Reviews for Raiden Legacy


Some of the greats, available again

taigatsu | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all taigatsu's reviews »

The name Raiden is synonymous with SHMUPs. Finding any of the older titles in the series has becoming increasingly difficult, so to have several of them in one package is an absolute steal. They all manage to find that sweet spot between blistering difficulty and extremely satisfying action, and practically beg for repeated playthroughs as you learn to master their nuances. The inclusion of the Fighter series is the biggest delight, as these games broaden the scope of the game, with more power ups, more fighters and more playstyles to choose from. The developers have done a great job of porting all of these over, and even improved upon them from the originals. The Raiden games are explosions of color and fun. Seeing them re-released and widely available is a boon to anyone who enjoys a frantic and fast paced shoot em up.


Legacy shooter games

DukePaul | May 28, 2013 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

The Raiden games were amazing, non-stop action shooter games with great art design and fun gameplay, now with this release for PC we can enjoy them again, the 2D graphics are a bit outdated but they still have some charm if you are a nostalgic gamer. Raiden Legacy is perfect for old-school players and newbies, if you want to play these games again with new features, buy this, the difficulty can be hard but if you learn the basics, your skill should improve a lot.


A good shooters

Cavalieroscuro | May 24, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

If you are a NES gamer, you should buy this pack of shooters. Neverending action and fun, tons of enemies and power-ups...but you can count only on your skill. For hardcore and nostalgic gamers, a must.


What It Says on the Tin

Phlakes | May 17, 2013 | See all Phlakes's reviews »

Raiden Legacy is much more on the "rerelease" side of "updated rerelease." Outside of a few minor but harmless additions, it's little more than a package of these four games, but being the most convenient option to play them at home (possibly excluding Raiden Fighters Aces on the 360 and ports of the original game all over the place), the question is mostly just if they're worth $9. The base games aren't touched, assuming the right options are chosen. Being emulated rather than recreated, the original sprites, sounds, and music are all carried over, but with a relatively small set of enhancements and extra features added cleanly on top. Graphically, there are no changes. The game will play with the typical set of resolution options, including being stretched and filtered for bigger monitors or running at their original ratio, for the enthusiasts of cleaner pixels. Aside from infrequent and tolerable hiccups, the framerate is as smooth as simple 2D graphics are expected to be. One of the only changes, rather than additions, is an "HD" remastered soundtrack for the Fighters games, which can be toggled from the main menu (but not in the middle of a game, in a disappointing but understandable omission). Otherwise the audio is similarly untouched. The most significant addition is a menu that allows several options for exploring the games outside of their arcade setting. To counter removing the foundation of an arcade game's challenge (paying to continue after a loss), the game restricts players to one credit, corresponding to one chance to continue. After reaching the game over screen a second time it must be restarted. But to keep from being needlessly bound to arcade rules, it includes two more modes of play- Mission Mode, which allows the player to select and start from any stage that has been reached in the default Arcade Mode, and Training Mode, which does the same and gives a generous 99 credits, but prevents unlocking stages for selection. These make each game a much more accessible and home console-friendly experience- one could play through all of Raiden Fighters in Training Mode but would be giving up the ability to replay levels until they beat them with the credit limit. Similarly, Legacy adds two difficulty options and arbitrary achievements, which make a small difference but add some amount of replay value. Playing with a gamepad is as smooth as it should be, although strangely won't control every menu function, and local co-op is thankfully supported, but the updates end here. So again, the question is whether these four games, plus the few extra features, are worth $9. While Legacy adds little, by reducing the crushing arcade punishment but managing to balance its changes, it makes itself one of the best (or only) options to play these games in a simple and accessible context. If you enjoy fast-paced shooters or Raiden specifically, four classic games with incentives to be replayed make Legacy an easily justifiable investment, just not much more than you'd get from the arcade machine.


A great and rewarding package

jonvondom | May 17, 2013 | See all jonvondom's reviews »

This is an incredible value for fans of shooters. The inclusion four amazing raiden games guarantees insane amounts of hours of fun. The difficulty is just as high as ever, but never unfair. this is a game you spend time improving your skills at and when you finally clear a difficult area that was problematic for you it is a great feeling. This is a lot of content for a very fair price. I can not recommend it enough.