Reviews for Rome: Total War


The one game to rule them all

Amulius | Feb. 23, 2015 | See all Amulius's reviews »

Possibly the most beloved in the Total War series, and according to myself also the most fun of them. The engine is of course quite a bit outdated, but the fun is there nonetheless. If you at all feel yourself drawn to strategy games, try this game. I promise you a great experience if you are able to look beyond the graphics.


A wonderfull game with a few weaknesses.

Blue22111 | Jan. 12, 2015 | See all Blue22111's reviews »

Rome Total War A great game despite it's age. Graphics 4 of 10 It's a really old game and the first total war game with 3D units instead of animated 2D sprites so you can't expect much in the way of graphics. and what you expect is what you get. Learning curve (the lower the number the less learning curve there is) 5 of 10 The tutorials are good and the game is fairly simple to get into. This game has some learning curve for those who have never played any other RTSes but for those who have played other RTSes before they will have no problem getting into this game's controls. Gameplay (on the battlefield) 7.5 of 10 Pros. +Siege battles are very fun and challenging without being too hard. +Land battles are Fun and tactical without being too hard. +The AI is very good for a game of this age and can keep up with human opponents. Cons -some units are a bit over-powered such as elephants. -some units are completely worthless unless under very specific circumstances such as the incendiary pigs that are only effective against elephants and have a tendency to kill more of your own people then the enemy’s that are killed due to the attack.and they do the same thing that a barrage of fire arrows from your archers could do. Overall the land battles are very fun to play and are even better if you can find a human opponent to play with (CA recently migrated this game to steam due to the gamespy shutdown.) Gameplay (Grand campaign) 4.5 of 10 Pros. +can be very fun when everything works well in tandem. Cons -Very dated -It is nigh imposable to keep your budget in check when at war. -diplomacy is clunky -auto-resolving battles tends to end with your army losing a battle that anyone could win when controlling the units themselves. Overall the campaign is good at times and really bad at others. Overall 7 of 10. Rome Total War is a game of two qualities; on one hand the battles are great and fun to command, on the other side the campaign is clunky, and not all that great at all. The good does outweigh the bad however. I completely recommend this game as custom and historical battles circumvent the horrid campaign and go to what is great about Rome Total War, the combat.


Dated, but grand nonetheless

NucularS | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all NucularS's reviews »

Rome: Total War is beginning to show its age, but even 10 years after release it is still one of the best strategy games based in ancient Rome, and is probably the closest you can come to ruling an empire and conquering the known world as a Roman emperor. Large-scale battles, spectacular sieges, trade, diplomacy, assassination - Rome has it all. The greatest, and probably only, weakness is the weak AI, which has trouble applying any tactics other than a head-on assault.


One of the greatest

Demilisz | Aug. 19, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

In it's times Rome looked so great that it's engine was used by one of televiision series to visualise anciet battles. Now it may not look that great, but still is one of the best strategy game of all times. Even without counting the mods like Europa Barbarorum or Roma Surrectum. Rome was the third installemnt of Total War series and first to revolutionizie it - the way player move his armies around on newer titles (like Shogun 2) was first intruduced back then, when Rome: Total War was released. It is a big shame not to play this game even once.


Strategic and Fun to watch

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

I wasn't into the Total War series before until my cousin persuaded me to buy Rome: Total War so we could play together. The game's kind of small compared to today's standards but has some of the best mechanics in a strategy game. It's fun to watch thousands of little men have a all out brawl on a large, vast battlefield. You can have elephants or horses too. Each faction has its own unique military units that you can use to your advantage. Graphically, the game isn't as pretty but not horrible either. Probably the only drawback are the in-game settings. The settings don't give you much variety when it comes to resolution and what you want to see in-game such as markers. The Total War series is definitely addicting and worth a try.


A great battle simulation game

adrianching7 | June 16, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

In Rome: Total War,you are able to manage your cities like any other "Civilization" based game but the difference with this game is that you are able to actually command your troops during a battle. This game can be very educational because it provides us a certain degree of Roman history and you will also have to deal with internal quarrels within your empire. A fast thinker can excel in this game because there are many different ways the AI will approach you so the quicker you come up with a strategy, the better your chances of winning the battle. This game is perfect for gamers who are quick thinkers so what are you waiting for? BUY THE GAME!


