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Metro: Last Light

spiny0100 | July 30, 2013 | See all spiny0100's reviews »

Whether it be crawling though the dirt of the post apocalyptic wasteland in which you call home or fighting off the poor beings unfortunate to be born with mutations, Metro: LL is a simply brilliant game. It has everything many realistic people want. Yes, a few bugs here and there but nothing that you can't deal with. I recommend PLAYING the first one, as Metro: LL is a bigger investment. If you like it, then you will LOVE this. It has it all.


Hopefully not the Last Light

Jonot86 | July 23, 2013 | See all Jonot86's reviews »

I remember playing the first Metro 2033. The game was had the triple D factor, Dark, Dirty and Depressing but definitely loving it. The first thing you will notice about the game is the unbelievable graphics as it feels like the entire game is a cute scene, and quite frankly the animated pre-rendered cut scenes look crappy in comparison to the in game look. The game is fantastic and finally you can keep upgrading your gun for more things, it feels good and more attachment to your favourite gun. The storyline is great and keeps me coming back for more! You should play the first one before playing this one thou but the in game dynamics and play style is similar! Pick this game up and you won't regret it!


Simply beautiful

tallem | July 17, 2013 | See all tallem's reviews »

This game is quite incredible, the story, the feel and the characters. Everything in this game just feels right. It also gives you insight on the events that led up to the setting on the Metro games. A must buy for anyone that liked Metro 2033.


Metro 2034

YggdrasilsSword | July 6, 2013 | See all YggdrasilsSword's reviews »

Metro: Last Light is a sequel to the survival horror FPS, Metro 2033. It is not an adaptation of Metro 2035, the sequel to the Metro 2033 novel. Rather, it is a sort of in-between-quel that follows up on the protagonist of the first entry. For those unfamiliar with the previous game, I would list Bioshock as a comparable game in most respects. The story of the game is pretty engaging, like its predecessor. With Russia devastated by nuclear war, survivors have avoided the lethal fallout by congregating in the metro system, surfacing only with protective gear and gas masks. Metro 2033 blends sci-fi with the surreal, pitting the player against mutated monsters and seemingly supernatural phenomena. Unlike Bioshock, the element of player choice is present but subtle. In addition to obvious "choice moments," players will be faced with many small opportunities to influence their moral standing. It can be as simple as listening to the plights of others, or choosing not to kill when you don't have to do so. The "good" ending is difficult to get, but both endings are satisfying in their own ways.


Worthy sequel to 2033

SunFlowerSeeds | July 4, 2013 | See all SunFlowerSeeds's reviews »

Though not a direct adaptation of the novel sequel to Metro 2033, Last Light delivers a promising story through its continuation of the the last game. The atmosphere of the game has been greatly improved through graphical enhancements. This is depicted through levels where you go above the metro as the textures really shine beyond the tunnels of the subway stations. The audio in the game greatly contributes to the overall immersion as sounds echo throughout the tunnels while maintaining the authenticity of gun shots. The voice acting is above average throughout the game though I wished they had included a Russian option. Gameplay-wise, the stealth section remains lacking as the AI of human combatants seem pretty wonky in certain areas but the monster AI is pretty good. Just like the first Metro, linearity is to be expected within Last Light. Though the freedoms of exploration is nonexistent, the game executes it pretty well through its pacing and action. Overall, the game is very well done with an exception to AI in certain situations. If you're a fan of the novels or the first game, this is a must buy!


Great game

bc10000 | July 4, 2013 | See all bc10000's reviews »

This is a great game especially for metro 2033 fans. Great story, great graphics, and playable more than once. I recommend everyone to buy it.


Excellent sequel to Metro 2033

Saarinen | July 3, 2013 | See all Saarinen's reviews »

I wasn't worried in the least when i pre-ordered last light. About the only thing i can complain about is that they seemed to rush the love interest and it seemed out of place..but hey your playing a apocalyptic shooter..its all about the scenery and atmosphere..which is beautiful and chilling to say the least. It's a solid shooter and the story isn't half bad, good character development. - Cant wait till the new dlc comes out.



bitterfrost | June 28, 2013 | See all bitterfrost's reviews »

Great game. I think I liked the first one more, only because it was the first time. The game is far too easy on normal, so I recommend changing it to the hardest possible for a moderate difficulty. The story is compelling stilll, but I feel like Metro 2033 will always have a special place in my heart. This rich sequel builds on the previous game with new features that don't feel tacky but still add depth. The in-game timer watch is a godsend rather than having to open up the steam overlay. I only wish they had the option for the conversations you overhear to have subtitles (I liked to play the game in Russian, I felt like it added more depth). Overall the game was great and enjoyable, probably one of my favorite games this year. I just wish the ending was a little bit more satisfying, but what are you going to, the show has to end some day.


A great sequel that improves on its predecessor

Forceflow | June 27, 2013 | See all Forceflow's reviews »

I loved the first Metro game, and this simply is more of the same, with some additional tweaks. Gameplay-wise, it's a pretty linear corridor shooter, but for once, I don't use "corridor" as a negative term - there's enough variation in enemies and environment setup. It also helps that everything is rendered beautifully. This truly is a game which makes the PC shine. The use of dynamic lighting (flashlight) is truly atmospheric, and is used in gameplay efficiently. The weapons pack a nice punch, and the little effects (gas mask cracks, dirt wiping, ...) really add to the feel of the game. Recommended, but make sure your PC packs the punch to run it - although it probably runs fine on lower settings as well. Overall performance is much more balanced than the original Metro game.


