great job on this one. They took the greatest dinosaur movie of all time and expanded on it with an awesome game. With a great story running semi-parallel with he movie's timeline and focusing on the infamous Barbasol can, players get taken on a rollercoaster ride through Jurassic Park. The best part about the game is that the voice actors actually fit in with the characters, making them more believable and even giving us someone in the story to care about. The only bad thing with this title is that they advertised the game as being able to finish the game despite characters dying, which I assumed to mean ANY character and not just certain ones. Aside from that little tidbit,the game is perfect!


Average game

britishlad | May 18, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I was interested in this game for two reasons. 1. I was a big jurassic park fan and 2. The makers of this game (Telltale) also made The walking dead which was an amazing game though this game was made before that one. The whole story centers around the can of shaving cream from the first film. In this can are Dino embryos that a rival company of Ingen wants. You play as......well you play as a lot of different people throughout this journey amd like the walking dead it felt more like an interactive movie rather than videogame with lots of Quick time events but they did however work well for the action scenes. Pulling off a challenging QTE while fighting off your own nerves was a real joy. That brings us to our next point, the action. Jurassic Park the game does a fantastic job at creating heart pounding action scenes that keep you on your toes. Missing a certain button press could mean a missed opportunity or certain death. Of which the death scenes are fun to see and you'll find yourself trying to see all of them. The reason that all this action is so great is due in part to the look of the game. Telltale did a great job creating the look of the dinosaurs who make you feel a sense of fear. The human characters on the other hand seemed stiff and kinda rushed. The story is where i think the game fails. Without spoiling anything, it starts out great but slowly becomes blah. It didn't really connect me to any of the characters in the plot, and seeing as some of them tend to keep betraying one another, (sometimes on more than one occasion) I didn't really care what happened to them unlike the walking dead which had the opposite effect At the end of the day the game was just lackluster. Unless your a big Jurassic Park fan I wouldn't recommend this game. Lack of control and some awkward story telling, make Jurassic Park an average game at best


For fans only

Cavalieroscuro | May 17, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

This game is not a good one. First, it hasn't a gameplay, all you need to do is pushing or mashing buttons when promped on screen. Is not the same experiecen of Heavy Rain, a game with a similar gameplay, because the story of this sequel is so poor that don't provides any emotions to the player. You can choose something from time to time, but no matter what, the gameplay is pretty much the same, always and always. Graphic is simply terrible: this style was good for Back to the Future, but it isn't for a Jurassic Park can't make laugh a player during death scenes! This game is only "decent" for those who loved the movie and want more: for all other players, just skip this experiment, because is the worst TellTale games so far.