Reviews for Restaurant Empire 2


Excuse me, waiter, I can't quite tell if I like this or not.

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

The restaurant business is an interesting one, to say the least, with an entire world of tastes to pull from an a nearly endless consumer base. This game accurately portrays that while also tossing in the flavor of a storyline to lace it all together like an expensive pair of shoes. The game is what you would expect, along with the story. You inherit, in one campaign story, and buy, in the other, a restaurant or coffee-shop. You set up tables, decorate the joint, create the menu, pick out the drinks, hire staff, compete in cooking contests, and more. It's like living Food Network without the risk of foreclosure or bad reviews on Yelp. The tutorial is detailed and helpful, along with being completely voice-acted for that extra garnish of class to pull the price of the dish up five dollars. It gives you the full introduction into restaurant management while guiding you through the first missions. The game gives you missions to be completed in certain amounts of time. It isn't a secret after a few missions that they aren't easy to pull off. Early in the game customers will complain constantly. Constantly is an understatement. This is due to a fact that the game will not allow you to train your staff until later in the game, which is strange, but true. The storyline is driven by conversations with patrons that come into your restaurant. Other NPC customers will offer to sell you ingredients or recipes to dishes to fetch a better price. None of them are cheap. You'll find yourself running low on money quite a bit during the first stages of the game, and the lofty, difficult mission goals won't help. However, if you fail, the game allows you to retry the mission again with easier goals. The restaurants are lively and unique, especially when completely decorated by the player, giving the satisfaction of having decorated the entire joint sims-style over the course of the missions. You'll be decorating both the inside of the restaurant from picking toilet stalls and flowers for the tables to the outside including awnings and lanterns at the front door. The menu system is interesting, allowing you to create it on your own, choosing what dishes and drinks to serve, along with what ingredients go into them. As in reality, the more quality ingredients that go into it, the better the rating and the more expensive it will be. It will sell like hotcakes. The story is fair enough, short of the awkwardness of the mention of a prostate condition. (The writers could have picked something... Less... Awkward) Hardcore simulation and management fans will find this game to be a full three-course five star meal that will satisfy them fully. The degree of micromanagement would drive an obsessive-compulsive to madness. Casual gamers will need to avoid this game like food poisoning. It will quickly chew you up and spit you up, just as fast as you will be giving up due to the frankly difficult goals set by the game.