Even Better Than 2033!

thegaminglyfe | June 19, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Metro 2033 was one of the greatest linear shooters I've played and I am truly surprised to say that Last Light is even better than the first game! The graphics are beautiful from the lighting to the textures. The game sounds amazing from the guns to the soundtrack. Both the graphics and the sound create an amazing atmosphere for Last Light. The gameplay doesn't have as many decisions as other games but there still is the simple run and gun or stay stealthy. The story is interesting and engaging where you meet some very interesting people. Whether you've played 2033 or not, Metro Last Light will amaze you.


Improvement over the first one

MarkDeejay | June 19, 2013 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Metro Last Light is one gorgeous looking game. It just has so much detail in its environments, it's stunning. Besides graphics, the game has an excellent story and solid shooter mechanics and yes, even the stealth sections are handled better than it's predecessor. Stealth sections now require that you move only through the shadows, which are conveniently shown thanks to the many light sources in the rooms. The AI is particularly weak when playing stealth, since you can stand in front a guy and he won't notice you're there. Yes, this makes the game somewhat easier to play, but it also throws you out of the experience a bit. Of course, the game also has a fair share of 'just shooting things'. I think we all know what this means so forgive me for explaining. When you move to the outside (out of the tunnels), or if there's toxic laying around, you can put on your mask (or not, but you won't live long). Masks use filters so you only have a few minutes before you need to change filters or otherwise you'll die. And that's where the game disappoints again, because during my playthrough I never ran out of filters. This, too, throws you a bit out of the experience. It's nothing major, but still worth mentioning I think. The story is convincingly told and has some big over-the-top (think Call Of Duty) parts. Loved it personally. The voice acting is mostly solid, with every now and then a weakly voiced NPC inbetween. Thankfully, the more important characters are more impressive. Last Light is a very solid, enjoyable game that gives Metro the AAA status it always deserved, even if Metro 2033 wasn't polished enough to fit the description back then.


Amazing single player First Person Shooter game.

kemita | June 19, 2013 | See all kemita's reviews »

This is going to be a personal review done by someone who enjoys videogames mostly as coop (2-4 players) and multiplayer (+20 players) and tends to avoid the singleplayer generic FPS games with no replay-ability that forces the player to follow a bland linear story. I'll keep it short because if you reading this you actually care about getting the most out of your time and this game deserves your time: Graphics : Amazing graphics in PC, surprisingly good in Xbox 360 / PS3. Attention to very small details give the graphics an easy job to make you think the game and its context could be as real as any day in your life given the same events take place in it. My only complain in this, reloading animations are lighting fast but the hardest difficulty makes you properly understand why. Sound : Another top of the line when it comes to a videogame trying to make you feel within the world it recreates for your enjoyment. From explosions to men screaming. Some guns sound a bit plastic/toy but that didn't bother me. Gameplay: Although linear in its core, limited choices (only two situations where you are allowed to kill or let live) and paths that do not have any relevant impact in the ending/game, the game keeps its action packed/stealth moments and video moments in a good pace to keep you interested in wanting more. Story: 0 spoilers here. A decent story well told throughout a videogame experience. Final Thoughts: Is it worth it for 50€/$ . No it is not. If I had the chance I would have waited until a Steam sale for 10 bucks. Not because it is bad but because the game is good enough to just 1 play-through and then sits on your shelf/steam library for years.


Almost as good as its predecessor - minor disappointment

Fluffy_McFluff | June 19, 2013 | See all Fluffy_McFluff's reviews »

Just as the graphics in Metro: 2033 were great for its time (and they still hold up well today), Metro: Last Light is visually gorgeous. Just as in its predecessor M:LL has a wonderful story to tell, narrated by the main character - Artyom - in between missions, and dialogue provided by major NPCs and the numerous other inhabitants making a living in the post-apocalyptic world. The environments make a powerful impact on the player through visuals, environmental effects, sounds, and the inhabitants of the areas that Artyom traverses through. Lost in a dark, dank, musty, damp series of hallways, being stalked by odd light-fearing spider-like creatures - you'll feel a sense of dread. Making your way past enemy prison camps, creeping past the cells of the poor, tortured, suffering souls - you feel sympathy for the prisoners, and disgust and loathing for what humanity has succumbed to in a post-apocalyptic world. As is the curse with most recent games, a good many things are well-polished and heavily established - but something else gets lost in the process. M:LL has outstanding visuals, engaging environments, and a moving and meaningful story to tell, but ultimately, the game is a little short - I found myself wishing the experience was twice as long as it was.


A gorgeous apocalypse

TokyoUD | June 17, 2013 | See all TokyoUD's reviews »

It's atmospheric and highly immersive. Metro: Last Light is an incredible linear shooter. It can be quite challenging to survive the horrors of the Metro, whether they be frightening mutants or ruthless bandits.


Great immersive atmosphere

Nieves2108 | June 16, 2013 | See all Nieves2108's reviews »

As Metro 2033 Metro last light had a great atmosphere, the world detail is very impressive. The game allowed you to play the way you want to and do any little sidequest even though they have no effect on the ending. The story has a good pace and really keeps you intrigued the whole time. If you like FPS then I can recommend this game, but also if you don't like FPS games I still recommend it for the story.


Has improved since that last game.