Great introduction to strategy games gengre

xarabas02 | April 18, 2014 | See all xarabas02's reviews »

When i got this game during the GMG promo i did not expect much from it, considering i'm not much of a strategy sim player. It was only sheer boredom which convinced me to install it one day and i quickly found myself captivated in interesting gameplay. Considering its age i must admit that the game still looks pretty good with all options maxed out so it has aged pretty well. It takes some time to get used to all of the gameplay mechanics but it is one of those games which are easy to learn (yet hard to master). Highly recommended, even if you're not a strategy games fan by default.


A TOTAL strategy game

Jokin93 | March 30, 2014 | See all Jokin93's reviews »

For those who have never played a Total War game, it has two distinct elements to it, the first is the campaign map, this is an overview map where you build your cities, train units, send diplomats and assassins to your enemies and friends and move your armies around in a turn based grand strategy style and while it has nowhere near the dept of a true grand strategy game it does the job well enough that you forgive it, especially once you start to touch upon the second, and the most important, major aspect of a Total War game, the battles. The game is pretty, with a good amount of detail considering the scope of the battles, the soundtrack fits almost perfectly with the mood of the game and sounds of battle are utterly satisfying. Even the load screen are great, each one featuring a different quote from a period persona although a lot of mistakes were made by whoever typed in those quotes. It is not all roses however, Rome has a big problem, one that has been plaguing the Total War series for a while now, and that is the AI. Add to it a few more minor bugs such as the way the campaign map looks and squalor "feature" and it will take some of the fun, but it won't ruin it. All in all, Rome Total War is a great game, it set the standard for all Total War Games to come and despite a number of annoying bugs and problems it still remains a great game to this day.


Rome: "The" Total War

PrecisionUnknow | Feb. 27, 2014 | See all PrecisionUnknow's reviews »

My first introduction to the total war series was this game, after Medieval: Total War. Rome: Total War is what others have obviously stated, that the graphics are outdated. Though still a fun and good looking game, despite it being ten years old. Rome: Total War is what I wished Total War: Rome 2 was like. With Rome: Total War's awesome siege battles, intense battles, and challenging AI. While the newer total war games still had tough AI. The AI in Rome Total War and any total war game before the Empire Total War had fearsome AI. Additionally Rome Total War was more appealing with the individual choice of buildings to build for every city/town you had, and the population. Population was important as this allowed your towns to expand into cities and recruit troops. This is by far the best total war game out there and one of the only few that is enjoying enough to be played in vanilla (without mods). This is a game made for the strategist, built as a niche strategy game (not sold to the masses or dumb down), and is one that does require a bit of learning. As the game-play mechanics behave far differently than the newer total war games. This is worth it, a game that should be on your "the bucket list of games" or "games to play before the end". In addition the game lacks any bugs, maybe I didn't come across them, but this game is more bug free than any game in what I should say for the past 6 years. This game does has its faults however. Diplomacy can only be achieved through diplomats. Doesn't matter who they speak with, but the unit needs to be used to start diplomatic actions. At higher difficultly, the AI tend to be overly warmongering where they declare war on you one turn. You then get peace, with them only going back to war the next turn. This typically has happened to me, regardless of my standing. Overall the game is overly enjoyable as I mention before. Simply this is one of the gems that every strategy gamer should have in their library.


Still A Good Game

saroph | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all saroph's reviews »

I purchased Rome: Total War years ago but never gave it a fair try since I was already too enamored with Medieval II: Total War (the following game in the TW series). I just recently got it again and decided to give it another go, and I'm glad I did. While without mods it may not be nearly as pretty as later games, it has aged very well in terms of gameplay. It takes some getting used to if you've played the other games in the series first (either older or newer than Rome), but it's well worth the small investment. After starting it up I just couldn't stop until I'd won a campaign, and now I'm tempted to go on to conquer the known world.


A great strategy empire sim

drakso | Jan. 15, 2014 | See all drakso's reviews »

From the total war franchise, this is by far the best example of a well done game. For those that never heard of this game, its a turned based strategy game with real time strategy battles. It is set in the time when the roman empire is at rise. You play as one of the 3 main roman houses that all create the roman empire. ( later in the game you can unlock more factions to play with ) The graphics and the animation quality is okay. The main point in this game is the micro management of your empire. That includes faction ruler, heirs, armies, commanders, cities, diplomacy and much more. There is a lot of detail in the game play and that is what makes it so engaging and awesome. I will recommend this game to anyone that loves strategy games.


