Reviews for The Sims 3: Hidden Springs (NA)


The springs are really hidden.

TimothyD | May 31, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

Hidden Springs is much more outdoors-y than previous town packs. However, a note: the designer forgot to place in the fountain of youth as promised in the town. You'll have to plop it down yourself using the town edit mode. (It's a rather good joke, if it is one. Hidden. They mean hidden in the buy mode!) Other than the slight mishap, the town is perfect for people that love their sims to be more in touch with the outdoors. The town is nice, but rather simple and more inclined toward the natural aspect of the area. The plant type and gardener sims will love this location for it's expanse of green. It is decent for the price, as long as you are interested in a more green location, and other than the fountain mishap.