PsyWolf | June 14, 2013 | See all PsyWolf's reviews »

Last Light has improved it's game play mechanics since the last game but it still suffers from certain elements that 2033 had. The gun play definitely feels a lot better than in 2033 and the suppressed weapons feel like they work against armor enemies unlike 2033 were if you didn't kill them in the first shot everyone knew where you were. Also instead of alerting all the enemies of were you're at they become cautious prompting the enemies to sweep the area. If they find a body then they become alert. Along with the new weapons, each weapon can be customized instead of having different types of the same weapons which is really nice. One thing that it still suffer from is the stealth mechanic. You can be right next to them in the shadow and they will not notice you at all. They're some other things the I probably forgot to mention but overall I think this game is better than Metro 2033.


Rather than the first

cristiano171 | June 11, 2013 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Were not added significant improvements with regard to weaponry, in Metro: Last Light. We have some new weapons, of course, and inflatables are very interesting, especially for demanding that the player is always aware of the level of pressurization, which, of course, adds an extra layer of difficulty to the shooter (quite liked the Saiga shotgun, too) The first line of ammo (military grade cartdriges) continues to exist, it is worth remembering. More powerful as in the first game, and still functioning as currency (our friend Dark One comes to give us a few shells at any given time). Anyway, the weapons we have in the game are more than sufficient to deal with the threats that appear ahead of us. We can switch between ammo low quality or high quality at any time, we can perform upgrades using the services of merchants in various subway stations, we can sell and buy new weapons, too, and as additional "laser sight", for example, always worth some "cartuchinhos special." Metro: Last Light Artyom rise dramatically as a character, too, and this is made clear by including Anna, daughter of Miller. At first it was just the case of Ranger, and your opinion changes dramatically depending realize how important and is experienced combatant. Artyom also does not fail to show concern with everything that surrounds them, and text notes accompanied by a melancholy voice Jasons provide much information about his personality and the sadness that surrounds it, not to mention its mission, or "missions" . Twists. Oh, they are also present in the plot, and even the main character suffers due to the consequences of a. The war being plotted by the Reds, which also involves a "peace conference", reservation big surprises to the players, and anyone who thinks there between the Communists, all are brothers, well, say that things are not well as well. What, then, of the fighting on board a boat that sails in a putrid river infested with monsters? And the known fighting aboard railcars? These are details that make the game even more captivating. And the end of the game? Well, it's a punch in the stomach. In a good way, and with great force. You'll be speechless for a few moments. Conclusion Metro: Last Light closed with a flourish the story that began almost excited at the time the Ranger Hunter gave Artyom a mission to save the Metro. If you played Metro 2033, shall play Metro: Last Light. The game is beautiful, "graphically speaking", and its plot is very interesting. Beautiful, yes, in many ways, and also talks about the sacrifices and struggles undertaken by people among whom are some who seek redemption. A solid shooter, a plot exciting. A set endowed with a soundtrack always present in a masterly manner, providing that "fuel musical" that we all need. The end of his campaign may even be a little cliché, but it is fully within the context, and taking into consideration everything that the title has delivered since the first mission, and the way everything was delivered, it is very likely that tears come to our eyes, even before the credits start to rise, mainly due to some words spoken by a woman and a child.


Better than its predecessor, and an impressive game on its own

Xiphora | June 11, 2013 | See all Xiphora's reviews »

Metro: Last Light nails so many aspects of a game. It has gorgeous visuals with gorgeous lighting and gorgeous textures. It has very fun first person shooter gameplay, in which you can play in the way you want; you can play it stealthily, run and gun, or play tactically and plan your actions carefully. The game has a very good story and very interesting characters. This game is incredibly detailed. Metro: Last Light will blow your expectations away if you played Metro 2033, and will satisfy you even if you haven't.


The most beautiful wasteland you'll ever see

DunkerGZ | June 10, 2013 | See all DunkerGZ's reviews »

Get into this captivating post-apocalyptic world set in the Metro of a completely destroyed city of Moscow. Graphics are incredible and so is the sound desing an escenarios visuals. Maybe storywise it can't keep up with the first one (Metro 2033) but still a great game and a really unique experience.


Can't get enough of this!

DanielZo0 | June 9, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

Found this to be a very well made sequel to a fantastic survival horror franchise. The graphics, atmosphere, sound quality and level of polish really did it justice. Being able to slit enemy throats, I found especially pleasing considering the lack of in the first game. Gun-play is spot on and quite a bit smoother in comparison to the first game. Optimization was leaps and bounds better, considering getting the first game to run at acceptable frame-rates was very difficult even on a high end machine.


Amazing Game

nagelh67 | June 9, 2013 | See all nagelh67's reviews »

Metro Last Light is a moving first person shooter set in post-apocalyptic metro tunnels in Russia. The environments, which range from dark subway tunnels to the ruined world above ground are hauntingly beautiful. The story is expertly written and the characters believable. This game is a must have for fans of the original or for people looking for a game that breathes new life into the FPS genre.


A Wonderfully Atmospheric Post-Apocalyptic FPS

mutsuriini | June 6, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

If you are a fan of the the books, or the first game, do not hesitate to buy this (finances allowing, that is)! I almost waited to see Angry Joe's review before buying it, but couldn't wait. Bought it right on release and I couldn't be happier. The game improves on every part of it's predecessor. It is also optimized for the PC much better than Metro 2033 was. That's not to say it doesn't have it's problems, but I've seen way worse optimization. A couple things (that you might already know) to consider before you buy: FOV is locked. The latest patch fixes that, you can go to the ini file and change it manually. Also, aim assist is locked on by default. Again, ini fix - easy. The graphics are wonderful (for anyone that can't tell by the screens), and again, optimized well for PC. My Geforce GTX 660m 2gb can play it on very high quality settings w/ 16x AA and advanced physx on. Another thing... There's no in-game option to mess with quality like you'd expect of PC games. Only a very basic and general low, normal, high, very high option. You can't mess with shadow details or depth of field or anything, sadly. Might be in the ini but I haven't actually searched for that. TL;DR - A great PC FPS with a wonderful atmosphere and greatly optimized. Also, not a crappy console port! Though, there are somethings that veteran PC players may notice are missing in the settings, but... don't skip out this game just for that.