Outstanding Strategy Game

Percyro | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all Percyro's reviews »

Rome: Total War is by far my favorite strategy game. It is an old game, so the graphics are definitely not the best, but if that is bothersome there are plenty of mods to fix this. Otherwise it's great. There isn't exactly a story to the game (basically just take over provinces and build the Roman Empire), but that doesn't make it bad. There is a mixture of turn-based game play, which takes place on the map, building cities and training troops, and Real Time Strategy, which takes places when attacking towns. All of it takes planning and strategy. My favorite part is the battles when you have to control troops and out flank the enemy. Besides this is the amazing features of Historical Battles, which are battles that actually happened, and Custom Battles/Quick Battles, which allow to just battle without anything else. Overall this game is amazing and I recommend it to any strategy gamer.


Excellent gameplay never gets old

bungrudi | Dec. 8, 2013 | See all bungrudi's reviews »

Bought this as part of TW Grand Master Collection. Graphic is of course outdated; some people say 'a bit', but I'd say 'a lot'. However, the gameplay and vision of the game is long lasting, by a much more scale than any other part of the game that depends on technology. I was planning to just 'peek' the game as it has glorious reviews allover the internet, that I thought it would give me some context of overall TW gameplay and mechanics and a bit history of the series. The next thing I know, I'm garrisoning 3 cities at once and chasing warbands of Gauls; throne of Rome is at sight and 'peek'ing has scaled into fullscale gaming experience. So this will act as warning to those who seek to 'peek'. There will be no peeking, as you will be hypnotized to fully immersed into the game. Especially so if you're a fan of history and watched Rome TV series. Not without cons though; the biggest for me is that the AI could have been better. I'm not going to comment on gameplay and mechanics as you can found tons of them on the net and I don't feel like reinventing the wheel.


The beginning of Total War!

Bytrine | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

Rome: Total War is a bit dated, has poor graphics, and weird mechanics, but this doesn't cover Rome: Total War's awesomeness and enjoyment. This title is apparent to how awesome Total War is and really proves how the series has come so far. You get to choose between three roman families to conquer with, each having their pros and cons, but thats just the start! There is a Senate, a council that you can either have like you, or hate you, all based on the way you want to conquer and expand. The game is very broad ranging from construction types, populace's happiness, enemies, money, expansion... it has everything. However, it does have it's poor AI, bugs, glitches, and annoying voice actors. If you enjoy strategy games where you control EVERYTHING, play this. You will enjoy it.


First Step to Total War

xiluxpain | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all xiluxpain's reviews »

While new players may jump right into the newer titles of the Total War series, as a veteran, I would recommend Rome: Total War to any new player. It is cost efficient, runs on very minimal computer specifications, and as expansive, if not more, than the newer games. This particular game is able to fully embrace the individual factions and their preferred units and tactics. Whether it's the defensive phalanx formation of the Greeks or the Carthage's destructive elephant units, you will be put to the test devising strategies to overcome each foe. Rather than be as isolated as the later titles, Rome brings you to a time where you start off as one of the three major powers. As a major power, you bide your time, growing slowly, all while humoring the senate and their random requests. This system is very similar to that of the Medieval II system with the Papacy, only far more rewarding. Rome: Total War is able to offer more versatility in game-play than that of its successors. As a new player to the strategic series, you may wonder whether or not their least costly "Rome: Total War" is worth it. It 100% is. Rome offers the versatility of starting with 3 allies as a Roman faction. For a challenge, select a later unlocked faction. It also allows you to trade over certain items or retinues. It becomes amusing at one point when you can trade your annoying mother-in-law or drunk uncle to another general. This important aspect is removed in Medieval II and onward. Using this little trick, you can have an almost maxed out general at all times. Rome is, without doubt, the first step for all players to the Total War series.


