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GT5...greatness and dissapointment.

MrBubble424 | May 18, 2013 | See all MrBubble424's reviews »

After playing GT4 on the PS2 for quite possibly 2-3 years, then prologue for the next year or so, high expectation was on the shoulders of Polyphony Digital's next title, GT5. GT is considered on of the best console racers out there (along with Forza on the 360). Physics wise GT can never compare to an iRacing or an rFactor 2, but with a racing wheel, the car defiantly feels solid with good force feedback effects and responsive handling. There is a touch too much under-steer which means most cars feel like that they won't make a corner, even though they should. It feels a bit artificial sometimes and the cars feel like they have no weight to them, emphasized when crashing into another opponent or barrier. This articial feeling is compounded even more by the damage model in GT5, which, compared to games even as old as the original GRID and DiRT, is a real disappointment. Car selection is a mixed bag. With stunningly accurate and detailed 'premium' models, with full interior view are really exquisite. This unfortunately heightens the difference between the 'standard' model cars which are essentially 'HD remakes' of the cars from the PS2 GT games. The AI is compotent if a little stupid but race are mostly challenging and fun. Online is fun and is great for groups and leagues who want good, fair and strutured racing. Overall GT5 is a disappointment considering the success of GT4. At the time of writing GT6 has been revealed and looks like it should be everything GT5 wasn't, in a good way. So if you feel like a bargain game which will easily last you until 6 gets released later this year, GT5 will fill that void.