Best game since Metro 2033

DManVI | June 6, 2013 | See all DManVI's reviews »

Metro: Last Light is probably the best game i have played since the first Metro came out. The atmosphere is great. The details are amazing everywhere, even in the populated Metro Stations there are tiny details everywhere to make it all feel alive. The story is great, with you being thrown around the metro trying to find what might be mankinds last light. The replayability is huge. After my second playthrough i still wanted to play the game again. This is probably a game i will replay once in awhile. Thats how good it is. The Metro franchise is by far the best franchise out there.


Great atmosphere, story; highly recommend it

Exevier | June 6, 2013 | See all Exevier's reviews »

I'd heard good things about the Metro series, and even played a bit of Metro 2033. I never completed the game, but I decided to give Last Light a shot, and I'm very glad I did. The world set up here is one of the more captivating post-apocalyptic worlds I've encountered in fiction, and the games bring it to life beautifully. As far as gameplay goes, it's a solid shooter with mechanics to add to the setting's realism, such as wiping the dirt and blood off your mask. The ending was a touch disappointing after all the narrative build-up, but that can be forgiven. The experience overall was worthwhile to say the least.


A worthy successor to an incredible game!

ASnakeNeverDies | June 6, 2013 | See all ASnakeNeverDies's reviews »

Metro Last Light is a familiar game that unfolds in a predictable way, but knows how to set itself above and beyond other titles of the genre, through its particular vision and atmosphere. It's an outstanding renderization of a post-apocalyptic Moscow, a place where people survive hunkered down in wooden/metal shacks that extend throughout the vast reaches of the underground tunnel systems that conform the massive structure of the Metro. All the while the outside world is as dangerous as it's unbelievably beautiful, in a way that I could only summarize with one of those hilarious "Wish you were here" postcards you often get sent from Skyrim. In spite of its numerous technical problems and lack of replayability, Metro Last Light delivers a thrilling atmosphere, a sense of urgency and meaning in every step of the journey, and a believable world populated with terrifying, yet beautiful creatures. [NOTE: THIS IS JUST A COPY OF MY STEAM RECOMMENDATION.]


Very Good!

barnacles10 | June 4, 2013 | See all barnacles10's reviews »

I hadn't played the first Metro, 2033, but when I heard about Last Light I decided to give it a shot. I didn't necessarily feel like I was lost in the story having not played 2033 which was good. Overall the game is great. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, and a good story. Definitely happy with the purchase and will be picking up 2033 now to play them again in order this time.


Metro: Last Light is pure atmosphere

Masterrar | June 4, 2013 | See all Masterrar's reviews »

Metro: Last Light is pure atmosphere The expectations in Metro: Last Light were huge within the fan base and the critics. After playing this game I say that it cannot reach them. But this does not mean that this game is bad it is just not the diamond some people expected. The graphics are excellent. They do not need to hide from other games in the shooter-genre which got a larger budget to work with. The animations of the main character (first person view) and the NPCs are well done. The stations inside the Metro feel alive in every corner there is something to see and to listen to. In the unsafe areas there are also enough spots to explore to find gadgets you can use on your adventures. This adds some replay value on the mostly linear post apocalyptic scenery. Two endings (as it was in "Metro 2033") which you can achieve by completing hidden task are also increasing the replay value. In the more silent areas you can meet the atmosphere at its best. Sometimes you see the shadow of a ghost on the wall but when you try to investigate whose shadow this is you see nothing and so on. The negative points on this game are: The facial animations are not done well. This has a huge impact on a game which focuses on atmosphere (which is created by the story of the human NPCs partly). The other argument against a perfect game is the short time for completing a single playthrough. Although the developers suggest completing the game twice (different difficulties, other endings, and lots of spaces to discover) the overall time for one playthrough is about eight to ten hours. But in this time you will get a very immersive experience as it was in "Metro 2033". If you have played the predecessor of this game and thought it was good you will miss something out if you won´t play this. This game is also a good opportunity to get into the Metro Universe.


Simply Awesome

tman_au | June 1, 2013 | See all tman_au's reviews »

Metro: Last Light is one of the best and memorable games I've played in 2013. Wonderful story and game play all round. I'll be purchasing the Season Pass, as I'm yearning for more. Combat is nice. The moral system, pending game play determines the final outcome. Some complain about being railroaded in the game but it is set the Moscow Metro. There are certain way to approach combat or certain situations, some better than others. Well worth the price of admission, especially from GMG, you can't go wrong with this one.