A must have Classic

PrecisionUnknow | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all PrecisionUnknow's reviews »

Even with all the new total war games showing up and even with its aging decades old graphics. Rome Total War is a jewel. Unlike modern games which are typically buggy, and simplistic. Rome does the opposite, while obviously due to its age that it is not buggy, but still the game offers much of what is no longer apparent in later games, and to me was interesting. I can only think of two at the moment, but were very critical to the game that made it fun. First is allowing a computer player to play for one of your armies (if more than one is sent to the battle). With it, you could decide the actions of the computer, for examples: be aggressive, defensive. Then the second was the reinforcement prediction. Basically what I would call it is the game would roll a random chance at some times if your army will be able to make it or not. Finally, before Empire total war, technology would naturally progress with the timeline. To me this made it more challenging, allowing for natural progression, rather than quick tech. jumps. Rome total war plays uniquely and is a must have game for all those strategy gamers and is a good introduction to the total war series as a whole as general gameplay.


Never gets old

cup99 | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all cup99's reviews »

Even with the newest version out (Rome II: Total War) this game is still fun. Its a bit different and runs much more smoothly on lower end computers as well. Other than the same model used for every person in that squad, it is a great game that includes action, economy, choices, and a commanding skill. There is a wide variety of teams to choose from ( No repeated units on different teams like Shogun 2) each with different units, economy, and ways to fight. This game i recommend to people who do not enjoy strategy games ( Like i did) as well as people that do like them. This is a great well rounded game.


One of the best strategy game

Alfa8789 | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Alfa8789's reviews »

The words 'epic' and 'legendary' only start to describe Rome Total War. The game is trully the greatest i have played and the shining best in the revolutionary Total War series. Rome total war covers such a grand scale of history. There are tons of factions to play as such as the Romans, Gauls, Britons, Parthians, Macedonians, Egyptians, Thracians, Germans and more. The game is excellent for strategists, those who love ancient history and who adore turn based campaigns. The soundtrack for RTW is also brilliant and the mods of this game is amazing.


Old time favourite

bala1201 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all bala1201's reviews »

This is a game that I usually install as a first onto a new computer. I have been playing it since the first day of its release. I have played every faction, tried every difficulty, I have fougth with a mighty army, or a strong economy with mercenaries, or using gold and diplomats but never got bored. Although a remake is ready, I am not ready to say farewell to this one.


amazing strategy game

matejp | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all matejp's reviews »

I have played all total war games medieval 1, 2 shogun 1, 2, napoleon and empire but rome is the best.I like first rome total war and I played it more then five hundred hours.It have many difrent nations and cultures which have difrent buldings, statues, wariors and them waepons.Game have many difrent modes: tutorials, historial battles, custom battles and grand can play multiplayer too.I recommend all who like deep stratigic games and want play tactic battles!


Incredible !

darkyhbk | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

Rome Total War was my first Total War game, and, despite the steep learning curve for a newcomer to the genre, I was able to master the game after a couple of hours or so. The setting is in ancient times, and you can choose to play as a number of states, the standout being Roman families, or the Greek States. They're all placed in different locations and contexts, and have unique units and strategies to use, this greatly increasing replayablility. Also, there are short campaigns for each faction, where you need to occupy certain territories after a given number of turns, or you can play the big campaign, where you get tot conquer the whole map, if you can. You have to upgrade your conquered settlements, keep the population happy, distribute your soldiers well, choose the right successors in leadership, using the right agents in the right situations, keeping an aye out on diplomacy, and a whole lot of other tasks, apart from the battles you'll fight. The game gives you loads of stuff to do and think about in each turn, and that's highly addictive. The game's graphics are really good, as you can zoom in very close to your units, and the game runs well even with tens of thoulsands of soldiers on the battlefield, which is fantastic. The music is also great, and the sound effects are really believable, heavily contributing to the game's almost flawless atmosphere. Highly recommended !


A game with incredible depth

domenthechief | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

Creative Assembly's Rome: Total War - a PC game released on 22. april 2004 - is considered to be one of the greatest real-time strategy games ever created. And with a good reason. Even now, in the times when people are looking forward to Rome 2, this game is still worth buying AND playing! At the beginning of the campaign, the player takes a role of one of three great houses of Rome; the Julii, the Scipii and the Brutii. At first, these three factions are the only factions players can play, but later on (upon completion the campaign) 8 additional factions are unlocked - Parthia, Egypt, Greek City States, Carthage, Gaul, Seleucid Empire, Britannia and last but not least Germania. The campaign offers an unique experience where players may build on diplomatic relationships and economy or focus on military strenght of the great Roman Empire. There are many factions to be destroyed and many provinces to be captured and with the help of the other two Roman houses you might just become the ruler of the Mediterranean. The battles are fun to fight, sometimes really challenging and realistic as well. So get to work my fellow imperator! The world of Antiquity is waiting for you - and it is yours to be taken!


