Reviews for Airline Tycoon 2


Developers forgot how to make tycoon games.

Furrek | July 29, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

PC gaming ten years ago was much more better if it comes to tycoon games. Now all we get are some sequels, that are trying to be better but are just worse. As fan of first Airline Tycoon game, I didn't like this one much. It doesn't feel like good, old Airline Tycoon. Maybe if it had different title, I could play it as another tycoon game, but I had a high expectations and was disappointed. I feel like whole game is just a big joke - not a real planes, very long loading time even on a great machines, DLCs that gives you a feel that they were part of game from the beggining but cut off for some, I guess money, reason and ugly 3D graphics. Kalypso might like having fun with doing 3D experiments, but that's not what makes a game playable. The only sad thing is, there are not much old tycoon games avaible to buy, so we are somehow forced to play games like that. Well, if someone is hungry for tycoon game and will play anything - noone other I can recommend this... game.


disappointing given it's been 8 years since the last game in the

cy25 | May 18, 2013 | See all cy25's reviews »

I as other reviewers here previously owned Airline Tycoon Evolution. I long awaited this game and had it preordered. Overall experience is that this is a good game, but surprisingly lacks some of the good features of the old version. If some of the cons like loading times and choppy UI will be corrected in future patches this will be an even better game. Pros: -Updated airports -Much better voice-overs in English version of the game! -Nice 3D graphics -Not too big install on the HD -Highly customizable planes -Sandbox mode (the old game also had this, but still a big advantage) Cons: -Less features - Many good features taken away from the old versions like stock and fuel markets. -Loading times - They aren't the worst, but still not fast for such an easy game. -No cargo routes - Cargo routes were a big plus when establishing your airline, no need to upgrade the seats when you're flying cargo :) -Graphics - Graphics are choppy and often lags for no apparent reason.