Metro: Last Light

SeverinMK | May 31, 2013 | See all SeverinMK's reviews »

Best singleplayer FPS this year together with Bioshock Infinite. Great atmosphere, graphics, story and gameplay. Only thing annoying about this game is that sneaking is a bit too easy and the protagonist is mute outside of loading screens. If you liked Metro: 2033 you should like this even more but even without the prior knowledge it's a great game. If you like the whole atmosphere I also highly recommend getting the books!



taqwadune | May 31, 2013 | See all taqwadune's reviews »

A thoroughly enjoyable game. gripping story, moody music with a good theme and mood. Gunplay is excellent as well. Great purchase


Pretty good!

eplymale3043 | May 30, 2013 | See all eplymale3043's reviews »

I loved the first metro and waited with anticipation for the sequel to be released. Needless to say I was not dissapointed. The graphics of this game are fantastic, I only wish that I had a better computer so I could run it on it's highest settings. As is my computer crashes occasionally while playing as my computer apparently doesn't get enough air, so it overheats after playing for a while. So there is a big draw on your system when you play this game. But it also has far better graphics than any other game I own. The gameplay is fairly linerar, but that seems to be the case with most all fps single player campaigns these days. The action is intense, and sneaking around is incredibly rewarding. The animations are quite smooth, but there are a few places where the animation clips a little bit. I probably should have started playing the game on ranger difficulty, but decided to play ranger hardcore right from the begining. So when they give you that warning saying that no tips will pop up to prompt you while your playing they mean it. In ranger hardcore not only do you dish out and recieve more damage, but there is no hud of any kind, no inventory, and no way of knowing just how many bullets you have left. The only indication that you're gonna get about possibly running out of ammo is when your character inserts only a partial mag into the gun. Then you know your in trouble. As strange as this is going to sound I was actually kind of dissapointed that they increased the reload speed, as I loved how the slow reload speed of the first metro was realistic, time wise. Another thing that kinda makes me sad was that in the first metro you could always see the mag of the weapons and had an idea of how much ammo you had left. It isn't quite as obvious in Last light. But the weapons in the game are awesome I never would have expected some of the configurations that they put in here this time. The whole weapon customization setup they have is fantastic. Not only does it work and work well, but you can also enjoy the fact that your weapon looks way cooler after you add a few things to it. And some of the customizations are pretty kick ass to. 4A really turned up the suspense and survival horror aspects of the game as Last Light really keeps you on your toes, and provides more than a few hair raising moments. There are some realy creepy parts that are kinda reminicent of things you might see in something out of the FEAR series. Bottom line I'm very happy with this game, and so far it looks like It'll have great replay value down the road. Buy it do it now, and play in ranger mode, like the game was meant to be played.


One of the best games of 2013

Tumpo | May 30, 2013 | See all Tumpo's reviews »

Metro Last Light did what I expected after 2033; managed to keep the same feeling the first one had, even greater story and great gameplay makes it very good game. May be bit too easy for people who doesn't like to rush and search every corner for goodies, even in Ranged Mode Hardcore and sneaking is maybe bit too effective.


Revelation Reviews - Metro: Last Light

MrRevelations | May 30, 2013 | See all MrRevelations's reviews »

4A Games are once more asking us to take a trip down into the horrific Moscow Metro in the sequel to the 2010 post apocalyptic shooter, Metro 2033. However is this gruesome experience worth your time and money? As you narrowly survive the claustrophobic tunnels or as you are paralysed with fear as a wicked beast charges towards you in outside wasteland, a well implemented element is vital; atmosphere. And atmosphere is what 4A Games pull off with astounding grace. From the horrifying yet glorious graphics to the hallowing sound effects and the depressing chat of the Metro's residents, the world of post apocalyptic Russia is well and truly alive. In my mind a remarkable achievement for any developer. Game mechanics have also been worked on since our last Metro instalment. Guns are fun to handle, they look and sound gritty which makes them a pleasure to use. Furthermore 4A Games have reworked the stealth system, a simple premise of lurk in the shadows and stay out of the light works well however it must be noted that this makes the A.I. seem incredibly blind and deaf at times. All in all an unoriginal, uninspired yet well implemented game play style that is actually quite enjoyable. Now, in a game firmly concentrated on narrative the idea is that once a player has finished the story, the plot is memorable and the biggest success of the game; however unfortunately this isn't the case for Metro Last Light. Although I feel the experience is paced reasonably well for the 10 hour narrative, the game is just too linear. For the entire experience it feels like 4A Games are just shoehorning the player forward, regardless of the player's actual interest. Each plot element is connected with set piece after set piece and although these are impressive it leaves a sour taste in the mouth as it highlights the lack of interesting narrative that is just smothered in high spectacle events that hope to 'wow' the player. Furthermore, without spoilers, I feel there are several later plot elements that are completely unneeded, over the top and in all honestly piss poor. I must also mention the hidden 'Moral Point' system within the game. This is never revealed to the player except for a light and sound effect. At first this may appear that this isn't important, however these moral points determine the games' ending. It's strange because even if you choose the morally correct options, or what you feel is the lesser evil, the chances are because you didn't listen to a certain non-subtitled conversation or because you didn't walk to the back of a train with nothing there, you don't get the advertised 'positive' ending because you haven't earned enough moral points; a completely non-logical and random system to implement. I'm sure anyone reading this has heard of the 'Ranger Mode' pre-order fail. Without going into the issue I would just like to point out that Ranger Mode is the correct way to play the game. When not playing on Ranger Mode the game is too easy, way too easy. I always seemed to have ammo coming out of my arse, so many air filters that I could give air to the population of India and so much money or 'Military Grade Bullets' that I could buy an infinite amount of Dr Pepper. Since beginning Ranger Mode for my second play through I must confess that this stupid pre-order/DLC bonus is by far the most enjoyable way to play the game; shame really. Overall the only element of the game I feel is memorable is the created atmosphere, which in all honesty is incredible in my mind. Although game play is enjoyable unfortunately 4A Games mar the entire experience by generic scripted sequence after generic scripted sequence forcing the player down a narrow and linear path, ultimately creating an experience that is more spectacle than substance and a game that forgets you want to experience the damn thing rather than watch just watch it unfold.