A true gem that doesn't age

mahon | July 27, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Would you believe that the base game was released in 2004? And even if its visual side may look a bit rusty these days, the whole experience isn't any less entertaining than back in the days. Even though there have been many new games in the Total War series, this one still has its stable fanbase. And it's no surprise, because with its two expansions: Barbarian Invasion and Alexander it offers very good, immersive experience of ancient warfare. And the positive side is that if your computer is not a new powerful machine, you will still be able to run the game and enjoy it without lagging or framerate hiccups. But maybe the dated graphics keep you from playing? In this case there are many mods made by the community of players, and some of them bring the graphics almost up to the standards of later Total War games - with all the detailed textures, more natural surroundings, enviromental effects, and also improved (or historically corrected) gameplay. I think that despite its age it must still be my favourite Total War game.


still great

odren | July 21, 2013 | See all odren's reviews »

Rome total war was extraordinary, I still remember the hours i spent with this game when it was first released, and I still play it from time to time now. it will be interesting to see if they can improve on what was and still is an amazing game with Rome 2 which is out later this year


Great RTS Game

rydad | July 16, 2013 | See all rydad's reviews »

I've played my fair share of RTS games in my day, and this is one of the few that I keep coming back to. In my opinion, the best title in the Total War series, and possibly my favorite RTS game. Looking forward to playing the sequel.


Can't really go wrong

Wouldyoukindly | June 26, 2013 | See all Wouldyoukindly's reviews »

Don't let a few historical stretches and inaccuracies(looking at you Egypt) deter you from this game. For one thing, the fun of commanding your infantry and stomping the ever loving crap out of an enemy can be a blast. If you like to have a much deeper tactical experience than a lot of base building RTS'. Unfortunately, the online play is kind of stagnant. For the most part it's just unit spam with not a lot interesting going on. Finally, the modding community is massive and well established. If there's some way you'd like to change the game, there's a mod for that and you have to give CA the credit for never having a problem with you doing it. You'll never forget the first time you watch elephants charge into infantry and send them flying 20 feet in the air.


Fun Strategy game

lok0812 | June 25, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

By far the most fun strategy game I have ever played. The player create massive armies to destroy your enemies whilst pleasing the senate and managing local economies. Civilization is somewhat similar. in its approach to creating armies and taking them to battle. Where Rome gets special is when you do decide to attack a unit it isn't all about dice rolls. You command the unit in battle. You control every unit and tell them what to do and how fast to do it. This allows you to earn victories despite the enemy outnumbering you and why Rome: TW is one of the best games of all time.


Old School Still Can Be Fun

noobboy191 | June 24, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

This is an old classic game that I still find fun to this day. Easy gameplay mechanics to rule an empire, deep strategy in how you take on a stronger enemy force, do you turtle up and send your archers in the back, waiting for the inevitable to happen, or do you charge straight on in a blaze of glory. And even after the main campaign's you can unlock other factions, see it from the other side of the blade. Overall every penny you spend of this game is a penny well spent.


The game is good but has its problems

ExtinctThings | June 24, 2013 | See all ExtinctThings's reviews »

I know that this was what started the popularity of the Total War series, but I personally find the game a bit lackluster. Strategies were limited by the large army sizes and the unwieldiness of having a giant block of units; while this is a common in Total War games, later games do more to mitigate this effect. There is some randomness in fights that comes down to how individual units attack - individual units that you cannot control. Battles take a ridiculously long time to occur, even at 3x speed, because most soldiers can for some reason take up to a dozen brutal stabs. Campaign mode is nice, but it is usually very dry initially when you fight easy barbarians and rebels. The city planning aspects are sometimes annoying - it's not immediately clear what some policies and buildings do (e.g. benefit of order over happiness), but this gets better after a while. Finally, I felt like there could have been more. I found myself building one type of unit repetitively because they were so effective, and one type of cavalry, and one type of archers, for every faction. There was no need to deviate except in a few instances. Many mods mix up the unit types and solve some of the other problems listed above, but I found the base game lacking in some aspects. However, Rome: Total War was fun for its time and it popularized a great series of games.