For fans and newbies

Keygan | May 28, 2013 | See all Keygan's reviews »

When i started playing this game after a long time after Metro 2033 i didn't remember a lot, but game is mad so great that, everything is written and very helpfull tips are there. Story is intresting and system is so much better then in metro 20333. I think it's great game but worth to buy on sale.


Immersive, Beautiful, and Thought Provoking

mostnatebe66 | May 27, 2013 | See all mostnatebe66's reviews »

I adored Metro 2033 and was anxiously awaiting this sequel. The THQ closing had me worried about the fate of many of their games, including this one, but it was released regardless. The gameplay is more fluid than the previous game and the controls are definitely more intuitive. Traversing the dark tunnels of the metro and viewing the sunrise are astoundingly beautiful. There is so much to like about this game...story, graphics, and gameplay. My first playthrough I used stealth when possible but usually ended up in a massive shootout. My second playthrough is in the extra immersive ranger mode and all stealth is what I've been trying to do. All told, great game with fun stealth mechanics and gunplay.


A worthy sequel to the Metro series

deathsplat | May 27, 2013 | See all deathsplat's reviews »

I received almost no lag on very high while playing this wonderfully told game. On my mid-end setup I received 45-70 fps inside tunnels and even as high as 100 in very low populated areas. The game ran beautifully and was a great port. The gameplay has improved majorly from Metro 2033, and while Metro: Last Light may prove to be linear in some areas, there are also many optional areas you can explore which provide further immersion into the story. I do, however, have a major problem with the voice acting. While I am loving the soundtrack and sound, the voice acting for some characters is just terrible; the refugees from the red line have such bad voice acting ("Theear arr womeen and childreen here! Pleez don't shewt! Leeve and let leeve! Okay?") but for more important characters the voice acting is improved majorly. There are however some moments when bad voice acting just pulls you out of the immersion, which is not good in a game meant to immerse the player. Metro 2033 had a broken stealth system, which led me to giving up and just running and gunning. While Metro: Last Light fixes this, it introduces many new problems. The lighting is spectacular, but I swear no one can see you at all if you're in the shade. It's almost as if you literally turn invisible. Why cant I be a simple black figure that the npcs can notice? Instead, I'm like the worlds top spy able to be one foot away from an enemy and as long as I am in the shade and crouching he will not be able to see me. But don't worry. While I listed a couple cons, that's pretty much the only bad stuff of this game, and the game otherwise is absolutely perfect in every way, from the gun play to the spectacular display of lighting. I will definitely be buying the season pass and I hope others, instead of pirating, will support the developers by buying this amazing game. Just think of what 4A Games could have achieved if they had only gotten a larger budget and nicer work space.


Goodbye blue skies

kalil | May 26, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

One of the features I want to mention is this game is ... the horror, the sense of enclosure, do not know if you're playing metro amnesia. Never lose that feeling of anguish and confinement even when on the surface, I can not talk much about terror but I will say that if you like exploring you have earned true scares. At last we have a decent disposal system scenarios improved AI infiltration and less tedious will these scenarios. All enemies are new, I mean, now we know the new post-apocalyptic wildlife from giant bugs to throw acid worms, also known as the old demons or have been re created nosalises giving fiercest pints The music and sound effects are very similar to the previous one, with pretty good that come included with the new scenarios and new enemies. have rare failures as floating vessels, but nothing to ruin the progress, not the perfect game, but if you seek one suvivalhorror set in a post apocalyptic world you might like to try this and if you played Metro 2033, this is an excellent sequel that totally improves the original. I recommend you play at night, in the dark and helmets, will be a really stimulating experience. buy?? yes, no doubt.


Lived Beyond Expectations

GreaterHarpy | May 26, 2013 | See all GreaterHarpy's reviews »

I played through Metro 2033 41 times. I played through on Xbox and on PC on various difficulties with different strategies with different guns. It was my favorite game of all time even though I recognized it wasn't the best. Last Light was going to disappoint me, change something that made Metro 2033 such a charming and classic game. At least I told myself as much. Instead Last Light manages to mix Metro 2033 with Half Life 2 and a touch of S.T.A.L.K.E.R to make a truly enjoyable, engaging, and lasting experience. It is atmospheric, beautifully designed, and contains some great music and sound design. 4A games is an under-dog Ukrainian studio that was forced to work with little cash to play with and under some very difficult conditions yet they managed to produce quite a little gem well worth your attention and love. Some performance issues exist on SLI based systems as well as AMD but by the time you read this they may have been fixed.


Amazing experience

Stebsis | May 25, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Metro Last Light falls just little short on the greatness of Bioshock Infinite, but definitely earns its place as one of the best FPS games I have played, if not the second best. Metro Last Light continues a year or so later from the ending of Metro 2033, where you had to make a choise. Last Light doesn't let you carry over your save though, and assumes you took the more destructive route. You play once again as Artyom, who's send to the surface because a surviving dark one has been spotted. You go with a friend to the surface to find and kill it, but you and the dark one are captured, and here begins the journey. The beginning really sets the tone, the dark metro's filled with people living in bad conditions, but the surface is actually really beautiful. It's not just gray wasteland anymore leveled down by nukes. Summer is coming, and green is starting to show. Game is really immersive, just like in Metro 2033 everytime you go to surface you need to put on gas mask, and if you get into a fight and attacked, the mask might crack a bit, the edges of the screen shatter and you need to find a new mask if it gets badly damaged. And in the dark tunnels you need your flashlight that you need to charge at times. There's also a new subtle mechanic, that lets you swipe the dirt and bugs and stuff like that from your gas mask, just by pressing a button. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but it actually brings a lot of immersion when you're on surface. Bugs and nasty spiders sometimes crawl on your mask and you need to wipe them off. Stealth is one of the choises in combat and especially on ranger hardcore mode you need to use stealth. Sadly it's a bit broken or at least not done that well. You have a watch on your hand that tells how much air you have on your gas filters when you have the mask on, but in stealth scenarios it shows a blue light that indicates if you're in light and others can see you. Sadly any shadow is enough to cover you, even if you're right in front of an enemy they can't see you because you're in shadow. Stealth just isn't that exciting even though it basically forces you to do it on higher difficulties. On normal you can easily just shoot everyone in firefights which actually are satisfying, guns have a nice punch, you can customise them and they look like they've been made and modified like they're home made. Story is pretty good and sometimes even emotional. Characters you meet are interesting with their own stories to tell and good story arcs. It's just a shame that Artyom himself doesn't talk which a bit weird. He talks in between chapters, so why can't he talk in the game? Everyone just talks in this sometimes little awkward one-sided conversations while Artyom just looks around not saying anything, even when he's being tortured. Metro Last Light is one of the best single player FPS games I have played. It has dark atmosphere, it's tense and scary, sometimes emotional and even story is quite good.


Completely Outshines It's Predecessor

Cathalbrugha | May 24, 2013 | See all Cathalbrugha's reviews »

Metro Last Light takes place a year after 2033, but it fills in the gaps between the two quite nicely. Visually: Metro: Last Light is beautiful. My computer could only handle playing the game on Low and it looked better than Bioshock Infinite on medium, Sound: The sound is masterful. I didn't play the game with English voice acting, due to the sketchy quality in the first game. The Russian voice acting, however, is astounding, some of the best I've heard in any game. Period. The atmospheric sounds are immersive, keeping you on edge when you're out in the wilds and calming, relaxing, homey even when you're in the cities. The weapons sound crisp, and loud, like a real Kalashnikov does. Story: The story is great, it's a different quest than the first game, obviously, but it's also a different kind of quest. Artyom's a ranger now, not just some nobody. You no longer feel like some anonymous kid wandering from station to station but a veteran which people pay heed to. Personally, I preferred the story of the first game, but I also read the book, which helped some of the internal monologue a bit. Gameplay: The stealth mechanics are back and they're great. Some of the enemies seem to drop after a few too many rounds to the chest, but that can be explained with body armour. My only real complaint with the gameplay, and the only reason the game gets a 90 instead of a 100, is the boss battles. Yes, there are boss battles. And these boss battles require to expend great amounts of ammunition, which sort of detract from the whole "money is currency. Oh, another downer is the new checkpoint system. All-in-all, I highly recommend the game for anybody who liked the first game, enjoys shooters or is just looking for an immersive title that sinks you neck-deep in the world it inhabits.


A good sequel

Cavalieroscuro | May 24, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Metro Last Light is a very good sequel, providing a better experience then the first game. Campaign on Normal is much more enjoyable now, even with the extremely linear level design provided. The graphic side is pretty good too, with an easy-to-run engine, even on medium Pcs. The soundtrack (and souns) are one of the best thing on this title, building the perfect atmosphere for it. Sadly, there is a "bad" thing: Ranger difficulty comes as an additional DLC contained in the special edition, this is a big mistake because Metro must be played on that difficulty. Otherwhise, Last Light is a very good sequel.


A worthy sequel, though it could be better

onewinged90 | May 24, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

The story of Metro: Last Light picks right off after the ending of it's predecessor Metro 2033. Although Last Light does not follow the novel written by Dmitry Glukhovsky like 2033 do (the novel sequel is 2034), but the developers work in conjunction with the author to produce this remarkable game. As good as the game may get, I have a few complaints sadly. We thought that the enemy AI would receive a buff after the 2033's major flaw, unfortunately it does not change much. Stealth has an emphasis here, especially if you're playing in Ranger Mode. But somehow the stealth mechanics of the game is somewhat on and off, enemies do not see you when you are right in front of them in the dark. And here you think after Dishonored came out the year before, developers would fine tune the stealth mechanics of the game. The game does not use the save import format like in the Mass Effect trilogy, where the ending will affect the outcome of the second game and so on. So even if you got a different ending in 2033, Last Light starts off with the "canon" ending where the Dark Ones were annihilated by the missile launch. Different ending from the original could make Last Light even better to play. Female characters of the game is highly sexualised, where they are viewed as only sex objects to the dominant men of the metro which feel quite juvenile and sexist at first glance. Unless you pre-ordered the game, Last Light's ranger mode costs a whopping $5 where the difficulty should have been inside the game in the first place. This is a bad move by the developers. The field-of-view of the game is a bit tight for some people and may cause nausea, but you can now adjust it in the latest patch. Aside from the minor setbacks of Last Light, this is a very good game which expands the Metro world. Recommended, or you can wait for sale.


Worthy Sequel.

HWatch06 | May 23, 2013 | See all HWatch06's reviews »

I was excited for the game right when I heard about it, and it definitely delivers. The game-play is what you would expect if you played Metro 2033. But there are adding environments, situations and strategies to explore. The graphics are amazing. I actually upgraded my entire system specifically for this game and it was worth it. The story-line is well driven and keeps you very entertained. The game itself is very tense throughout, with a creepy atmosphere and detailed environments. It is a very linear, so don't expect tons of exploration, and the only other down-fall I can see is that there isn't much content after the campaign. If you were a fan of Metro 2033, then this is a must play. Metro Last Light is truly a worthy sequel.