Amazing !!!!

LoudeRZz | June 23, 2013 | See all LoudeRZz's reviews »

One of the best Total War games, in the game itself you do so many things: fight [Maintain and conquer cities], manage your economy, developing the lineage and more, maintain diplomatic relations and more ... This game is never boring ! and I think you should consider only the gameplay not the graphics.


For the glory of Rome!

Razzek | June 18, 2013 | See all Razzek's reviews »

Having sunk many hours into playing this game i can safely say that it is one of my all time favorite strategy games. the city management and massive battles that can ensue make this game so very enjoyable to sit and play for hours on end. Simply put this game is enjoyable no matter how much you play it and there is something oddly satisfying about saving your city at impossible odds through sheer tactics and will.


An old game still worth the trouble

Bbozmen | June 17, 2013 | See all Bbozmen's reviews »

Total War: Rome is an old game nowadays but it's still worth playing. If you don't mind paying 8 euro's you should definitely get it, but if it's on sale I'll call you crazy if you don't buy this. Eventhough it's visuals lack of greatness (not that weird since this game is already 9 years old) and the physics are kinda out of date the gameplay is great. You can put a lot of hours into this game just by finishing the first great campaign as a member of the Roman family. After that every nation you fully destroy become playable which offers more playable races for the next campaign! Total Ware: Rome offers you to scale unit size so if you have a computer from the 1980's you might still be able to play this game, but it can also be used for tactical strategies. If you're used to play with unit sizes up to 40 people you play different than a player who has for example 100 people within a unit. Well, as I've said eventhough this game is old it's still worthy of playing and it's a great game to get into the athmosphere of the Roman setting before you start playing Total War: Rome II


What are you waiting for?

Xocezert | June 8, 2013 | See all Xocezert's reviews »

This is the best Total War game there is in my opinion! If you love strategy games then it's likely that you will also like this! Bring Rome victory!


One of My Favorite Strategy Games

thegaminglyfe | June 8, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Rome Total War is a truly exceptional strategy game. It is amazing to see thousands of soldiers fighting on the map. It's easy to control your soldiers and position them in the correct way. There are 2 main aspects to this game, the managing your armies and empire and the battles. In the managing part you control your armies and can choose where to siege and attack. Like a dumbed down Civilization. The battle is the best part of the game. You can let the game decide which army wins or you can go and do it yourself. This game is all about tactics and strategy. I once beat a whole army with 15 people, it's all about the tactics. The sounds are kind of plain, just people screaming and some not bad soundtracks, The graphics are mediocre but you won't notice, you'll be too busy watching armies go to war. You won't be examining the grass. For $10, this is definitely worth it.


Epic startegy game.

brenker99 | June 4, 2013 | See all brenker99's reviews »

In this game you don't just fight , You also conquer enslave terminate or just Occupy the land to you're enjoyment. The combat is great . The castle keeping and all that is great . I really think this game deserve you're money.


A classic strategy game of epic proportion!

wildster30 | May 28, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

Rome total war is a game I first discovered many years ago that I still play today. This game sparked my interest in pc gaming and strategy games as a whole, the campaign is one of the best you will ever play and the battles are phenomenal for the time that the game was made. There are some blatant historical errors (such as barbarian phalanxes!) however as long as you don't use games as a history lesson you will truly enjoy Rome total war for hours on end. To this day Rome still stands as one of the best games I have ever played, sure the graphics are dated and the AI is now predictable by today's standards but Rome still stands as a testament to the Creative Assembly and strategy gaming as a whole.


An older title, but it's still an exceptional one!

DaiMonPaul | May 13, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Rome: Total War is the game that really showed us what the Total War series could do. It's nine years old at the writing of this review, but it still holds up as an exceptional game. As with all Total War games, it has two main parts: the grand strategy element and the real-time battles. The real-time battles give you the opportunity to play general for either the Romans or their enemies. The controls work well, and it's extremely rewarding to crush a Greek phalanx with a Roman legion. Over time, though, the battles do get a bit old and repetitive. The grand strategy element more than picks up the slack. The game offers several turn-based campaigns which have a lot of strategic depth. They remind me a bit of the Civilization games in their complexity, which is a good thing. You can choose to play in real-time any battle during the campaign, or you can have the computer auto-resolve the fight. The AI is pretty good and will give you a solid challenge, and the gameplay is so addictive that it's very easy to completely lose track of time while you play. After playing through the included campaigns and battle maps, make sure to check out the countless mods that have been developed for this game; many of them are quite good and offer an almost unlimited source of entertainment from this title. You might want to also look for the Alexander expansion pack, which gives you an additional (albeit short) campaign. The only major negative with Rome: Total War is its graphics. They are dated, but they still look decent for a game that's almost a decade old. Once Rome 2 is released, though, there may not be much of a reason to go back and play this game. Until then, this is one of the best strategy games that you can buy!