Superb! Especially on the PC!

MrBubble424 | May 22, 2013 | See all MrBubble424's reviews »

The original Metro Game, Metro 2033, was a fun yet flawed FPS made by 4A Games. After THQ's collapse there was worry that the game would ever release but, thankfully, the game went on to get published by Deep Silver. Metro LL is a fantastically atmospheric game with a unique setting and tremendous attention to detail. This is partly down to the graphics, which are phenomenal...if you can run it! The story is handled well if not the best (with questionable voice acting) but the sense of being in the world is what makes this story. The world is tragic and desperate and you really feel for all the NPCs, brilliantly portrayed though tiny amounts of chat between characters. Bear in mind, don't expect choice to be a major feature in this game. It is very linear. However this is not necessarily a bad thing. This is an example of how linear games can work and choice doesn't have to be forced upon the player. I highly rate this game and so far has been my second favorite game so far this year (close behind Bioshock Infinite). Definitely worth a purchase! Great game!


Amazing game and amazing prequel to the metro 2033

OnesQuared | May 20, 2013 | See all OnesQuared's reviews »

Great game, I loved both metro 2033 and metro last light, the story is fantastic and the environment and the atmosphere is astonishing. The game presents the post-apocalyptic world very well as people struggle to go on their daily lives and survive in the harsh environment. It also shows human nature quite well, even if there is an apocalypse people still fight one another for their own benefit and gain. There aren't too many weapons because this game isn't your shoot em up as you please, you should pick your fights and shots with some thinking as it can get dangerous after you spent all your ammo. There are some things that aren't that great, like how ranger mode is a downloadable content, when ranger mode makes the game shine a whole lot better. If you want the best experience of this game I suggest you buy the ranger mode for more thrill


Metro: Last Light is a hugely atmospheric game

Lekes | May 19, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

I think the best way to describe Metro: Last Light is that it's almost the same as it's predecessor. In most cases this might be considered a negative, but here it's actually a good thing, as the original had a great formula. What Last Light might lack in innovation it makes up for in polish, with an atmosphere that feels more immersive than ever and a story that is a little more personal. Stealth and combat are largely unchanged, with a couple of new weapons added. I feel it's worth mentioning that normal and hard difficulties are still sort of easy. Probably the most common complaint about 2033 was that it was sort of linear Last Light remedies that with some truly well done, open outdoor maps. If you enjoyed Metro 2033, you will like Last Light just as much, if not more.


Amazing game!

britishlad | May 19, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Metro 2033 is one of my favourite first person shooters of all time and this sequel is even better! but to make it clear this game is NOT an open world shooter - So many of the reviews have criticised the game for being linear...why? 95% of first person shooters are linear...There's a little bit of exploration but not much. This is a corridor shooter and an excellent one at that. The graphics are simply amazing are will push you're PC to the limit if you run the game at a high setting but it's worth it The music, voice acting and sounds are all excellent and you also have the choice of having the dialogue in russian just like the first game The problems with the first game such as broken stealth have been fixed and greatly improved in this sequel The campaign is between 8-12 hours depending how you play (stealth or otherwise etc) and how much you explore your surroundings. for example I speny to much time listening to the chatter of the npc's in the refugee sections The gunplay is fantastic with a good range of guns and lots of attachments The story is excellent with good twists and many characters returning from the first and with two endings I really enjoyed Last Light and in my opinion it is better than Bioshock Infinite and it's probably going to be my game of the year! It should also be noted that this game was made on a small budget with only a handful of developers. What they achieved with the limited resources they had is amazing!


A perfect game?

Damhuis | May 19, 2013 | See all Damhuis's reviews »

It's not often that i give a game such a high score as i am giving this one. But then again this game is not like any other. Its the perfect storytelling game with enough options (stealth or run and gun) to keep a cassual gamer happy. After having played metro 2033 and enjoying it very much my expectations were quite high. And man did it succeed them. The gameplay is very balanced and switches between action packed fights, stealth and story telling perfectly. I'm glad they kept the bullet economy because this enhances the feeling of fighting for every scrap of ammo. Now to get to the story, during the course of this game i felt anger,joy,regret,pain and sadness. And the ending was just dead on. It even made me want to read the book the game is based on For a gamer who enjoys a good story this is a MUST BUY. Why not give it a 100 then you ask. Because i don't believe there is such a thing as a perfect game, but this is the closest you are going to get (within the genre)


Epic game

tixepower | May 17, 2013 | See all tixepower's reviews »

This game is great if you choose to play with russian voices and english subtitles. Graphics are amazing if your computer can handle it, I had to lower graphic settings a bit for best performance but that's fine because my computer is a few years old now and I accept that I can't have the best settings anymore. The game is creepy, really creepy and dark. When you are alone in the tunnels and creepy creatures scream at you, that's real horror. The only negative thing I can say about this game is that there is a lot of "hand holding" at start. Only after 3-4h of gameplay you will get a chance to explore Metro on your own. The game is around 9-10 hours from what I've heard so half of the game is a bit "COD". Alsot he pre-order bonus, the hard mode that should be available for everyone but is not. That was not a problem for me because I bought my key from Greenmangaming but it could be a problem for others. I don't agree with this kind of marketing. If there was less hand holding and no pre-order bonus, I would give it 95/100!