BEST total war game

rslancer | May 13, 2013 | See all rslancer's reviews »

This is where I started the series and I have played most of the other ones now and this is definitely the best. None of the others really captured my attention like this one did. Lots of unit diversity between different factions so battles are fun to play. Lots of times, there are unique units like certain chariot units or war dogs and what not that really gives each faction a certain flavor of game play unlike certain other ones in the total war serious *cough* shogun 2 *cough* The battles are great but easily "gamed." For example its virtually impossible to lose a town or city if you are playing with phalanx due to their insane endurance if you attack from the front so if you just wait a town center and clog the entrances a few hundred phalanx units can route several thousand enemy units. But you can stop yourself from gaming it if you choose to. The AI for the campaign map is a little buggy. They like to make alliance/peace then break it the next turn whether or not they stand a chance. The expansion pack included in this is also kinda nice. Adds a new dimension with the whole hordes idea but by no means that great. Just new factions and what not. Overall a great experience and so far the best Total War game in the series. Hopefully Rome 2 will be even better :)


A Classic

HisArmada | May 11, 2013 | See all HisArmada's reviews »

Rome: Total War is without a doubt one of the defining strategy war games. Beautifully mixing elements of commerce, diplomacy and of course war. You'll spend your time building up your peoples from humble beginnings to ruling the entirety of the known world by games end. As the name implies, war and battles are the driving force of the game. On the world map you'll be training and upgrading troops, increasing the skills of your generals and march armies across the map; rather standard affair. Where it really shines through is in the actual combat. Commanding hundreds of various forms of infantry, archers and cavalry along with towering siege weapons will see victory come not to who has the largest army but who can most effectively use that army. Good tactics can lead to 300 men defending themselves against thousands or see thousands of men quickly reduced to a mere 300. Overall if you like any of the Total War series and somehow haven't played Rome or if you're just a fan of strategy and war games, I highly recommend this title.


Fantastic, But Dated Game

dede_10mil | May 11, 2013 | See all dede_10mil's reviews »

I never was a really big fan of the Total War series until Shogun 2 came out. I loved it and decided to give the older games a shot. I enjoyed Medieval 2 and recently decided to try Rome. It ended up being much better than i expected and I am loving it. The battles are immensely satisfying and even better with mods. There is even still a large multiplayer community still going on. Unlike Shogun 2, each faction's unit roster is very unique with interesting units like elephants, flaming pigs, and berserkers. Some downsides to Rome is that you cannot fire over buildings, diplomacy is almost nonexistant during the campaign, and AI can be frustrating. The pros still do outweigh the cons and this game is a must have.


The Reason for Building my First Computer

ROKET | May 11, 2013 | See all ROKET's reviews »

This game is the reason why I built my first computer. I hadnt played an RTS game in a long time and had never played a TBS game before either. All I knew whats that you could mass and command huge armies and that it was one hell of a game for war. CA had only created Shogun and Medieval TW before making this game but had none the less built a reputation as one of the best RTS TBS hybrid games. Gameplay: As mentioned above the game is a hybrid with both RTS and TBS elements. You play the campaign using a Civ style campaign map and can play out battles in real time using the games RTS engine. Within those battles you can pit thousands of men against one another. Pure epic. There were 2 types of battles: open plain head to head battles and then the siege type battles. There was also a nice variety in units ranging from normal infantry to ranged archers and catapults. It was amazing. Presentation: for its time Rome was one of the best RTS games out there and featured some of the best war sounds Ive heard in games. There was nothing like hundreds of men charging into raised shields and watching the battle play out. I was never any good at the game and never managed to beat a campaign but loved it all the same. The history and the scale made it wonderful and it was truely a labor of love from CA. Hopefully Rome 2 will be even better. 90/100